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Welcome to the combined families of Charlene Elizabeth (Bell) and Michael Jackson Dietz

Michael and Charlene

This web site contains the results of years of research, not only by us but many other people to whom we are indebted for their time and efforts. It is a work in progress and is constantly undergoing improvement and enlargement.

The database contain all data for the individuals, i.e., birth, marriage, death, burial, census, occupation, etc, that we currently have. This includes research notes, alternative dates and places, errors published by other researchers, alternative names, etc. There is extensive source citation.

There are four versions of the database available. The first has just the individuals who are direct ancestors of either Charlene or Michael. The second are the individuals who are genetically close (aunts, uncles, 1st cousins) related to either Charlene or Michael. The third are the individuals who are genetically related to either Charlene or Michael. The fourth is the complete database including non genetically related individuals.

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Please bear in mind there is a continual process of revising the database. This entails the addition of new individuals, the correction of any known errors, the updating of existing records, and the general review of all records in the batabases. It is a slow but steady progress. The date of an update to any individual in the database will be indicated on the display page for that specific individual.

Please check back often for more updated data.


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