Subj: Benningfield, Bedenfield, Bedingfeel Family Research
Date:	97-06-22 15:50:58 EDT

Hi, all. Here's the next edition. As you know, I mentioned in the last edition
of a match being made with our newsletter information. Well, here's another match
--for me!! Thanks, Norma. Everyone, check your old files. Maybe you've forgotten
something is in there that you need! Here's my match: Billy J Gullett, Giles Co. TN. Family sheet from Giles County Lineage book:
child is W. L Hardy. Mother is Mary Francis Beddingfield, father is James Matthew Hardy.
Mary Francis Beddingfield's father is William Hopkins Bedingfield and mother is Josephine
Stinnette. (ed. note: She is the dau. of my ancestor's first marriage. I am from
second marriage.) Josephine's parents Clay Stinnette B. 5 June 1816 and Mary English.
Clay d 27 Feb 1913. William Hopkins Bedingfield was son of Charles and Francis Halcomb
Bedingfield.(Frances'last name was Holbert, per another descendant of Charles and
Frances).It has Hardy Genealogy also. This is from a publication in 1982 I must have
gotten on my trip to NC. This is old info. Cindy writes:I have entered the marriages that I found of Benefield/Bennefield's of
Barbour Co, AL, on a web page. The url is:
Hope this helps someone. Mike is a new subscriber. Here's his research problem: My great grandfather was
Wm. Orpheus Benefield he was supposedly born in Indiana in the 1850's-60's. He was married
to Lydia Watson of Pennsylvania. My grandfather was Frank Devero Benefield-he was born in
Shaw, Kansas in 1888. I need to find the birth place and parents of Wm. Orpheus. Thanks. Donna sends this information. William Hardy Bedingfield married Nancy Rodgers, son:
(had other children, I don't have verified) William Hardy Bedingfield May 18, 1826
died February 1905 Chattooga Georgia married Mary Ann "Molly" Hill. Children: Nancy B. Bedingfield William Hardy Bedingfield Mary Bedingfield Tennie Mai Bedingfield James Carter Bedingfield b. January 20, 1846 Dorcas Tabitha Jane Bedingfield b. December 16, 1847 Elzora Bedingfield b. April 13,1862 James Carter Bedingfield b. Jan. 20, 1846 d. March 22, 1922 married Martha Irene Foster
b. May 02, 1850 d. December 12, 1933. Children: William Ransom Bedingfield b. December 02, 1869 Walter Scott Bedingfield b. February 26, 1872 Mary Angeline "Annie" Bedingfield b. October 20, 1874 Martha Zenobia Bedingfield b. November 20, 1877 Minnie Estell Bedingfield b. August 29, 1880 James Vernon Bedingfield b. November 17, 1884 Hardy Bedingfield b. April 01, 1888 Bruce Bedingfield b. June 04, 1890 Ira Foster Bedingfield b. February 02, 1895 Ira Foster Bedingfield b. Feb.20,1895 d.August 19,1974 married Hassie Lois Mattlock
b.January 24,1899 d. November 1980. Children: Robert E. Bedingfield Evelyn Jannette Bedingfield b. December 13,1918 Charles William Bedingfield b. June 19, 1924 Charles William Bedingfield b. June 19, 1924 d. January 31, 1996 married Billie Jo
Mayden b. January 03,1926. Children: Charles William Bedingfield Jr. b. December 12, 1943 Glen Lawrence Bedingfield Betty Bedingfield LeAnn Bedingfield Charles William Bedingfield Jr. b. Dec. 12,1943 married 1)Marie Carolyn Kujawa b. private. Child: Donna Marie Bedingfield b. March 27, 1965 Marriage 2)Kay Marie Hanlin b. private. Child: Brett Byron Bedingfield b. private. Valerie has this information in her files. It isn't hers--is it yours? Here's an excerpt from the book "Ramey Genealogy" by Paul S. Chalfant, 1963: THE BENNINGFIELDS John Benningfield b. 1815 KY, d. Dec.7 1881/82 near Georgetown,Pettis Co.,MO; m. Nancy
Hall b.1809 KY, d.Jan 20 1892 near Georgetown,MO. John Benningfield and Nancy Hall were
married in Kentucky. They came from Kentucky to Missouri in 1858 on a river steamboat
and settled near Georgetown, where they lived until their deaths. John & Nancy
Benningfield were buried under their favorite apple tree on their farm. They chose their
final resting place for its beauty,perhaps not thinking or caring that the tree would not
be a permanent marker.(In 1963 the burial place of John and Nancy Benningfield is in the
yard of Mrs. Frank Rhoads (a descendant), Georgetown, MO. Children of John and Nancy
Benningfield: Nannie Benningfield b. KY, m. Jeptha Welch, d. Pettis Co., MO. Martha Benningfield b. KY, m. Robert Blythe, d. Pettis Co., MO. (Robert Blythe hanged
himself and left, carved on a large bone, only this message: "Farewell world.") Mary Elizabeth Benningfield, b. Dec 25 1841 KY; came to Missouri when 16 on River
Steamboat; m. David Stout Ramey Mar 28, 1861; d. Mar 28, 1920 La Monte, Pettis Co., MO. * * * * H. Stroud Benningfield (Benefield) b. 6 Aug 1787. His children were: 1. Milly (Mildred) b. 11 Aug 1807, m. William Willoughby. 2. Jefre (Jeffrey or Jesse) b. 3 Mar 1809. 3. Judah b. 4 Dec 1810. 4. John b 30 Aug 1814, m. Nancy Ball. 5. Reuben b. 2 Aug 1817. 6. Nancy b. 14 Aug 1820 m. James Willoughby. 7. Henry b. 27 Jan 1823 m. Lavina Welch. 8. Peggy Ann b. 22 May 1830, m. _______ Willoughby. 4. John Benningfield, school teacher and fiddler, m. Nancy Ball. Children: 1. Adeline b. 1838 d. 1857 m. Richard Garret. Children: a. Alonzo b. 14 Feb 1855 m. Julia Watts, d. 1896, children Carl, Hazel. b. John b. 14 Mar 1856 m. Maggie Call, d. 1924. c. Mattie Belle b. 3 Dec 1837 m. Robert Phillips, d. 1915. 2. Nancy Jane b. 15 July 1837 m. Jeptha Welch, d. 1908. 3. Martha b. 1833, m. Robert Blythe. 4. Mary Elizabeth b. 25 Dec 1841, m. David S. Ramey, d. 1920. 7. Henry S. Benningfield b. 27 jan 1822, m. Lavina Welch, d. 1889. Children: 1. Caroline m. James Knox. 2. Anderson R. (Dick) b. 3 Dec 1854, m1. Emma Bowen, m2. Nancy Tipton. Children: a. Mattie B. m. George Faulkner. b. Mary m. Aley Skidmore. c. Nettis m. Bob Baker. d. Albert b. 1 Feb 1882 m. Lula Welch, dau. Emma, Ruth Ann. e. Henry, died young. f. Maude m. Virgil Martin g. Rex, died young. 3. George F. b. 9 Feb 1857 m. Mary B.Hammonds, d. 1895. 4. Mary Frances (Fanny) b.19 Aug 1859, m. T. M. Morton, d. 1943. 5. Nancy Jane m. Luther Stephens. 6. Henry Clay b. 1861 m. Nancy (Nannie) Morton, d. 1936. Children: a. Carrie m. John Johnson. b. Minnie m. Joe Neal. c. Ota m. George Welch. d. Charles H. m. Nannie Neal (had 11 children) d. 1918. 7. Millard Filmore (Mitt) b. 1863 m. Mary F. Tipton, d. 1895. 8. Millie m. J.D. Mardes. * * * * * I do not have a connection with these Benefields, but maybe someone else does. Val Peggy received this information in response to a letter of inquiry she wrote:"The only
Bedingfield information I have concerns Arthur Bedingfield who would have been born
about 1780. When his widowed daughter,Eleanor,remarried at Halesworth,Suffolk in 1846,
he was described in the parish registers as a glover. Eleanor was born around 1804." And Norma sends another obituary: Tyler Morning Telegraph, Monday, February 27, 1995. Gladewater-
Services for Bertha Benefield,81,Gladewater,are scheduled for 11 AM Tuesday at Calvary
Christian Tabernacle with the Revs.CB Warren and AD Spears officiating. Burial will be in Lakeview Memorial Gardens under direction of Welch Funeral Home,
Longview. Mrs. Benefield died Saturday at a Gladewater nursing home. She was born
Jan 17, 1914 in Roanoke, Ala. Survivors include her husband, CB Benefield, Gladewater;one son, Arthur Benefield,
Hallsville; two daughters: Jean Roberts, Clifton, and Letha Mae Hart, Longview; 10
grandchilden and 21 great-grandchildren. Family will receive friends at 6 pm Monday at the funeral home. If desired,
memorials may be made to First United Pentecostal Church of Gladewater." __________________________________ Janet has submitted the following information hoping to fill in some of the gaps
of her research: My name is Janet Bedingfield and I am married to Grover Cleveland Bedingfield. His family
came from and still resides in Limestone County, Alabama. The main family has always lived
in an area outside of Athens, Alabama, called Little Elk right on the river. Please note
that the members of this family spell the name at least two different ways: BEDDINGFIELD,
BEDINGFIELD. On the 1870 U.S. Census,they are listed BENNINGFIELD. My husband's paternal grandfather is Cleveland BEDINGFIELD. Cleveland is the son of
Lewis BEDINGFIELD who is the son of George BEDINGFIELD. I found George in the 1870 U.S.
Census (Sheet l9l),at the age of 47. In the 1870 census, his family members were: Ellen,23; **Lewis,21; Eliza, 19;
Elizabeth, 17; Meridith, 15. Nothing found prior to 1870. These Bedingfields were
recorded as black. Now, Lucy BEDINGFIELD is the ggreat-grandmother on my husband's maternal side. His
grandfather, Charles Cunningham was the grandson of Lucy. I found her in the 1870 U.S.
Census, age 38, as a mulatto woman with assets amounting to $100.00. In the 1870 Census (BENNINGFIELD),her family members were: Mary, 23; Charles, 21;
George, 19; Martha, 17; Franky, 15; Alice, 13; Yancy, 11; Rosetta, 9. Her occupation was
farmer,(Sheet 191). In the 1880 Census (BEDDINGFIELD), Lucy's family members were: Mary(d), 30;
Francis(d), 21; Alice(d), 19; Yancy(s), 17; Rosetta(d), 15; Anna Cunningham(sis), 19;
Ida Cunningham(gr-d), 8; **Charles Cunningham(gr-s), 4; Lela Cunningham(gr-d), 2:
William Bedingfield(gr-s), 8; Alonzo Bedingfield(gr-s), 6; Tera Bedingfield (gr-s), 3;
Also listed were three boarders: Sam McDoth, Jerry Clair and Sam Petty.(Vol. 13, E.D. 189,
Sheet 12, Line9). Lucy last appeared in the 1900 Census,living with her daughter, Alice Brooks.(Vol. 36,
E.D. 91, Sheet 14, Line 95).I assume she must have died between 1900 and 1910. I am in the
process of trying to obtain her death certificate. I know that both these families are related, but I am trying to find the connection. Was
George and Lucy brother and sister? I am presently at a dead-end (1870). I do know that
there are Bedingfields (white) in the 1860 Census in Lauderdale County, which is next door
to Limestone County. I have a map showing a Bedingfield Cemetary across the county line
in Lauderdale County. And finally, Sharon writes: My family originated in Oley Township,Berks Co., PA with 2 brothers, Thomas and John who
came to this country in early 1700's. I have seen their name spelled many different ways,
Benefiel, Benfiel, Bennefield, Benfield. We are missing a whole family of the above John
and are not sure where they went to. OK, researchers: dig through those files! Write up your information and send it
in--who will be the next to make a match? Thressa.