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If you have early Beeson photos (especially prior to 1900!) please think about submitting them. The best file format for pictures is JPEG (jpg), but some photos will only scan as GIF (gif). Try to keep your files under 100kb. If you work with the size of the photo, it should not be difficult. The pictures on my site are sized at about 2-3 inches wide. They are well under 100kb. Please do not send me a picture if you are inexperienced with file attachment. Pictures can create GIGANTIC files if not saved properly. If you have any questions about how to scan, save or attach your pictures, email me in advance and I will help in any way I can. If you don't have a scanner and would like to submit a reproduction of your photo, I can give you my regular postal address.

Homes and Buildings: any home or building owned by a Beeson whether or not it is specifically named Beeson/Beason.


Landmarks: Depicting a Beason/Beeson (Beason's Crossing, Beeson's Landing, Beason Creek, etc.)


People: Photos of any person who was born a Beason/Beeson (birth last name) or women who married a Beeson.


Graves: Actual graves of Beeson's. Please include as much information as you have (State, town, cemetary name if any, and as much information on the person as you can. If you just found a headstone (not a direct relative) and want to submit it anyway, please feel free to do so, but make sure you include the state, town, etc.



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