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This article was hidden somewhere inside the
August 25th, 1919 Cleveland News.

August 25, 1919


Three Others in Lakewood Family Hurt When Auto Hits Interurban Car. A third member of the family of Andrew Beganik, 1638 Ridgwood ave., Lakewood, died at City hospital, Youngstown, Monday morning, the vic- tims of an automobile accident in which two of the family were killed instantly and three others injured Sunday evening. The dead are: Andrew Beganik, Sr., forty-nine years old, killed instantly. Mary Beganik, six, killed in- stantly. Andrew Beganik, Jr., skull frac- tured, died at hospital. Drives Into Interurban Car The accident occurred when Beganik, returning toward Cleveland after a day in Youngstown, drove his machine into a head-on collision with a New Castle limited interurban car in Wilson ave., Youngstown. A heavy rainstorm ob- scured the driver's vision and made the crash unavoidable. Two other members of the family taken to the Youngstown City hospital, were not expected to live Monday. They are Mrs. Beganik, forty-five, and a son, Joseph, thirteen years old. Both suffered fractured skulls. Another son, John, nineteen, was also seriously in- jured, while a seventh passenger in the car, Adam Hrymlak, twenty-three. 12903 Plover ave., Lakewood, was badly cut and bruised. Wanted to Buy Farm The family had motored to Youngs- town early in the day to view a farm property which Beganik had considered purchasing. Three boys, however Steven, seventeen; Paul, fifteen, and Charles, eleven -- had remained at home. Steven and Paul, on hearing of the accident, proceeded to Youngs- town on a motorcycle. Beganik, Sr., had been employed by the Parish & Bingham Company.

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