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Some Descendants of
Thomas Lovell (1620-1692)

The following record is copied from pp. 569-71 of Centennial History of Millbury, Massachusetts, Including Vital Statistics, 1850-99, Published Under the Direction of a Committee Appointed by the Town, 1915.

Notes:  For additional information, please see copies of the email which I received from Alison Franks on the Lovell family, which is posted below the Millbury record.  Information printed in purple color is from another source, the book Vital Records of Millbury, Massachusetts to end of 1849, published 1903.  See also records in the Inscriptions in the Millbury Cemetery, Worcester Co., Massachusetts.


Thomas Lovell, currier, was born in Dublin, Ireland, about 1620. He came to New England and settled in Salem about 1641. In 1644, he owned a share and a half in Plum Island. In 1647, he moved to Ipswich where he became one of the proprietors. He signed the loyalist petition in 1666 and his name is on the list of voters for 1679. He was a selectman in Ipswich in 1680 and 1692. He married Ann ______. Children:

John2 Lovell married ______. Children:

Thomas2 Lovell, currier, was born in Ipswich, Feb. 2, 1649, and died Aug. 11, 1718. He settled his father’s estate. His will made Aug. 10, 1717, was probated Aug. 18, 1718, and mentions no wife or children of his own, but refers to his brother John Lovell’s family, naming children 1. Elizabeth; 2. Thomas (see below); 3. Alexander, and names his cousin Thomas Lovell as executor of his estate.

Thomas3 Lovell, (John2, Thomas1) was born about 1690 and married in Beverly, Mass., May 19, 1715, Martha Herrick [dau. of George and Martha (____) Herrick of Salem, Mass.]. He settled the estate of his uncle Thomas Lovell and for a time resided in Ipswich, but moved to Sutton in 1722. Children, all born in Sutton:

Thomas4 Lovell was born in Sutton, June 17, 1719, and married first, Eunice Putnam.

Capt. Ezra5 Lovell, Revolutionary soldier, was born in Sutton, Mar. 29, 1749, and married Sept. 24, 1776, Mary Jennison, who was born Nov. 18, 1757. He died Aug. 14, 1821. She died Jan. 3, 1844. Children:

Ezra6 Lovell, farmer, was born in Sutton, July 8, 1787, and married first, June 2, 1812, Polly, dau. of Azor and Mary Phelps. She was born Sept., 1791, and died Sept. 21, 1814 (see Providence St. Cemetery). He married second, Oct. 29, 1815, Olive Jennison [Note:  Her last name is spelled “Jeneson” in Vital Records of Millbury book]. He died in Millbury, Aug. 12, 1874. She died there May 14, 1875.

William Austin6 Lovell, mill superintendent, resided in Millbury, was born there Nov. 28, 1816, and married there June 3, 1841, Mary Ann Mallalieu, who was born in Millbury, July 4, 1818. He died in Windsor, Conn., May 29, 1906. She died there May 1, 1897. Children:

Russell Buckman7 Lovell (Ezra6, Ezra5, Thomas4, Thomas3, John2, Thomas1) was born in Millbury, Sept. 21, 1822, and married in Oxford, May 21, 1846, (Millbury records, May 22) Lydia Marble, who was born in Sutton, Nov. 4, 1821. She died in Millbury, Sept. 18, 1912. Children:

Luther Merritt8 Lovell, bank teller, residing in Worcester, was born in Woodstock, Vt., June 29, 1847, and married in Claremont, N.H., Apr. 24, 1872, Clara Sumner Waite, dau. of Otis F. R. Waite (q.v.). Children:

Charles Edward8 Lovell, bookkeeper, resided in Worcester, was born in Woodstock, Vt., Oct. 23, 1856, and married in Millbury, May 9, 1883, Nellie Alexander, dau. of James Hancock and Mary A. (Alexander) Mattoon (q.v.). He died in Westboro, Oct. 31, 1906. Children, all born in Millbury, but now residing in Worcester:

FOOTNOTE:  ** Ruth (LOVELL) and William WAITE were the parents of twelve children of whom one was Bethiah WAITE, born 10 Feb 1759, who married Timothy BURNAP (25 Dec 1753—4 Oct 1828) on 19 Dec 1780, in Sutton, Massachusetts, and they were in turn the parents of twelve children, including Polly BURNAP, born 6 Nov 1783 in Sutton, Worcester Co., Massachusetts, died 1 Jun 1874 in Millbury, Worcester Co., Massachusetts, who married Webster COLE in Sutton on 7 Dec 1805, and they were the parents of five children, including Leonard COLE, their second son, born 19 Sep 1812. See Cole Line.

Emails from Alison Franks about the Lovell and related families.

To: Bonnie Bunce
Date: Thu, 2 Jul 1998 02:15:51
Subject: Re: [NORTHEAST] LOVELL, Salem>Sutton/Millbury, Mass. 1620-1888
From: (Alison Gene Franks)

Hi Bonnie: With reference to the Lovell family, this is what I can offer you.

Thomas Lovell b. ca. 1620-1 Dublin, Ireland. Will proved 2 Jan 1710 Ipswich #17086. His wife was Ann (perhaps POTTER) b. ca. 1625. I don’t know anything more on her.

John (2) Lovellb. 1647 Ispwich, Mass.

d. 4 Feb 1719 Ipswich, Mass.

m. 12 Sep 1689 Ipswich, Mass.

Elizabeth Pindar

b. 16 Aug 1658 Ispwich, Mass.


dau. of John and Seaborn (Wilson) Pindar

Alexander (3) Lovellb. 10 Apr 1698 Ipswich, Mass.

d. 7 Oct 1768 Scituate, Rhode Island

will dated 10 Jun 1768 Scituate, Rhode Island

will proved 1 Jan 1769

m. 23 May 1731 Providence, Rhode Island

Mary Waterman

b. ca. 1705 Providence, Rhode Island

d. 7 Oct 1768

dau. of Resolved and (1) Ann (Harris) Waterman

Note. Alexander may have had a prior wife 14 Jan 1719 Margaret Williams, and then it is said he had a second wife Jerusha _______. My 2ggrandfather, Owen Mason Lovell, may have been named for this Jerusha, as the name Mason doesn't appear in any other part of the family.

Alison Franks
Archivist, Rawson Family Association

To: Bonnie Bunce
Date: Thu, 2 Jul 1998 14:52:59
Subject: Re: [NORTHEAST] LOVELL, Salem>Sutton/Millbury, Mass. 1620-1888, Part 2 of 2
From: (Alison Gene Franks)

Hi Bonnie:

I don’t know that I am the best genealogist on the list, but I try very hard to be accurate and give the references where I have them.

Do you have the lineage for the Pindar line? If not I can give you what I have. I have not worked on my genealogy in a very long time because I spend my time hunting up RAWSON.

Oh yes, we are cousins on the Lovell side of the tree. I also have a bit of pre-Thomas, but I don’t have proven sources. My Lovell ended up in Rhode Island. There is a nightmare to research. My 2d ggfather, Owen Mason Lovell upped and left his wife and 3 little girls and went off to do “who knows what.” He ended in in Illinois and enlisted in the 6 IL Cavalry. He died of yellow fever near Helena, AR.

If I can give you more stuff, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Regards, Alison

To: Bonnie Bunce
Date: Fri, 3 Jul 1998 07:03:09
Subject: Re: [NORTHEAST] LOVELL-Pindar
From: (Alison Gene Franks)

Hi Bonnie:

Here is what I have on Lovell — I don't have the sources proved

D. Lovell, Robertb.

d. Guilsborough, Northamptonshire, England

will proved 4 Nov 1557




d. after 1557

dau. of _______ ______

C. Lovell, Johnb.

d. after 1557


_______ _______



dau. of _______ _______

B. Lovell, Alexanderb.

d. 22 Dec 1600 Guilsborough, Northamptonshire, England


Agnes _______



dau. of _______ _______

A. Lovell, Alexanderbap. 29 Sep 1580 Guilsborough, Northamptonshire, England

d. 5 Sep 1626, Daventry, Northamptonshire, England

m. (1) 20 May 1617

Elizabeth Dunkley

bap. 20 Apr 1600, probably Daventry, Northants, England

d. after 1626

dau. of John Dunkley

she m. (2) Richard Jackson

Lovell, Alexander 1b. ca 1620-1 etc.

A. Pindar/Pynder, Michael b.


son of _______ _______


Mary Aldworth



dau. of Richard Aldworth (had also Robert of Lincoln’s Inn)

Pindar, Henry 1b. ca. 1578 England

d. 6 Feb 1661 Ipswich, Mass.

m.(1) 22 May 1614 St. Mary’s Great Cambridge, England

Mary Rogers

b. ca. 1582 England


dau. of _______ _______


Elizabeth _______



dau. of _______ _______

Pindar, John 2b. ca. 1627-1634 England

d. 14 Apr 1707 Watertown, Mass.

m. 1648

Seaborn Wilson

b. ca. 1636 England


dau. of Theophilus and Elizabeth (Knowlton) Wilson

Pindar, Elizabeth 3b. 16 Aug 1658 Ipswich, Mass.


m. 12 Sep 1689 Ipswich, Mass.

John 2 Lovell

Wilson, Theophilus 1b. ca. 1600-1 England

d. 1690 Ipswich, Mass.

will dated 3 Oct 1690

will proved 31 Mar 1691 #30150 Essex Co., Mass.

son of _______ _______


Elizabeth Knowlton [sis. of John, Thomas, Margery]


d. 10 Jan 1679-80 Ipswich, Mass.

Wilson, Seaborn 2b. ca. 1636 England


m. ca. 1648

John 2 Pindar

Note:  Theophilus Wilson came to Ipswich, Mass. in 1636. He was also at Dorcester, Mass. for a time. Elizabeth Knowlton had siblings John, Thomas, Margery, and William. I descend from William also.

Hope this is of help. I wish I had the vitals for Ipswich, but I don't, nor do I have the vitals for Dorchester.

This is what Pope says in the Pioneers of Mass.

Theophilus Wilson, Ipswich, proprietor 1637; sold land 28 (12) 1641; bought land 20 (10) 1642.  Dorcester, proprietor, freeman 13 Mar 1638-9.  His land passed to Thomas Tredwell.  With [wife] Elizabeth witnessed the will of his sister Margery Knowlton in 1654.  He deposed in 1680, aged about 79 years.

Elizabeth Knowlton’s brother John had a wife Margery, so perhaps she was in actuality the sister of Theophilus Wilson

brother Thomas had a wife Susanna, and he died 03 Apr 1692

brother William who had had a wife Elizabeth.

same ref pg 362:

Henry Pindar/Pyndar, Henry, carpenter, Ipswich, commoner, 1631; one of the builders of the prison in 1652.  Sold house and land and commage 20 Jan 1657.  The widow Elizabeth gave land to Edward Deare and his wife Elizabeth, her gdau, 24 Aug 1666.

Mary, aged 53, Francis, aged 20, Marie aged 17, Joanna aged 14, Katharine aged 10, and JOHN aged 8, came [to America] in the [ocean ship] “Susan and Ellen” in April 1635.

Regards, Alison

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