Subj: Bedingfield, Benningfield, etc. Research
Date: 04/05/97

Next installment is ready, folks. The first bit of information is from a mailing list I subscribe to. If this is your line,let me know:


The next information is for those of you who might be looking for probate info and comes from Jerry:
"There are a number of wills written by members of the Bedingfield family in the 1600's,including one
by Sir Henry Bedingfield the Lord Chief Justice of England in the latter part of the 1600's. The title of the book is Virginia Settlers & English Adventures,Pages 147-156. For anyone that does not have access to the book,I would be happy to send them a copy of the wills." If you are interested in this info, let me know. Just drop me a line and I will give Jerry your email address.

The last information for today comes from Donald Mark. It is in response to a previous newsletter."Just thought I'd let you know that Alexander Benningfield is supposed to be the son of Henry (b.abt 1814 Green Co,Ky) & Unice Bryant Benningfield (b.abt 1817) of Larue County, Kentucky. Henry & Unice were married 20 March 1837 in Green county, Kentucky. Unice was the daughter of David & Elizabeth Puryear Bryant. Henry was the son of Daniel Benningfield (b.abt 1791 Va) & Susannah Milby Benningfield. Daniel & Susannah were married 28 Jan 1812 in Green County,Kentucky. Susannah was the daughter of John Milby and his first wife. No one knows who Daniel Benningfield's father was, though it's been printed in a book that it was Henry Benningfield, the Revolutionary Pensioner in Kentucky. The only problem with that theory is that Henry states in his pension that his wife is deceased and he has no way to support himself, which ignores Daniel Benningfield as a means of support. In Central Kentucky three Benningfields begin to appear in Green County records in Jan 1805. As Larue, Marion & Taylor Counties are formed from parts of Green County,a basic pattern emerges. John (b.abt 1782 Va) Benningfield's family stays primarily in Taylor County, Kentucky,near Elkhorn Creek. Daniel (b.abt 1791 Va) Benningfield's family stays primarily in LaRue County, Kentucky, near Mt. Sherman. Reuben (b.abt 1792 Va) Benningfield's family stays primarily in Marion County, Kentucky, near New Market or Finley. There were several early Benningfield women as well: Mary b.abt 1776 Va, Martha b. bef 1790, Rhoda b.abt 1793 Va and (Theo?)Doshia b.abt 1798 Ky. After 1810, all consistantly sign "Benningfield", but in the initial record in 1805 John Benningfield signed his name "Benefield" & the minister recorded the marriage as "Benfield". The Benningfield name was evolving when they arrived in Green County. Usually foreign names evolve into English names. Benningfield is an old English name, but I wonder if anyone has any origins for Benefield."

That's all, folks! Remember, if you find someone you are looking for listed here, be sure and let me know.