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According to Edward Ryan, Jr., his aunt Edna RYAN was born about 1911 (still living in Feb. 2006), and she married Charles McALEESE, but she did not marry (2) Bernard WEHERLE, nor did she have any children. He further stated: “Edna Wehrle was either a first or second cousin to our mothers. As a young child I met her and her daughter, who was close to my age at that time, I don’t recall a son.

In S. C. Cleveland’s History and Directory of Yates County, New York, p. 919, Margaret MURDOCK’s maiden name was said to have been "MURDOUGH," but that is known as a variation in the spelling of MURDOCK. According to a conversation in the summer of 1996 with the Yates County Historian, she stated that there was an Irish Catholic family named Murdough, whose graves are in the City Hill Cemetery in Penn Yan, so it seems they lived in and around Penn Yan, whereas Margaret (MURDOCK) KRESS lived in the southern part of Yates County near Dundee, and was a member of the Starkey Methodist Church. It is possible that the names were confused in the History, since they have a similar spelling, and there are other errors in that book. The 1850 census for the household of John J. KRESS, 211th family on the census for Starkey, Yates Co., New York, gives Margaret (MURDOCK) KRESS’ age as 60, which more or less confirms her birthdate from Cleveland’s History as being 1789. Additionally, the 1865 New York State census gives her birthplace as having been Orange Co., New York, but the earlier 1855 state census shows her birthplace was Ulster Co., NY. See also above note for John Jay KRESS.

There has been speculation that Margaret (MURDOCK) KRESS was a sister of Bent MURDOCK, a well-known newspaper publisher in early Butler Co., Kansas. Research into this assumption has revealed that Thomas Benton MURDOCK was born in 1841, in West Virginia, one of 5 children of Thomas and Katherine (PIERREPONT) MURDOCK. Thus, it appears this family legend is unfounded, since Margaret (MURDOCK) KRESS was born in 1789, about 52 years earlier than Bent Murdock. Also, it is unlikely she was a sister of Bent MURDOCK’s father, who was probably born no earlier than 1810 or so, and thus he would have been about 20 years or more younger than Margaret. For information on the family of Thomas Benton MURDOCK, see A Standard History of Kansas and Kansans.

The parents of Margaret (MURDOCK) KRESS are still unknown, but the following are promising bits of information concerning research on them. Since Cleveland’s History mentions on p. 965 that Jacob Hackett purchased property from “Mrs. Murdough, mother of Mrs. John J. Kress,” it seems likely that Margaret did not come to Yates Co., New York only with her husband, but that at least her mother came with her, so it seems that Jonathan and Alice (____) MURDOCK may have been her parents, but queries sent to the County Clerks’ offices of Yates, Steuben and Ontario Counties were answered in the negative for any land deed for Jacob Hackett and anyone named Murdock or Murdough, so that story seems to be another error in the History.

The following are copies of records received from Mrs. Marion Springer of the Steuben Co., New York County Clerk's office:

1810 census Reading, Steuben Co., Elizabeth Murdock p. 55
Free White MalesFree White Females
10-1516-2525-4445 &
10-1516-2525-4445 &

“Jonathan Murdock (Reading) Alice, wife of Jonathan, offers farm for sale - 1814 - Dec 21/3 -1/adv. wife dies 1814.”

That an obituary for “Murdock, Mrs. Jonathan” of “Reading, NY” appears in a newspaper dated “28 Dec 1814” was found on the website at The records on this website are probably from the books on Yates Co., NY newspaper abstracts by Dianne Stenzel, published in the early 1990s by Heritage Books, Inc.

According to an email message I received in Nov., 1992 from a member of the Clan MacPherson:

There are two original families of MURDOCKs in Ulster County. James Murdock b. 1730+-3, place unknown but sort of believe it may have been Aberader in Badenoch, Scotland. He shows up in Ulster in 1771 married to Elizabeth Davis. They had 7 children during the 70’s. [Comment: This seems odd unless James Murdock waited until he was about 40 years old to get married! But then there is the possibility his wife may have suffered a few miscarriages, too.] One of them, James Alexander, moved to what is now Delaware County. The other family is that of Lackey MURDOCK who first located about the same time in Newburg, New York and then moved up by James MURDOCK. There is some thought that they may be brothers.

James and Elizabeth had the following children:

* Church record indicates one date, [but] family record indicates another much later. Concern is that one child died and the next being a girl was given the same name, as this was normal practice with Scot families.

Comment:  It seems possible my g.g.grandmother, Margaret (MURDOCK) KRESS was related to this family of James and Elizabeth (DAVIS) MURDOCK, but more research is required to prove it.

Below are some notes from another KRESS researcher (Norris Dunn, defunct website at Family Treehouse) regarding John Jay KRESS and his wife:


“John Jay was born on July 8, 1787, in Orange County, New York. He married Margaret Murdough. Thirteen of their fourteen children grew up to adult age and had families of their own. They also raised two of their grandchildren, and lived to see them all married and well. He and his wife were listed as members of the Starkey Methodist Church, on the old Lyons Circuit.

“He was listed on the 1810 and 1820 Census in Steuben Co., New York.

“On January 3, 1812, John purchased from Richard Henderson of Benton, Ontario Co., a tract in Wayne Township, Steuben Co., New York, for $125.00, known as Lot 34, Township 6, Range 1, being 25 acres in the southeast corner, and adjoining the land of William Overshire. Witnesses were John Dow and Samuel Kress Jr. Signed by Richard and Anna Henderson. (Vol. 1/260). . . .

“On August 1, 1838, when he was living in Starkey, Yates County, New York, he purchased from Andrew Murdough (probably a relative) a tract of land in Jackson Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania, for $500.00, being 170 5/10th’s perches. Recorded Vol. 13/541.”


“Margaret was born on July 14, 1789, in either Orange or Ulster Co., New York. She resided in Starkey, Yates Co., New York, prior to marriage. She married John Jay Kress.

“Her husband purchased land from Andrew Murdough land in Jackson Township of Tioga County, Pennsyl­vania, which may have been her father, brother, or uncle.…

“Newell F. Murdock and his sons, Marvin T. and Hiram owned a block of stores . . . on Main Street. So most likely one of those men was Margaret Murdough’s father. — [Comment: This is the wrong conclusion, since cemetery and NY state census records indicate Newell F. Murdock (“b. July 24, 1792 in Albany Co., New York; d. Dec. 20, 1862”) was younger than Margaret MURDOCK, but it’s possible he may have been her younger brother, since there was only 3 years between their birth dates.]

“Margaret Murdough's maiden name is given as: Murdock in several places. And in one place her birthplace is given as Orange Co., New York, but another census gives Ulster Co., New York.”

In the 1850 census of Starkey, Yates Co., New York for the household of Isaac KRESS, the name of Martin INSECO, age 10, appears (perhaps actually INSCHO, as that name appears in Cleveland’s History and Directory of Yates Co., New York, as the name of a widow). We do not know whether or not he was a member of the family, a boarder or an adopted child.

The date of birth given for Mary Ellen KRESS in this genealogy is estimated from her age of 17 years on the 1850 census for Starkey, Yates Co., New York, where her name appeared in the record for the household headed by her father, Samuel KRESS, Jr., the 224th family enumerated in that census.

The name of Rhoda Ann (BUNCE) KRESS appeared on the 1850 census record for Starkey, Yates Co., New York in the household of her husband, Tillman KRESS, who was 27 years old, and Rhoda's age was given as 26, which does not agree with her birthdate of 26 Aug 1821, recorded in the BUNCE family Bible. Theirs was the 222nd family enumerated in the census. Also residing with them was Rhoda A. Kress' mother, Rhoda BUNCE, age 68, birthplace: Massachusetts. They lived a short distance from Andrew Tillman Kress' father, Samuel KRESS, Jr. See also reference to Rev. Nathan Fellows.

The probate record for Samuel KRESS, Jr. filed with the Surro­gate's Court for Yates County in Penn Yan, New York shows he died on 24 Oct 1852 at Starkey, Yates Co., New York. He is buried next to his parents and his second wife in the Old Baptist Cemetery in Dundee, Yates Co., New York. The inscrip­tion on his gravestone reads: "Samuel KRESS, Jr. 1852 Oct 24, d. age 63/2/23." The inscription for his wife's gravestone reads:  "Asenath Keyes KRESS 1843, d. ae. 42/2d, wife of Samuel KRESS, Jr."

The gravestone for Samuel KRESS, Sr. found in the Old Baptist Cemetery in Dundee, Yates Co., New York says he died 14 Jan 1845 at the age of 81 years, 7 months and 8 days, thus giving him an approximate date of birth of 30 Jun 1763. The probate record for Samuel KRESS, Sr. filed with the Surrogate's Court for Yates County in Penn Yan, New York also shows that he died on 14 Jan 1845 at Starkey, Yates Co., New York. His will reads as follows:

I Samuel KRESS, considering the uncertainty of this mortal life, and being of sound mind and memory, do make and establish this my last Will and Testament in manner and form following, that is to say: First, I give and bequeath to my wife Mahitable in addition to her right of dower in my lands, all the property she possessed when she became my wife, including her beds and bedding and wearing apparel, and also one cow, But it is my Will that she have no more of my personal property.

Second, I hereby give devise and bequeath to my sons, William KRESS, John J. KRESS, and Isaac KRESS, each an equal undivided eighth part of all my real and personal property.

Third, I hereby give devise and bequeath to my daughters Mary WALLING, Leah WALLING and Rebecca HUSON each an equal undivided eighth part of all my real and personal property.

Fourth, Inasmuch as my son Samuel KRESS Junior has heretofore for a valuable consideration paid by him to my son James KRESS, taken an assign­ment from said James KRESS of all his right and interest which he might ever have to my real and personal estate by devise or otherwise, with my approbation, I hereby give, bequeath and devise to my said son Samuel KRESS Junior two-eighths of all my real and personal property—It being understood, and it is my will two beds and bedding are to be excepted from the above devises, the said beds and bedding being reserved for my sons Samuel KRESS Junior and John J. KRESS each to have a bed and bedding according to the request of my wife Catharine in her lifetime. My other children having each had a bed and bedding—reserving also my wearing apparel which I give and bequeath to my said sons to be divided equally among them all. And whereas my daughter Sarah SEAMAN and her hus­band Orison SEAMAN have received their share of my estate or nearly so, I hereby give and bequeath Fifteen Dollars to my daughter Sarah in addition to what she has already had, and no more. And it is my Will further that all obligations or other choses in action which I may have at the time of my decease against any of my sons or the husbands of any of my daughters shall be deemed a part of my personal estate, and added to the common fund, with liberty to my executors to apply the same or any part thereof towards his or her share of my personal property.

In case either of my said children John J. KRESS, Samuel KRESS Junior, William KRESS, or Isaac KRESS or any of my daughters, Mary WALLING, Leah WALLING, Rebecca HUSON or Sarah SEAMAN should die before I do, then I will and bequeath the share or por­tions herein bequeathed to him or her or them to the child or children of such deceased son or daughter to be divided equally among them respectively.

Lastly. I hereby appoint and constitute my said sons Samuel KRESS Junior, John J. KRESS and Isaac KRESS executors of this my last will and testament, hereby revoking all former Wills by me made.

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the twentieth day of June 1844. Signed by Samuel KRESS.

Witnessed by Samuel HUSON of Starkey, Yates Co., and Samuel S. Benham of Starkey, Yates Co.

Recorded on pp. 248-250 of Will book for 1845 in the records for the Surrogate Court, Yates County, New York.

The probate record for John Jay KRESS, dated January, 1869, gives the address for his son, William KRESS, as being at Reading, New York in 1869. The family was living at Reading, Steuben Co., New York at the time of the 1850 federal census, which record is on p. 184, 168/162, and reads:

It appears their other children, Anthony, Margaret and William C., were born after 1850.

The information about James KUP and Mahitable KUP is not correct. It resulted from an error in interpreting the handwrit­ing on the probate record for Samuel KRESS, Sr.; this informa­tion was not in the will of Samuel KRESS, Jr. The name was spelled in old style “Krefs” with one “S” being in the elongated style and the poor handwriting made it look like “KUP,” but the names were “KRESS.” Also in the probate record there is a copy of the printed notice that was published in the newspa­per, Albany Argus, weekly for 6 weeks beginning 28 Jan 1845, which was addressed to all the heirs of the estate of Samuel KRESS, Sr., and no mention is made of anyone named KUP in it. The first paragraph of the printed notice reads:

“The people of the State of New York by the grace of God free and independent, to Mahitable Kress, the widow, residing in the town of Starkey, County of Yates, New York; John Kress, Samuel Kress, junior, William Kress and Isaac Kress, all of the town of Starkey aforesaid; Mary Walling the wife of Levi Walling of the town of Barrington, Yates county aforesaid; Leah Walling the wife of Jacob Walling, and Rebecca Huson the wife of Richard Huson, both of the town of Starkey aforesaid; Sarah Seaman wife of Orrisois sic Seaman, residing in Jefferson, Chemung Co., New York, and James Kress, residing in Jackson county, in the state of Michigan, heirs at law and next of kin of Samuel Kress, late of Starkey, Yates county, aforesaid, deceased, send greeting.”

The name of Samuel F. KRESS appeared on the 1850 census for Starkey, Yates Co., New York, at age 1/12th or one month, in the household of his father, Tillman KRESS, the 222nd family enumerated in the census. In later life he married, but his wife Helen (_____) KRESS was incompetent at the time of his death, and was a patient at Gowanda State Hospital. According to the probate record for him at the Surrogate's Court in Bath, Steuben Co., N.Y., Case No. 19276, he left his estate to the following persons: most of it went to his niece, Naomi (Coye) WHIPPLE; Herman B. JONES, a cousin of Ridgefield, N.J.; another cousin, Albert BENNETT of Painted Post, N.Y.; and a stranger, M. B. Rehse received a small amount. Two notes in the probate record indicate that two persons did not receive an inheritance for some reason: Alice JONES and Wm. H. COYE of Detroit, Mich. It is possible they, too, were designated his heirs, but perhaps the Court was unable to locate them. It appears that his niece probably also got custody of the BUNCE family Bible, but what she did with it during her life, or what happened to it after her death in 1949, is unknown. According to his death certificate, Samuel F. KRESS was not buried in Corning, as stated in the Bunce Genealogy and History, but was buried in Rochester, N.Y.

The LOOMIS line has been traced back to Oliver LOOMIS, born 1469 in England.

Doubts about this lineage were voiced in 2001 on the GenForum Loomis Message Board in a note, posted by a member of the Loomis Family Association, stating that they can only reliably trace the Loomis family back to “Thomas Lummyus who died 1551 at Thaxted, Co. Essex, as the earliest yet known antece­dent of Joseph Loomis of Braintree, Eng., and later of Windsor, CT” and that the earlier two generations back to Oliver LOOMIS have not been documented. This lineage is traced as:

  1. Thomas Lummyus, m. Ann Stephens. He d. 28 Oct 1551, at Thaxted, Essex County, England. They had:
    1. John Lummyus, b. Jan 1537 at Thaxted, Essex Co., England, m. Krystene Jackson Pasfield, 1526 of Rettendon, Essex Co., England. He d. 12 Apr 1567, at Brocking, Essex Co., England. They had:
      1. John Lummys Loomis, b. 29 Jan 1562 at Thaxted, Essex Co., England, m. Agnes Linwood Lingwood (1565-1619) of Bocking, Essex Co., England. He d. 29 May 1619 Braintree, Essex Co., England. They had:
        1. Joseph Loomis, b. about 1588, at Braintree, Essex Co., England, m. Mary White (bap. 24 Aug 1590, Messing, Essex Co., England; d. 23 Aug 1652, Windsor, Hartford Co., CT). He d. 25 Nov 1658 Windsor, Hartford Co., Connecticut, as well as 4 married sisters.

Oliver LOOMIS is the alleged grandfather of Thomas LUMMYUS, and Lowrent (Laurent) LOOMIS, (ca. 1491—1540) of Essex County, England is the alleged father of Thomas LUMMYUS, as well as another son named William LOMMANCE who is said to have d. in 1540, after having 4 children.

A baptismal record for Andrew LOOMIS, son of Michael and Mary (KARNER) LOOMIS was found in the book Baptismal Record of Reformed Church, Claverack, New York, 1727-1899, transcribed and indexed by Arthur C. M. Kelly, Kinship Books, ©1970, which confirms Andrew LOOMIS was born in 1759, that he was bap­tised on 2 Dec 1759, and his parents' names were given as "Michel Lommes and Mary Karner."

In a copyrighted story in the 30 Aug 1988 issue of The Denver Post newspaper entitled “Study: Forefathers a bunch of randy revolutionaries,” the then chief historian of Old Sturbridge Village in Sturbridge, Massachusetts, Jack Larkin, was quoted as saying:

"Larkin cites birth and marriage records of several dozen American communities [in an article in the Sep-Oct issue of American Heritage magazine] to prove that in the late 18th century, pregnancy was frequently a prelude to marriage. In rural New England, nearly a third of brides were already with child. 'The frequency of sexual intercourse before marriage was surely higher, since some couples would have escaped early pregnancy. For many couples, sexual relations were part of serious courtship,' he wrote.

‘People today tend to assume that we’ve reached the ultimate level of moral looseness, and that you can look back through our history at a steadily rising level of immorality, building up the present,’ Larkin said in an interview. 'But in fact, these things have gone in cycles.'"

Also because people were subsistence farmers for the most part, marrying a woman who could bear children was very important in those early days of the nation's history, since the children were the unpaid help on the farm.

Also see the thread or discussion on the Roots-L mailing list concerning this topic.

Mary (WHITE) LOOMIS, wife of Joseph LOOMIS, was one of 8 children born to Robert W. WHITE and Bridget ALLGAR of Shalford, Messing Co., England.

By tracing this English line one finds Mary (WHITE) LOOMIS was descended from English, French, Irish, Welsh, Scottish, Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian royal families, including William, the Conqueror and Charlemagne, Holy Roman Emperor.

According to a Dundee, New York newspaper obituary, a copy of which was obtained from the Dundee Area Historical Society, Eliza Ann (BUNCE) LORD was born in Pleasant Valley, Steuben Co., New York on 3 Jan 1838, which corroborates her age of 12 on the 1850 census of Barrington, Yates Co., New York where her name appears in the household of her father, Loomis BUNCE, the 115th family enumerated. She married George P. LORD, a “childhood friend,” on 2 Mar 1859. She traveled with her husband to nearly every state in the Union. They had no children. In memory of his wife, George P. LORD had a church erected in Dundee, the Grace Memorial Episcopal Church, the building of which now serves (in July, 1996) as the Town Hall for the Town of Starkey. She died of “paralysis” on 12 Jul 1898, probably the result of a stroke. Additionally, there is a rather dour picture (not reproduced here) of “Lizan Bunce” in the Bunce Genealogy and History on p. 123 which is probably a picture of her.

From newspaper clippings of obituaries obtained from the Dundee Area Historical Society, it has been learned that George P. LORD was born in Barrington, Yates Co., New York on 25 Jul 1831, the son of Benjamin M. and Elizabeth (FLEMING) LORD. He was a graduate of Genesee Wesleyan Seminary at Lima and of Hobart College in the class of 1856. He became a prominent man in the area, serving on the school board and as a member of the New York State Assembly in 1871 and 1872. From 1880 to 1883 he served as state senator in the Assembly. He was president of the Dundee State Bank. One of these obituaries said of him: “Senator LORD, as familiarly known in Yates County and throughout the entire state, was a man of unflinching courage, courtly and agreeable in manners, loyal to his friends, a recognized leader in politics for more than 50 years, and a businessman of rare judgment and experience.” He died 11 Jul 1917 at Dundee, Yates Co., New York. Below is a biographical sketch on the Lord family from History and Directory of Yates County, New York by Stafford C. Cleveland, published 1873, Vol. 2 in chapter on Town of Starkey, pp. 1076-78:


Ebenezer Lord, son of Ebenezer and Catharine Lord, was born in Connecticut in 1771. At sixteen he moved with his father's family to Ballston, N.Y. The father was a man of great force of character, and died in 1812, bequeathing a competency to all of his children, eight sons and three daughters. Ebenezer Lord, Jr., married Mary Morris, and they had ten children, Catharine, Benjamin W., Sherwood, William, Joseph W., Mary Ellen, Sarah Ann, George P., Robert D. and Mary. In the spring of 1824 Benjamin W. and Sherwood purchased a lot of forest land near Irelandville in Reading, and the following summer their father purchased two hundred and fifty acres one mile west of Warsaw, for one thousand dollars, and to this place the family of Ebenezer Lord, Jr., moved in 1825. About this time Daniel, a younger brother of Ebenezer, Jr., with three sons, Anson, Jarvis and Daniel, moved to Pittsford. Jarvis Lord and his sons are now wealthy and influential citizens of Monroe County, the father twice a State Senator, and his son George D. Lord twice a member of Assembly. Ebenezer Lord, Jr. was an Episcopalian, and one of the founders of St. Mark’s Church, Penn Yan. He died in Barrington in 1849, at seventy-six, and his wife in 1855, at about the same age.

Catharine married Thomas Sherwood, and removed to Saratoga County.

Benjamin W. and Sherwood sold their farms in Reading and bought land near the father in Barrington. Sherwood moved finally to McHenry County, Ill.

Benjamin W., born in 1801 at Ballston, married Elizabeth Fleming. She was born in New Jersey in 1806. He died in 1857, and his wife survives. Their children are Rachel, Mary, George P., Charles B., Kate and Libbie. Rachel, born in 1828, married Horace Kenyon of Barrington, where they now reside. Their children are Benjamin J. and Lucretia. Mary, born in 1829, married Albert Ovenshire of Barrington. Their children are Maud and Guy.

George P. Lord, born in 1831, married in 1858, Eliza Ann, daughter of Loomis Bunce. She was born in 1838. He graduated at Hobart College in 1856, and followed teaching and surveying at the West for two years. He was elected School Commissioner of Yates County in 1860, and held the office two terms of three years each. He has since resided in Dundee, and was elected member of Assembly in 1870 and 1871. During his second legislative term he was chosen chairman of the Assembly Committee on Education.

Charles B., born in 1832, married Ellen Chandler. They have five children, George, Ella, Kate, Edith and Ray. Kate, the third daughter of Benjamin W. Lord, born in 1834, married Emmett Sheppard of Saratoga County, and died in 1858. Libbie, born in 1841, married Theron R. Wheeler. They reside in Barrington and have three children, Kate, Georgiana and Carrie.

William Lord married Nancy Corbett of Reading, and resides in Newark, N.Y. Rev. William H. Lord of Ruthford Park and E. E. Lord of Newark are his sons. Joseph W. Lord has a wife and daughter, and resides at Newark. Sarah married Alanson Bassett, and resides in Kane County, Illinois, a widow with seven children. George P., brother of Benjamin W. Lord, resides in the town of Wayne. Robert D. has a family and resides at Marysville, California. He was a Union soldier of note in the War of the Rebellion. Mary married Seymour Swarthout, and died in 1854, leaving five children.

This is a record of Orpha (BUNCE) MARING’s family from an email message from Donald E. MARING, of Philadelphia, PA to Bonnie BUNCE, dated January 7, 1998. A copy of Samuel MARING's will follows this section. The names of Orpha's children are in bold print.

Samuel’s grandfather was George Mearing (MARING, etc.) [ca. 1730’s, Germany—spring 1817, NJ] who married Mary _____ [d. by 1815, NJ]. No record has been found proving when or from where he arrived in America or how many, if any, other family or relatives accompanied him. He is believed to have had brother Nicholas. The name of George’s wife has not yet been documented apart from tradition. One source says she was Mary Ann Fingerlong. The "Mering" Family (1929) records a tradition that she had a brother “Barney” in Bucks Co., PA. (“Barney” was a nickname for Dutch “Bernardus.”) So far, the surname “Fingerlong” has not been found in NJ or PA records. There was a family tradition that George at first worked in New Jersey as an iron refiner. Perhaps so, but records show him as a farmer. George moved from Morris Co to Frankford Twp., Sussex Co., NJ about 1784 or 1785.

George Mearing’s will is dated 14 January 1815 and was proved 29 May 1817 in Sussex Co., New Jersey. The original copy may be inspected at the New Jersey Archives in Trenton, NJ, as file 1530S; it was copied into Sussex Co., NJ, will book A, page 435. The heirs were Andrew, George, John, Rebecca (Gates), and the children of Barbara (Spangenburg) and Mary (Coss), both deceased. George signed with an "X." (There is neither a signature nor a note of how the name was pronounced). He refers to himself as "considerably advanced in age."

Samuel’s father George MARING [3 March 1765, Germany or NJ—14 May 1847, NY] m. 1st Mary Hager Wilhelm [29 Oct 1771—7 Feb 1819, NY]; 2nd Mary (Luther) Avery [d. 1851]. Mary Wilhelm was a daughter of George and Margaret (Hager) Wilhelm. Mary (Luther) Avery was the widow of Sylvanus Avery of Lyme, Connecticut. The “Mering” Family (1929) refers to a marriage prior to these, and includes a rather incredible story about a son living among the Native Americans in California until killed by a vol­cano, but lacks any documentation or convincing evidence. It also says that George traveled to Germany where he married Mary Wilhelm; but con­sidering the enormous expense and hardship of the journey, that is hard to believe.

George may have been born in Germany or New Jersey; the evidence is contradictory. Based on census enumerations of the next generation, it is clear that the belief that Andrew and George were born in Germany existed among some family in the 1870s and beyond. His descendants use "MARING" as their surname. (Other lines used “MERRING,” “MERING,” AND “MERRIN.”)

George moved to NY State, residing briefly in Seneca Co., near Ovid (where he was called "George Merren" on the 1810 census), then near Penn Yan in Milo, Yates Co., where he owned land on the Bath Road, east of Lake Keuka (Yates Co. Road 17). He and his wife Mary (Wilhelm) were buried at the Second Milo Cemetery, near their home. They had eight children, all living at the time of their father’s death. George’s second wife also was named Mary.

George's will was dated 16 December 1846 and proved 28 June 1847. He provided for wife Mary and children Jacob, Samuel, George J., Andrew, Joel, Margaret, Mary, and Eleanor. The probate packet contains receipts with signatures of all the children except Eleanor Briggs who signed with an “X.” Samuel and George were named executors. Wit­nesses were Henry H. Tupper, Isaac Hughes, and Nelson Vorce.

* 3rd Samuel MARING [24 Oct 1805, NJ—23 Nov 1889, NY] m. 1st Orpha Bunce [19 June 1802—13 June 1842] on 1 March 1827; m. 2nd Lucy Ann Horth [24 May 1819—1 May 1892] on 1 Oct 1843. Resided in Conesus Center, Livingston Co., NY. Boyd’s History of the Town of Conesus, Livingston Co., N.Y. Conesus, NY. 1887, mentions Samuel. The write-up says “Samuel MARING lives at Conesus Center and is an Elder in the Methodist Church.” His second wife, Lucy Horth, was a daughter of Francis Horth [1757-1844]; the Horths are buried at the McMillan Cemetery on Main St. in Conesus Center. Boyd's data on Samuel's children were mixed up. Samuel left a will (Book 16, p. 227-28) dated 22 July 1882; proved 16 Dec 1889. Amos D. Coe and Lucy Ann MARING, wife, were executors. An inventory was filed 10 Nov 1890, but his probate packet could not be located at Geneseo in August, 1987. Six children, all from the first marriage (all numbered 4th generation):

** 4th George MARING [10 Jan 1828, NY—5 Oct 1897, MI] m. Caroline E. Jones [21 Aug 1929—10 Apr 1889] on 19 Aug 1852. Moved to Mendon, Michigan in the 1850s. He was a carpenter. Two children:

*** 5th Orpha MARING [26 Sept 1853, NY—June 1913] m. Charles B. Palmer on 28 Apr 1897.

*** 5th Henry C. MARING [b. 20 Sept 1864, MI] m. Charity M. Fredericks. In 1910 they resided in Barberton, Summit Co, Ohio. Two children:

**** 6th Elsie M. MARING [b. July 1884, MI—d. in childhood]

**** 6th Lydia C. MARING [b. 13 June 1891, MI]

** 4th William MARING [22 July 1829, NY—2 Sept 1896, MI] m. Mary Docherty [31 Oct 1836, Scotland—19 July 1912] on 7 Aug 1852 by the Rev. Tooker at Luna, Livingston Co., NY. He was residing at Conesus Center, NY, when he enlisted in Co. G, 130th NY Regt. After the war, they moved west. Except for about two years in Greenfield, LaGrange Co., Indiana, he resided in Kalamazoo and St. Joseph Counties, MI. Three children:

*** 5th James L. MARING [b. 15 Nov 1859—d. childhood]

*** 5th Evalena E. MARING [b. 10 Aug 1861—living 1912, MI] Unmarried.

*** 5th Annie MARING [6 July 1867—26 Aug 1868]

** 4th Andrew Wesley MARING [11 May 1831, NY—13 Apr 1909, MI] m. Esther Maria Taft [18 Sept 1834—6 Apr 1916], on 11 Feb 1858. They resided in Mendon, MI. Esther was a daughter of Moses and Esther Taft; her father, a native of Mass., lived a while in Chautauqua Co., NY, in Carroll on Case Creek, then moved to Mendon, Michigan. Three children:

*** 5th Delos Taft MARING [13 Feb 1859, MI—18 July 1923] m. Ida W. Hewitt 14 Jan 1855. Resided Washington, D.C.

*** 5th Cassius Clay MARING [1 March 1863, MI—21 Apr 1905] m. Francett Plummer [b. 27 March 1866] 30 July 1890. Resided in Portland, Oregon 1884-1888. Moved to Seattle, Washington in 1888. A biographical sketch is in the 1916 History of Seattle Vol. III, published by S. J. Clarke. It says there that he drew Washington’s portrait for the state seal.

**** 6th Edith Plummer MARING [b. 4 June 1891, Wash.] m. 1st H. M. Cunningham; 2nd Nahum Willey.

**** 6th Helen Plummer MARING [b. 27 Jan 1900, Wash.] m. Ted Samsel on 30 Aug 1924. She published poetry and edited a literary journal under her maiden name.

*** 5th Esther Maria MARING [b. 25 Oct 1865, MI]

** 4th Samuel MARING [21 July 1833, NY—Jan 1863, VA] m. Minerva Weaver [b. March 1838—1905], on 9 Oct 1856. Samuel died in a military hospital in Virginia. [Maring, Samuel Jr., age 29, enlisted Union Army 8/29/1862 Springwater, private of Co. I, 136 Reg., died 1/19/l863 at hospital Aquia Creek, VA, also “Marring” source: NY Adjutant General's Report.] His widow received a pension based on his service until 1905. She bought property at Springwater, Livingston Co., NY. One child:

*** 5th Frank F. MARING [16 Oct 1860, NY—d. by 1929]

** 4th Mary Jane MARING [12 May 1838, NY—25 Sept 1862, MI] m. Stephen Bachman [d. by 1929] on 13 Nov 1861.

** 4th Brainard B. MARING [28 May 1841, NY—1911, NY] m. Annie E. Jenkins [d. 9 Feb 1892, NY] on 5 Oct 1864 by the Rev. Norman B. James at Springwater, NY. He was born at Conesus, Livingston Co, NY. Applied for a pension based on Civil War service between Dec. 1863—Sept. 1865. Resided after the war at a number of sites in Steuben, Schuyler, Yates, Ontario, and Chemung Counties. As of Feb., 1911, he was residing at Milo Mills, Yates Co., NY; he was dropped from the pension rolls in Apr. 1911 as deceased. Probate records for Ann E. MARING of Montour, Schuyler Co., NY (packet 6867) refer to her husband B. B. MARING and their 5 children: Andrew, William, Albert, Hattie, and Amanda. A record confirming the Civil War service of Brainard B. Maring was found on the Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System web site where it shows he apparently served two terms of enlistment, one in Co. B of the 104th N.Y. Infantry, where he was a private and also as a private in the 21st N.Y. Cavalry, but this last one may not have been him, as there is an alternative name given here as "Brainard V. Maring." Children's birthdates are from his pension file:

*** 5th Andrew MARING [b. 17 Aug 1868, NY] Resided in Reading, Schuyler Co., NY in 1900, working on the farm of George W. Matthews.

*** 5th William Bernard MARING [b. 28 Apr 1870, NY] m. Margaret _____ Lee, widow, in late 1890s. She had two Lee children by a previous marriage: Willard [b. Aug. 1888] and Grace Mary [b. Feb. 1898]. William B. MARING was residing in Orange, Schuyler Co., in 1900. There is a Yates Co. marriage record for Grace MARING and Carl A. Jorgenson, both residents of Milo, Yates Co., NY on 25 Dec 1914 in Penn Yan; her age was given as 16; her place of birth as Monterey, NY; permission was given by Mr. and Mrs. Wm. B. MARING. There is also named as a half-sister of William James MARING one Grace Joyce, so she must have married twice.

**** 6th Jesse MARING [d. 1944] known from his brother William’s probate records.

**** 6th William James MARING [15 Apr 1904, NY—20 Dec 1971, NY] Unmarried. From 1930s resided just outside Corning, NY, where he worked for Corning Glass. His heirs were two grand-nephews and a grand-niece. These were Robert S. Dates of Corning, grandson of Grace; John Willard Lee, of Kansas City, MO, then West Palm Beach, FL, grandson of Willard; and Jeaneen Ann Lee of Kansas City, MO, granddaughter of Willard. The probate packet at Bath, Steuben Co, is file 23,484.

*** 5th Albert H. MARING [b. 12 Sept 1873, NY] m. Esther _____ [b. Oct. 1874] ca 1892. Resided in Bath, Steuben Co, NY in 1900.

*** 5th Hattie MARING [b. 17 Nov 1876, NY] m. _____ Monroe; resided in Geneva, NY in 1892.

*** 5th Amanda MARING [b. 11 Nov 1878, NY]

Transcribed copy of the will of Samuel MARING from Surrogate’s Court of Livingston Co., New York (handwritten portions are in italics):


Samuel MARING, deceased.

BE IT REMEMBERED, That heretofore, to wit: on the    3rd     day of    December    in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and eighty    nine        Amos D. Coe and Lucy Ann MARING    Executors named in the Last Will and Testament of Samuel MARING   late of the town of    Conesus   , in the county of Livingston, deceased, appeared in open court, before the Surrogate of the County of Livingston, and made application to have the said Last Will and Testament, which relates to both Real and Personal Estate, proved; and on such application the said Surrogate did ascertain by satisfactory evidence who were the heirs at law and next of kin of said testator, and their respective residences,                             and said Surrogate did thereupon issue a Citation in due form of law, directed to the said heirs at law and next of kin, by their respective names, stating their respective names of residence, requiring them to appear before said Surrogate, at his office in the Village of Geneseo, in said County on the   16th   day of   December  , A.D., 1889, to attend the Probate of said Will.

And afterwards, to wit: on the   16th   day of   December  , A.D. 1889, satisfactory evidence by affidavit was produced and presented to said Surrogate, of the Due service of said Citation in the mode prescribed by law, and on that day, no one appearing to oppose the Probate of such Will,                          such proceedings were thereupon had in said Court afterwards, that the said Surrogate took the proofs of said Will                           hereinafter set forth upon this   16th   day of   December,   1889, A.D., and he thereupon adjudged the said Will                           to be a valid Will                       of Real and Personal Estate, and the proofs thereof to be sufficient, which said Last Will and Testament                           and proofs are as follows, that is to say:

In the name of God Amen. I, Samuel MARING, of the town of Conesus County of Livingston & State of New York, being of sound mind and memory, and considering the uncertainty of this frail and transitory life, do therefore make, ordain, publish and disclose this to be my last Will and Testament, that is to say:

1st First, After all my lawful debts are paid and discharged, I give and bequeath to my wife Lucy Ann fifteen hundred dollars & all the household furniture of every description.

2nd I make the ballance or remainder of my property to be divided into four equal parts as follows: To my son George I give one fourth of what remains after paying my wife as above stated. To my son William one fourth the same as George. To my son Andrew J. one fourth the same as George & William each. To my son Branard B. & nephew Frank F. I give the remaining fourth to be divided equally between them.

3rd I hereby authorize my executor & executrix to hand over, to sell & convey any & all real estate lands & tenements I may hold at the time of my decease. Likewise, I make, constitute and appoint Amos D. Coe & my wife Lucy Ann to be executor & executrix of this my Last Will and Testament, hereby revoking all former wills by me made. In Witness whereof, I have hereunto subscribed my name and affixed my seal this 22nd day of July in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and eighty-two.

Samuel MARING [L.S.]

This above written instrument was subscribed by the said Samuel MARING in our presence and acknowledged by him to each of us, and he at the same time declared the above instrument, so subscribed, to be his last Will and Testament, and we, at his request, have signed our names as wit­nesses hereto, and written opposite our names our places of residence.

Wm. F. Gray, Conesus, Liv. Co., N.Y.
Mary J. Coe, Conesus, Liv. Co., N.Y.

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