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Cemetery Photo Album of St. Peter's Cemetery London ON.

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It is of the old ABC section of the original cemetery. This is a project taken up in my retirement and will be ongoing, while working on our family tree I became aware that there is much information to be gleaned from head stone inscriptions. My hope is that people may see this site and begin their own. If any errors are encountered please send an email that I may correct them.

9/9/2006 Left click on thumbnail to enlarge photo.


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Adams T & M
Adams T & M.jpg
Ainsworth E & T
Ainsworth E & T.jpg
Aitkens C & J
Aitkens C & J.jpg
Alexander Leo J
Alexander Leo J.jpg
Alezkewich Andrey
Alezkewich Andrey.jpg
Allen Frederick J
Allen Frederick J.jpg
Allister Rev Donald G
Allister Rev Donald G.jpg
Alves H & H
Alves H & H.jpg
Amaral J & M
Amaral J & M.jpg
Amiro Nelson
Amiro Nelson.jpg
Anderson George
Anderson George.jpg
Andrews Hugh P
Andrews Hugh P.jpg
Annau S & T
Annau S & T.jpg
Archambault Bernard I
Archambault Bernard I.jpg
Arnsby J & M
Arnsby J & M.jpg
Arsenault A
Arsenault A.jpg
Arsenault Arthur P
Arsenault Arthur P.jpg
Ash J
Ash J.jpg
Ash James
Ash James.jpg
Asskin William
Asskin William.jpg
Audette Adelard
Audette Adelard.jpg
Audette Joseph L
Audette Joseph L.jpg
Aust E J
Aust E J.jpg
Aust Jane Ann
Aust Jane Ann.jpg
Aust M G
Aust M G.jpg
Ayers William P
Ayers William P.jpg
Aylward Rev J T
Aylward Rev J T.jpg
Bailey R & F
Bailey R & F.jpg