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The Benedict Topics Homepage -- The main entrance to the Benedict Family Genealogy and History website. And to see "What's New Here." Or use the Site Map Button to the left.

The Benedict Surname DNA Homepage -- An introduction to Genetic Genealogy and access to our DNA Project's Test Results with discussions of their meaning and historical impact.

Now We Are G2a1 -- a Rare Breed, Indeed -- A short discussion of reaching this unusual conclusion, and a link there to a table of Worldwide Haplogroup G2a and G2a1 data.

The Benedict Surname DNA Project Page at Family Tree DNA, where you may read the "official" description of the Project and fill out an application to join the Project.

Go to Five Generations from George Benedict, Sr. (1520) for authoritative and up-to-date information about the early Benedict Family in England and America. Use these pages to update your own Benedict information, especially at databases on RootsWeb WorldConnect and elsewhere.

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