Subj: Benefield, Beddinfield Newsletter
Date: 97-04-27 00:26:56 EDT

Hello all. Hope everyone is having a productive search. I have been corresponding with some folks who have our common name as secondary lines in their research. I hope they will consider jumping in here with us. This could be lots of fun.

I've encountered this address while surfing the web which might prove helpful to some of us: Peter Norman,Suffolk Family History Society,

This information is from one of those correspondents whose ancestors migrated to Lauderdale Co., Mississippi. If this is your line, let me know and I'll see if I can arrange an info-swap.

Hi! My Grandfather's sister,Jannis "Janie" TILL (b. 22 Mar 1873, Lauderdale Co.,MS), married John E. Bedingfield (b. abt 1869 AL). They married 15 May 1890 and lived in Lauderdale Co.,MS. Their children were: 1-John J. BEDINGFIELD 2-Wallace BEDINGFIELD 3-Charlie BEDINGFIELD 4-Horace BEDINGFIELD 5-Lillie Belle BEDINGFIELD

I think John's parents were John Bedingfield (b. abt 1839 AL) and Christine ____. Their children:

In researching Anson Co.,NC and other areas in SC and NC, I have seen the Bedingfield name and wondered if they were ancestors of John Bedingfield. Do you know where they came from in SC and NC? I would love to put the John's ancestry in my PAF program if you have it and care to share.

From my files, this miscellaneous information gives us early data:
FIRST CENSUS OF THE UNITED STATES, Hillsborough District, Wake County
Name of Head of Family: Bedingfield, Henry
Free White Males of 16 years and upward, including heads of families: 1
Free White Males under 16 years: 4
Free White Females, including heads of families: 3
All Other Free Persons: no entry
Slaves: no entry

Bedingfield, Wm.
no entry
no entry

HEADS OF FAMILIES--NORTH CAROLINA (from: Heads of Families at the First Census of the United States taken in the year 1790 by Dept. of Commerce) [same categories as previous entry]
Bedingfield, Sarah
no entry

FIRST CENSUS OF THE UNITED STATES, Newbern District, Johnston County [same categories as above]
Bendinfield, John
no entry
no entry

FROM KY VITAL STATISTICS CARDS-Larue County (not sure which book this info came from but think it is KY PIONEERS AND THEIR DESCENDENTS)
P.21 Births: Emmie E. Bennifield, born 6/10/1857; father James Bennifield; mother Elizabeth H. Pryor.
Henry Bennifield, b. 2/2/1854; father, Henry Bennifield; mother, Eunice Bryant.
Jesse R. Bennifield, b. 9/18/1877; father, J.C.Bennifield; mother, Mary Howell.
John C. Bennifield, b. 1/16/1852; father, Henry Bennifield; mother, Eunice Bryant.
Mary C. Bennifield, b.6/7/1851; father, D. I. Bennifield; mother, Margaret Reed.
Hensley Bennifield, b. 10/28/1859; father, D. T. Bennifield; mother, Margaret L. Reed.
Joel Washington Bennifield, b.10/10/18;father, James S. Bennifield; mother, Elizabeth Puryear.
Wm. P. Bennifield, b. 2/3/1853; father, Daniel Bennifield; mother, Margaret E. Reade.
A. A. Bunnifields, b. 11/13/1862; father,....Bunifields; mother, Mary J. Skaggs.
George Bunifield, b.10/23/1860; father, Henry Bunnifield; mother, Narcissa Henderson.

That's all for now. Thressa.