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Helen's Bible

I received a Bible from a helpful woman in Texas who tracked me down on the internet. Inside were three papers with family trees on them. The Bible belonged to Helen Windom, a decendent of John Franklin Powell and Emmie Taylor. Here are the pages:

Powell, neatly written
Grandpa & Grandma Powell:
Grandfather - John Franklin Powell
Grandmother - Emmie Taylor

Children of Grandpa & Grandma Powell:
Omie Powell -married: - Skelton
C. Albert Powell - married: Jessie Haley
Effie Powell - married: George "Bob" Robert Craft
Alice Powell - married: Jim Craft
Ben Powell - married: Belle Gaines
William Robert Powell - married: Eufaula Moon
Annie Powell - married: Jeff Craft
Maude Powell - married: Jim Goss
Sanford Orrin Powell - married: Margie -
George Marvin Powell - married: Inez -

Powell, cursive
Grandpa & Ma Powell (Daddy's Daddy)
Emmie (Taylor) Powell
John Franklin Powell
Omie Powell Skelton
C. Albert Powell + Jessie Haley (Powell)
Effie Powell - Craft, Bob Craft (George Bob Robert)
Alice Powell Craft - Jim Craft
Ben Powell wife Belle Gaines Powell
William Robert Powell - Eufula Moon Powell
Annie Powell Craft - Jim Craft
Maude Powell Goss - Jim Goss
Sanford Orrin Powell - Margie ? Powell
George Marvin Powell - Inez Powell

Grandpa & Grandma Moon

Martha Arnold & Ned Arnold, Father & Moth of Grandma Arnold Dixon:
Laura Evelyn Arnold Dixon (maiden name)
Benjamin Franklin Dixon (unclear)
Anna Dixon Moon - Bee Moon
Lola Dixon Reagan - Will Reagan
Minnie Lee Dixon - George Thomas Moon
Georgia Dixon - Charlie Boyde
Mattie Dixon - Lonnie Wall
Mamee Dixon - Fletch Whitehead
died young - Jessie Dixon (little girl)

Papa family side:
Sim Moon wife Mary Farnces Moon
Lou Moon - Jim Powers
Belle Moon husband Luther Carrington
Hattie Moon hus. Balott
Lillie Moon - Mr. Turner
Will Moon (wife) Addie Gully
Jim Moon - never married
Fletch Moon w. Ethel -
George Thomas Moon w. Minnie Lee Dixon
Cliff Moon wife Ethel -

Florence Moon - husband - Grady Mewbourn
Eufaula Moon H. William Robert Powell
Robert T(unclear) Moon -w- Emmie Hill
Sim Moon -w- Bertha Brown
Guy Moon -w- Willie Beckham
Wilton Moon w. Ola Riley Hoov(unclear)
Alvie Moon w. Helen Smith
Walton Moon w. Ruth Thompson
William Horace Moon w. Mary Burries
Tommy Moon (never married)

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