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Clayton Family

John Clayton of Isle of Wight county, Virginia wrote his will in 1756 (probated January 4, 1759) naming sons William Clayton, John Clayton, and George Clayton; daugthers Elizabeth Miller, Mary Verlines, Susannah Williamson, and Rebecca Miller; grand daughter Elizabeth Miller; grand sons John Miller, Robert Pinhorn Miller, and Benjamin Miller; sons-in-law Twait Verlines and Thomas Miller.

John Clayton apparently came to Isle of Wight county from Gloucester county. Entries in the register of Abingdon Parish, Gloucester county record the "baptism of John Clayton, son of John and Elizabeth Clayton on Febuary 2, 1717/1718;" the baptism of "Mary, daughter of John Clayton" on December 6, 1719; the birth of "Susanna, daughter of John Clayton" on February 28, 1722/1723; and the baptism of "Rebekah, daughter of John and Elizabeth Clayton" on June 5, 1726.

George Clayton, son of John, wrote his will on October 19, 1775. The will says that he is "of Bristol Parish, Dinwiddie county," but was probated in Brunswick county on June 21, 1776. His will names "sons Brittain Clayton and William Abernathy." No other children are named and William Abernathy is obviously a son-in-law. On November 23, 1784 Charles Clayton entered a bond between himself, John Short, John Clayton, William Abernathy, and Brittain Clayton renouncing all claims to the estate of John Clayton deceased of Isle of Wight county or George Clayton deceased of Brunswick county. From these (and other records) we know that George had sons Brittain Clayton, Charles Clayton, and John Clayton; daughters Mary Clayton, and Elizabeth wife of William Abernathy. The wife of John Short was probably also a daughter of George Clayton but I have not been able to prove this.

Brittain and Charles Clayton, sons of George, moved to Surry county North Carolina where Brittain died and Charles then moved to Pendleton District, South Carolina and then Franklin county, Georgia where he died before 1803. His will written May 30, 1800 mentions his wife Nancy and "all my children," but only names one child, Charles Colyer Clayton.

Charles Collier Clayton was born in Charlotte county, Virginia in 1781 and migrated with his parents to North and South Carolina where he married Nancy Toney, daughter of Little Berry Toney, about eighteen hundred. He then moved to Lincoln county, Tennessee where on June 9, 1812 he was commissioned as a lieutenant in the 49th Regiment of the Tennessee Militia. He probably served with Andrew Jackson in the Indian fighting in Shelby (later St. Claire) county, Alabama as he settled in this area after the War of 1812. By 1824 he was in Jefferson county in an area that soon became known as Clayton Cove (approximately where Pinson, Alabama is now located). Here Charles and Nancy raised eight sons and one daughter: Charles Collier Clayton, Jr.; John Clayton; Rebecca E. Clayton; Warren Clayton; William T. Clayton; Abner S. Clayton; Little Berry Clayton; Reubin M. Clayton; and Joseph Clayton.

Will of John Clayton Isle of Wight county, Virginia; book 2, page 191
Will of Charles Clayton, Franklin county, Georgia; book 1, page 33a

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