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The test results of the individuals on this page do not match each other nor those of any other participants in this project. The mismatches are so great that the chances they are related to any others in the group within 20 generation is at most 17.5% (John Adam and David). For the rest, the chances are no more than 7% for the same number of generations.

Of course, there are always "paternity" issues to consider as well! The bottom line is to go back to the records and verify our ancestries through traditional research.

Note: The lineages for Bill W and David B have been moved to the Jeremiah subgroup of the England 1 group. Robin and Mike have been moved to a new page, England 3. See those pages for explanations.

Earliest ancestor: Edward BELSHER (1613-ENG)

Kenneth B. BELSHER (Kenneth)

Descendants of Edward BELSHER (1613-ENG)

  • Edward BELSHER (b 1613-Guilsborough Manor, Guilsborough, Northamptonshire, ENG; d -Boston, Suffolk, MA)
    Christian Talmadge WORMWOOD
    • Edward BELSHER (b abt 1627; d 10 Aug 1685-Henrico Co., VA)
      Mary WORMWOOD
      • John BELSHER (b 1658-Boston, Suffolk, MA)
        • William BELSHER (b abt 1700-VA; d -VA)
          Mary E.
          • Thomas BELSHER (b 28 Jun 1722-Bristol Parish, Henrico, VA; d 1761-Princess Ann Co., VA)
            Elizabeth MACKEWEN
            • McCuin BELSHER (b -Amelia Co., VA; d 1826-Twiggs Co., GA)
              [not given]
              • Ferrel BELSHER (b.-; d.-Twiggs Co., GA)
                Sarah VAUGHN
                • Wiley BELSHER (b 1796-GA; d -Carollville, Tishomingo, MS)
                  Eliza F. HARDIN (b 1806-GA; d -MS)
                  • John Ferrel BELSHER (b Apr 1827-Marion Co., TN)
                    Frances Juliana SHERRILL (b May 1842-Water Valley, Yalobusha, MS)
                    • Horace Russell BELSHER (b 16 Sep 1864-Baldwyn, Prentiss, MS; d 22 Mar 1944-Phoenix, Maricopa, AZ)
                      Mary Ellen ARMSTRONG (b 3 Jul 1873-Florence, Lauderdale, AL; d 14 Oct 1972-Phoenix, Maricopa, AZ)
                      • Harold E. BELSHER (b 24 May 1909-Phoenix, Maricopa, AZ; d 27 Jun 1980-Mesa, Maricopa, AZ)
                        • Kenneth B. BELSHER

Earliest ancestor: Lucius BELCHER (abt 1795-[NY])

Gary Paul BELCHER (Gary)

Descendants of Lucius BELCHER (abt 1795-[NY])

  • Lucius BELCHER (b 1795-[NY or MA])
    Sophie FULFORD (b abt 1795-[CT or NY])
    • George R. BELCHER (b abt 1845-NY; d 30 Jul 1919-Bath, Steuben, NY)
      Angeline REYNOLDS (b abt 1855-NY; abt 1904-Kinzu, Warren, PA)
      • Albert (or Burton) BELCHER (b 31 Dec 1890 [approx]-Morrison, McKean, PA; d 30 Sep 1966-Buffalo, Erie, NY)
        Julia Lillian BAHR (b 9 Jul 1894-Buffalo, Erie, NY; d 7 Jul 1976-Buffalo, Erie, NY)
        • Clifford William BELCHER (b 16 Nov 1913-Buffalo, Erie, NY; d 19 Jul 1983-Buffalo, Erie, NY)
          Myrtle Marie [omitted] (b 25 Jun 1914-Buffalo, Erie, NY)
          • Gary Paul BELCHER

Earliest ancestor: Adam BELCHER (abt 1700-[NJ])

John Adam BELCHER II (Jack A.)

Descendants of Adam BELCHER (abt 1700-[NJ])

  • Adam BELCHER (b abt 1700-[NJ])
    Maria Vander Poel
    • Johannes (John) BELCHER (b 5 May 1730-Belleville, Essex, NJ; d abt 1791-Orange County, NY)
      • Adam BELCHER (b 30 Jun 1756-[NJ or NY]; d 30 May 1819-New Cornwall, Orange, NY)
        Elizabeth BENNETT (b abt 1760)
        • John Adam BELCHER (b 30 Jul 1781-New Cornwell, Orange, NY; d 22 Nov 1855-Eagle Valley, Orange, NY)
          Mary (WHRITENHOUR) TIDABACK (widow) (b 6 Jun 1789- ; d 25 Jan 1873- )
          • John BELCHER (b 24 Jun 1816-Sterling, Orange, NY; d 10 Jul 1902-Paterson, Passaic, NJ)
            Eleanor Ann KELLEY (b 1 Aug 1 1819-Ramapo, Rockland, NY; d 16 Aug 1897-Paterson, Passaic, NJ)
            • John Adam BELCHER (b 11 Sep 1850-Eagle Valley, Orange, NY; d 20 Dec 1940-Lakewood, Kent, RI)
              Minnie SMITH (b 9 Jan 1855-Hohokus, Bergen, NJ)
              • Horace Greeley BELCHER (b 21 Sep 1872-Paterson, Passaic, NJ)
                Lucy Taber SAUNDERS (b 5 Jan 1870-Pawtucket, Providence, RI)
                • Ronald Saunders BELCHER (b 22 Mar 1900-Lakewood, Kent, RI)
                  Mary [omitted] (b 10 Feb 1903- )
                  • John Adam BELCHER II