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In this group, three (Dale, Ralph, Jack) have a known common ancestor. Frank and Hal descend from another line. Finally, John W. is descended from a third line. So far, the common ancestor of these men is unknown. Because all three branches have ties with Pennsylvania and New York state, we've named the group "PA/NY".

Most recent common - and earliest known - ancestor: John BELCHER (1796-NY)

Dale TINKER (Dale)
Contact: Ruth Tinker Smith
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Ralph BELCHER (Ralph)
Contact: Barb Sharp
Expanded genealogy (RootsWeb)

Jack BELCHER (Jack)
Contact: Ruth Tinker Smith

Descendants of John BELCHER (1796-NY)

(Brothers and multiple wives are color coded to make the chart easier to read.)

  • John BELCHER (b abt 1796-NY or PA; d bef 1862-NY or PA)
    Polly UNKNOWN (b abt 1814-NY or PA; d bef 1862-NY or PA)
    • Nelson BELCHER (b 9 Mar 1838-Steuben Co., NY; d 16 Apr 1915-Cleveland, OH area)
      Sally BROOKS (first wife)
      • James H. BELCHER (aka John Henry TINKER - adoption) (b 1861-Steuben Co., NY; d 1906-Potter Co., PA)
        Zernah Jane RICE (b 1865-Potter Co., PA; d 1927-Steuben Co., NY)
        • Guy TINKER (b 1900-Potter Co., PA; d 1978-Hornell, Steuben, NY)
          Frances JONES (b 1900- ; d 1976-Steuben Co., NY)
          • Richard Sydney TINKER (b 1921; d 1987-Hornell, Steuben, NY)
            • Dale TINKER
    • Catherine SOMERVILLE (second wife)
      • Frederick Thomas BELCHER (b 7 Oct 1877-Cleveland, OH; d 3 Jul 1951-Brookpark, OH)
        Mamie [omitted] (b 8 Sep 1881-Germany; d 29 Aug 1962-Brookpark, OH)
        • Ralph Edward BELCHER
    • William BELCHER (b 10 Apr 1844-Steuben Co.,NY; d 24 Jun 1920-NE)
      Amanda MOORE (b 2 Jun 1847-OH;m.2 Feb 1867; d 1 Feb 1918-NE)
      • James D. BELCHER (b 31 Mar 1891-NE; d Apr 1964-NE)
        (not published)
        • Jack D. BELCHER

Earliest known ancestor: William BELCHER (1777-NY)

Franklin G. BELCHER (Frank)
Contact: Kim Sullivan
Expanded genealogy (RootsWeb)

Harold J. BELCHER (Hal)

Descendants of William BELCHER (1777-NY)

(Brothers are color coded to make the chart easier to read.)

  • William BELCHER (b 1777-NY; d bet 1855 and 1860-Susquehanna Co.,PA)
    Sally Ann DAVEY (b abt 1785-NY)
    • Alanson BELCHER (b 1808-Gibson, Susquehanna, PA; d 8 Sep 1868-Tower Hill, Shelby, IL)
      Elizabeth TAYLOR (b abt 1808-PA)
      • William E. BELCHER (b 5 Apr 1830-Gibson,Susquehanna,PA; d 1913-Gibson, Susquehanna, PA)
        Samantha A. CARPENTER (b 14 Aug 1836-Preston,Wayne,PA)
        • Horace G. BELCHER (b 3 Feb 1873-Gibson, Susquehanna, PA; d 10 Mar 1949-Uniondale, Susquehanna, PA)
          Ossie WRIGHT
          • Franklin W. BELCHER (b 17 Mar 1915-Gibson, Susquehanna, PA; d 6 Sep 1991-Gibson, Susquehanna, PA)
            Marguerite R. [omitted] (b aft 1900)
            • Franklin G. BELCHER
      • Amos A. BELCHER (b 22 Apr 1832- ; d 19 Oct 1851-Cherry Ridge, Wayne, PA)
        Diantha GLOSENGER (b 16 Dec 1835-Salem, , PA; d 19 Jan 1917-Susquehanna County, PA)
        • Arthur Eldrid BELCHER (b 15 Nov 1873-Salem, Wayne, PA; d 13 Mar 1956-Oakland, Susquehanna, PA)
          Antoinette "Nettie" OAKLEY (b 16 Nov 1870; d 25 Jun 1953-Port Jervis, Orange, NY)
          • Harold Scott BELCHER (b 20 Jan 1898-Gibson, Susquehanna, PA; 17 Nov 1974-Rahway, Union, NJ)
            Ethel Anna [omitted] (b 1 Feb 1899-Bridgeport, Fairfield, CT; d 15 Jun 1991-Fernandina Beach, Nassau, FL)
            • Harold J. BELCHER

Earliest known ancestor: William BELCHER (1814-NY)

John W. BELCHER (John W.)
Contact: Jonnie Steiner

Descendants of William BELCHER (1814-NY)

In census records, this family is found in Huntingdon County, PA, and Scioto County, OH.

  • William BELCHER (b abt 1814-NY)
    Lydia or Mary
    • James BELCHER (b abt 1845-PA)
      Evelyn CAULEY (b abt 1841-OH)
      • James Edward BELCHER (b 10 Mar 1885-Graniteville, Iron, MO; d 3 Jun 1952-San Mateo, San Mateo, CA)
        Maude CROCKER (b 9 Mar 1892-MO; d 25 Dec 1958-San Mateo, San Mateo, CA)
        • Paul Edward BELCHER (b 8 Jan 1912-Munger, Reynolds, MO; d Jun 1964-Yerington, Lyon, NV)
          Edna O. [omitted] (b 10 Jun 1912-Belleview, Iron, MO (?); d 29 Jan 1988-San Bernardino, San Bernardino, CA)
          • John W. BELCHER