Subj: Benningfield, Benefield, Bedingfield Research
Date: 97-04-17

Here's Part 2 of Larue County,KY Marriage Records 1843-1876 by Ed Benningfield,as promised.

On page 62,the marriage listing shows Miles Hall & Elizabeth BEDINGFIELD, 14 Jan. 1869. Gent of age; cert. from Daniel T. Benningfield,ladies father. Gent born in Taylor Co. and age 22; lady in Larue Co. and age 17. Married 14 Jan. 1869 at Taylor Benningfield's in presence of R. Henderson by Thomas Sanders.

Page 63 shows James Mason Howell & Martha J. Benningfield, 25 Feb. 1869. Cert. from gent's father proven by Jacob Howell; cert. from lady proven by Wm. Elliott. Gent born in LaRue Co. and lady in Taylor Co., the daughter of Reuben Benningfield; both age 20. Married 25 Feb. 1869 at County Clerk's office in presence of Jo Burba and W. Crouch by G. A. Coulson.

Page 71 shows Lindsey Whitlow & S. E. Benningfield, 25 Dec.1871. Both of age. Gent born in Hart Co. and age 26;lady in LaRue Co. and 23. Married 28 Dec. 1871 at Taylor Benningfield's in presence of B. Benningfield by Elias L. Jaggers. Also on page 71 is the marriage of James H. Elkins & Elizabeth Allen, 1 Nov. 1871. Gent of age;lady of age by oath of J. M. Hall. Gent age 21 and lady 25; both born in LaRue Co. Married 9 Nov. 1871 at Henry Benningfield's in presence of John W. Miller and Samuel Kirkpatrick by Moses H. Huber.

Page 75 shows the marriage of George T. Benningfield & Harriet S. Kirkpatrick, 18 Sept. 1872. Both of age; father of lady, S. S. Kirkpatrick, from Pennsylvania gave consent in writing proven by S. A. Kirkpatrick. Gent born in LaRue Co and age 23; lady in Indiana and age 25. Married 19 Sept. 1872 at S. S. Kirkpatrick's in presence of Wm. M. Bryant and R. Henderson by Jesse P. Bryant. On the same page, the marriage of Thomas J. Lewis & Annie J. Lies, 7 Oct. 1872. Both of age; ladys age (sic) proven by her brother. Gent married once before, born in Pennsylvania and age 30;lady born in LaRue Co. and age 29. Married 7 Oct. 1872 at Mrs. Turner's in presence of S. J. Benningfield and Thomas Turner by J. P. Bryant.

Page 79-Joseph S. Wathen Jr. & Eunice E. Benningfield, 24 Nov. 1873. Gent of age; lady's mother, Mary J. Benningfield, sent cert. Md. 27 Nov. 1873 at Mary Jane Benningfield's in presence of D. T. Benningfield and H. Benningfield by J. P. Bryant.

On page 84 is listed John H. Benningfield & Louisa F. Howell, 5 Dec. 1874. Gent of age; father of lady present. Gent age 30 and lady 22; both Ky. born. Md. 6 Dec. 1874 at Andrew Howell's in presence of James Ferrell, Wm. Beard and Sam Howell by John L. Smith.

Page 90-James N. Preyor & Laura D. Benningfield, 17 Oct. 1876. Gent of age; father of lady, Daniel T. Benningfield, gave cert. Gent age 24 and lady 16; both Ky. born. Md. 19 Oct. 1876 at D. T. Benningfield's in presence of David Elkin and L. Whitlow by J. P. Bryant.

Page 92-Thomas R. Jarvis & Mary S. Benningfield, 29 Jan. 1877. Both of age. Both age 28. Md. 31 Jan. 1877 at Joseph H. Walters in presence of Chesley Elkins and George T. Benningfield by J. P. Bryant.
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If any of you go to a library, look up the next book by Edward Benningfield called Larue County, Kentucky Cemeteries. Published by McDowell Publications, 11128 Pleasant Ridge Rd., Utica, KY 42378. This book gives a list of cemeteries in the above county and lists names of those buried within. There is page after page of listings for Benningfields.

That's all for today, folks. Remember, be sure to check original records to verify facts. Thressa.