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Welcome to a resource site I have put together, with the help of contributors to the GEN-NEWBIE list.

This site was originally a place to display the winners of the Newbie Annual Awards - a light-hearted end to the year in which Newbians nominated some of their members for 'service' awards.  These awards were started in 1998, and there were seven categories and nine 'winners'.
By 2001 there were 84 categories, and the 'winners'  numbered in the dozens.

The awards were renamed the Sandy Myers Memorial Awards in 1999 in honour of Sandy Myers, who  passed away on March 10th, 1999.
Sandy was a founding member, and co-administrator, of the Gen-Newbie-L which started on  31 October 1996.

This site has now expanded into what I hope will become a useful resource for Newbians, with information on Computers & Genealogy. This information is mainly in the form of Q&A's which have been on the list, but additional sections cover newbian recipes, funnies, and a page which  has the stories of how some Newbians became interested in genealogy.  For beginners, here is a great site which has information on maintaining and troubleshooting your PC.

There are also a couple of pages which comprise GEN-NewbieFriends  - a list of Newbians who want to tell us where they live,  possibly a few of the surnames they are researching, and hopefully something about themselves.

                       There is also a link to the official Newbie web page, and a link to a wonderful collection of web sites which have been collected by Joyce Ragels.

                                  If you have any queries or comments, please contact me.     Also, please sign our visitors book. 
Good Luck in your quest. Brian.

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