Subj: Bedinfiel, Beddingfield, Benefiel Research
Date: 97-04-21

This installment of the newsletter comes from some of the newest members of our group and from some of our original members--a real range of contributions. Remember, always go to the original record to verify facts before accepting any information as correct.

Anyone care about how our shared name developed or where it came from? I have this bit of information from Oakley. I know that another of our members has a more extensive history available. I will publish that as well when it is submitted by the possessor. I believe there can never be too much information when a search is in progress. So if anyone else has a family history, family story, etc., send it in!


The Bedingfield family is of ancient Norman origin, deriving its name from a town in Suffolk, England and tracing its lineage from the era of the Norman Conquest through an uninterrupted line of distinguished ancestors. Sir Peter de Bedingfield, ancestor of the Baronets of Oxburgh, was the founder of the family in England and the family seat of Bedingfield House near Eye in Suffolk. The progenitors of the various branches in America were Sir John, Sir Walter, and Sir Henry Bedingfield who were among the early colonists of Virginia. A member of the family in Canada established the Bedingfield estate which is now a ranch formerly owned by the Duke of Windsor. There are two prominent theories on the origin of our family name. To me, both seem to be very logical and possible, so you can pick the theory that you want to believe. One explanation of the name is that in the fifth century a Germanic tribe from Southern Denmark migrated to the British Isles. This tribe, known as the "ANGLES" has a syllable in their language, (ing) that means son of; and by the seventh century a rather common name in England was Bede; so it is a possibility that a certain Bede had a son by an Angle woman which would have made the name Bedeing. If this son then made his home near a meadow or grassy valley, which the English word, Field, meant; the name was too difficult to pronounce with the additional "e" in it, so the new spelling and present spelling of our name "BEDINGFIELD" emerged as a familiar name in England.

A second theory of the name is that a Norman nobleman in William the Conqueror's army was assigned a camping site by Duke William; our ancestor was assigned an area known as the "bedingfield": an area for sheep. Our ancestor was associated with this area during the time the army was in England and soon the other men began calling him "BEDINGFIELD" and the name just stayed with him.

Other spellings that possibly are related are: BEDDINGFIELD BENEFIELD BEDINGFEED. Many variations of the spelling can be found in many parts of the country. One explanation of the different spellings was to help in mail delivery. In many of the "backwoods" parts of the country where many of our ancestors lived, the spelling of the name would help keep the mail straight. Many family members would drop, add or change a letter in the spelling, but the new spelling with the proper pronounciation--in that part of the country--did not change the name. Many of the families that I have been in contact with, during the past two years, relate the same stories about how the family arrived in this country, even though the name might be spelled differently.

Here is some source information from Oakley, and the URL for further research.

Carroll County, Arkansas SOURCE: 4/15/1997
Bedingfield, James M. Sec N T R Acres Date 5 20N 24W 0 5/6/1873 Bedingfield, James M. 32 20N 24W 165.15 5/6/1873 Bedingfield, Fred L. 36 21N 24W 120.00 6/23/1898 Bedingfield, James W. 3 20N 24W 161.47 12/30/1878

And from J., this information:

Here is a listing of some early Bedingfield's in Georgia: Bedingfield, Gideon
Extract from 1850 Census Twiggs County, Ga.
Family No. Names Age Birthplace 387 Bedingfield, Gideon 62 NC Henrietta 61 NC Emily 30 Melissa 28 Johnson 18 Elizabeth 6 388 Bedingfield, Hamon 34 Martha 24 Lenora 4 Camilla 2 211 Bedingfield, Hardy 62 Jain 41 SC Eliza 61 SC

Wilkes County Georgia Book of Mixed Records, Will Adminstrations & Deeds 1777-78 Pg.228-Waters,Matthew,decd. Nathaniel Bedingfield, Planter. Appointed Admr. July 10, 1783.

Warren County Georgia Marriage Book Page 29 1808
9 August Gideon Bedingfield to Henrietta Ball

From the Southern Recorder, Milledgeville, GA. Issue 4/25/1837
On 11th inst. by Rev. Peacock, Mr. Shimuel (Samuel)? N. Lesseter of Edgefield District, South Carolina to Miss Jane Beddingfield, daughter of Gideon Beddingfield of Twiggs County.

I also have a copy of a page (363)from the History of Twiggs County which is about the Family of Gideon Bedingfield, which I will furnish at a later time if anyone is interested.

Here is a genealogy from Merilyn. If this is your line let me know and I'll send you contact information.
Descendants of Abraham Bedingfield
Generation No. 1

ABRAHAM1 BEDINGFIELD was born 1773 in Suffolk, and died January 21, 1842 in Linstead Magna, Suffolk. He married SARAH COLLINGS ABT 1795. Children of Abraham Bedingfield and Sarah Collings are: i. JOHN2 BEDDINGFIELD, b. January 23, 1796, Cratfield, Suffolk; d. Unknown. ii. ROBERT COLLINS BEDDINGFIELD, b. February 19, 1798, Cratfield?, Suffolk; d. September 18, 1880, Kemptville, Ont. (?). iii. WILLIAM BEDDINGFIELD, b. ABT 1800; d. Unknown. Generation No. 2 . ROBERT COLLINS2 BEDDINGFIELD (ABRAHAM 1 BEDINGFIELD)was born February 19,1798 in Cratfield?, Suffolk,and died September 18,1880 in Kemptville, Ont.(?). He married (1)EDALISA HEFFER June 20,1825 in Cratfield, Suffolk. He married (2)SOPHIA SPARKS March 29,1830 in Fressingfield, Suffolk. Child of Robert Beddingfield and Edalisa Heffer is: 3. i. ROBERT HOWARD3 BEDINGFIELD, b. October 14, 1827, Cratfield, Suffolk; d. Aft 1901, Kemptville, Ont.. Children of Robert Beddingfield and Sophia Sparks are: ii. JOHN3 BEDINGFIELD, b. ABT 1841, Lower Canada; d. Unknown. 4. iii. WILLIAM BEDINGFIELD, b. ABT 1844, Lower Canada; d. Unknown. Generation No. 3. ROBERT HOWARD3 BEDINGFIELD (ROBERT COLLINS 2 BEDDINGFIELD, ABRAHAM 1 BEDINGFIELD) was born October 14, 1827 in Cratfield, Suffolk, and died Aft 1901 in Kemptville, Ont.. He married (1) JULIET BRANDON January 31, 1855. He married (2) MARY ANN BARNES July 1, 1874, daughter of William Barnes and Mary Turner. Children of Robert Bedingfield and Juliet Brandon are: i. JOHN C.4 BEDINGFIELD, b. November 25, 1856, Kemptville, Upper Canada (Ontario); d. May 5, 1895, Kemptville (?); m. MARTHA ANGELINA BARNES, December 20, 1882, Kemptville, Ont. ii. EDDAH R. BEDINGFIELD, b. December 16, 1859, Kemptville, Upper Canada (Ontario); d. November 12, 1883. iii. JULIAETT F. BEDINGFIELD, b. November 25, 1862, Kemptville, Ontario; d. June 4, 1877, Kemptville (?). iv. CHARLES H. BEDINGFIELD, b. February 5, 1866, Kemptville, Ontario; d. Unknown; m. HARRIET CURTIS, July 1, 1890. Children of Robert Bedingfield and Mary Barnes are: v. HOWARD ERNEST4 BEDINGFIELD, b. July 30, 1878, Kemptville, Grenville Cty., Ont.; d. September 3, 1957, High River, Alberta; m. LEILA PEARL GOULD, November 25, 1908, St. Benedict's Church, High River, Alberta. vi. CLARA J. BEDINGFIELD, b. July 4, 1881, Kemptville, Ont.; d. January 16, 1968, Smiths Falls, Ont.; m. JAMESON MALCOLM, September 1908, Kemptville, Ont.. vii. IVY BELL BEDINGFIELD, b. May 20, 1886, Kemptville, Ont.; d. 1916. 4. WILLIAM3 BEDINGFIELD (ROBERT COLLINS 2 BEDDINGFIELD, ABRAHAM 1 BEDINGFIELD) was born ABT 1844 in Lower Canada, and died Unknown. He married AMANDA BEDINGFIELD ABT 1865. Children of William Bedingfield and Amanda are: i. SOPHIE4 BEDINGFIELD, b. ABT 1866, Kemptville, Ont.; d. Unknown; m. UNKNOWN HUSBAND, June 4, 1885, Kemptville, Ont.. ii. RUBEN BEDINGFIELD, b. ABT 1870, Kemptville; d. Unknown; m. BEDINGFIELD, September 28, 1898, Woodlands, Ont.

I hope some of you are learning more about your line through this shared information. If you are, please share it with the rest of us. Let us rejoice with you. Thressa.