Subj: Benningfield, Bedinfiel Research
Date: 04/15/97

In my miscellaneous file, I have copies from a book called Larue County, Kentucky Marriage Records 1843-1876 written by Ed Benningfield. It shows transcripts of marriages performed during the time period. On page 10 it shows the marriage of Daniel T. BENNINGFIELD & Margaret L. Read, 25 April, 1848. Benningfield of age; Hensley Read, father of said Margaret gave consent by written certificate proven by oath of John T. Preyer. Married on 25 April, 1848 by Jesse P. Bryant.

Page 32 shows marriage of Henry BENNINGFIELD & Elizabeth Thompson, 25 Sep 1858. Both of age; father of lady present. Married 7 Oct 1858 at Edward Thompson's in Hart County in presence of R.Pottinger and Thomas Skaggs by J.P.Bryant.

It also has the marriage of Thomas J. Skaggs & Mary J. BENNINGFIELD, 2 Oct. 1858. Father of Skaggs, Stephen P. Skaggs, gave cert. proven by N. A. Jaggers. Married 3 Oct 1858 at Henry Benningfield's in presence of R. Pottinger and Nathan Jaggers by Jesse P.Bryant. (cont. to p. 33).

Page 33 shows marriage of Robert Pottinger & Susan E. Noe, 22 Feb. 1859. Pottinger of age; father of lady present. Married 15 Feb 1859 at J. P. Bryant's in presence of D.C. BENNINGFIELD and W. Hall by J. P. Bryant.

Page 34 has marriage of Joseph Walters & Judith Ellen BENNINGFIELD, 17 March 1859. Walters of age; father of lady gave cert. proven by Jediah F. Walters. Married 17 March 1859 at James BENNINGFIELD'S in presence of Judith BENNINGFIELD, Thomas Rhodes, and H. Skaggs by J. P. Bryant.

Page 35 shows Henry BENNINGFIELD & Narcissa Henderson, 25 Nov. 1859. Gent of age; cert. from father of lady, Baylor Henderson, proven by Thomas J. Skaggs. Married 1 Dec 1859 at Baylor Henderson's in presence of Wm. Milby and Thomas Skaggs by Stephen P. Skaggs.

Page 43 shows Daniel Jesse BENNINGFIELD & MARY JANE THOMPSON, 15 Nov. 1862. Both of age; age of lady proven by Wm. Carroll. Gent and lady both 22. Married 15 Nov. 1862 at Edward Thompson's in Hart County in presence of Milton Abney, Mary J. Thompson, and Houk Lasly by J. P. Bryant. Also on this page is marriage of Gideon Pepper & Juliann Thompson, 1 Jan. 1863. Both of age; age of lady proven by James Thompson. Gent age 22 and lady 23; both Ky born. Married 1 Jan. 1863 at Edward Thompson's in Hart. Co. in presence of Daniel BENNINGFIELD and Jefferson Thompson by J. P. Bryant.

Page 45 shows marriage of Thomas J. Peppers & Margaret A. BENNINGFIELD, 3 Feb. 1864. Peppers of age; father of lady, Henry BENNINGFIELD, gave consent proven by oath of J. J. Thompson. Lady age 21; both Ky born. Married ? Feb, 1864 at Henry BENNINGFIELD'S in presence of A.BENNINGFIELD and Milton Abney by J. P. Bryant.

Page 57 shows marriage of Joseph Pepper & Moriah L. BENNINGFIELD, 19 July 1867. Gent of age; cert. from bride's father, Henry BENNINGFIELD. Gent born in Green Co. and age 25; lady in Larue Co. and age 17. Married 21 July 1867 at Henry BENNINGFIELD'S in presence of Thomas Pepper and Thomas Henderson by J. P. Bryant. TO BE CONTINUED.

Remember,let me know if any of these marriages prove to be your line so we can have an ONLINE party. Also remember to always go to the original record to verify facts. Thressa.

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