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Miscellaneous Genealogy Links

My Rootsweb Worldconnect family trees for various other US colonial HUBER / HOOVER families--apparently NOT my ancestors

Family of Andreas Huber/ Andrew Hoover & Anna Margaretha Pfautz immigrant ancestors (lineage of President Herbert Hoover)

Family of Wilhelm Huber / William Hoover b abt 1700 Germany d 1779 Shenandoah Co VA & Margaret Unknown

Family of Phillip Hoover b 1740-1750 & his brother Henry (Johann Heinrich) Hoover b 1740-1750 of Frederick Co VA

Family of Jacob Huber b abt 1777 & Phoebe Anna Maria Boerstler, Maryland & Berlin, Somerset Co Pennsylvania to Clermont Co OH

Family of Jacob J Huber & Anna Christina Guth Goode (Mennonite) Bedford Co PA to OH & beyond

Family of Micheal Huber Hoover d 1789 Bedford Co PA and son Casper Hoover of Brother's Valley twp Bedford / Somerset PA

Family of Hans Huber & Margaret Koch (Mennonite) , ancestors of Mathias Hoover of Rutherford TN

Family of Adam Huber Hoover & Elizabeth Unknown, Brother's Valley twp, Bedford/Somerset PA 1770s-1780s

Family of Jacob Huber Hoover Sr & Elizabeth Hotzenbella of Hampshire Co VA 1770s-1800s

Family of Jacob Huber & Elisabeth Unk who lived Creagerstown Frederick Co MD 1811-1815

Family of Valentine Huber of Milford twp, Bucks Co PA

My Rootsweb Worldconnect family tree databases for various other US colonial Bruton or Brewton families apparently NOT my ancestors

Family of immigrant John Brewton who died 1707, of Lancaster, Westmoreland & Stafford Co VA

Bruton/Brewton of Georgetown District/ Horry Co SC

Bruton/Brewton of Craven, Johnston, Dobbs, Lenoir, Montgomery & Anson Co NC (possibly related to my line)

Family of Miles Brewton b 1674 Barbados, died Charleston, SC

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