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The chart below shows the participants' results and the values obtained for each of the markers tested. Clicking on a group or subgroup name will take you to that lineage information.

As the table is quite large, I've created a one-page PDF version of the table. Click here to display the PDF version (requires Adobe Reader). I've also uploaded a Microsoft Excel version of the file.

Note: The DYS labels in red indicate markers that have been observed to have a faster mutation rate than the average. If participants match 11/12 or 23/25 and the mismatches occur on these markers, then this only slightly decreases the probability of two people in our surname group not sharing a recent common ancestor. For a more detailed explanation of the markers and mutation rates and what your results mean, see the FAQ (frequently asked questions) page at the FamilyTree DNA website.

Our Belcher Y-DNA project has shattered the myth of the "Five Belcher Brothers," the belief that the early Belchers in America were descended from five brothers. We are finding multiple Belcher families in America and elsewhere.