Subj: Bedingfield, Bennefeld Newsletter
Date: 97-08-29

Hi, gang. Here's the next edition. The information in this edition has been a learning experience for me: I finally figured out how to transfer information back onto AOL once it's downloaded into another program. What Fun (very frustrated tone with that!!). But it should prove to be very useful in the future, so the frustration is fading fast. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it.

If your research involves Carroll Co., AR, you are going to be excited.This information is from Jerry in Oklahoma:


Land purchased by James Mathew Beddingfield. Somewhere between 1856 and 1858 James was living on land at Bear Creek Springs, Arkansas. I have not yet located the specific location. At that time Bear Creek Township was in Carroll County Arkansas. In 1869 Boone County was formed and Bear Creek was then in Boone County. The County seat is Harrison, Arkansas.

On Sept. 5, 1866 James purchased the following land from Aaron Davis and his wife; E1/2, NE1/4 & NW 1/4, NE 1/4 & NE 1/4, NW 1/4 Sec 5 twp 20 rnge 24, 160 acres more or less. On June 5, 1873 James homesteaded the following land completing and filing his patent application on May 19, 1891 at the U.S. Land Office in Harrison, Arkansas; W 1/2, NW 1/4 Sec 5 Twp 20 Rnge 24 and S 1/2, SW 1/4 Sec 32 Twp 21 Rnge 24. This was 165 15/100 acres. U.S. Grant was the President at the time. To locate this farm you take Hwy 21/221 north of Berryville, Arkansas. At the junction of 221/21 you take 221. About 1/2 mile before reaching County Road 73 the farm will be on either side of Hwy 221, turning on Road 73 the farm continues on the left side of the road for 1/2 mile. This farm is rolling pasture land dotted with small patches of timber and a sweeping panoramic view of a beautiful valley in the Ozark hills. Most of the farms that currently occupy this ground are chicken farms for the Tyson Company. On Jan 5, 1874 and Dec 10, 1881 filed on Oct. 20, 1888 Bk 2 Page 475 and 478-479 James filed certificates of patent on two parcels of land in Taney County, Missouri. Chester A Arthur was President at the time. The parcels are described as; SW 1/4, SE 1/4 & NW 1/4, SW 1/4 & SW 1/4, SW 1/4 & SE 1/4, SW 1/4 Sec. 1 Twp 24 Range 19 Taney County, Missouri 160 acres more or less. This is beautiful, rolling pasture and woodland property, it is right at the foothills of a beautiful range of the Ozark Mountains in Swan Creek Township. This land is on the Garrison Cutoff Road just after you leave Hwy 76 about 4 miles east of Taneyville, Missouri. As you leave Hwy 76 Garrison Cutoff makes a sweeping S curve first to the left and then to the right, as you come out of this curve the farm begins on the left hand side of the road. What I believe is the home is about 1/4 mile north on the left. It is abandoned and in disrepair but was obviously a beautiful home at one time.

Land sold by James Mathew Beddingfield. I have found records of the sale of part of the above mentioned lands and I am continuing to search for the records of sale of the rest of the parcels. Nov 2, 1872, to W. W. Davis, the sale was recorded Dec. 26, 1872 Bk. A Page 235; W 1/2, NW 1/4 Sec 5 Twp 20 Range 24, 80 acres more or less. Jan. 6, 1896 to Taney Co. Bank, recorded Jan. 10, 1896 Bk 3 Page 140 SW 1/4, SW 1/4 Sec 1 Twp 24 Range 19, Taney County, Missouri, 40 acres more or less. Feb. 30, 1894 to C.W. Rauslow recorded March 30, 1894 Bk.3 Page 88 SE 1/4, SW 1/4 Sec 1 Twp 24 Range 19, 40 acres more or less. March 30, 1896 to C.W. Rauslow recorded Dec 29, 1897 Bk 12 Page 103 another 40 acres in Sec 1 Twp 24 Range 19. I am still trying to verify which forty acres. The above sales leave 240 acres in Carroll County, Ark. and 40 acres in Taney County, Missouri that need to have the sale verified and traced. Somewhere between 1872 and 1880 James moved from Arkansas to the Missouri property. It appears that they sold the Missouri property in 1896 and possibly moved into Christian County near Nixa to live with a son until his,James,passing in 1904.

PROPERTY REPORTED ON TAX ROLLS 1872 Carroll County Tax Book James Mathew Beddingfield Occupation - Farmer #75 in tax book
2 horses........$60.00
6 cattle.......$35.00 25 hogs......$40.001 pleasure carriage......$20.00 All other property....$50.00 TOTAL TAX.........$75.00

G.W. Beddingfield Occupation - Farmer #87 in tax book 3 horses......$100.00 6 cattle........$45.00 15 hogs ........$15.00 Bldg Materials....$70.00 Other......$50.00 TOTAL TAX...$187.00

R.L. Beddingfield 1 horse - no tax - occupation listed as Preacher

1873 tax rolls of Carroll County.
James Mathew Beddingfield listed as “Gone to Missouri”
R.L. Beddingfield 1 Horse - no tax - Occupation -Preacher
G.W. “Wash” Beddingfield Same items and values listed in 1872 records.

Sarah Beddingfield to Albert Taylor, 1864, Bergman, Boone, Arkansas.
Cynthia E Beddingfield to Thomas Jasper Taylor, 1859, Protem, Taney.
F.L. Beddingfield to Ollie Tye, Boone County, Ark., Bk C Pg. 214.
Margaret Beddingfield to James W Cowdry, 9/2/1869 Book 29____.
___ Beddingfield to Mary Baucom: Mary was Born NC 1757, Married before 1790. They resided in Marion County, Arkansas. Book 27 #15.
R.L. Beddingfield to Twerliar A. Right (Wright). Married 12 Sept., 1866 (Greene Co., Mo. Marriages Book C Page 37 by G. P. Akin. Married in Springfield, Mo.

Postmasters (From “An Outlanders History of Carroll County Arkansas) Columbus Beddingfield Postmaster at Indian Creek, Carroll County, Ark. 1877-1878. Post Office located 1/2 mile East and South of Alvin Plumlee.

Fredrick L Beddingfield was postmaster at Maple, Carroll County, Ark. 1889-1891. Post Office is located at on Hwy 21 North Sec 35 Twp 21 Range 23. Post Office closed Feb 28, 1925.

Deaths and Burials: Amanda Beddingfield died in 1867 in Carroll County, Ark. She died one year after James obtained the farm on Hwy 221 north of Berryville, Ark.
Wm. H. Beddingfield is buried in row #11 Hindsville Cemetary (sic), Madison County, Ark. Died 14 Mar, 1920. He was a teacher and an educator.
Cynthia E Beddingfield, maiden name Kelly, Married to Wm. H. Beddingfield, buried in row #11 Hindsville Cemetary (sic), Madison County, Ark. Born 3 June 1854, died 7 Feb, 1940. Her parents might possibly be Joseph R and E. A. Kelly.
Tanie Beddingfield, Daughter of Wm. H and Cynthia E, Born 8 Dec, 1883, Died 20 Mar 1961 buried in Row 11 Hindsville Cemetary (sic), Madison County, Ark.
Margaret Beddingfield Born 1884, Died 1967, buried in row 11 Hindsville CCemetary (sic), Madison County, Ark.
Mary Darthula BBeddingfield buried in row 9, Hindsville Cemetery, Madison County, Missouri, Born 23 Dec. 1888, died 27 Feb, 1980. She is the daughter of Wm. H. and Cynthia Elizabeth Kelly Beddingfield.
Joseph E. Beddingfield buried row 9 Hindsville Cem., Madison Co., Ark., Born 11 Apr 1878, died 9 Dec 1965.
Amanda Ethel Beddingfield Coger buried row 9 Hindsville Cem., Madison Co., Ark., Born 14 Mar 1880, died 29 May 1972. Married to Asa B Coger born 8 Oct 1880, died 16 Jan, 1978, buried next Amanda. Asa is the son of Franklin Monroe Coger and Elizabeth Jane Davis.

Payne Cemetery is located in Christian Co. North of Nixa. Go north of Nixa on Hwy 160 to the Greene/Christian County line, the James river bridge. At the road immediately prior to the bridge turn left, west, I believe the road is AA. Proceed west on this road past the commercial buildings around a curve and up a little hill to the first paved road. Turn right, north, and proceed straight to the entrance of Payne Cemetery in a beautiful little valley behind the hill. James Mathew Beddingfield, 1821;1904.
Alta Belle Beddingfield, 1900; 1901
infant daughter of G. I. & Jane Beddingfield, 1900.
Sarah Belle Beddingfield, 1866; 1901.
Verna Lucille Beddingfield, 1911; 1913.
John W Beddingfield 1868; 1929.
Mary Susan Beddingfield 1875-1950.

CENSUS INFORMATION 1910 Madison Co.,Hindsville,Ark.
Prairie Township #171 William H.Beddingfield Age 67 married 35 years.Born in Al. Fa b. Sc Ma b.Tn
Cynthia E. 55 35 GA GA NC
Tanie 26 S AR AL GA
William O 23 S
Mary D. 21 S
Frances 19 S
Mabel H. 17 S

1900 Taney Co, Swan Twp, Mo. #82
James Beddingfield 79 May 1821 SC GA VA
Mary 56 Sept 1843 MO TN TN
(Ora) 14 Dec 1885 MO NC MO

1880 Carroll Co., Yokum, Ark.
Page 32 #154
Ransom Beddingfield 33 Minister TN SC TN
Luvesta 38 MO MO MO

Page 63 # 307
William Beddingfield 23 SC TN
John Beddingfield 16 SC TN

Page 41 #196
Jesse D. Beddenfield 21 Widow MO ARK
Francis I. 3 F MO ARK

1870 Carroll Co., Berryville, Ark. page 9 Aug 5, 1870 #58
James M. Bedinfield Age 49 Farmer born SC
Mary 26 kh Mo (this is Mary Pierce)
Mary D. 15 TN
Benjamin F. 14 TN
Thomas J. 12 AR
Louis H. 11 AR
James M. 10 AR
Eliza E. 8 MO
John W. 6 AR
William H. 22 Teacher AL

1860 Carrol Co., Bear Creek Twp, Dubuque P.O.
page 217 20 Sept,1860 #1440
James M Beddingfield 39 Farmer SC
Amanda 39 F TN
Frances M 16 F TN
Sarah P 4 F TN
Ransom L 13 M TN
William H 11 M AL
Willis G 8 M TN
Mary D 6 F TN
Benjamin F 4 M TN
Thomas J 2 M AR

James W Beddingfield 25 Blksmth SC
Gracey A 21 TN
Crow William C 3 M TN
Amanda L 3/12 IL
Priscilla Gee 46 F Widow TN
(probably Gracey’s Mother)

To go with this,I found this entry in the Limestone Co.,AL Deed book 9, pages 311 and 312:

From: Mathew Ramsey, Administrator of the estate of Lewis C. Grisham.
To: James Beddingfield of Lauderdale County.
Document dated 6 Nov. 1854, executed and filed for record at Limestone County, AL.

For the sum of $100.00, Mathew Ramsey, acting as the Administrator of the estate, conveys to James Beddingfield the following land: SE 1/4 of SW 1/4 of Section No. 115 Township 2 Range 6 West, containing 40 16/100 acres and the NE 1/4 of NW 1/4 of Section No. 22 Township 2 Range 6 West, containing 40 7/100 acres. Mathew signed (witnesses names missing). Attested to by Simpson Flannagan, J. P. of Limestone County. Signed by S. B. Flannagan. Filed in the office of the Probate Judge for registration on the first day of January, 1855. Document ends: "Teste Thomas G. Tyson."

In the marriage record book of Limestone Co., AL the following marriages are recorded: Marriages 1869-1874: P. 8 Bedingfield, A. J. to Martha E. Holbert License issued 25 May 1869 Married 27 May 1869 by Joshua P. Coman at the residence of Joseph Holbert. (Joshua P. Coman was judge of the Probate Court).

Marriages 1869-1874, P. 18: Bedingfield, William to Robertson, Mary D. License dated 28 Sept. 1869 Married 30 Sept. 1869 at residence of Mrs. Robertson, widow, by Wm. Bruce, M. G.

Marriage Records 1865-1869, P. 205: Bedingfield, William H. to Sallie P. McGuire. License issued 9 Feb. 1869. This entry is followed by a note written in that says: "For reasons satisfactory to the parties named in the above license they were not married." Signed by Joshua P. Coman, Judge.

In the 1870 federal census of Limestone Co., AL the following families were enumerated:

Township 3 Range 6, P. O. Athens, P. 32
251/227 Benningfield, Lucy m (mulatto?) female age 38 Farmer AL
Benningfield, Mary m female age 23 farm laborer AL
Charles m male age 21 farm laborer AL
George m male age 19 farm laborer AL
Martha m female age 17 farm laborer AL
Franky m female age 15 farm laborer AL
Alice m female age 13 farm laborer AL
Rosetta m female age 9 AL
252/228 Benningfield, George b male age 47 farmer AL
Ellen b female age 23 farm laborer AL
Lewis b male age 21 farm laborer AL
Eliza b female age 19 farm laborer AL
Elizabeth b female age 17 farm laborer AL
Meredith b male age 15 farm laborer AL

In the 1880 Limestone County,AL federal census,P.156 were these families:
Township 3, Range 3, Beat 2 103/103 Beddingfield, George b male age 60 AL AL AL
Ellen b female age 33 dau AL AL AL
(Lewis?) Lems b male age 32 son AL AL AL
Merideth b male age 20 son AL AL AL
104/104 Beddingfield, Lucy m female age 45 AL AL AL
Mary m female age 30 dau AL AL AL
Francis m female age 21 dau AL AL AL
Alice m female age 19 dau AL AL AL
Yancy m male age 17 son AL AL AL
Rosetta m female age 15 dau AL AL AL
Cunningham, Anna m female age 19 sis AL AL AL
McDoth, Sam m male age 25 boarder
Clair, Jerry b male age 18 boarder
Petty, Sam b male age 25 boarder
Cunningham, Ada m female age 8 g-dau
Charles m male age 4 g-son
Lela m female age 2 g-dau
Beddingfield, William b male age 8 g-son
Alonzo b male age 6 g-son
Lera b female age 3 g-dau

Township 3 Range 3 Beat 2, P. 9
82/82 Fielding, Lantlet b male age 66 AL AL AL
Letha b female age 43 wife AL AL AL
Hannah b female age 15 dau AL AL AL
Bedingfield, William b male age 16 AL AL AL

Township 3 Range 3 Beat 2, P. 21
174/174 Bennefield, Author b male age 47 AL AL AL
Martha b female age 35 wife AL AL AL
Ella b female age 10 dau
Elizabeth b female age 3/12 dau
Daniel b male age 20 son
Manda b female age 15 dau
John b male age 12 son
William b male age 7 son
Charles b male age 5 son

Pleasant Grove, Beat 7, P. 2
19/19 Bedingfield, William w male age 45 AL TN SC
Dorcas w female age 28 wife AL AL TN
Mollie w female age 16 dau AL AL AL
Eugenia w female age 9 dau
Wyley w male age 8 son
Hugo w male age 6 son
William (Sam) w male age 3 son
Gertrude w female age 11/12 dau
Roberson, Margaret w female age 46 m-i-l TN KY VA
Bates, Robert w male age 20 boarder AL AL AL

In the book Index to Tennessee Tidbits 1778-1914,Vol.III by Marjorie Hood Fischer and Ruth Blake Burns, published by RamPress 1239 Coventry Rd.,Vista,CA 92084 (which, unfortunately, was not available for me to abstract) mentions Bedingfield, Joseph; Bedingfield, William; and Bennefield, William on p. 21.If anyone has access to the book and is willing to look up this reference,please submit it to me for publication. Thanks.

From Elaine,our newest subscriber, comes this information:

Hello! So very glad to hear from you and to know of the upcoming newsletter! I thought maybe while I'm at it, I'll send you the info I need and let you know what I know, which isn't very much!

I'm helping a friend get his family genealogy together for a Christmas present to his mother (she is almost 80 and hasn't had the ability to do much research in these later years). She had worked on it some years ago and now he is doing it (undercover) for a present. (Maybe I should say, he is having ME do it undercover!!)

Sarah A.L. BENEFIELD was b. 1862 Ala. and married 1886 to William J. CAMP in Marshall co., Ala. She was his 2nd wife. I have found that Sarah's father and mother were David and Margarett BENEFIELD. David was b. circa 1826 in Ga. and died between 1864-1870 in Dale Co.,Ala. Margarett was born circa 1835 in S.Car.

That's all I know. Now, what I WANT TO KNOW IS: who are David's parents? What is Margarett's surname and who were her parents? Any other goodies on this family would be wonderful!!

Thanks again for your help!! I'm anxiously awaiting the newsletter!

Bonnie sends us this contribution: Elizabeth Benefield married David Norton of KY. She was born 9 aug 1800-01. She died in Lehi, UT; Her father James Benefield b. about 1768 in Scotland and his wife Mrs. Elizabeth Benefield b. about 1772 also in Scotland.

In the 1790 South Carolina census, this family was found:
Patty Bennefield males 16 & up 0; males under 16 3; females 1
(Ninety-Six District, Edgefield County)

Well, folks, this takes care of this issue. I still have one set of information sent by Oakley that I haven't published yet--I'm having a very difficult time putting it into a form that I can publish. I've written Oakley for help. Hopefully he'll be able to enlighten me and I can get his information to you soon. I will be having surgery on my elbow on Sept. 4 so this is probably the last issue until I've recuperated, so everybody keep researching and keep me posted! I hope you have a great holiday weekend. Thressa.