Subj: Bedingfield Research 

Welcome to the discussion! I've added two more researchers to our group since Friday. To recap what we are about here, this is a group of people who have all agreed to share research efforts for the Bedingfield name, in whatever variation of spelling (and I will try to vary it in the subject line, too), and to discuss the results of research which may not be clear. Another good topic will be the current activities going on which involve the families of Bedingfield groups, i.e. reunions, picnics, etc. Some of us are stuck in our research, some of us have unverified information, some of us are lost and don't know where to go next, and some of us don't know where we fit yet--this group should be willing to help with any of these. If you DO have verified information, such as birth/death certs, marriage licenses, etc., please be sure to say so and state where copies or abstracts can be obtained if they are available. If you have census records, be sure to state where they are from and give date, location, e.d. numbers, page, family number, etc. so that others can find these records when they are ready to use them. Oh, one more thing--HAVE FUN and HAPPY HUNTING!

I am ready to receive your info. If you have a question about something appearing here, feel free to ask. I will put it out to all and any valid input relating to the question will also be broadcast. If you do find some connections, exchange info between yourselves if you like but be sure to let the group know about it so that anyone else with connections can be involved. Remember, you never know when some small piece of information can become important or even necessary. I try to never throw away any piece of info which contains something about my research. Let's go! Thressa.