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Karl Magnus Madson
Bro sokn i Bohuslen  
Ektemann: Karl Magnus Madson #89 døde i en alder av: 88 Født: 1850 , Bro sokn i Bohuslen i Sverige. , Død: 1938 , Yrke: Gråsteinsmurer. Hustru: Maja Lena Andreasdatter #90 døde i en alder av: 62 Jeg leter også etter aner av disse : Ektemann: Karl Magnus Pettersen #178 døde i en alder av: 78 Født: 1832 , I Sverige Død: 1910 , Ref: Yrke: Sjømann/ Tømmermann Far: Petter #263 Mor: Mor til Karl Magnus Pettersen #264 Hustru: Johanne Elisabeth Helberg #3 døde i en alder av: 79 Gift: , Ekteskap: Skilt/Opphevet/seParert: År: Født: 20.08.1843 , Sverige. Noen som kjenner til anene til disse i Sverige ? Hvis så bees de maile til meg

Paulsen , Petterson m flere ...
Bohuslen og Bro sogn  
Petterson - Sweden - Seattle - Paulson - Chicago and Miami Surnames: Paulsen, Paulson, Pettersen, Petterson I am searching for family and relatives in both Florida and Seattle : Have a look at my pages , although they are mostly in Norwegian all of you for sure are able to read names and pictures Here are one of my Florida pages : In fact three Paulson brothers moved from Norway to USA and I am told one of them : Arthur stayed there and got a son named Arthur too . Gustav Adolf Paulsen and Sherwood George Paulsen , who changed there names to Paulson moved further to Miami. I also search relatives from Seattle : Olaf Pettersen moved to Seattle : I am told Olaf Petterson married to Inga Tollefsen got at least one son named Ebbe . I am also told they started a kind manufactory selling clothes over there in Seattle city If you should know something about those people pleas email me at : or --------------------------------------------------- Petterson -Sweden - Norway, Ekeli on Nøtterøy - Seattle Surnames: Pettersen, Petterson, Karlsen The Ekeli family from Skovro on Nøtterøy Iland near by Tønsberg. Johanne Elisabeth f Hellberg i 1843 i Sverige og Karl Magnus Pettersen f 1832 i Sverige. Sønn, named Olaf f 1880, død 75 år gammel i Seattle. W.P.A is the initials for a possible taken name ; married to Karlsen. Inga Tollefsen borned 1882 on Torbjørnrød, død i Seattle. Ingas parents: Wagonman Tollef Andreassen f 1882. 1903 married to Maren Lovise Larsdatter Fravdal f 1848 i Arnadal. Died 1925 on Brattås on Nøtterøy. I have very few informations about those people. I will try to know more. ---------------------------------------------------------- Alrik Paulsen - Marta Kristina - Espelunden in Mo in Sweden - Lusetorp ,Rødlanda - Norway Surnames: Paulsen, Pålson Alrik Paulsen b. 07.04.1860, Espelunden i Mo i Sverige., occupation Smed., m Marta Kristina., b. 12.04.1857, Lusetorp, Rødlanda, Sverige., d. 15.01.1915, lived in Tønsberg in Norway and died in Tønsberg Alriks fathers name shall be Pål or Paul Olsen or Olsson I am told A picture of blacksmith Alrik Paulsen here :
Elisabeth Aarseth Langholm ,

May be you recognize some og those names here too.

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