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(part six--last count was off by one!) by Evelyn Benefield Stout.

NEEDHAM SOLOMON BENEFIELD  1845-    son of Caleb & Lucinda (Stone)
m  w Nancy Caroline Collier           m  w Mattie Eubanks
NEEDHAM *1844/5 @ Rooanoke, AL

First mge

ch  a. Newton Caleb Benefield *8 Dec 1868 in AL; d Feb 1943; wife:  Mary
E. Bebe
    b. John Henry Benefield *3 Jan 1871 @ AL
    c. Ida Benefield *1874 @ AL; d ca 1929 in Oklahoma; married George
    d. Thomas David Benefield *6 Feb 1875 @ AL; d 28 Sep 1948 @Salinas,
CA; bu in OK; wife:  Harriet Elizabeth Smith
    e. Jim Benefield *Oct 1879 @ AL; wife:  EttaTerlula Smith
    f.  Mollie Benefield *Apr 1882; m ___ Adams
    g. Ada Benefield *Apr 1889; m (1) ??; m (2) Charlie Adams
Second mge

    h. Polk Benefield
    i. Edna Mae Benefield
    j. Oliver Street Benefield
    k. Bell Benefield

* * * * * * * GENERATION FIVE

JOSIAH POPE BENEFIELD 1847- son of Henry Zachariah &Susan Rosalia (Almand) Bedingfield m ca 1866 w Araminta C. ( ) 1846- JOSIAH *Feb 1847@GA; res Montague Co., TX, in 1900; @Heard Co., GA 1850 ARAMINTA *Feb 1846 @GA ch a. Susan E. Benefield *Dec 1869 @ GA; unmarried in 1900 b. Edwin J. Benefield *Dec 1877 @ LA c. Eliza C. Benefield *Feb 1882 @ TX

* * * * * * *

ROBERT RANDOLPH BENEFIELD 1850-1920 son of Henry Z. & Susan R. (Almand) Bedingfield m 22 Sep 1868 w Lucy T. Lee 1851-1891 m ca 1892 w ?? BOB *10 Jun 1850 @ Heard Co., GA; moved to Iowa ca 1889; died 21 Feb 1920 @ Rogers, Bell Co., TX; bu @ Rogers, TX; after death of wife he lived with different children; living w/son Walter at time of death. LUCY *6 Jun 1851 @ AL; d 6 Feb 1891 of childbirth; bu Whitehall Cem., near Leton, Webster Parish, LA. Family lived close to AL-GA State line; children could have been born in either state. ch. a. Mary E. "Molly" Benefield *20 Nov 1869 @ Randolph Co., AL; d 7 Sep 1894; m 24 Dec 1884 to H. M. "Guy" Harman b. Magnola T. "Nola" Benefield *8 Dec 1870 @ Heard Co., GA; d 22 Mar 1899; m 23 Dec 1888 to Lee Roy Slack c. Emmer J. Benefield *14 Sep 1872 @ Heard Co., GA; d at Homer, LA; m 29 Nov 1891 to Lawrence I. Thomas d. Nancy D. "Nannie" Benefield *20 Apr 1874 @ Webster Parish, LA; d 27 Sep 1957 @ LA; m 19 Jan 1891 to Charles W. Johnston e. Henry Walter Benefield *9 Sep 1876 @ Randolph Co., AL; d 23 Jun 1949 @ Rogers, Bell Co., TX; m 24 Jan 1898 to Mary Elender Robertson f. Susan Camilla "Mamie" Benefield *22 Sep 1878 @ Randolph Co., AL; d 20 May 1908 @ Anson, Jones Co., TX; m Aug 1907 to Ernest Barrett g. Marena T. "Nettie" Benefield *7 Apr 1882 @ Randoolph Co., AL; d 31 Jly 1922 @ LA; m to Bus Perkins h. H. C. Avery Benefield *8 Dec 1883 @ Randolph Co., AL; d 1 Nov 1949 @ Whitehall, Webster Parish, LA; m 8 Mar 1903 to Demmer Shaw i. John Cliatt "Clyde" Benefield 1886-1918 j. Otis L. Benefield *30 Oct 1888; d 28 Jly 1952; m 24 Dec 1905 to Ola Walden

* * * * * * *

WILLIAM JOHN BENEFIELD 1862-1926 son of Henry & Susan (Almand) Bedingfield m 23 Nov 1887 w Lucy Nancy Wynne (?)-1944 WILLIAM *23 Oct 1862; d 26 Jly 1926 @ Haynesville, LA Claiborne Co. (sic) LUCY d 22 Oct 1944 @ Haynesville, LA--dau of Thomas & Nancy (Been) Wynne ch a. Bama Benefield *9 Oct 1888 @ Emerson, Columbia Co., AR; m James Wm McDaniel b. Willie Bell Benefield *20 MAy 1890 @ Emerson, AR; m Lee McDaniel c. Luther Benefield *21 Mar 1892 @ Emerson, AR; wife: Lizzie Birdsong d. Dut Nathaniel Benefield *19 Aug 1894 @ Emerson, AR; wife: Lola Hammock e. Ruby Benefield *12 Mar 1896 Emerson, AR; husband: Paul Gutery f. Talmage Benefield *5 Jly 1900; wife: Emma Bodge g. Lynn Benefield *27 Feb 1902; wife: Verda Hooks h. Leonard Benefield *30 Mar 1904 @ Emerson, AR; wife: Gracie Rogers i. Rosalia Benefield *22 Aug 1907 @ Emerson, AR; husband: Quinton Holt j. Earl Benefield *26 Oct 1910 @ Emerson, AR k. Esther Benefield *20 May 1913 @ Emerson, AR; husband: Louie Kight _______________________________________________________________ Here's some miscellaneous information I picked up while 'Net surfing. If this is something you want to follow up, let me know! ELIZABETH J. CHASTAIN was the daughter of JOSEPH B. and Mary CHASTAIN from the Carolinas. Joseph was born ca. 1820 in SC and Mary was born ca 1824 in SC. They lived in DeKalb County. AL in 1850 , then in 1860 in Cherokee co.AL. On the 1860 census for AL. Elizabeth also has these siblings: Sarah Catherine, Mary A. E., Jepthath Marion and Melissa C. CHASTAIN. Elizabeth married Patrick PERKINS in 1871 in AL. Her sister Sarah Catherine married Thomas J. Bedingfield in 1864, her brother Jepthath married Emma Lokey in 1868 and Mary A. E. married William H. Adrian in 1866. Sometime after 1881, when Joseph died and the CHASTAIN family moved to TX and OK after March of 1883.Eliza died on the trip to OK. The Adrians were in WOOD Co., TX, the Perkins were in HUNT Co., TX, the Beddingfields were in LAMAR CO. at some time, and Jeptha CHASTAIN was in FANNIN CO., TX for a while, then moved to OK. On the 1900 OK soundex for POTTAWATOMIE CO. is found Mrs. J.M. CHASTAIN, and children: Samual, Lulu, Thomas, Fritz, Robert, Burnie and Angie CHASTAIN. Does anyone know anything about any of this family? I would like make contact and share and trade information. _________________________________________________________________________ Here's another source which contains information. I'll be inspecting it soon at the Family History Library. This information came from a non- Bedingfield searcher who looked up the information for me before the book came in. "In Early Settlers of the Pee Dee by Gregg there is no narrative--just a listing with pertinent info. Here is what I found: p. 25 Vol. I Charles Bedingfield Spouse: Mary ______ Children: John, Betty Date in the Pee Dee: 1762 Last date: 1773- died Location: Upper St. David's Parish Source: Cook, JVSDP, Moore vol. 3 Notes: original Commissioner of St. David's Parish Apparently Mr. Gregg compiled his lists by searching many other South Carolina books and sources. There is no narrative at all. The main section is a listing of people with various info; the second section has a lot of people but not much info about them-- maybe just when they were in the Pee Dee area and what location. Here are the sources where he found info on Bedingfield: Rambles in the Pee Dee Basin South Carolina by H. T. Cook, The State Company, Columbia, 1926. Saint David's Parish, SC Minutes of the Vestry 1768- 1832-- Parish Register 1819- 1924 by Brent Holcomb, Southern historical Press, Greenville, SC [This might be available for purchase now-- Brent is alive and well & Southern His. Press is very active] Abstract of Wills of State of South Carolina, Three Volumes, A. A. Simmons [couldn't tell if that was company or compiler]I think we have these at my library- Was encouraged by finding Charles Bedingfield, so I looked around a little-- more good news. Found several more references to Bedingfield but apologize that I ran out of time-- will try to get back and read the rest, but here is what I found today. South Carolina Deed Abstracts 1719- 1772, Vol. IV by Langley p.7: Book I-3 (that's Roman numeral one) p. 198, 4 Feb. 1768, Conveyance. Thomas Bingham to Charles Bedingfield for L90 currency, 50 a. in Craven Co. at the out end of 135 a. (see p. 192) bounding... Recorded 2 March 1768, witnesses John Bedingield, Samuel Burton/Buton [can't read my writing] John Jones. p. 46: Book L-3, p. 404, 20 Sept. 1768, Conveyance. Thomas Crawfor, planter, to Charles Bedingfield, tavern keeper, both of Craven Co. ... Recorded 10 Oct. 1768. In Will Abstracts of South Carolina [will have to get proper documentation for you] there are references to these Bedingfields: Betty,Charles,Henry,John,Mary. The only will listed [most were probably witnesses to someone else's will, etc] was for Charles Bedingfield of St. David's Parish, Craven County, planter. Wife was Mary. Sons were John (eldest), under 21 and ??[ must have missed the other one], daughter was Betty, under 20 and unmarried, and mentions an unborn child. Mentions his saw mill and his plantation-not by name. Dated: 1 march 1773, Proved 19 May 1773, Recorded: no date. Will Book ss 1771- 1774, p. 384. With this info, you can get a copy of the will from the South Carolina Archives in Columbia." _________________________________________________________________________ Here's a query. "I have info on Hardy BEDINGFIELD/BENEFIELD from Gwinette/Walton Ga. He was born in 1777 in Raleigh, NC. He married Nancy Rogers. One of their sons, Solomon Elehugh Lorenzo BEDINGFIELD (1817- 1906) married a Susan Hosch, whose brother, William Hill Hosch married S.E.L.B's sister Margaret Matilda Bedingfield. I am tracking the HOSCH/HOUSCH side of my family and this info comes from letters and family bible info supplied to a book "Gwinette County Families" by W.D. Melton and J.W. Benefield. If this looks like part of your line I have more info on ROGERS,KILGORE,HILL,HOSCH,GOWER,BUFORD;if any of this connects give me a call. Thanks." Annette Burroughs(ABurrou100) Birmingham,Alabama talk to you later cuz! _________________________________________________________________________ Jerry writes: "I have found out who my gg grandfather was. He was Middleton Beddingfield. He arrived in Lincoln County [TN] around 1820. He may have been a county judge some time before he died in 1863. If anyone has anything on him I would appreciate it." (I got this from a mailing list--if you are interested in following it, let me know!). _________________________________________________________________________ And I received this response to an email query I sent as a response to a listing in that same mailing list. Can anybody help this lady? "Do you have any information on Nora Beddingfield? She was born August 30,1895 and died May 21, 1979. She was my great-aunt. She married a William Jesse Hobbs. She died in Lincoln County, Tenn. That is all the information I have at this time on Nora Beddingfield. She married my great-great uncle. She was a very dear person and I would like to know more about her. Wish I had done it while she was still living. But hindsight is wonderful. I am going to research her so she will not be forgotten by my family. Thank you again for your kindness. Any information would be greatly appreciated." _________________________________________________________________________ I'm printing a short genealogy of my family below. Can anyone support (or prove otherwise)this order? 1) Charles Yelverton BEDINGFIELD + Mary Isabel MARSHALL=John. 2)John BEDINGFIELD + ??=Charles 3)Charles BEDINGFIELD + Mary (Hicks?)=Charles Henry BEDINGFIELD 4)Charles Henry BEDINGFIELD + Jane (Ashley?)=James Ashley BEDINGFIELD and Charles BEDINGFIELD (have more info on both children) 5)Charles BEDINGFIELD + Frances J. HOLBERT=William S. Hopkins BEDINGFIELD. From William,I can more or less "prove" my relationship. My hard evidence ends with Charles and Frances but I have narrowed down to this order. Any help out there? _________________________________________________________________________ Jeanie sends this information: "I went to the archives to find the Revolutionary service record for George Eli BENEFIEL. I never did find George, but I found Thomas BENEFIEL listed as a Private in the 7th Mass. Regt. I am still looking for George Eli BENEFIEL's service record." Can anybody help her out? ________________________________________________________________________ Jack writes: " My Benefield are from Heard County Georgia and some lived just across into Alabama, (some went to Louisiana). Here is a short list: Inez Bevile Gore, husband James Grady Moore Amanda Benefield, husband James William Gore, Robert Benefield, wife Manervia Bankston, Needham Benefield, wife Mary Polly Rogers, William Benefield, wife ? " (ed. note: this is the Needham born 1779, married in Granville Co., NC to Polly Rogers and moved in 1802 to Georgia (still in Heard Co. in 1840), then to Randolph Co., AL). Any takers? _________________________________________________________________________ Lee writes this short history of her research: "I've located information on the family in America from the mid-1600s-At that time,these earliest Bedingfields were in Virginia -I have found the same names in several sources including tax rolls, land records, etc. At this point, I have a complete tree from the North Carolina John through the current youngest members of my branch. I'm trying to go backward from John in 1790 to the brothers who came over from England in the 1600's. Their story is pretty well documented.I've also found several accounts of the family before they came to America. There is a manor house,Oxburgh Hall, still standing in England.It was here that Mary, Queen of Scots was held before her execution.I was able to locate Bedingfields back to the "original ancestor" who took the name in 1077. I'll be happy to share my information." Lee has sent me many pages of information she's located. I'll be trying to take all that info in for quite a while! Thanks, Lee! _________________________________________________________________________ Margie, a non-subscriber, would like help with this: "Hi Thressa, I have no clue what I'm doing but having fun doing it. My great grandmothers name was Janie Beddingfield (I'm not sure of the spelling). She was from Curry, AL and married to Fredrick Thomas Baird. I would like any info you may have." _________________________________________________________________________ Here is an additional query. To respond, let me know you're interested and I'll give you the address. "My great great grandmother was Rebeka Emily Beningfield b. 13 Sep 1862 d. 2 sep 1905. She was married to John Henry Willis. At least two of her sisters married two of Johns brothers so there were many double cousins. I believe Rebeka's father was John Beningfield. As far as I know, they lived in Kentucky. The Willis' migrated to KY from Tenn." _________________________________________________________________________ Jim sends this info: "Mary "Polly" Benningfield was born ca 1790 in Virginia. She may have had a brother,Reuben. She married Richard Larimore on January 15, 1812, in Green County, KY. Their daughter, Elizabeth, was born 8 Nov 1812. I have a source that says Elizabeth was born in KY and another that says she was born in Missouri Territory. Polly Benningfield Larimore was in the 1850 and 1860 census for Steady Run Township, Keokuk County, Iowa. Elizabeth Larimore married James Maxwell in 1829 in Sangamon County,IL, and settled in Knox County, IL, where she died in 1891. She and James had 16 children." _________________________________________________________________________ From the Florence Gazette, July 11, 1912 Judge Almon's Charge to the Grand Jury Yesterday morning judge Chas. P. Almon in his charge to the grand jury, among other things, said:-- Judge Almon, will say today:-- "Gentlemen of the grand jury you have been drawn by the court and summoned by the Sheriff to serve as grand jurors at a special term of this court. "I called the court in special session upon the order of the Governor and because it was my duty to do so when ordered by him and not because I thought it necessary. "I presume the Governor's purpose in ordering me to call the court in special session was to give the defendants affected by his order to me a speedy, I doubt the wisdom of the governor in doing this; it will cost the county a considerable sum to hold this special term of court, and the farmers being so badly behind with their crops and needed at home so badly it will work a great hardship on them. The regular term of court is less than two months off and there would be ample time at the regular tem of court to try every defendant that is now indicted and that will be indicted at that time. ""I think that all defendants should have speedy trials and especially those that are accused of felonies that are punishable by death or imprisonment in to the state penitentiary for life; and my rule has been to do this; in the sixty murder cases that have been tried in this circuit since I have been judge, they have been indicted and tried at the first term of the court after the murder was committed, with the exceptions of two cases and they could not be reached at that term of court, on account of the crowded conditionof the criminal docket. "I have the power to convene the court in special session without any order from the governor, when in my opinion it is necessary, I had not been requested by a single party to call a special term of the court, and in my opinion there was no necessity for a special term in this county at this time; if I had thought there was I would have called a special term with out a request from the citizens, or an order from the governor. Since the last term of court in this county three parties have been arrested accused of murder, one of these was released by the preliminary court on a bond of $500, the other two are now in the countty jail and the sheriff since the last term of the court has arrested a defendangt that was indicted in 1900 for murder, and he is now in the county jail. "There is no excitement of any of the cases, nor threats of any violence, the people are all willing for the law to take its course and that at the regular term of the court and there is no occasion for a special term of the court, the murder cases and all of the criminal cases in the county can be tried at the regular term of the court. "I have not said this in a spate of criticism of the Governor, but in fairness to myself. I want it distinctly understood that the court was not called upon my ???? duty to obey the order of the Governor, if the Governor had advised with me I would have told him that there was no necessity for the special term of the court, and I believe that if the Governor had known the local conditions as I do he would not have ordered the court. "I try to have the interests of all the people at heart, at the April Term of the court in Colbert county I discharged the juries at the very earliest moment posible and before I had finished the dockets, and at the May Term of the court in Franklin county I continued the court until the 29th of July, so that the farmers might be at home and put as much time in on their crops as they could." (ed. note: This is the continuation of the news stories of the murder of John D. and Jerome Bedingfield by John Legg in January, 1900). Thanks, Peg, for the copies. _________________________________________________________________________ I guess that about wraps this issue! I've decided to drop the newsletter to one issue per month. I hope you enjoy it! Thressa.