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The "British Isles" group was created in May 2013 to accommodate participants with ancestry from Wales, Ireland and Scotland (some day!). Note that there is no genetic match between the two current subgroups from Wales and Ireland. The grouping is based solely on ancestral origins.

Earliest known ancestor: Thomas BELCHER (1754-WLS/ENG)

Todd M. BELCHER (Todd)

John B. Belcher (John B.)

Daryl C. BELCHER (Daryl C.)

Daryl P. BELCHER (Daryl P.)

Descendants of Thomas BELCHER (1754-WLS/ENG)

  • Thomas BELCHER (b 1754-ENG or WLS; bur 31 Mar 1831-Caerleon, Monmouth, WLS)
    Jane (surname unknown) (b abt 1756-Caerleon, Monmouth, WLS; bur 2 Aug 1833-Caerleon, Monmouth, WLS)
    • Thomas BELCHER (b 6 May 1796-Caerleon, Monmouth, WLS; d 14 Mar 1879-Bristol, Avon, ENG)
      Bridget MORGAN (b 1806- ; bur 1 Nov 1880-Bassaleg, Monmouth, WLS)
      • Thomas BELCHER (b 28 May 1840-Caerleon, Monmouth, WLS; d 1884-Bedminster, Bristol, Avon, ENG)
        Elizabeth Louise BARRY (b 1842-Caerlon, Monmouth, WLS; d abt 1912-Bristol, Avon, ENG(?))
        • George Morgan BELCHER (b 9 Nov 1867-Bristol, Avon, ENG; d 2 Dec 1950-Bristol, Avon, ENG)
          Frances Parker Harwood LLOYD (b 1865-Bristol, Avon, ENG; d 1947-Bristol, Avon, ENG)
          • George William Thomas BELCHER (b 9 Jul 1898-Bristol, Avon, ENG; d 1962-Vancouver, British Columbia, CAN)
            Kime ISHIURA (b 1 Feb 1896-Kobe, JPN; d 1980-Vancouver, British Columbia, CAN)
            • Ian Gordon BELCHER
              Mary Anne [omitted]
              • Todd M. BELCHER
        • Richard Barry BELCHER (b 11 Jul 1882-Bristol, Avon, ENG; d 28 Jan 1932-Bristol, Avon, ENG)
          Ester TANDY (b 6 Jan 1884-Hawksbury, Glouchestershire, ENG; d 27 Sep 1947-Brislington, Bristol, Avon, ENG)
          • Richard Thomas BELCHER (b 16 Apr 1908-Bristol, Avon, ENG; d 28 Jan 1972-Clifton, Bristol, Avon, ENG)
            Beatrice SKIDMORE (b 26 Aug 1907- Bristol, Avon, ENG; d 1 Sep 1957- Bristol, Avon, ENG)
            • John Barry BELCHER
      • Richard Charles BELCHER (b 4 Jan 1844-Caerleon, Monmouth, WLS; d 15 Jun 1914-Youngstown, Mahoning, OH)
        Mary Jane COLES (b 30 Sep 1845-Henllys, Monmouth, WLS; d 27 Nov 1910-Youngstown, Mahoning, OH)
        • William Henry BELCHER (b 26 Jul 1876-Stockton-on-Tees, Durham, ENG; d 4 Apr 1950-Sacramento, Contra Costa, CA)
          Sarah Lavinia "Minnie" SHEPARD (b 21 May 1877-Braddock, PA; d 3 Mar 1964-Sacramento, Contra Costa, CA)
          • Charles Richard BELCHER (b 22 Jul 1904-Youngstown, Mahoning, OH; d 11 Jun 1955-Prescott, Yavapai, AZ)
            Grace May "Minnie" HANSEN (b 19 Oct 1916-Prescott, Yavapai, AZ; d 13 Apr 2003-Prescott, Yavapai, AZ)
            • Daryl Conrad BELCHER
              Elon LaRue RANDALL
              • Daryl Phillip BELCHER

Earliest known ancestor: James BELCHER (1831-IRE)

Peter BELCHER (Peter)
Contact: Cathy Belcher

Descendants of James BELCHER (1831-IRE)

  • James BELCHER (b abt 1831-IRE; d 1876-Philadelphia, PA)
    Mary (b abt 1832-IRE; d 28 Sep 1897-Philadelphia, PA)
    • James E. BELCHER (b 11 Jun 1865-Philadelphia, PA; d 5 Apr 1933-Philadelphia, PA)
      Ellen FAULKNER (b 17 Feb 1867-Philadelphia, PA)
      • Raymond BELCHER (b 23 Feb 1899-Philadelphia, PA; d 16 Dec 1959-Philadelphia, PA)
        Letitia MACCREEIGHT (b 9 Dec 1897-Philadelphia, PA; d 25 Aug 1956-Woodbury Height, Gloucester, NJ)
        • Raymond BELCHER (b 28 Mar 1924-Philadelphia, PA; d 23 Jan 2000-Elverson, Chester, PA)
          Carol Budd ROGGENBURG (b 30 Mar 1927-New York City, New York, New York; d 26 Jan 2005-Elverson, Chester, PA)
          • Peter BELCHER