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In creating the Belcher Y-DNA Project website, we visited many sites to help us better understand the principles of DNA testing. Rather than "reinvent the wheel," we decided to include references to these sites. Below are several links to websites that we found particularly useful. Many of them contain links to even more sites. We have found that the more we read about the testing process and
the various project, the better we understand and the more excited we become!

FamilyTree DNA These are the folks who do the actual testing and statistical interpretation for our project.
Frequently Asked Questions at FamilyTree DNA.
FamilyTree DNA privacy policy.

The websites below are those of other DNA projects being done at FamilyTree DNA. There are many others we've not listed here. You can find them at the FamilyTree DNA site. Who knows? Maybe there is a project for one of your other surnames there!

The Arnold Family Y-DNA Project Good example of participants and ancestor charts.

The Blair Family Y-DNA Project We are indebted to John Blair, coordinator for the Blair project, for allowing us to modify his code for our on-line pedigree entry form. Also, his frequently asked questions page contains answers to questions you might have, including the advantages of testing for more markers.

The Rice Family Y-DNA Project This page contains a very detailed and clear explanation of how DNA testing works. The table of their results is also very instructive in showing how results compare with each other.

World Families Connect FAQ Many questions are posed that you might have yourself and the answers are straight-forward with minimal technical jargon. Maintained by Terry Barton.

Links to more links!

DNA Links at Cyndi's List This page has many links to articles and websites dealing with DNA and it's role in family history.

Chris Pomeroy's DNA Portal He has great information and links to even more DNA-related sites.