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     This site is dedicated to the Benson family, descendants of Thomas Benson on Middlesex Co, VA. While I have said that Thomas Benson was from Middlesex Co., VA, it is suspected that he may have been born in England.  Needless to say, Thomas was established in Middlesex Co. by 1685/86 when he married Dorothy Sutton in Christ Church in Middlesex County, VA.  On the same day, the infant son of Dorothy was baptised on 11 Feb 1685/86.  Church records dated Nov 1684 indicate that the parish was paying Jone Deverdale for keeping of a "bastard child" of Dorothy Sutton, a servant of Colonel Wormeley.  This child was apparently "adopted" by Thomas Benson, but more likely, he was the father of the child, born out of wedlock.  This child, Robert Benson, later married Frances Prou, the daughter of Cyprian and Margaret Phillips Prou.  [While the exact origin of Thomas Benson is unknown; that of Frances Prou is, her family coming from Middlesex, England prior to her birth.]  From their union came at least seven children, 6 boys and one girl.  Their second child, Prou Benson (sometimes known as William Prou Benson) is the father of the Benson lines that I will follow.

     Prou, b. ca. 1720/25 in VA and d. 1792 in SC.  Prou married Elizabeth ____ (possibly Thomison or Thomason) b. 1729 in SC, d. 1813 in SC.  Tax and other records show that much of Prou's adult life was spent in Orange, Culpeper, and Fauquier Co., VA .  Prou and Elizabeth had fourteen known children, four of whom apparently migrated to Kentucky as young adults while most of the rest of the children migrated to SC along with their parents. Those ending up in Kentucky were: 1) Sarah b. 1754/55  married William Hume,  2) William b. ca. 1759, 3) Zachariah b. 1764 in Fauquier Co., VA married Sarah Partlow on 11 May 1785 in Fauquier Co., VA, and 4) George b. 1768.

     While much has been written on Prou's family that went south to South Carolina (southern Benson clan) and then west across the southern states to Texas and beyond, little has been written on the part of the family that went west over the mountains into northern Kentucky. It is this part of the family that I will concentrate on as this is my lineage.  I will divide this into four sections for each of the siblings.

     It is hoped as this site develops, that persons reviewing the data placed here will compare it with their own data, and will submit to me additions and/or corrections to these four siblings that went over the mountain into Kentucky and beyond.


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