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Sixth Generation

41.  Jonas (triplet?) Bunce born 1 Dec 1767 (probably date of baptism), Woodbury, Litchfield Co., Connecticut, married unknown. His children (plus possibly others):

42.  Isaac Bunce born 1 Mar 1770, Woodbury, Litchfield Co., Connecticut, married Anna Sherwood, born about 1772, Woodbury, Litchfield Co., Connecticut, died 5 Oct 1856, Toledo, Tama Co., Iowa. Isaac died 26 Oct 1846, Wakeman, Huron Co., Ohio. According to book, History of Wakeman Township, Huron Co., Ohio by Dr. Frank E. Weeks, Isaac Bunce came to Huron Co., Ohio about 1832. He was probably one of the folks in Connecticut who was burned out by the traitor Benedict Arnold along with his British cohorts. Huron and Erie counties Ohio (and perhaps other northern Ohio counties) were formerly known as the Western Reserve of Connecticut, and the area was also called “The Firelands” because early settlers were burned out of their former homes in Connecticut.

From letter from Mrs. Leroy A. Harris of Ohio dated 11 Sep 1975 to Bonnie Bunce:

Reference:  History of Wakeman Township, Huron County, Ohio by Dr. Frank E. Weeks M.D.


Isaac Bunce (son of John) Came from Woodbury, Conn., to Wakeman, 1832, died 26 Oct 1846, aged 76y., farmer 90 acres. Wife, Anna Sherwood, died 5 Oct 1856 at home of son in Toledo, [Tama Co.] Iowa. she born in Woodbury, Conn., 1772. (Isaac had brothers, Jona & Jonas, twins, Jacob & William Bunce). Isaac & Anna had 4 children, Hiram, Charles, Harriet & Diantha.

  1. Dr. Hiram Bunce, born Conn., became a physician, came to Wakeman, Ohio with wife and 4 children abt. 1834, went to Clarksfield, Huron Co. Ohio. He was born 1802 Woodbury, Conn., died 1864 Toledo, [Tama Co.] Iowa. Student of Yale College, studied medicine with uncle Ebenezer Sherwood. He came to LaPorte, Lorain Co., Ohio, 2 years later went to Wakeman, Ohio. In 1836, to Clarksfield, Huron Co., Ohio, 1851, to Oberlin, Lorain Co., Ohio, 1856 to Toledo, Iowa. m. (1) Margaret Kennedy, had Wm., Augustus, Mary Jane & Marshall. m. (2) 1832, Mary Stevens, died 1879, Toledo, Iowa. (dau. of John Stevens, a sea Capt. in Conn.) Had ch. Charles, Sherwood, Sarah, Theodore, Edwin, Mary, Edwin II & Carrie.

    1. William Bunce, (Dr. Hiram) became a doctor, practiced in Clarksfield, Huron Co., Ohio; to Oberlin, Lorain Co., Ohio; where he became one of the most skillful physicians in this part of the country, he died 1892; m. Ellen Conant, of Rochester, Lorain Co., Ohio, had son, William Bunce, Jr., also physician in Medina, Medina Co., Ohio, and Oberlin, Lorain Co., Ohio.

    2. Dr. Augustus Bunce (Dr. Hiram) died 1864 Oberlin, Lorain Co., Ohio.

    3. Marshall Bunce, (Dr. Hiram) died 1850 Clarksfield, Huron Co., Ohio; m. 1850 Mary Elizabeth Patch.

    4. Mary Jane Bunce (Dr. Hiram) (nothing of her)

    5. Mary Bunce (Dr. Hiram & Mary) died young

    6. Edwin (Dr. Hiram & Mary) died young

    7. Carie (Dr. Hiram & Mary) died young

    8. Charles Bunce (son of Hiram & Mary) died 1864, Toledo, Iowa.

    9. Sherwood Bunce (Dr. Hiram) died 1862 Civil War, Winchester, Va.

    10. Sarah Bunce (Dr. Hiram), wife of Edwin F. Aldroyd, of Sherve, [sic] Ohio.

    11. Dr. Theodore Bunce (Dr. Hiram) doctor in Wakeman, Ohio; Cleveland, Ohio; m. Julia Pierce; he died 1885 Ashtabula, Lake Co., Ohio.

    12. Edwin V. Bunce, (Dr. Hiram) went to Marshalltown, Iowa.

    13. Charles W. Bunce (Isaac & Anna) born Woodbury, Conn. 27 Nov 1816, died 31 Jan 1881, Toledo, [Tama Co.], Iowa; m. 11 Jan 1842, Sabra Dowd, of Clarksfield, Huron Co., Ohio, born 1824, Tryingham, Mass., died 6 Jul 1887, Toledo, Iowa, dau. of Ashel & Fanny (Morley) Dowd) to Toledo, Iowa 1855 from Wakeman, O. Had ch. Diantha, Hiram, Isaac, Fanny, Grovener, Alice & Mary.

    14. Harriet Bunce, (Isaac & Anna), m. 2 Jun 1835, Robert Barlow.

    15. Diantha Bunce, (Isaac & Anna) unmarried.

    Oliver Bunce (son of Jonas Bunce) lived at Wakeman, Ohio, to Brighton, Lorain Co., Ohio; to Michigan; he had 21 children, had 10 pairs of twins among them and a lonesome single; Garwood Camp, in a joke promised Mr. Bunce a cow, when the 20th child should appear, the cow was claimed in the 1840's.

    Rufus Bunce (son of Jona [sic] Bunce, twin of Jonas) born Woodbury, Conn. Feb 1799; died 22 Jan 1862, Wakeman, Huron Co., Ohio; m. Mary Booth, born Woodbury, Conn., 25 Aug 1799; died 3 Aug 1879, (dau. of Elisha Booth) came from Conn. to Wakeman 12 Sep 1827, Had 4 ch.

    1. Edward J. Bunce, born 17 May 1821; died 8 May 1873; a merchant in Wakeman, Ohio for more than 20 years; m. Oliva Hall, had 5 ch.

      1. Celestia, died 1877, Birmingham, Erie Co., O.; m. William Mardoff.

      2. Euginia, m. William Gessner, live Olatha, [sic] Kansas.

      3. Alida, died 1880.

      4. Julia m. Mr. Hunter, live Los Angeles, Calif.

      5. Bessie, m. Mr. Combs, live Napa, Calif.

    2. Mary Jane Bunce, born 23 Jan 1823, died 16 Jul 1896, Wakeman, Ohio. M. 4 Oct 1842 Lucius Swift Hall, born 25 Mar 1821; died 24 Jul 1897, Wakeman, Ohio (son of Reuben & Betsey (Coe) Hall, from Brimfield, Mass. 1836). Had 2 ch.

      1. Adelia N. Hall, born 11 Feb 1845; died 31 Mar 1904, Wakeman, Ohio. M. 15 Mar 1866, Charles Minor.

      2. William Bradbury Hall, died 15 May 1929, Wakeman, Ohio.

    3. Julia Ann Bunce, born 2 Jan 1826; died 11 Jan 1910, Wakeman, Ohio. M. David S. Pierce.

    4. Nathaniel Bunce, born 8 May 1829; died 25 Oct 1903, Calif. became a physician, M. Catherine Bristol, their only child,

      1. Josephine Bunce, was killed by a street car in Detroit, Mich. 1903.

    Salome Bunce (niece of Isaac Bunce [but by which of his brothers was not mentioned in record]) married Hiram Rumsey, lived at Wakeman, Ohio, to Michigan, to Iowa. Had 10 ch.

      A. Mary Rumsey, m. George Stillson.
      B. Parmelia Rumsey, m. Mr. Montrose.
      C. Louisa Rumsey, m. Collin Bryant.
      D. Lucinda Rumsey, m. Mr. Walworth.
      E. Orpha Rumsey.
      F. Alpha Rumsey, m. Mr. Dean.
      G. Mary Ann Rumsey, m. Sardia Bryant.
      H. Emma Rumsey.
      I. Elbert Rumsey.
      J. Hiram Perry Rumsey.

Their children were:  according to the History of Wakeman Township, Huron Co., Ohio:

43.  Russell Bunce born 10 Oct 1776, Hartford, Hartford Co., Connecticut, married Lucinda Marvin, born 23 Apr 1773, of Lyme, Connecticut, who died 19 Sep 1819. Russell died 20 Apr 1846, and was buried in the Old North cemetery. According to Genealogical and Family History of the State of Connecticut, p. 535, Russell Bunce was a leading merchant in Hartford, Conn. and for many years deacon of the First (Centre) Congregational Church. Their children were:

44.  Nathaniel Bunce, born 10 Mar 1780, married Cynthia Fish. According to p. 502 of vol. 1 of the 2-volume book, The Memorial History of Hartford County, Connecticut 1633-1884, ed. by J. Hammond Trumbull, published in 1886, Nathaniel Bunce was one of 17 men who were elected to serve on the first board of directors of the Aetna Insurance Company, which was chartered in 1819. Their children were:

45.  Simeon Bunce born 9 Jun 1788, Hartford, Connecticut, married 28 Dec 1814, Esther Brownell, dau. of Joseph and Rebecca (Putney) Brownell, who died 20 Sep 1870, Cottage, Cattaraugus Co., New York. Simeon died 26 Nov 1875, Cottage, Cattaraugus Co., New York. According to letter dated 12 Feb 1988 from Glen L. Bachelder of Lansing, Michigan to Bonnie Bunce, Simeon Bunce moved his mother and siblings to Cattaraugus County, New York about 1813 after the death of his father Rory Bunce. His source was the History of Dayton, New York. Also in the book, Pioneer History of the Holland Purchase of Western New York by Orasmus Turner pub. 1849, the name of Simeon Bunce appears on a list of men who purchased land from the Holland Company in 1810 in Township 5, Range 9. The Holland Land Purchase in New York State contained several million acres of land which was all or part of the eight present-day counties of Chautauqua, Cattaraugus, Allegany, Erie, Niagara, Wyoming, Genesee, and Orleans. From an index of the 1855 NY state census of Cattaraugus Co., New York, the record of the family of Simeon Bunce appears in household No. 33, Family 36, and page number, assigned by LDS Church when they microfilmed the record, page 157. Their children were:

46.  Leonard Bunce, born 25 Sep 1790, Hartford, Hartford Co., Connecticut, married Almina Carpenter, born New York. In a letter from Helen M. Bunce, Erie, Pa., dated 25 Jun 1972 to Mrs. Harriet Davis of Long Island, NY, she said she “was stuck in Chataque Co. N.Y. in 1830 with Leonard Bunce,” and Glenn Bachelder had stated that his Bunce line of which this Leonard is a member was erroneously said to be from Chatauqua Co., N.Y., rather than Cattaraugus Co., N.Y. Their children were:

Also listed on the 1850 census in the household of Leonard Bunce were the following individuals, probably unrelated to the Bunce family, but were perhaps borders or hired help:

Another son may have been Chauncey Bunce, born about 1836, married Emily ______, born about 1851; at the time of the 1880 census Chauncey Bunce was residing in Forest Township, Missaukee Co., Michigan and residing with the family was Leonard Bunce, age 94, birthplace: Conn., recorded as father of the head of the household, who might possibly also have been the son of Roderick (Rory) Bunce who would actually have been 90 years old in 1880. Of course, there may have been another one or two Leonard Bunces born in the Connecticut Bunce family at about the same time. More research should be done to determine exactly where this Chauncey and his father Leonard Bunce fit into the line of Thomas Bunce.

47.  Perez Bunce born 26 Oct 1801, New Marlborough, Berkshire Co., Mass., married Abbie Pursell, born 24 Apr 1805, Cayuga Co., New York, died 2 Jun 1898, Kennedy, Chautauqua Co., New York. In the online records of the Myrtle Cemetery, which is located in the Town of Poland, Chautauqua Co., New York, are records of the graves of Abbie (Parsell) Bunce, wife of Persis, and their children. Their known children were:

48.  Betsey Bunce born 7 Mar 1806, New Marlborough, Berkshire Co., Mass., married about 1830, Almon Johnson, born 16 Jan 1808, Stafford, Tolland Co., Connecticut. Their child(ren) was/were (plus possibly others):

49.  Mary Stanley Bunce married Rev. B. M. Palmer.  Their children were:

50.  Heman Bunce married 6 Nov 1808, in Hartford, Hartford Co., Connecticut, Elizabeth Wadsworth, dau. of Reuben and Elizabeth (Stevens) Wadsworth. Their child was:

51.  Catharine Bunce married 1816, William S. Wadsworth, son of Reuben and Elizabeth (Stevens) Wadsworth. Catharine died 1828, Hartford, Connecticut. Their children were:

52.  Chloe Bunce born 29 Jun 1778, married 1 Oct 1795, in Hartford, Connecticut, Simon Peter Hoffman, born 27 Oct 1775, Middlesex, Connecticut, son of Simon and Mary (Butler) Hoffman, who died 19 Oct 1830, Vermont. Chloe died 26 Apr 1836, and was buried in the Bethel, Vermont Cemetery. According to the book, Oliver-Miner, Ancestors and Descendants by Frederick L. Miner, pub. 1956, p. 63, Simon Hoffman married Chloe Bunce, dau. of Daniel and Elizabeth (Benton) Bunce, and they resided in Vermont. Their children were:

53.  Abigail Bunce married 11 Jul 1811, in Hartford, Hartford Co., Connecticut, Menzies Webster, son of Samuel and Huldah (Skinner) Webster. Their children were:

54.  Daniel Bunce, Jr. born about 1785, Hartford, Hartford Co., Connecticut, married (1) Hannah Shepard, born about 1787, dau. of Uriah Shepard, who died 19 Nov 1811, Hartford, Connecticut, and was buried in the Old North Cemetery, Hartford, Conn., married (2) 8 Nov 1812, in Hartford, Connecticut, Lovisa Sweetland, of Hartford, dau. of Isaac Sweetland, who died in Hartford, and was buried in the Old North Cemetery, Hartford. Daniel died 3 Jan 1814, Hartford, Hartford Co., Connecticut.

55.  Jerusha Clark born 23 Mar 1797, Hartford, Hartford Co., Connecticut, married 9 Nov 1818, in Middletown, Middlesex Co., Connecticut, Henry Peck, born 3 Jan 1795, Berlin, Hartford Co., Connecticut, died 1 Mar 1867, Middletown, Middlesex Co., Connecticut. Jerusha died 11 Mar 1887, New Haven, New Haven Co., Connecticut, and was buried in the Grove Street Cemetery New Haven, Conn. Henry Peck was mayor of New Haven, Connecticut for four one-year terms beginning in 1846; member of the Whig party. His occupation was a publisher-bookbinder, had been apprenticed in Hartford at age of 16 to bookbinder; at age 23, went into partnership with Deacon Durrie to form firm of Durrie & Peck, publishers, bindery, booksellers. He was a member of the Masonic Order. His will was probated 11 Mar 1867. Their children were:

56.  Richard Bunce born 2 May 1766, Wethersfield, Hartford Co., Connecticut. Per an email message from a descendant:  “Richard Bunce was a sea captain and there’s some of his things in the Mystic Seaport Museum, and some other artifacts in the Wethersfield Historical Museum.”  This descendant also had a question about his wife’s name, whether it was Olive Montague or Frances Johnson. There is a record online at Wethersfield, Hartford Co., CT, Marriages 1739-1799 which gives the date of marriage of a man named Richard Bunce to Olive Montague on 12 Sep 1790, at Wethersfield, Connecticut, and since there were few individuals with the Bunce surname at that early period it is reasonable to suppose that the Richard in this record was the one who married Olive Montague. It is possible, of course, that he married more than once. Also he supposedly had a daughter named Frances, who married Elisha Dodd, Jr., and possibly others according to the aforementioned descendant. Their child(ren) were:

57.  Thomas Bunce born 1761, married about 1786, Mary (Polly) Drake, dau. of Capt. Samuel Drake, died 1841, Woodstock, Windsor Co., Vermont. Thomas died 7 Nov 1794, Bloomfield, Hartford Co., Connecticut. According to an article in the publication of the Pioneer Society of Michigan, when the Revolutionary War broke out, Thomas Bunce, then a student at Yale University at New Haven, Connecticut, entreated his father to let him enlist in the army,but his father, Capt. Joseph Bunce, refused, saying he wanted the boy to finish his studies. A privateer was fitting out at New Haven, and when she was ready to sail young Thomas Bunce and one of his classmates named Dodd shipped on board. They had success privateering, taking several prizes. When Thomas returned home, his father forgave him, but with a threat that if young Thomas left school again before his course of study was complete, he would disin­herit him. Despite this threat, when the privateer was again ready to sail, the boy with the same companion, Dodd, shipped again for further adventure. This time they did not fare as well, and the ship was captured by the British. They and the crew were imprisoned at Halifax, where they suffered greatly. They finally made their escape from prison, found a boat on the shore and put out to sea. After awhile they were picked up by a vessel, but the captain would not, or dared not, bring them to shore. They left the vessel four miles out at sea and by the help of the tide reached the shore safely by swimming. When Thomas returned to Hartford his father offered to forgive him, if he would break off his engagement to Mary Drake, an engagement which had been of long standing, and had been favored by both families until Mary’s father, Capt. Samuel Drake, became poor by the loss of his ship and cargo. The boy refused to accept the conditions and married Mary Drake anyway. Thomas died 7 Nov 1794, “of Wintonbury Parish” in Bloomfield, Hartford Co., Connecticut, leaving Mary (Drake) Bunce a widow with seven children. A short time after his death she moved with her children to Woodstock, Windsor Co., Vermont, where on 1 Oct 1797, she married Capt. Alvan Marcy. Their children were:

58.  Horace Bunce born 1776, married Hannah Woodruff. Horace died 1863. Their child was:

59.  Lucy Bunce married John Keffle or Keppel?. Their child (plus possibly others, but this one was mentioned in her uncle William Bunce’s will):

60.  Hezekiah Bunce born 15 Dec 15, 1781, Hartford, Hartford Co., Connecticut, married 9 Sep 1810, in Hartford, Hartford Co., Connecticut, Julia E. Shipman who was born 19 Jun 19, 1790. Their children (total of 9):

61.  Rufus Bunce married 15 Feb 1818, in Hartford, Hartford Co., Connecticut, Rhoda Clapp, dau. of John and Mabel (Colton) Clapp. Their children were:

62.  Susan Bunce born 31 Mar 1765, married John Marsh, born 4 Oct 1753, son of Capt. Hezekiah and Christian (Edwards) Marsh, who died 28 Jul 1815. Susan died 14 Jun 1827. Per p. 113 of Families of Early Hartford, Connecticut by Lucius B. Barbour, there is a note next to this marriage record to "(See Goodwin p. 59)." Dates of birth and death of John Marsh and names of their children are from p. 59 of Genealogical Notes or Contributions to the Family History of Some of the First Settlers of Connecticut and Massachusetts by Nathaniel Goodwin, published 1856. Goodwin gave Susan's date of death as 14 Jun 1787 "in her 62nd year," but she would have been only 22 years old in 1787, so perhaps the year was 1827. Their children were:

63.  Theodore Bunce born 18 Jun 1767, Hartford, Hartford Co., Connecticut, married 10 Nov 1791, in Windsor, Hartford Co., Connecticut, Jemima Barber, born 10 Nov 1791, dau. of Joseph and Zain (_____) Barber, who died after 1850, Adams, Jefferson Co., New York. Theodore died 13 Nov 1845, Adams, Jefferson Co., New York. Theodore, his wife Jemima, and their unmarried son, William, are buried in Honeyville Cemetery, Old Cemetery Road out of Adams Center, New York. Also their daughter Abigail Bunce and her husband, Orrin Wood, are buried in a lot next to her brother William, per email from Helen (Bunce) McDonald, their descendant. In the 1850 Federal Census, (708/716) in the town of Adams, Jemima Bunce, age 76, born in Conn., is living with Elias Oatman, age 51, born in NY, and his wife, Eliza, born in Conn. and their children. He had property valued at $2,400. Their children were:

64.  Charles J. Bunce, born 1 Feb 1800, E. Hartford, Hartford Co., Connecticut, married Aurelia Stickland (possibly Strickland). Their child(ren) was/were (plus possibly others):

65.  Edwin Bunce born 15 May 1822, Hartford Co., Connecticut, married Lucinda Tryon, born 8 Aug 1821, E. Glastonbury, Connecticut, dau. of Nathaniel and Mary (Strickland) Tryon, who died 20 Mar 1891. Edwin died 24 Nov 1876, Manchester, Hartford Co., Connecticut, and was buried in the West Cemetery, Manchester, Conn. Edwin was in the family paper business in Manchester. Their children were:

Seventh Generation

66.  Rufus J. Bunce born Feb., 1799, Woodbury, Litchfield Co., Connecticut, married Mary Booth, born 25 Aug 1799, Woodbury, Litchfield Co., Connecticut, dau. of Elisha Booth. Rufus died 22 Jan 1862, at Wakeman, Huron Co., Ohio.

Wakeman Township, Huron County, Ohio from

HISTORY OF HURON AND ERIE COUNTIES, OHIO, published 1879 by W. W. Williams p. 182


In the year 1792 the State of Connecticut granted five hundred thousand acres of land, on the west end of the Western Reserve, to those of her inhabitants whose property had been destroyed by fire by the enemy during the revolutionary war. The grantees organized under the name of “The Sufferers’ Land Company,” and on the 8th of November, 1808, the directors of the company met in the city of New Haven, Connecticut, and devised a plan for a division of the land among its members, which was made by lot.

The four classes drawn for the four sections of Wake­man are exhibited in the following table, [omitted] the first column of which contains the names of the “sufferers” as the grantees were called. The figures opposite the names show the amount of each indi­vidual’s loss in pounds, shillings, and pence. The right hand column contains the names of those per­sons who became owners of the claims, either by purchase or by heirship, and the amounts set oppo­site their names show the amount paid for the claims in the different sections. The value of each section of the township being arbitrarily fixed at one thousand three hundred and forty-four pounds and seven shillings, each classifier was apportioned a quantity of land in the same ratio to the total amount as the amount of his claim bore to the total value. In the distribution of the lands, which, as previously stated, was made by lot, it sometimes happened that a claimant received land in each section of the township and in other townships.

*  *  *  *  *

Rufus J. Bunce and family arrived in Wakeman in September, 1827, and, during the erection of his house near the center, took up his abode in a log house near the mills east of the Vermillion river. There were no settlers on that side of the river at that time. During their occupancy of the house near the mills the Vermillion was swollen by rains to an unusual heighth, and Mr. Bunce was in the habit of ferrying people across, as occasion required, using for this purpose an Indian canoe. On one occasion he came very near losing his life. He was crossing for Burton French when his oar broke in the middle of the stream. The current was rapid and he was quickly swept over the dam below, in going over which he was thrown out of the boat. For a moment his rescue seemed impossible, but he succeeded in getting away from the angry water under the dam and was carried by the current nearly to the bridge, when, with the timely assistance of Mr. French, he succeeded in reaching the bank. Mr. Bunce's permanent location was on the hill, a short distance east of the center. The place is now owned by Mr. Lucius Hall. The house, although not in a very advanced stage of completion, was considered ready for occupancy by January. The household goods, with the mother and children, were loaded on a flat-boat, which the father and some of the neighbors, with a rope, pulled up the river to the mouth of Brandy creek, where a landing was made.

Mr. Bunce died in Wakeman on his original location in January, 1873, aged sixty-two. His widow is yet living and is seventy-eight. Two daughters—Mrs. Lucius Hall and Mrs. David Pierce—reside in Wakeman. The late Edward J. Bunce, a son, was a man of more than ordinary intelligence and held the offices of justice of the peace and postmaster for a number of years.

Their children were:

67.  Hiram Bunce born about 1802, Connecticut, married (1) 24 Aug 1823, in Galpin, Somerset Co., New Jersey, Margaret Kennedy, died before 1832, Ohio, married (2) 1832, Mary Stevens, died 1879, Toledo, Tama Co., Iowa. Hiram died 1864, Toledo, Tama Co., Iowa. Per History of Wakeman Township, Huron Co., Ohio by Dr. Frank E. Weeks, Hiram Bunce became a doctor, was married twice and had a total of 11 children. Was said to have been trained by his uncle Ebenezer Sherwood and attended Yale College. The record of his first marriage was found in “Somerset Co., N.J. Marriage Licenses 1795-1879” where it states:

“Bunce, Dr. Hiram and Margaret Kennedy, Aug. 24, 1823 (Galpin)”

68.  Charles W. Bunce, born 27 Nov 1816, in Woodbury, Litchfield Co., Connecticut, married 11 Jan 1842, Sabra Dowd, born 1824, Tryingham, Massachusetts, died 6 Jul 1887, Toledo, Tama Co., Iowa. Charles died 31 Jan 1881, Toledo, Tama Co., Iowa. Their children were:

69.  Susannah Bunce, born in Hartford, Connecticut, married 6 Oct 1825, in Hartford, Daniel Henchman of Boston, Massachusetts. Their son was:

70.  James Marvin Bunce born 13 Oct 1806, Hartford, Connecticut, married (1) 15 Mar 1830, in Hartford, Frances Ann Brace, married (2) 9 Oct 1839, in Hartford, Elizabeth Huntington Chester, dau. of Thomas and Esther M. (Bull) Chester. James died 25 Jul 1859. According to p. 535 of book, Genealogical and Family History of State of Connecticut James Marvin Bunce began his career as a clerk in the Phoenix Bank of Hartford, Conn., and later went into business on his own account as a member of the firm T.K. Brace & Company.

71.  Nelson Bunce born 30 Nov 1821, Dayton, Cattaraugus Co., New York, married (1) Mrs. Mary E. Ingalls, married (2) 22 Nov 1843, Katharine Wheeler, died 24 Mar 1891, Dayton, Cattauraugus Co., New York.

72.  Elizabeth S. Bunce married 2 May 1836, in Hartford, Hartford Co., Connecticut, Normand Burr, born 6 Oct 1802, son of James and Lucretia (Olcott) Burr, who died 5 Dec 1861. Their children were:

73.  Charles Reuben Wadsworth married Sarah W. Higley, born 19 Oct 1824, died 8 May 1895. Their children were:

74.  Sarah Ann Hoffman born 19 Dec 1822, Hartford, Hartford Co., Connecticut, married 19 Sep 1843, Calvin Myers, born 11 Aug 1821, Vergennes, Addison Co., Vermont. Sarah died 9 Jan 1872 at Bristol, Addison Co., Vermont. Their children:

75.  Julia Webster born about 1818, married Timothy Skinner. Julia died 27 Feb 1895. Their children were:

76.  Henry Peck, Jr., born 31 Aug 1827, New Haven, Connecti­cut, married (1) 2 Mar 1860, in New York, New York, Susan Elizabeth Scott, born 1835, New Haven, New Haven Co., Connecticut, dau. of Charles S. and Julia E. (Starr) Scott, who died on 12 Apr 1869, New Haven, New Haven Co.,Connecticut, and was buried in the Grove Street Cemetery, New Haven, Conn., married (2) 27 Feb 1875, Carrie E. (_____) Ballard, died 1899. Henry died 25 Mar 1905, Boston, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts. There appears to be some question about the birthdate of this second son named Henry Peck, Jr. as two dates were given for his birth, 31 Aug 1827 or 5 Sep 1828. He worked as a journalist for the Journal & Courier & Register. Carrie E. Ballard was the widow of George Ballard. She had no children by her second marriage to Henry Peck.

77.  Elizabeth (Betsey) Bunce born 14 Nov 1787, married 10 Jan 1811, in Windsor, Windsor Co., Vermont, Ira Savage, born about 1787, died 22 Feb 1844, Windsor, Vermont. Elizabeth died 29 Aug 1828, Windsor, Vermont. Their children were:

78.  Joseph Pratt Bunce born 12 Jan 1792, married Sophia Earle, born 15 Mar 1794, died 1854. Joseph died 1832. Birthdates of Joseph P. Bunce and his wife as well as the names of their children and their dates of birth are from “Unpublished Bible, Family and Miscellaneous Records” Compiled by LeRoy De Chaumont Chapter, DAR of New York State Volume 86, found at State Library and Archives in Albany, New York, as are the names and birthdates for his Tarbell and Carey descendants. The Bible was named the Zenas Carvey Bible. Their children were:

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