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The Benedict Family History News

Formerly The Benedict Family News

Volume 5 Number 1 Summer 1997, pp. 1-14

Editor: Mary Alice Benedict Grindol

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Sarah and Rebecca... BENEDICT/ CROFUTT Family

Five Years!


Confederate Soldiers

New Canaan, Connecticuit Church

Benedicts in California

Onondaga County, New York 1850 Census



Sarah and Rebecca, Daughters of Captain John Benedict (1689-1771) and their Marriages to Brothers Josiah and Matthew Crofutt

By Robert M. Bishop and daughter Anne Selene Bishop Bennett*

The Genealogy of the Benedicts in America, Vol. I (1870), Page 284 does not identify the first name of the husband of Sarah Benedict, daughter of militia Captain John 3 (James,2 Thomas,1) other than mention of a clause in her father’s will: "wid. Sarah Crofutt, eldest daughter." The authors of this article have identified her husband as Josiah Crofut/ Crofutt/ Crowfoot, a brother to Matthew Crofutt who married Sarah’s sister Rebecca.

The authors call this Sarah Benedict "Sarah 3rd." Her grandmother was Sarah (Gregory) Benedict (1652-after 1697), wife of James Benedict (1649/50-about 1717), and her great-grandmother was Sarah ___, wife of John Gregory (about 1612-1689). We designate Sarah 3rd’s husband as Josiah 1st because he was the first of three generations of Josiah Crofutts in the authors' lineage to live in Danbury, Connecticut.

Our first Josiah Crofutt's birth date is not certain. He was probably born about 1696 in either Norwalk or Danbury, Connecticut. He won his bride Sarah Benedict in Danbury from a neighboring family. Their wedding was in Danbury about 1728. In the colonial tradition, Josiah and Sarah repeated many first names from prior generations when they named their nine Crofutt children:

i. Josiah 2nd who married Dinah ___

ii. John

iii James

iv Samuel

v Daniel

vi Sarah who married Abner Taylor

vii Rachel who married Ebenezer Taylor

viii Hannah who married Eli Holcomb

ix Mary who married John Wilman

The children and their spouses are identified in the distribution of Josiah 1st's estate, probated in Danbury 31 Oct 1763. He probably died previously in the same year. His wife Sarah survived beyond 1784 when she served as distributor of the estate of her son Josiah (2nd).

The other daughter of Captain John Benedict - Rebecca - wife of Matthew Crofutt, had seven children:

i Joseph

ii Benjamin

iii Seth

iv Ezra

v Rebecca

vi Elizabeth

vii Matthew Jr. who married Sarah Buck daughter of Ezekial Buck of New Milford, Pennsylvania.

In their New England days, there was frequent intermarriage between the Benedict, Crofutt and Gregory families. Danbury remained a center of Crofutts after our line left New England. In the nineteenth century, several of the Danbury hat companies bore the Crofutt name.

*The authors are the son and granddaughter, respectively, of Florence Elizabeth (Crofutt) Bishop (1903-1988) of the ninth generation of the Crofutt family in America.

Florence Crofutt was born in Roaring Branch, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania and married Milton W. Bishop.. She lived most of her life in Elmira, New York, and died in retirement in Avon Park, Florida. Her Crofutt line has been traced through eight earlier generations:

(1) Joseph Crowfoot was born in England about 1630/35 possibly in or near Lowestoft, or Beccles, Suffolk. As a very young man he found passage to America as a servant.

He settled in Springfield, Massachusetts by 1657. He married Mary Hilliard at Windsor, Connecticut in 1658 and became a Freeman in 1672. He died 1678.

(2) James Crowfoot 1666/7-1724 born in Springfield Massachusetts, married Persis Gregory and migrated to Norwalk, then to Danbury, Connecticut.

(3) Josiah Crofutt 1st 1696-1763, also called Jonah. He was the husband of our subject Sarah Benedict. He migrated with his parents from Norwalk to Danbury where he raised a family and died.

(4) Josiah Crofutt 2nd 1730-1783 married Dinah ____, and spent his life in Danbury.

(5) Josiah Crofutt 3rd 1769-1836 married Rebecca Gregory and migrated from Danbury to New Milford, Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania.

(6) Frederick G. Crofutt 1806-1863 born in New Milford, married Philena Clinton, moved on to Bradford County, Pennsylvania and died, probably there at Burlington.

(7) George Clinton Crofutt 1844-1922, born in Granville, Bradford County, married Julia Delphine Fleming. He died in McNett Township in Lycoming County, Pennsylvania.

(8) Charles Henry Crofutt 1881-1969 born in West Franklin, Bradford County Pennsylvania, married Harriet West; migrated to Elmira, New York; and retired to Avon Park, Florida where both died.

The authors have records of most of the children in our line of Crofutt families, and details on most descendants of Charles Henry Crofutt and some of his sibling's descendants. These surnames in nine following generations include Bennett, Berry, Burke, Campbell, Clarke, Cogansparger, Colosi, Darrow, Hinkley, Koretz, Larison, LeDoux, McCarty, McIlwaine, Michik, Newell, Osborn, Speed, Spenser, Sullivan, Swartz, Truax, Wigsten.

The authors welcome further queries about this family. Robert M. Bishop. His home address is 16 Heritage Lane, Scotch Plains NJ 07076-2430 or 311 E. Walnut St., Avon Park FL 33825. E-mail: The address of Ann Selene (Bishop) Bennett (Mrs. Donald R. Bennett) is

97 Coatney Hill Road, Woodstock CT 06281.


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Obituaries of Benedict/ Pardee Family of Litchfield, Hillsdale, Jonesville, and Three Oaks, Michigan and Palo Alto California
Contributed by Elaine Bennett-Sharp, 569 W. Main, Bushnell IL 61422 e-mail:

These old obituaries can also be accessed through the Hillsdale County queries list on the Hillsdale County, Michigan GenWeb site on the World Wide Web. They were among papers which I now have in my possession that were saved by my great- great-grandmother, Emeline (BENEDICT) PARDEE (Samuel Pratt BENEDICT,7 Moses,6 Elijah,5 Gideon,4 Joseph,3 John,2 Thomas1). I also have Emeline’s original marriage certificate, and for years have had a large photo of her (as my grandfather said he remembered her) on my wall. We have a few letters and very many family photos pertaining to this side of the family, which my aunt is currently storing for me. My husband and I own the house in Three Oaks, Michigan where Emeline was living at the time of her death. My aunt lives next door in the house that belonged to Emeline's youngest daughter, Myrta.

I grew up hearing Emeline’s stories as she had told them to my grandfather Lynn PARDEE of Three Oaks. The people mentioned in these obituaries are familiar to me, because we have many family pictures and some family letters. My grandfather passed away in September 1995 at age 100 (just as his uncle Joel BENEDICT, of Jonesville, had also lived to be 100.) He was with us long enough to pass along the stories to my son Jeremy, as well. We feel quite blessed. I am just beginning to organize our "family treasures" with the goal of transferring them into some form which can easily be shared with the family and other researchers. I do not yet have anything entered into a genealogical computer program.

This article comments specifically about each obituary and provides at the end, a genealogical summary about the large family of Samuel Pratt BENEDICT, and the relationships of the individuals named in the obituaries.

Note that in the obituary for Mrs. E. E. GIBSON, it mentions "her father's family of eighteen children." Grandpa told me that his grandmother Emeline said she was from a family of 18 children: six by her father's first wife, six by his second wife (of which Emeline was one), and six by her mother's first husband. I only have the names of 10 of the 12 Benedict children (as listed in Genealogy of the Benedicts in America) and I believe, two of the VINCENT children who were half sisters to the younger Benedicts.


1. Mrs. E.E. GIBSON (Harriet (BENEDICT) VANDERWATER/ GIBSON): Names mentioned include Mrs. Johanna CREDIT of Jonesville and Mrs. INGRAHAN (INGRAM) of Johnstown. I believe both of them are children of Mrs. Mercy VINCENT, therefore half sisters to Harriet.

2. Jane M. PARDEE (Mrs. Thomas Willis BENEDICT). As fourth child of Sheldon PARDEE, she was a younger sister of Emeline's husband George Sheldon PARDEE. The obituary says that of her six children, only one was still living. According to information from my Pardee genealogy, that would have been Joel John BENEDICT of Litchfield.

3. Reuben C. AMES, husband of Julia Ruth PARDEE, the younger sister of Thomas W. BENEDICT's wife Jane and also Emeline BENEDICT's husband Geo. S. PARDEE.

4. Abram BOWLSBY, husband of Ann BENEDICT, and son-in-law of Samuel Pratt BENEDICT.

5. Mrs. Elon G. REYNOLDS (Emily A. BENEDICT), daughter of Thomas W. and Jane (PARDEE) BENEDICT.

6. Abigail (VINCENT) INGRAM, daughter of Mrs. Mercy VINCENT, half sister to the younger children of Samuel Pratt BENEDICT.



1. Litchfield, Michigan, Thursday, Nov. 6, 1902

" STILL ANOTHER PIONEER Added to the Long List of those Who Have Died Within the Year

"Mrs. E. E. Gibson, whose illness has been repeatedly mentioned in these columns, died Friday afternoon, after a long illness and was buried Sunday afternoon at Sand Creek Cemetery after the funeral services at the M. E. Church, conducted by Rev. D. Cronk. (Photograph is inserted here.)

"Harriet Benedict was born in Springwater, Livingston county, March 26, 1836. When a child she came with her parents to Litchfield, where she has spent the remainder of her life.

"Of her father's family of eighteen children only six are now living, two brothers and four sisters: Joel Benedict, Litchfield; L. Nathan Benedict, Denver, Col.; Mrs. Emmeline Pardee, Three Oaks; Miss Mary Benedict, Litchfield; Mrs. Johanna Credit, Jonesville; Mrs. Ingrahan, Johnstown.

"Harriet Benedict was united in marriage to Isaac Vanderwater in 1852. One child blessed this union, Mrs. Cora Drake of Concord. Mr. Vanderwater died in 1870 and in 1881 she was again married to Edward E. Gibson.

"During Mrs. Gibson’s long residence, of over fifty years, in this village, she has made a large circle of acquaintances and intimate friends.

"For nearly thirty years Mrs. Gibson has been a devoted member of the Methodist church in this place. She was possessed of many excellent traits of character, a kind neighbor, devoted wife and mother, commanding the highest love and esteem of all who knew her.

"For the past two years she has been a great sufferer and during that time there were weeks when it was thought she could not live from day to day, but through it all she was most patient and trustful and her faith in her Savior never wavered. She often prayed that if it was God’s will she might be released from her sufferings."

[Submitter’s note: In the previous obituary, mistakes were made in the names of family members. These names should read: Elnathan Benedict of Denver and Mrs. Emeline Pardee of Three Oaks. I believe the Mrs. Ingrahan of Johnstown should actually read Mrs. Ingram, who was a half sister to Harriet Gibson.]


2. Thursday, May 16, 1895


"Jane M. Pardee was born in Geddes, Onondaga Co., N.Y., Sept. 23, 1824. She was one of six children, the only one of whom now living is present here today. At the age of nine years she removed with her parents from New York to Ohio, where she attended some of the best schools in the locality in which she lived, among them Wadsworth Academy, and was a pupil of the somewhat celebrated John McGregor, who was remarkable for making up mind among those who attended his school; many of them went out to become teachers, among them Jane Pardee, who taught her first term at Shook’s Prairie, in Butler township. Later while teaching in the Todtown district she became acquainted with Thomas W. Benedict and was married to him October 6, 1841. They lived on what is now known as the Buel farm till 1846, when they purchased the farm on which they have ever since resided. For over fifty-three years they fought the battles of life together and reared a family of six children, four of whom are still living and reside in this county. Only eighty days separate the times of their departure from earth.

"Some time ago the mother presented her daughter Mrs. E. G. Reynolds, with a book and upon the fly-leaf she had written these words, which in part refer to last week’s experiences, and no doubt but they were among her deepest heart thoughts:

"My Child:-

"Remember thy mother, forget not her precepts, and oh, may thy life be as unspotted as is now this page. Give thy heart to God, and when you...[continuation is missing]"


3. Litchfield Gazette, Litchfield, Michigan,

Thursday, January 20, 1916

"Death of Aged Pioneer

"Reuben C. Ames died in Massilon, O., at the home of his daughter, Linda Ames King, Wednesday, January 12, 1916. He was born in Pottsdam, N. Y., November 6, 1819.

"When 18 years of age he came to Michigan, and was one of the pioneers of Hillsdale county. In 1843 he was united in marriage with Julia Ruth Pardee, of Wadsworth, Ohio. He was the father of eight children, the surviving ones being: Mrs. James Smith, Pomona, Cal.; Mrs. Helen A. Gibb, Adrian, Mich.; Mrs. Charlotte Moore, Los Angeles, Cal.; Mrs. Linda C. King, Massilon, O; Mrs. Della R. Sherwood, Kansas City, Mo. After taking up his residence in Hillsdale county, he bought a farm in Litchfield township, on which he resided for 56 years, when he sold and lived a short time in Reading and Jonesville. After selling out there he spent the rest of his time with his daughters, going to California first, where he remained until 1910, returning to Adrian, where he lived until death broke up the home of Mrs. Gibb. He then went to the home of Mrs. King, where he passed the remaining years of his life peacefully.

"During the California gold fever in 1852 Mr. Ames drove overland a team of horses he had raised, but on the long and tedious journey he contracted fever and ague, and only remained one year, returning by water, making the short cut across the Panama isthmus, being one of the first to take advantage of the new railroad, paying 10 cents per mile and reshipping at Colon.

"Mr. Ames was of English descent, his ancestor, Samuel Ames, being one of the first settlers of Massachusetts. His grandfather served in the Revolutionary war, and his father in the war of 1812.

"The remains were brought by rail to Allen Friday and interred in Todd Town cemetery, beside his first wife, where a short burial service was held at the grave."


4. Albion, Michigan, Saturday, August 2, 1890


"Mr. Abram Bowlsby died Wednesday night, at his residence on Michigan Avenue, of hemorrhage of the lungs, but had been failing in health for more than a year. His age was 76 years and the place of his nativity Seneca Falls, N. Y. He was one of the fifty-year pioneers of this section, by trade a mason, and has laid brick on a good many of the buildings in Albion. It is affirmed that he laid the corner stone of the middle college building and also of the M. E. church, and did the brick work on the Warner (Peabody) block. As a citizen, Mr. Bowlsby was industrious and energetic, a man of peculiar convictions and belief, but upright, conscientious, and disposed to help the needy, though he was not given to that sort of generosity that is prompted by the desire for the praise of men. He leaves two sons, Abram P., of this city, George, of Harbor Springs, and two daughters, Mrs. Theresa Annis, who lived with him, and Mrs. Augusta Coykendall, of Jackson. The funeral took place yesterday afternoon, services by Rev. A. A. Knappen."



Mrs. E. G. Reynolds Passes Away After A Brief Illness

She Spent an Active and Noble Life in Educational Work in the East

"Mrs. E. G. Reynolds died at the Guild hospital early Monday morning after an acute sickness of a few weeks, but from deep-seated organic disease of many years’ standing.

"During her residence of two years in Palo Alto she had won many friends. The family life was an example of a Christian home. Herself, her husband and her son, Leon B. Reynolds of Stanford University, were ideally one, and their work together seemed to those who knew them best almost organic- a trio. Each seemed necessary to the other in a remarkable way. However useful their more active years in the eastern home, it is not too much to say that these last two years in beneficent influence upon a wide circle of very close friends has been of the largest and best quality. The breaking of the family by her death, and the sympathy for the husband and the son, will make her memory much more valuable, as it serves to underscore all that we saw in her of real grace and beauty of Christian womanhood.

"Even her best friends knew little of her history, for she was not wont to speak of herself. She was not looking backward, but squarely forward. She read and heard the best, and watched, with bright interest, every significant event of current history. She went about doing good to those who most needed it, in complete self forgetfulness.

"From careful inquiry we learn facts of her history which will be of great interest to her friends here who knew her just as she has shown her life to them, with little knowledge of her past. They thought her strangely beautiful in her life, but when we read its history and development it is no longer strange.

"Miss Emily A. Benedict was born January 24, 1844, at Litchfield, Mich. She graduated from Hillsdale College in June, 1868, and received the degree of master of science in 1880. In early life she united with the Congregational Church of Litchfield. For several years she was organist for the Sand Creek Methodist Church near Litchfield. She became a teacher in rural district schools and in graded schools of the county, and later was school inspector of her township for one term; was secretary of the Alumni Association of Hillsdale College for twenty-five years and has been a member of the woman’s commission of the college from its organization in 1892 to the present time. She raised several thousand dollars for its endowment and improvement.

"She did not need to seek her appointments as a teacher. The schools sought her. She had the rare faculty of waking the mind, and very many of her pupils became prominent teachers. President Henry Churchill King of Oberlin College was one of her pupils, and his brother, now of Pasadena, became a physician, as he testified, through the interest she aroused in him in the study of physiology. Her pupils never failed to give her studies the needed time. "We have to get our lessons in Miss Benedict’s classes."

"She married Mr. Elon G. Reynolds November 24, 1880, and was his partner in his many years of arduous work given to Hillsdale College as its treasurer.

"On account of her health the family spent six months in California in 1898. Besides her husband and her son she leaves three brothers and their families at the old home.

"She died August 31, 1908, aged 64 years 7 months and 7 days, and will be buried at Pasadena in this state, where two sisters of her husband are already buried.

"Her husband and her son will continue with us at Palo Alto, carrying out her plans as though she were with them. The large regard of her many friends will be intensified by the sympathy felt for them in their loss."



Abigal Ingram

[From Saturday’s Daily]

"Abigal Vincent Ingram was born Sept. 18, 1817, in the state of New York. When quite young she came to Hillsdale, Mich., where she was united in marriage to Cyrus Ingram in 1840. Soon after they came to Johnstown and for 55 years she had resided on the same farm. Five children were born to them. Two died in infancy. The husband and father died nine years ago. Her daughters, Mrs. Betsy Hamilton, of Johnstown; Mrs. Myra Frisby, of Litchfield; and Mrs. McKenzie, of Penfield, survive her. She endured much of the hardships of pioneer life and through her long life of 88 years has ever been a faithful wife and helpful, loving mother. She united with the Protestant Methodist church when there was a class at the Gregory schoolhouse. Later her membership was transferred to Hickory Corners. She has lived a quiet home life, loved and respected by all who knew her. After nearly five months of suffering, being cared for by her daughter, Mrs. Betsy Hamilton, she has gone to her rest, having departed this life April 21, 1906.

"The funeral services were conducted at the home by the Rev. Chas. Palmatier with burial at the Bedford cemetery. The dear familiar face with its kindly smile and words of welcome we shall miss from among us. The relatives have the sympathy of the many friends and neighbors."

[Submitter’s note: Mrs. Ingram was the half-sister of Emeline (BENEDICT) PARDEE and Harriet (BENEDICT) VANDERWATER/ GIBSON.]


7. The Acorn, August 1919

Beloved Resident Called Home

"Like a silent messenger in the night the Angel of Death came to summon Mrs. Emeline Benedict Pardee to the home from ‘whence no traveler returns.’ The summons was not unexpected and it had been waited for patiently yet longingly; she had long been ready to obey the call. There was no dread of ‘Crossing the Bar.’ It was simply going to sleep here to awaken over there...

"Emeline Benedict was born in Springwater, New York, August 4th 1831. She came to Michigan with her parents in 1838, who settled in Litchfield, Hillsdale county. She was married to George S. Pardee in 1850. They went to housekeeping in Jackson county. In 1855 they moved to Berrien Springs where they resided until 1888 when they moved to Three Oaks which has since been their home. Seven children were born to them, six daughters and one son, Dr. Joel Pardee who died in 1895. Three daughters passed away in early life, and three survive her. Their loving care and untiring devotion filled the last years of her life with happiness and comfort.

"In the early hours of August 17th the call came, and quietly without suffering she crossed the threshold of the New Life.

"The funeral service was held at home on Tuesday the 19th at 1:30 P.M., Rev. Normann Braby of the Presbyterian church officiating. He loved her who had passed on and paid a tribute to her memory, which voiced the sentiment in the hearts of those who also knew and loved her.

"The interment was in Rose hill Cemetery in Berrien Springs where many old and loving friends came to pay their last tribute of respect to her whose life of eighty eight years and thirteen days had been one of loving service to those about her."

[A poem read by Rev. Braby titled "Mother" is also included in the obituary.].

[Submitter’s note: This obituary was typed with corrections made to the text from the Three Oaks newspaper, The Acorn. (Emeline’s name was misspelled, and the year of her marriage was incorrectly listed.) George Sheldon PARDEE died 1872, so it was Emeline and some of the children who moved to Three Oaks in 1888. Son Joel PARDEE and his family built a home in the village of Three Oaks, and she resided there. Her youngest daughter, Myrta O. PARDEE, taught in Three Oaks for 50 years.]

Genealogical Summary:

1. Samuel Pratt BENEDICT7 (Moses,6 Elijah,5 Gideon,4 Joseph,3 John,2 Thomas1) born 5 Aug 1784 and died 18 April 1866 at Albion, Michigan married first Deborah Willis who died 19 Dec 1826. Children:

2. i. Thomas Willis8 born 1815.

ii. Ann, born 30 Aug 1819 married 19 April 1840 to Abram BOWLSBY.

iii. Russell Dyer, born 1 March 1824 and died March 1865 in service. He was a member of the Ninth Michigan Volunteers. He married March 1851 to Jane GLASGOW.

iv. Alfred, born 9 July 1826 and killed 20 June 1866 in Missouri, according to family tradition, "by a bushwhacker, on account of his union sentiments." He married 12 Nov 1852 to Dorcas Adelia KNAPP.

Samuel Pratt BENEDICT married second in 1827 to Mrs. Mercy VINCENT, who died 28 Jan 1853. They had the following children:

i. Adeline, born 29 May 1828 married November 1849 to Newton RUSSELL.

ii. Emeline, born 4 August 1831, married 17 February 1850 to George Sheldon PARDEE, son of Sheldon.

iii. Joel, born 13 February 1835 married 9 October 1859 to Minnie POMEROY (lived at Litchfield, later Jonesville, Michigan.

iv. Harriet, born 26 March 1836, married first in 1852 to Isaac VANDERWATER and married second in 1881 to Edward E. GIBSON.

v. Mary, born 12 June 1838

vi. Elnathan, born 5 January 1841 married 1862 to Mary Ann SHELDON, lived in Hastings, Michigan and later Denver, Colorado.

2. Thomas Willis BENEDICT8 (Samuel Pratt7 Moses,6 Elijah,5 Gideon,4 Joseph,3 John,2 Thomas1) born 9 June 1815, married 6 October 1841 to Jane M. PARDEE, daughter of Sheldon PARDEE. Children:

i. Emily Amanda9, born 24 January 1844

ii. Julia Ann, born 14 May 1846

iii. George Pardee, born 15 April 1849

iv. Charles Henry, born 24 July 1851

v. Frances Jane, born 5 August 1853

vi. Joel John, born 15 May 1856

Regarding the "missing" children of Samuel Pratt BENEDICT, I wonder if any BFHN readers know the whereabouts of any Bible records inscribed by this family. If so, I would be very interested in obtaining a transcription of the information they contain. I also am interested in the mystery to me, of where in Missouri Alfred BENEDICT was killed and where he is buried. His wife Dorcas Adelia and young son "Genie" (Albert Eugene) are buried at Rose Hill Cemetery in Berrien Springs, Michigan, very near the Pardee plot. I am curious about what became of the rest of the family, which included three daughters and one son. I would look forward to hearing from some long-lost cousins!


1. Jacobus, Donald Lines, M. A. (ed), The Pardee Genealogy (The New Haven Colony Historical Society: 1927, reprinted by Tuttle Antiquarian Books, Inc.). There seems to be an error in the Pardee book regarding Etha Smith Ditmars (it says she died unmarried). Also, my memory serves me differently concerning a connection between Joel S. Pardee and his uncle Joel Benedict. I plan to look these things up in the Pardee Family Bible the next time I visit my aunt in Three Oaks, Michigan. These questions do not, however, seem to compromise the validity of the Benedict information.

2. Benedict, Henry Marvin, Genealogy of the Benedicts in America-Vol.I (1870 reissued with annotations 1969 by Elwyn Ellsworth Benedict). p. 210.

3. Benedict, Elwyn E., Genealogy of the Benedicts in America-Vol.II (1969), p. 225.

Five Years!

It doesn’t seem like it was that long ago when several Benedict family researches on Prodigy began to write to each other on a regular basis. Sheila Benedict, C.G.R.S. was the first to offer to edit a family newsletter. Others chimed in and here we are, going into our fifth volume year!

... This issue offers another look at Benedict daughters whose family histories are not carried forward in The Genealogy of the Benedicts in America Vols. I or II. Even if these are not your immediate family, the stories are interesting. "Sarah and Rebecca... Daughters of Capt. John Benedict," which starts on the front page, adds much to a very early generation of Benedicts. "The Benedict/ Pardee..." story which begins on page 4 describes later generations. Detail of late nineteenth and early twentieth century obituaries provides interesting reading whether or not you are closely related...

Benedicts in the Federal Census for Onondaga County, New York 1850

Transcribed by the editor from microfilm at Western Michigan University Archives and Regional History Collections Department, Kalamazoo, Michigan.

The AIS index was used to search for BENEDICT families. However, some omissions and errors in the index are here identified. Usually all members of a household (HH) were named. If they are not, a comment appears in the last column. Other names in a household may hint at in-law or other relationships. RE = Value of Real Estate, BP = Birthplace, att. school = attended school within past year.

Dw. Fam. Surname Given name sex age Occupation Value R/E BP Comments

Roll No. 567, Microcopy 432

Town of Pompey

page 89

1379 1415 BENEDICT Ann f 19 NY HH Horace YALE, begins p. 88

1383 1419 BENEDICT Rebecca f 35 NY HH Jabez [?HOWE]

page 93

1463 1503 BENEDICT Libbeus m 24 Shoemaker NY

BENEDICT Amanda f 19 NY

BENEDICT Charles m 9 NY

1464 1504 BENEDICT Sarah [?I] f 55 NY

BENEDICT Enos m 27 farmer NY

BENEDICT Ezra m 29 farmer NY

LOSEY Richard m 81 none NY

1465 1505 BENEDICT Stephen m 67 farmer $9,000 NY

BENEDICT Jemima f 65 MA

BENEDICT Jerome m 13 NY

PEIRCE Lucy f 71 MA

BARNS [?Hibrinos] m 25 laborer Ireland

WHEELER John J. m 17 NY

WHEELER Ruth f 86 MA

BEARD Jeremiah m 18 farmer NY

Town of Fabius

page 130

106 116 BENEDICT Polly f 83 MA HH Edgbert PALMER

page 146

387 407 BENEDICT Huldah f 85 CT

BENTLEY Julia A. f 34 NY

page 149

440 461 BENEDICT James m 62 farmer $7,500 CT

BENEDICT Eunice f 68 NY

ROGERS Henry m 19 laborer NY

[?RICHARDWOOD] Manly m 39 laborer NY

page 150

445 466 BENEDICT George m 29 farmer $2,700 NY

BENEDICT Helen f 20 NY

BENEDICT Robert S m 2 NY

SHERMAN Melissa f 44 NY

SOUTHWARD David m 17 laborer NY

457 478 BENEDICT Ezra f [sic] 29 laborer NY HH James VIRGIL

Town of Lafayette

page 221

671 486 BENEDICT Elisa f 35 1,600 NY

BENEDICT Smith m 10 NY att. school

BENEDICT James m 8 NY att. school

BENEDICT Maria f 6 NY att. school

JUNE Joel m 22 laborer NY

Roll No. 568 Microcopy 432

Town of Marcellus

page 340

1758 1816 BENEDICT Eri m 80 CT HH Lyman SMITH

Town of Elbridge

page 378

251 251 BENEDICT Ira m 32 farmer NY


BENEDICT Cyntha [sic] f 1 NY

Town of Skaneateles

page 446

1320 1385 BENEDICT Eli m 61 farmer $1,500 CT This family not in index

BENEDICT Rebecca f 53 CT

BENEDICT Harmon m 31 farmer CT

BENEDICT Sydney m 21 farmer CT

BENEDICT Horace m 3 NY

BENEDICT Phebe f 18 CT

1332 1387 BENEDICT Samuel m 1 NY HH George WICKS

p. 475

1752 1847 BENEDICT Thomas m ?19 carpenter NY HH Charles ISABEL,

p. 477 carpenter

1779 1877 BENEDICT Michael m 35 MD NY

BENEDICT Angeline f 30 NY

BENEDICT Adel f 10 NY att. school

FLYNN Ellen f 30 Ireland

Roll No. 570, Microcopy 432

Town of Clay

page 301

526 526 BENADICT[sic] William m 28 carpenter $800 NY

BENADICT Ann E. f 26 England

BENADICT William m 5 NY

BENADICT James [?N] m 3 NY

BENADICT Amelia I f 1 NY

528 529 BENEDICT James M. m 35 farmer $1,680 NY

BENEDICT Julia A. f 30 NY

BENEDICT Myron A. m 9 NY att. school

page 302

538 539 BENEDICT [?Henry] m 63 farmer $1,500 CT

BENEDICT Polly f 59 NY

BENEDICT Charles [?K] m 16 NY att. school

page 307

605 605 BENEDICT Henry P. m 43 carpenter/farmer $2,424 NY

BENEDICT Rebecca f 27 NY

BENEDICT Horace A. m 4 NY

BENEDICT James H. m 1 NY

page 332

991 991 BENEDICT Jane f 19 NY in index as James

BENEDICT Margaret f 1 OH HH George WOODWARD, Innkeeper

Town of Cicero

page 390

1852 1852 BROWN Palmer m 40 farmer $1,850 NY

BROWN Miriam f 33 NY

BROWN Augustus P. m 12 NY att. school

BROWN William R. m 4 NY att. school


page 391

1865 1865 BENEDICT Joseph B. m 47 farmer $7,300 NY

BENEDICT Catherine f 49 NY

BENEDICT Caleb m 17 farmer NY

Town of Lysander

page 496

524 524 BENEDICT Asa m 48 farmer $3,000 NY

BENEDICT Esther f 42 NY

BENEDICT Solomon m 23 NY

BENEDICT Caroline f 15 NY att. school

BENEDICT Jane A. f 7 NY att. school



page 510

757 768 BENEDICT [?Ellier] m 30 laborer NY

BENEDICT Hannah f 30 NY

BENEDICT John m 7 NY att. school



DENNIS Jane f 11 NY

page 511

770 482 BENEDICT John m 28 farmer NY

BENEDICT Roxana f 32 NY

BENEDICT Martha f 2 NY

BENEDICT Lewis m 14 NY

SHARP George m 25 laborer NY

Roll No. 569 Microcopy 432 City of Syracuse

page 30

440 440 BENEDICT [?Johanna] f 51 NY HH John McVICAZ

page 52 born NY

774 785 BENEDICT Alonso m 45 [?illegible] $1,500 NY

BENEDICT Marietta f 40 CT

BENEDICT Don Alonso m 17 farmer NY

BENEDICT Mary f 11 OH att. school

BENEDICT Charles m 2 NY

HALL Roxana f 22 NY

page 262

3529 3771 BENEDICT Amos m 40 [?Boatman] $10,000 NY

BENEDICT Elisa f 34 ---

BENEDICT Cato m 13 --- att. school

BENEDICT Harry m 9 --- att. school

BENEDICT [?Eugen] f 2 NY

[?MUVNG] Sarah f 28 ---

[?MUVNG] Mary f 17 Ireland

[?] Isaiah m 35 laborer NY


Queries [Some of these addresses may not be current]

Abbreviations in this issue:

dau. = daughter b. = born d. = died ca. = circa (about) mar. = married Two-letter zip code abbreviations are used for states


Need death date & place of birth for Mary BENEDICT, dau. of Thomas & Mary (MESSENGER) BENEDICT b. 1666 mar. John OLMSTED. Also need birth date, place, death date & place & marriage date of Thomas BENEDICT who married Sarah PORTER ca. 1694.

—- Carol Severson, W6037 Elk Dr., Westfield WI 53964, e-mail


Interested in contacting anyone who is researching this line: Newton BENEDICT mar. 26 Jun 1850 in Aurealis NY, Asenath Robinson CHAPIN b. 9 Sep 1831. Their two children James Sackett BENEDICT b. 5 Mar 1856 & Ella BENEDICT. James mar. Cora Blanche CHASE b. 10 Jan 1857. Their two children: Sally Asneath BENEDICT b. 23 Oct 1879 & Mary Chase BENEDICT b. 21 Dec 1881 both b. Stratford, Ontario, Canada. Sally Asenath BENEDICT mar. 14 Sep 1905 Alfred Fraser TOMLINS Charlottetown PEI, Canada. I have a large amount of information on Sally Asenath but nothing on Mary Chase or any of their immediate ancestors. I am willing to share.

—- Owen Tomlins, 2 Vida St. Newton, Australia SA 5074, e-mail:


Looking for the Edmund PRICE/ Joanna BENEDICT connection. Joanna is the daughter of Elijah4, Samuel3, Samuel2, Samuel1, the latter, son of Thomas & Mary (BRIDGUM) BENEDICT. Any help appreciated.

—— Nancy Moreland, Dept. Pediatrics, UVM College of Medicine, Given Building, Burlington VT 05405

Book Review

Wilder, Justin, The Descendants of Harvey Wilder and His Ancestors to 1485 in England with a History of the Wilder Name and Related Families of WARNER, BARNHARD, BENEDICT, HEPWORTH, POORE, CROCKER, and NEWMAN (Light and Life Press, Winona Lake, Indiana, 1974). Hard cover, indexed, 271 pp.

This book was loaned to us for review by a genealogical friend. Since it was a gift to her, price and availability are unknown. Those interested in the Benedict - Wilder connections, however, may be able to locate it in larger genealogical libraries.

The long title of this book spells out what it’s all about. The genealogy is divided into sections by the family names included in the title. Twenty four pages are devoted to the Benedict family. Much of the Benedict information is taken directly from The Genealogy of the Benedicts of America, Volumes I (1870), pp. 335-336 and II (1969), pp. 353-355. Unfortunately, this includes the old belief that Thomas Benedict1 was from Nottinghamshire in England. (See this newsletter, Volume IV, No. 1, Summer 1996 for a discussion of Nottingham vs. Norfolk nativity for the progenitor.)

A connection to the WILDER name is through Cora Belle BENEDICT,8 (Alexander,7 Daniel Andrus,6 William,5 John,4 John,3 James,2 Thomas,1) born 20 June 1867 according to the Benedict genealogy but 22 June according to this book, married 27 February 1886 as his second wife, Harvey Jacob WILDER. She died 31 January 1913 at Weare Township, Oceana County, Michigan.

There is more detail about the descendants of this couple than was given in the Benedict genealogy. Included is an interesting account and poem about a religious vision it was said Cora saw as young girl that foretold the main events of her life.

Also married into the Wilder family was William Henry BENEDICT, brother to Cora Belle. Born 17 September 1857 in Wisconsin, he married 17 September 1880 for his first wife, Diana Leila WILDER, born 13 November 1862, a sister to Harvey Jacob. This book adds some additional detail about the descendants of William Henry and Diana (WILDER) BENEDICT that is not available in the Benedict genealogy.

The author of this book is an engineer and states he doesn’t consider himself a genealogist or writer. He took on the task of the project because he felt he was an efficient organizer. However, he devised his own outline system (which is not explained) which seems confusing. Rather than using numbers as the recognized genealogical systems do or as one might expect of an organizer, he inserted series of dashes and crosses before each name. It is very difficult to identify family groups as they continue from page to page.

The presentation of the material is however, attractive and neatly done. There are a few well-produced photographs. Also included are poems, songs, hand-written letters, and excerpts from county history books.

Benedicts Here and There in California

Contributed by Sheila Benedict, C.G.R.S.

Lodi (San Joaquin County) California City Directory, 1918:

BENEDICT, Elmer A., Farmer, h - 357 E. Walnut

Eva, clk, h - 357 Walnut

Gordon L, bkpr - San Joaquin Table Grape

Growers Assn, h- Rt. 1

Ivan V, harker [?barker], h-357 E. Walnut

From Veterans Buried in Santa Rosa Cemetery, Sonoma County, California (compilation by the Santa Rosa Rural Cemetery Advisory Committee, sponsored by the City of Santa Rosa Recreation and Parks Department, revised May 1996), p. 2

CUMMINGS, Jhilson Payne

b. 26 Nov 1838, Jackson, IN

CW service - Co G 5th IN Inf.

d. 2 Mar 1918; 70 yrs

f. Daniel Cummins, Jr.

m. Nancy Collier

inf. [?infant] Melinda Cummins

w. #? Martha Nina Taylor

w. #4 Melinda B. BENEDICT

Benedict Confederate Soldiers

The following excerpt is taken from The Roster of Confederate Soldiers 1861 - 1865, Volume II edited by Janet B. Hewett and published 1995 by the Broadfoot Publishing Company in Wilmington, North Carolina. If you are having trouble finding your Benedict (and variations) Confederate soldier because you don’t know his unit, this will help you.

After the Civil War, the Confederate military records were surrendered or captured and taken to Washington DC. They have been augmented by other records compiled in other years and the National Archives now has by far, the most complete and accurate source of information about Confederate soldiers. Requests for these compiled service records must be made on NATF Form 80 (rev. 3-96) available from National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), 7th and Pennsylvania Ave. NW, Washington DC 20408. Be sure to complete all of the minimum information requested (all of which is given here) and if you can, provide a credit card number - it will speed your reply. NARA will send you copies of what they have determined are the most genealogically significant records for $10. There is no charge if the search is unsuccessful. If you are very sure this is "your" veteran, write on the form in red, "SEND COMPLETE FILE." It may cost you a little or a lot more, depending on what can be found. If it’s a lot more, they will usually hold the file to see if you really want it before copying.

The War Department Collection of Confederate Records at NARA is not complete, even though great efforts were made to assemble all official information. The Family History Library in Salt Lake City (and through its branches, available all over the world) has the single largest collection of microfilmed state Confederate records. Look in the library catalog under Military Records Register, Vol. II: Civil War. Because the Confederacy was dissolved after the war, no central governmental agency provided pensions for service or disability of Confederate soldiers. Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North and South Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia authorized pensions to veterans and their widows. If a pensioner moved to a different (formerly Confederate) state, that was where the pension was requested and received. Many of these pension files are on microfilm in the Family History Library. The originals will be found at (and usually can be requested by mail from) the various state archives.1

Name Military Unit / Rank

BENEDIC LA Mil. 3rd Regt. Eur Brig. (Garde Francaise) Co. 4 Sgt.

BENEDIC, J.S. LA Mil. 22nd Inf. Co. B

BENEDIC, J.S. LA Mil. Orleans Guards Regt. Co. K. Sgt

BENEDICK, B.S. GA 2nd Inf. Co. A

BENEDICK, Emsey F. AR 1st (Crawford’s) Cav. Co. B

BENEDICK, John C. GA 21st Inf. Co. C

BENEDICKT, Daniel LA Mil. Orleans Fire Regt. Hall’s Co.

BENEDICKT, E. SC Lt. Arty. Wagener’s Co. (Co. A, German Arty.)

BENEDICKT, F. SC Lt. Arty. Wagener’s Co. (Co. A, German Arty.)

BENEDICT, Albert TX Cav. 6th Bn. Co. A

BENEDICT, A.T. MS 16th Inf. Co. K

BENEDICT, Charles AL 1st Regt. Mobil Vol. Co. E

BENEDICT, Charles AL 4th Res. Co. C

BENEDICT, Daniel MS 44th Inf. Co. L

BENEDICT, David C. AR 1st Mtd. Rifles Co. I

BENEDICT, Eli T. MO 1st Cav. Co. F

BENEDICT, Eli T. MO Inf. 8th Bn. Co. A

BENEDICT, Eli T MO 9th Inf. Co. A

BENEDICT, Emory AR 1st Fild Btty. (McNally’s Lt. Arty. Btty)

BENEDICT, Fidel AL Res. Belser’s Co.

BENEDICT, George B. TX 6th Inf. Co. A

BENEDICT, Hiram D. MO 9th (Elliott’s) Cav. Co. D

BENEDICT, H. Oscar LA 1st Cav. Co. I

BENEDICT, Hugh T. MO 10th Cav. Co. H

BENEDICT, Jacob TX 1st Inf. Co. F

BENEDICT, James B. KY 6th Mtd. Inf. Co. E

BENEDICT, James W. MO Cav. Poindexter’s Regt.

BENEDICT, Joe Morgan’s Staff 1st Lt.

BENEDICT, Joseph GA Cobb’s Legion Co. D

BENEDICT, Joseph KY 9th Mtd. Inf. Co. B 1st Lt.

BENEDICT, J.W. KY 12th Cav. Co. D Cpl.

BENEDICT, Lewis VA Cav. Mosby’s Regt. (Part. Rangers)

BENEDICT, N.B. Gen. & Staff Surg.

BENEDICT, Oscar LA 3rd (Harrison’s) Cav. Co. K

BENEDICT, Robert S. GA 9th Inf. (St. Guards) Culp’s Co.

BENEDICT, Robert S. GA Inf. White’s Co.

BENEDICT, Russell W. AR 1st Mtd. Rifles Co. I

BENEDICT, Samuel LA 13th Inf.

BENEDICT, Thos. B. Gen. & Staff Asst. Surg.

BENEDICT, Thomas G. GA Phillips’ Legion Co. O

BENEDICT, W. LA Mil. Cont. Regt. Mitchell’s Co.

BENEDICT, Wesley E. MO Cav. Poindexter’s Regt.

BENEDICT, William E. VA 41st Inf. Co. C

BENEDIKT, H. SC Mil. Arty. 1st Regt. Co. A

Reference for general research information:

1. Szucs, Loretto Dennis and Luebking, Sandra Hargreaves, The Source: A Guidebook of American Genealogy, rev. edition (1996: Ancestry, Salt Lake City), pp. 294-296, 298.

New Canaan, Connecticut Church

The following excerpts were transcribed by the editor 16 February 1988 from film no. 0004960 at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, New Canaan, Connecticut Church, Records 1733-1899, two volumes, Vol. I - Hartford, Connecticut State Library 1927. Items in brackets [ ] are the transcriber’s comments. There were many other Benedicts listed in this record and the complete film should be examined by any researchers who believe their family was in New Canaan.

The introduction to this record clarifies place names for the church: "New Canaan Society was established in 1731 as Canaan Society in Norwalk and Stamford probably by division of the First Societies in those towns. Parts of the towns of Norwalk and Stamford, including this society, were incorporated May 1801 as New Canaan after which the ‘New’ seems to have been prefixed to the name of the society..."

This volume contains meetings of the church, 1733 - 1831; members, 1733 - 1853; baptisms, 1733 - 1853; marriages, 1742 - 1806; deaths, 1773 - 1808; and attendance, 1836 - 1844.

p. 2 - Admissions to full Communion by the Rev. Mr. Eels, AD 1733... June 20. Samuel Benedict & Experience his wife. Recommended by Mr. Dickinson...

  • p. 4 - ... Baptized 1734 Nov 17: Mary the Daughter of Nathanael Bouton ... [this may be the third wife of Stephen Benedict]

    p. 5 - ... 1737 Oct 23 [bap] Hezekiah the son of John Benedict & Esther the daughter of Samuel Benedict.

    p. 6 - ... 1739... Aug 12 [bap] Rachel the daughter of Saml. Benedict...

    p. 8 [Rev. Eels ended his stay 10 June 1741]

    p. 9 ... [admissions] 1747 Oct 4... Mary the wife of John Benedict Jun.

    p. 10 ... [adm.] 1756 Oct 17 Stephen Benedict & Ruth his wife < of Norwalk

    ... 1758 Apr 23 Samuel Benedict & Jemina his wife.

    p. 11 ... [adm] 1764 July 29 Hannah the second wife of Stephen Benedict

    ... 1765 Apr 28 Hezekiah Benedict & Martha his wife [?later husband of Rachel Benedict?]

    ... 1769 April 2 The wife of Deacon Benedict... [this seems odd - if Mary Benedict really married Deacon Benedict - who was also John Benedict Jr., why did she join the church twice? - see page 9, above.]

    p. 12 [baptism covenent owners] 1751 ...Nov 3 Stephen Benedict & Ruth his wife...

    p. 13 [covenent, bap.] 1753 Nov 4 Samuel Benedict Jun. & Jemina his wife.

    1757 ... Dec 4 Dinah Benedict & Ruth Benedict & Rhoda Benedict [no parents named].

    1758... May 14. Rachael Benedict

    ... June 11 John Levoke [sic] and Ester [Benedict] his wife

    p. 14 [covent of bap.] 1760... Aug 31 Sarah Benedict & Mary Benedict

    [Following are baptisms administered listed separate]

    p. 22 [bap] 1751... Oct 6. James the sect [second] child of Deacon John Benedict

    Oct. 20 Rebecca the daughter of John Benedict Junr

    1752 ... Feb 2. Ruhamah the daughter of Stephen Benedict.

    p. 23 [bap] 1753... June 17. Dinah the daughter of John Benedict Jr.

    p. 24 [bap] 1753... Dec 30. Ruth the daughter of Stephen Benedict

    p. 26 [bap] 1756 ... Feb 15. Stephen the son of Stephen Benedict

    p. 27 [bap] 1758 ... Feb 19. Rhoda the daughter of Stephen Benedict

    p. 28 [bap] 1758 Aug 6. David the son of John Levake [and Ester Benedict] < Belford

    p. 29 [bap] 1759 Sept 30. Mehitable the daughter of Stephen Benedict and Rachel the daughter of Hezekiah Benedict

    p. 30 [bap] 1761 Aug 2. Esther the daughter of Stephen Benedict...

    p. 32 [bap] 1763 April 25. Abel the s. of Stephen Benedict

    p. 36 [bap] 1766 Sept 28. Hannah the daughter of Stephen Benedict

    p. 37 [bap] 1768 June 17. Sarah the daughter of Stephen Benedict / privately being sick.

    p. 39 [bap] 1770 Sept 16. Sarah the daughter of Stephen Benedict

    [Marriages - performed by Robert Tillman]:

    p. 43 - 4: Peter Smith & Jemina Benedict Feb 29, 1743/4

    9: John Benedict & Mary Benedict June 12, 1746

    29: Stephen Benedict & Ruth Keeler July 31, 1750

    p. 44 70: Jedediah Smith & Abigail Benedict March 16, 1758

    71: John Levake & Esther Benedict March 16, 1758

    p.45 116: Saml Benedict Jun. and Dinah Hait Sept 8, 1763

    118: Stephen Benedict and Hannah Finch Oct 13, 1763

    120: Stephen Benedict of Norwalk & Abigail [?Hawes] Nov 17, 1763

    p.47 164: Jacob Reed & Ruhamah Benedict Mar 7, 1769

    173: Saml Benedict and the widow Mary Rusco [?Rusio] Nov. 6, 1771

    [Baptisms by Mr. William Drummond - ordained in Scotland]

    p. 53 [bap] 1772... Sept 20... Elsa the daughter of Stephen Benedict

    p. 55 [bap] 1774... Oct 23. Jemina the daughter of Stephen Benedict

  • p. 58

    There follows the Particular Acts & votes passed by the Church of Canaan after the Installment of the Rev. Mr. William Drummond...

    ... Sept 4, 1772. In consequence of previous notification the Church met, and did, by a very great majority choose Lieut John Benedict to the office of deacon in the church; who was accordingly invested with that character...

    [the following helps explain terms]

    ... Dec 4 [1777] The church met according to notification and after mature deliberation Resolved & Noted, That for the future, Persons desirous of and found qualified for admission to full communion with this church; shall stand propounded for two weeks: at the expiration of which time, if no objections are offered, they shall be admitted to the desired privilege without the formality of repeating the former covenant.

    p. 62 [Admissions]

    1786 June. Mary the 2nd wife [really the 3rd?] of Stephen Benedict was received into the church on a letter of recommendation from the Church of Christ in [Lower or Town] Salem.

    p. 77 [Acts & Votes]

    The Church of Christ in Canaan after hearing a complaint from Stephen Benedict against Abijah Comstock for breach of agreement and after much labor and patience came to the following vote on the 3rd of July 1799. Voted that Mr. Abijah Comstock be rejected from the communion and fellowship of this church, agreeable to the 18th Chap. of Matthew: "if he not hear them, let him be unto three as an heathen man and a publican;" and he is hereby rejected. Justice Mitchell, Moderator...

    ...Mr. Abijah Comstock made a public confession for his misconduct, and the church voted to restore him to his former standing in the church [no date].


  • p. 81 [1785]

    66: Mr. Bouton and Elsa Benedict Apr 6, 1788

    p.82 Daniel Weed & Mehitabel Benedict Oct 1792

    1793 Luke Keeler and Jemina Benedict June


    p. 86 1783 Dec 6. Hannah Benedict, the wife of Nehz [?Nehamiah] Benedict died in a fit [this must be Hannah Keeler, his first wife]

    1785 Nov 14. The 2nd wife of Stephen Benedict consumption.

    p. 87 1787 Oct 20. Sarah Benedict, daughter of Stephen Benedict, with the consumption. 19 y.

    p. 90 1795 May 22. Mary Benedict

    p. 91 1797 Dec 13. Widow Mehetabel Benedict with old age - 81 yrs [someone has written in, "wid. of Caleb"]

    1798 March 12. Saml Benedict died with pleurisy - 18 yrs

    1800 Sep 29 Nehm Benedict with mortification - 71 yrs

    1800 Dec 7 The wife of Dea. J. Benedict with old age

  • p. 211 Acts and Votes in New Canaan during the ministry of Theophilus Smith [1831 - 1839 - the record continues but here we stopped taking notes.]