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Date: 97-05-27 17:28:13 EDT

This information comes from the book The Benefiel Families of Indiana and Their Descendants by Evelyn Benefield Stout.


William Bedingfield 1713-1774 son of ??? Bedingfield
m ?? w Susannah
William *ca 1713; died ca 1774; will dated 11 Aug 1774 @Wake Co., GA; one of two brothers who came to America in 1732 from England to GA with Oglethorpe [this has not been proved!!!]. Wife Susannah was named in the will. C.C. said there were 9 boys & probably some girls. The following order of the children is not necessarily correct.
ch a.John Bedingfield (the oldest)
b. Robin or Robert Bedingfield
c. Solomon Bedingfield
d. William Needham Bedingfield 1740-1800
e, f, g, h. four sons, no name given
i. Hardy Bedingfield
* * * * * * *

William Neeham Bedingfield son of William & Susannah Bedingfield m ?? w ??
William *ca 1740; died abt 1800 @ Warren or Burke Co., GA??
ch 1. William Hardy Bedingfield 1777 (or 1782)-1878
2. Needham Bedingfield 1779-
3. Solomon (?) Bedingfield
4. James K. (?) Bedingfield
* * * * * * *

WILLIAM HARDY BEDINGFIELD 1782-1878 son of William & ?? Bedingfield m before 1822 w Nancy (Rogers) Faulkner 1786-1850
HARDY *ca 1777 to 1782 @father's plantation 10 mi E. of Raleigh,Wake Co., NC; died 22 Jan 1878 @Walton Co.,GA; came to GA at age 18; religion: Primitive Baptist.
NANCY *ca 1786 @NC; d ca 1850-1858 @Walton Co.,GA; young widow of Irish blood; has m (1) in 1804 in Granville Co., NC, Frank Forkner (Faulkner) & had one or two ch by him.
ch a. Patsy Bedingfield
b. Matilda Bedingfield
c. Eliza Bedingfield
d. Solomon Bedingfield; alive in 1901; res GA & AL
e. James Bedingfield; alive in 1901; res GA & AL
f. William Hardy Bedingfield II 1826-1906
g. John Bedingfield; res GA & AL
* * * * * * *

NEEDHAM BENEFIELD 1779-?? son of William & ?? Bedingfield m 1801 w Mary "Polly" Rogers 1780- m @Granville Co., NC
NEEDHAM * 1778/1779 @NC; died @Randolph Co., AL; 1800 @Columbia Co., GA; 1840 @Heard Co.,GA; 71 in 1850 Randolph Co., AL.
POLLY *1779/1780 @NC;70 in 1850; died @Randolph Co., AL
ch a. John Benefield 1804
b. Caleb C. Benefield 1805
c. Hardy Benefield 1807
d. William Benefield 1809
e. Azariah Benefield 1813
f. Henry Zachariah Benefield 1817-1879
g. Robert Benefield 1820
h. Mary Benefield 1831
* * * * * * *


WILLIAM HARDY BEDINGFIELD II 1826-1906 son of Hardy & Nancy (Faulkner) Bedingfield
m 27 Feb 1845 w Mary Ann Hill 1830-1911 m@Walton Co., GA
HARDY *18 May 1826 @Walton Co., GA; died ca 1906 @Chattooga Co., GA, Summerville; bu Macedonia Cem, Chattooga Co., GA; member Church of Christ; married at age 18; CW vet Co I, 4th GA; in prison, Rock Island, IL for 18 mo; res GA & AL.
MARY ANN *1 July 1830 @Walton Co., GA, Jug Tavern (Winder); died ca 1911 or 1916 at Spencer, Van Buren Co., TN; bu Macedonia Cem.--dau of Thomas Carter & Dorcas Tabitha (Hosch) Hill.
ch 1. James Carter Bedingfield 1846-1922
2. Dorcas Tabytha Jane Bedingfield *16 Dec 1847 @Walton Co., GA; m 1873; h James Walton Fitts; died @Tyler, Smith Co, TX; bu Rusk, Cherokee Co., TX
3. Nancy Elizabeth Bedingfield *25 Feb 1850 @Walton or Gwinnett Co., GA; died Jan 1931; husband: Kaleb (Caliph) Wilder
4. William Hardy Bedingfield 1854-1954
5. Mary Ann "Mollie" Bedingfield *13 Apr 1862 @Chattooga Co., GA; died 31 Dec 1915 @Spencer, Van Buren Co., TN; bu Spencer, TN; married 1881 to Polk Knox Northcutt
6. Elzora Bedingfield *13 Apr 1862 @Chattooga, GA; died 19 Nov 1918 @Rome, Floyd Co., GA; bu Macedonia cem, Chattooga, GA; m 8 Oct 1882; h: Robert Edward Tucker
7. Chelius Clifton Bedingfield 1867-1952
8. Tennye Mai Bedingfield *6 May 1869 @Chattooga Co., GA; died 3 Aug 1941 @McMinnville, Warren Co., TN; bu Armstrong Cem, Warren Co. TN; m 16 May 1893/94 h Edwin Harrison Woodley (Woodlee)
9. Ella Alice Maud Neva Bedingfield *27 Aug 1873 @Chattooga,GA;d 20 Jan 1949 @Griffin,Cherokee Co.,TX; bu McDonald Cem, New Summerfield, TX m 7 Apr 1890 h Alexander Hamilton Steven Arnold Douglas Boss??


Zelpha Long sends this:

Looking for information on Joe Benefield and his sister Lula Benefield. There was another sister Sadie Benefield. I've been unable to find any info about their parents or where they came from. I'm hoping someone out there can help untangle this skeleton that just fell out of our family closet.:-)

Joe Benefield dob 1867/8,possibly in Missouri,died 1920 Eureka Springs, Ark.
:Joe was a barber in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.
:He was also a professional gambler.
:The brother of Lula BENEFIELD/ALLEN dob 1884

Joe married Nellie Ames, Nov. 1893. Nellie Ames dob 1873. Nellie was a seamstress who also worked as a maid in hotels in the Eureka Springs area. She was a good friend of Buffalo Bill's sister, Mother Belding, who owned the Lyon Spring Hotel.
Child: Hester Nellie, dob June 22, 1899, was adopted by Joe Benefield and his wife, Nellie Ames.

In the early 1900s, Hester Nellie played the piano for the silent movies in town. Joe was the natural father of Hester Nellie and his sister Lula was the natural mother. Unable to find the birthplace of Hester Nellie. Any help would be appreciated. Zelpha Long

Andy and Genie both submit the same individual. Genie puts it like this: My poor lonely Bedingfield is Agnes born around 1485 in Eng. She was married to Christopher Browne of Stamford, Lincolshire, England and he died in England. So she didn't get to cross the ocean..

This is entirely my note, not from Mrs. Stout's book: Please remember to go back to the original records to verify any information gained before accepting it as accurate. The excerpt presented above is spelled and punctuated as written with the exception of capital letters in the word county and periods after abbreviations.

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That's all for now--stay tuned. Thressa.