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About Annie's Scrapbook

a chronicle of our ancestry

Our Major Surnames

The pages at this website chronicle the Walker, Shores, Smith and Biswell ancestry. Other family surnames:

  • Walker related: Bayley, Brown, Browning, Coats, DuPree, Fuller, Garner, Holmes, Jackson, Keene, Michaux, Moore, Needham, Payne, Swint, Tucker
  • Shores related: Fisher, Hutchens, Lane, McLaughlin, Ratliff, Reas, Schneider, Schor, Stapp, Stone, Strangman, Williams
  • Smith related: Boggs, Cunningham, Simons, Sprague
  • Biswell related: Counts, Davis, Hurley, Johnson, Neagle, Oliver, Sparks, Sprague

Our US Migration

Our ancestors are known to have migrated to:

  • Haskell Walker ancestors & kin: Alabama, Arkansas, California, Georgia, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia.
  • Bonnie Shores ancestors & kin: Alabama, Arkansas, Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Texas and Virginia.
  • Woodrow Smith ancestors & kin: Arkansas, Ohio and Oklahoma.
  • Wanda Biswell ancestors & kin: Arkansas, California, Hawaii, Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Oklahoma and Oregon.

Website Contents

This website contains both evidential and presumed information bases on available evidence, reasonable logic & probability. We strive for accuracy, however, material posted here is created from our progressive working files and may contain errors. All information not supported by primary evidence should be considered an author's judgment call. Users are cautioned to verify all unsupported information and secondary documentation. We appreciate corrections supported by primary evidence and arguments supported by reasonable logic.

Free Public Resources

We support free public genealogy resources. Information at this website is free of charge. A subscription to a genealogy/history community is not required. Public record information at this website is also available at government agencies, free of charge.

Visitors may copy our material for personal use. Presentation of our material in any format requires prior permission to publish and copyright acknowledgement. Using our original works and compilations, including compilation of pre-existing information, for any profit making purpose or activity is not permitted.


Email look-up is available, free of charge, for information contained within copyright material owned by an outside agent. That material includes:

Ad Libs to Bixby History by Burkett Wamsley, (Southern Tulsa Co. OK)
Descendants of Frederick Shore & His Wife Barbary by Alice Brumfield, 1993 (Shore-Hutchens)
Goodner & other Scott Co. AR history booklets (includes Fuller)
History of the Bixby Area, centennial edition, Bixby Historical Society, 2006 (Southern Tulsa Co. OK)
John F. Johnson Journal of 1902 (1827-1912, Webster & Choctaw Co. MS, Pickens Co. AL and Camden AR)
Moore Family History, first edition, by Harry Dwain Moore, 1996 (Moore-Tucker)
Notebook of Sarah Needham Johnson (1779-1872, Needham)
Our Pioneer Country Doctor by Carol Sprague Duvall, 1982(Spriggs-Sprague-Wise)
Scott County, Arkansas, Gateway to the West, second edition, by O. Alden Smith, 1992 (includes Fuller)

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