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From Bunkle to Wallerawang

Aka Belis Family History

John Matthew LARK the surname

John Matthew LARK, son of Charles LARK and Esther NORMAN, born circa 1832 in Beccles, Suffolkshire, England. John "immigrated" to Australia on board the "Ethereal" in 1846. John was a seaman who deserted his ship after it arrived in Sydney.

John married Elizabeth M LEARMONTH, daughter of Alexander LEARMONTH and Mary COMB, in 1861 in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

John & Elizabeth had 5 children born in Penrith, New South Wales, Australia - Charles Alexander LARK, Mary Maud Eliza LARK, Esther Elizabeth LARK, Henry John LARK, Caroline Matilda LARK.

Charles BLACK & Mary TURNER

Charles BLACK was born circa 1816 Haddington, East Lothian, Scotland. I am yet to determine Charles parents.

Charles married Mary ARMSTRONG nee TURNER in 1840 in Aberlady, East Lothian, Scotland. Charles and Mary had two daughters, Agnes Eager BLACK and Elizabeth Fotheringham BLACK.

The BLACK family arrived in New South Wales, Australia in 1857 assisted immigrants on board the "Glen Isla". The BLACK family settled in New South Wales, Australia.

 Mary TURNER born circa 1807 in Scotland. I am yet to determine Marys parents.

Peter WALKER & Isabella JOHNSTON

Peter Walker, son of James WALKER and Janet LEITCH of Monimail, born circa 1803, Perth, Perthshire, Scotland. Peter was a carpenter and a wright.

Peter WALKER married Isabella JOHNSTON in 1826 in Newburgh, The Kingdom of Fife, Scotland.

Isabella JOHNSTON, daughter of Robert JOHNSTON and Margaret BLYTH, born 1803 Newburgh, The Kingdom of Fife, Scotland.

Peter and Isabella immigrated to New South Wales, Australia as assisted immigrants in 1855 onboard the "Speed"y with four of their children - George WALKER, Margaret WALKER, Janet WALKER & John Adamson WALKER. The two eldest boys, James WALKER and Robert Johnstone WALKER, were already in Victoria, Australia.


Alexander LEARMONTH, son of Joseph LEARMONTH and Alson KNOX, born 1812 in Bunkle & Preston (also spelt Bounkree), Berwickshire, Scotland.

Alexander LEARMONTH married Mary COMB in 1839 in Scotland. Alexander and Mary had five children - Joseph LEARMONTH, Thomas LEARMONTH, Elizabeth M LEARMONTH, Alson LEARMONTH and Alexander LEARMONTH.

Mary COMB, daughter of Peter COOMBES and Elizabeth PURVES, was born circa 1815 in Mouinton, Berwickshire Scotland.

The family immigrated to New South Wales, Australia as assisted immigrants onboard the "Kate".

Alexander and Mary had another child, Mary LEARMONTH, and settled in Glen Alice, New South Wales, Australia.

Alexander Snrs parents Joseph LEARMONTH and Alison (Alson) KNOX, daughter of Alexander KNOX and Jean DARLING, had 7 children - JEAN LEARMONTH, Elizabeth LEARMONTH, Janet LEARMONTH, Mary LEARMONTH, born in Chirnside, Berwick, Scotland, Joseph LEARMONTH born in Coldingham, Berwick, Scotland, Alexander LEARMONTH born Bunkle & Preston, and Sarah LEARMONTH born Edrom, Berwickshire, Scotland.

Alison KNOXs parents Alexander KNOX and Jean DARLING were married in 1766 in Chirnside, Berwick, Scotland. Alexander and Jean had children - Elizabeth KNOX, Robert KNOX, William KNOX, Alison KNOX and James KNOX all born in Chirnside, Berwick, Scotland.



Robert TAIT, son of William TAIT & Jane BROWN of I don't know where, born Newlands, Peeblesshire, Scotland or so he says. We are yet to find any record of his birth in Newlands. There were certainly TAITs in Newlands at that point in time but none that appear to be our Robert. We are also yet to find record of the marriage of William TAIT and Jane BROWN. The TAIT family lived and worked on "Burnshead" or "Burnhead" farm, Eddleston, Peebleshire, Scotland.

Robert married Mary TURNBULL nee TELFER in 1842 in Eddlestone, Peebles, Scotland. Mary, daughter of William TELFER and Elizabeth (probably LAURIE), was born 1802 in Yarrow, Selkirkshire, Scotland.

Robert and Mary had four children - Jane TAIT, William T TAIT, Margaret Lauder TAIT & Robina TAIT. The family immigrated to New South Wales,Australia in 1853 as Assisted Immigrants on board the "Bloomer". The family settled in Kiama, Shoalhaven, Wollongong, NSW area.

Edward HUGHES (or HUGHS) and Ann MEHIN (or MEEGAN)

Edward HUGHES was sentenced to death on 27th March 1820 at the Warwick Assizes. Edward arrived in New South Wales, Australia on board the convict ship in 1823 on board the convict ship "Ocean II" (2)

Ann MEHIN, from Ireland, arrived in New South Wales, Australia, in 1830 on board the convict ship "Forth" (2).

Edward married Ann in Parramatta, New South Wales, Australia in 1833. Edward and Ann had 14 children - Sarah HUGHES, Maria HUGHES, William HUGHES, Louisa HUGHES, Ann HUGHES, Joseph HUGHES, Julia HUGHES, Edward HUGHES, Mary Ann HUGHES, Charlotte HUGHES, Sophia HUGHES, George HUGHES, Rebekah HUGHES and Ruth HUGHES.

Sarah Meighan

Sarah Meighan, from Ireland, arrived in New South Wales, Australia in 1827 on board the convict ship "Brothers" (2). Sarahs daughter, Ann MEHIN, was shortly to follow.


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