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Note below that the generations preceding William W. Belcher (b 1816) in Billy's genealogy have been added by me. I also found a couple of additional generations for Donald's ancestry. This is NOT original research, but came from some family trees I found on the web. So if there are errors, blame me, not Jamie (Billie's contact) or Donald!

Earliest known common ancestor: Henry Thomas BELCHER (abt 1575-ENG)

Roger Randall BELCHER (Roger)

Greg Clyde BELCHER (Greg)

Paul Richard BELCHER (Paul)
contact: Norma Harshbarger

Nolan Lee BELCHER (Nolan)
contact: Laine Delfelder

Carl James BELCHER (Carl)

Billy BELCHER (Billy)
Contact: Jamie

Carroll Robert BELCHER (Bob)

Ronald Clay BELCHER (Ron)

Descendants of Henry Thomas BELCHER (b abt 1575-ENG)

(Brothers are color coded to make the chart easier to read.)

  • Henry Thomas BELCHER (b abt 1575-Warwickshire Co., ENG)
    • William Thomas BELCHER (b abt 1615-Warwickshire Co., ENG)
      Tabitha BARTLETT
      • Robert BELCHER (b abt 1649-Isle of Wright Co., VA)
        Phoebe ISHAM
        • John,Sr. BELCHER (b abt 1670-VA)
          Elizabeth FROGLEY (b abt 1679-VA)
          • John BELCHER (b 1698-VA)
            Mary GOODING (b 1695-VA)
            • Edmund BELCHER
              Mary [SHANNON?] (b 1725-VA)
              • Robert BELCHER (b 1740-VA)
                Susannah Barnes WINN (b 1757-VA)
                • Washington BELCHER (b 1799-VA)
                  Mary Ann BENNETT (b 1788-MD)
                  • William W. BELCHER (b 1816-SC) (ancestry from here added by Kim, not original research)
                    Emma Cordelia LUKE (b 1825-VA or SC)
                    • Lucius BELCHER (b 1851-Abbeville, SC; d 11 Jun 1899-Augusta, GA)
                      Maggie MARTIN (b - ; d 19 Jan 1897-Augusta, GA)
                      • William Washington BELCHER (b 25 Oct 1899-Augusta, GA; d 23 Jun 1974-DC)
                        Annie Thomas PERKINS (b 18 May 1890-Louisa, VA; d 5 Dec 1979-VA)
                        • William Washington BELCHER (b abt 1917-Washington, DC; d abt 1985-Washington, DC)
                          Marguerite [omitted]
                          • Billy BELCHER
          • Richard BELCHER (b 1710-VA; d 1763-Chesterfield Co., VA)
            Mary Obediance CLAY (b 1710-VA; d 1770-Chesterfield Co., VA)
            • Isham BELCHER (b 1732-VA; d 1798-Wythe Co., VA)
              Elisabeth CLAY (b 1734-VA; d 1793-VA)
              • George BELCHER (b 1760-Amelia Co., VA)
                Mary FUGATE (b 1770-Shenandoah Co., VA; d 1822)
                • James BELCHER (b bet 1784-1801- ; d 1832)
                  Mary Polly Drake MCCOMBS (b bet 1788-1803- ; d 1840)
                  • John Martin BELCHER (b 22 May 1822-Phelps, Pike, KY; d 05 Nov 1894-KY)
                    Mary Ann Rowe EPLING (b 05 Oct 1832-Giles County, VA; d 05 Nov 1922-KY)
                    • George S. BELCHER (b 15 Jan 1874-Belcher, Pike, KY; d 20 Jun 1954-Belcher, Pike, KY)
                      Mary Alice BAILEY (b 05 Mar 1875-VA; d 18 Mar 1972-Pikesville, Pike, KY)
                      • Otie "Tige" BELCHER (b 17 Feb 1914-Belcher, Pike, KY; d 29 Sep 1972-Pikesville, Pike, KY)
                        Rena [omitted] (b 12 Jul 1921-Regina, Pike, KY, d 12 Nov 2002-KY)
                        • Roger Randall BELCHER
                • Bartley BELCHER (b 1798-Russell Co., VA; d 1883-Slab Fk Dist., Wyoming, WV)
                  Rachel RAMEY (b 1800-Floyd Co.,KY)
                  • Ali BELCHER (b 1839-Pike Co.,KY; d 1925-Webster Co.,WV)
                    Lucinda MULLINS BAKER (b 1843-Pike Co.,KY; d 1893-WV)
                    • Mose BELCHER (b 1875-Sandy, Kanawha, WV; d 1959-Ronceverte, Greenbrier, WV)
                      Adeline KING (b 1878-Roane Co., WV; d 1961-Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV)
                      • Joseph BELCHER (b 1902-Falling Rock, Kanawha, WV; d 1973-Clifton Forge, VA)
                        Jessie MCINTOSH (b 1907-Swanton, Garrett, MD; d 1961-Quinwood, Greenbrier, WV)
                        • Clyde BELCHER (b 1930-Wanego, Roane, VA)
                          Loretta [omitted] (b 1935-Marfrance, Greenbrier, WV)
                          • Gregory BELCHER
                • William BELCHER
                  Cynthia ADKINS
                  • George W. BELCHER (b 1827-; d 30 Jun 1909-Talco,,TX)
                    Arminty HEATHCOCK (b Dec 1851-AR; d 1916-)
                    • John Wesley BELCHER (b 20 Jul 1875-TX; d 20 Jan 1965-TX)
                      Sallie Thomas BLALOCK (b 11 Mar 1886-; d 22 Feb 1917-)
                      • Clarence Kirksey BELCHER (b 23 Mar 1904-Red River, TX;d 22 Jul 1941-)
                        Allie Effie [omitted] (b 24 Sep 1911-TX; d Jan 1994-Red River, TX)
                        • Nolan Lee BELCHER
              • Jesse BELCHER (b 1770-VA; d aft 1850-Scioto Co., OH)
                Elizabeth BUNSHAW (?) (b abt 1770-VA; d abt 1840-Scioto Co. OH)
                • Freelove BELCHER (b abt 1824-VA)
                  Amanda LOPER (b abt 1826-KY)
                  • Richard BELCHER (b 3 Jan 1847-OH; d 7 Aug 1907-OH)
                    Queen Elizabeth COX (b 27 Sep 1850-TN; d 15 Jul 1919-OH)
                    • George BELCHER (b 16 Aug 1892; d 8 Mar 1983-Portsmouth, Scioto, OH)
                      Mary Alice [omitted] (b 13 May 1892; d 25 Sep 1952)
                      • Paul BELCHER
                • Joseph BELCHER (b b 30 Apr 1809-VA; d 26 Feb 1864-Green Twp, OH)
                  Lucy BLAIR (b 26 Feb 1817-Big Sandy, KY)
                  • Noble Blair BELCHER (b 12 May 1856-OH; d 11 Dec 1929-Charleston, WV)
                    Laura Cyrene BERRY (b Jun 1858- ; d 17 Oct 1904-Hanging Rock, OH)
                    • Carl James BELCHER (b 13 Oct 1885-Hanging Rock, OH; d 14 Feb 1933-Hanging Rock, OH)
                      Alma Belle DAVIDSON (b Mar 1890-OH; d 22 Feb 1959-Ironton, OH)
                      • Aubrey Noble BELCHER (b 16 Nov 1914-OH; d 3 Sep 1978-Dunbar, WV)
                        Delphia Susan [omitted] (b 12 Apr 1918-Kanawha Co., WV; d 16 Oct 1989-Dunbar, WV)
                        • Carl James BELCHER
                • John BELCHER (b 1794-Elk Garden, Russell, VA; d 1877-Elk Garden, Russell, VA)
                  Mary MONK (b 1798-Russell Co., VA; d 1860-Russell Co., VA)
                  • Charles Wesley BELCHER (b 1831-Elk Garden, Russell, VA; d 1911-Russell Co., VA)
                    Elsey DYE (b 1834-Elk Garden, Russell, VA; d 1900-Russell Co., VA)
                    • George W. BELCHER (b 1864-Russell Co., VA; d 1886-Russell Co., VA)
                      Sally Emeline HONAKER (b 1862-Russell Co., VA; d 1940-New Garden, Honaker, Russell, VA)
                      • Carter BELCHER (b 1886-Tazewell Co., VA; d 1937-Mount Vernon, Knox, OH)
                        Ora V. PRUETT (b 1888-Sinking Waters, Jeffersonville, Tazewell, VA; d 1974-Glendale, Los Angeles, CA)
                        • Carl R. BELCHER (b 1920-Jeffersonville, Tazewell, VA)
                          Betty F. [omitted] (b 1923-Summerfield, Noble, OH)
                          • Carroll Robert BELCHER
                    • Ulysses BELCHER (b 28 Nov 1869-Russell County, VA; d 15 Feb 1930-Boyle County, KY)
                      Mary Alice SHEPARD (b 7 Nov 1870-Russell County, VA; d 17 Apr 1958-Boyle County, KY)
                      • Lee Roy BELCHER (b 25 May 1904-Russell County, VA; d 14 Oct 1960-Boyle County, KY)
                        Lillie WESTERFIELD (b 25 Mar 1911-Boyle County, KY; d 22 Nov 1988-Boyle County, KY)
                        • Cecil BELCHER (b 18 Feb 1929-Boyle County, KY; d 20 Apr 2006-Bullitt County, KY)
                          Margaret [omitted] (b 16 May 1924-Casey County, KY)
                          • Ronald Clay BELCHER

Earliest known ancestor: William B. BELCHER (1820-VA)

William Thomas BELCHER III (Bill T.)

Descendants of William B. BELCHER (1820-VA)

  • William B. BELCHER (b 19 Apr 1820-VA; d 16 May 1903-Five Points, Chambers, AL)
    Sarah Ann STRICKLAND (b 31 Aug 1826-GA; d 2 Feb 1908-Five Points, Chambers, AL)
    • Jefferson M BELCHER (b 31 Jul 1868-GA; d 1 Apr 1935-Roanoke, Randolph, AL)
      Izora EAST (b 30 Mar 1874-Louina, Randolph, AL; d Nov 1963-Roanoke, Randolph, AL)
      • William Thomas BELCHER (b 15 Apr 1904-Roanoke, Randolph, AL; d 20 Apr 1965-DeKalb County, GA)
        Mary Virginia DELONY (b 3 Mar 1907-Leighton, Colbert, AL; d 20 Apr 1996-DeKalb County, GA)
        • William Thomas BELCHER (b 29 Sep 1933-Roanoke, Randolph, AL; d 21 Nov 1999-Decatur, DeKalb, GA)
          Patricia [omitted] (b 14 May 1936-Atlanta, Fulton, GA)
          • William Thomas BELCHER

Earliest known ancestor: Robert BELCHER (1792- )

Donnie BELCHER (Donnie)
Contact: Pat Forbis

Descendants of Robert BELCHER (1792-)

  • Robert BELCHER (b 1792-; d 1852-)
    Mary Elizabeth COLE (b abt 1794-; d Jan 1852- )
    • William H. BELCHER (b 20 Feb 1819-Madison Co., KY; d 4 Jun 1897-Boone Co., KY)
      Zerelda HARRIS (b 9 Aug 1834- ; d 6 Mar 1876-Boone Co., MO)
      • James H. BELCHER (b 29 Jan 1873-Boone Co., MO; d 16 Dec 1927-Columbia, Boone, MO)
        Virginia L. WILLIAMSON (b 31 Oct 1873-Boone Co., MO; d 12 Oct 1952-Rocheport, Boone, MO)
        • John Marion BELCHER (b 21 Aug 1899-Boone Co., MO; d 18 Jun 1978-Boone Co., MO)
          Wilmoth [omitted] (b 5 Nov 1903-Boone Co., MO; d 17 Apr 1993-Boone Co., MO))
          • Donnie BELCHER

Earliest known ancestor: John BELCHER (1796-TN)

The first two generations have been added by Kim from the LDS Family Search site.

Donald Shiels BELCHER (Donald)

Descendants of John BELCHER (1796-TN)

  • John BELCHER (b abt 1796-TN; d 12 Feb 1882-Jefferson County, AL)
    Rhoda Nancy COOPER (b abt 1794-Jefferson County, AL; d 20 Apr 1849-Jefferson County, AL)
    • Arthur Malone BELCHER (b 25 May 1833-Mt. Olive, Jefferson, AL; d 22 Jan 1864-Mobile, Mobile, AL)
      Tabitha E. LITTLE (b 31 Dec 1830-Blount County, AL; d 25 Jul 1859-Jefferson County, AL)
      • Arthur M. BELCHER (b 20 Feb 1859-Jefferson County, AL; d )
        Julia KOONTZ (b-AK)
        • Elbert Malone BELCHER (b 29 Sep 1890-Afton, Ottawa, OK; d 28 Mar 1940-Austin, Travis, TX)
          Elizabeth Lena SHIELS (b 22 Feb 1892-Commerce, Hunt, TX; d 24 May 1974-Tampa, Hillsborough, FL)
          • Robert Shiels BELCHER (b 25 Feb 1920-Witchita Falls, , TX; d 23 Aug 1996-Tampa, Hillsborough, FL)
            Betty Louise PHILLIPS (b 30 May 1923-Jacksonville, Duval, FL; d 2000-Tampa, Hillsborough, FL)
            • Donald Shiels BELCHER

    Earliest known ancestor: John B. BELCHER (1798-VA)

    Edward James BELCHER (Edward)
    Michael Edward BELCHER (Michael)

    Audie Presley BELCHER, Jr. (Presley)
    Contact: DeAun BELCHER
    Expanded genealogy (PDF)

    Descendants of John BELCHER (1798-VA)

    • John BELCHER (b 13 Jan 1798-VA or SC; d 24 Dec 1860-Wood Co., TX)
      Nancy R. HARDIN (b 15 Mar 1795-unk; d 18 Feb 1833-prob GA)
      • Edward H. BELCHER (b 4 Aug 1818-GA; d 27 Oct 1865-Wood Co., TX)
        Malinda MULLIS (b unk-GA; d prob 26 Dec 1848-Wood Co., TX)
        • Edward Perry BELCHER (b 26 Dec 1848-Rusk Co., TX; d 26 Apr 1913-Erath Co., TX)
          Telitha Cumi ROBBINS (b 29 Nov 1854-Anderson Co., TN; d 25 July 1931-Erath Co., TX)
          • Charles Calloway BELCHER (b 7 May 1882-Parker Co., TX; d 24 Feb 1956-Stephenville, Erath, TX)
            Attie Catherine GENTRY (b 13 Nov 1882-Eastland Co., TX; d 12 Sept 1952-Stephenville, Erath, TX)
            • Audie Presley BELCHER (b 28 Oct 1908-Erath Co., TX; d 5 Sept 1988-Victoria, Victoria, TX)
              Gwendolyn M. [omitted] (b 8 Sept 1918-Erath Co., TX; d 25 Aug 1983-Wharton, Wharton, TX)
              • Audie Presley BELCHER, Jr
        • Thomas Jonathan BELCHER (b 27 Nov 1844-Rusk Co., TX; d 21 Oct 1904-Karnes Co., TX)
          Louisa Jane ROBINSON (b 25 Nov 1848-LA; d 14 Jan 1883-Erath Co., TX)
          • John Henry BELCHER (b 25 Mar 1874-Erath Co., TX; d 15 Dec 1964-McAlester, OK)
            Mary Jane CURSON (b 10 Apr 1886-TX; d 10 Mar 1952-Atoka Co., OK)
            • Edward James BELCHER (b -OK)
              VirJean [omitted] (b 11 Jul 1933-Atoka Co., OK)
              • Michael Edward BELCHER

    Elwood and Dallas, below, are surnamed "OWENS" and were originally part of an OWENS DNA project. But they found that their results matched some members of our BELCHER project exactly! They are seeking their common Owens predecessor, and are now looking for where Belcher blood came into their line.

    Earliest known ancestor: James OWENS (est 1835-KY?)

    Elwood OWENS (Elwood O)
    contact: James Sizemore

    Descendants of James OWENS (est 1835-KY?)

    • James OWENS (unknown, prob from KY)
      • Daniel Boone OWENS (b 1859 or 1866-Clay Co., KY; d 2 Mar 1944-Fayette Co., KY)
        Margaret A. SHORT (b 24 July 1857- ; d 8 May 1922- )
        • Samuel OWENS (b 20 July 1896- ; d 26 Sep 1972- )
          Bessie HAGER (b 20 May 1906- ; d 26 Sep 1972- )
          • Elwood OWENS

    Earliest known ancestor: Washington OWENS (abt 1780-NC/TN)

    Dallas R OWENS (Dallas O)
    contact: Judy Mullins-Spence

    Descendants of Washington OWENS (abt 1780-NC/TN)

    • Washington OWENS (abt 1780-NC[later Washington, TN]; 1840-Knox Co., KY)
      Sarah Ann [unknown]
      • (intermediate ancestry to be added)
        • George Washington OWENS Sr. (b 30 May 1866-Laurel Co., KY; d 31 Dec 1927- )
          Lucinda GREGORY (b 30 May 1865-Clay Co., KY; d 16 Mar 1915-Butler Co., OH)
          • George Washington OWENS Jr. (b 1896-Laurel Co., KY; d 20 Feb 1989-Butler Co., OH)
            [not given]
            • Dallas Ray OWENS