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Jackson Line, cont.

Karner Line

Kress Line

Lonsinger Line

Loomis Line


Child of Coleman Jackson:

  1. Anna Jackson, lived in Arkansas with her father until he died when she was 9 years old. Her mother remarried and died. Anna then lived with her Uncle Andrew and Aunt Myra until he died in the war. Lived with various relatives. Moved to Kansas with Elisha and Celia Jackson where she had a home a number of years. She spent her last years with Mary D. Stevens. Buried in Bethel Cemetery, Watson, Kansas.

Other Jacksons mentioned in letters whose families were not identified:

  1. Rovie Jackson, m. Frank McClelland, divorced. May have been brother of Edwin McClelland.

  2. Archie Jackson, m. 2nd time.

  3. Jennie Jackson and her family moved near Osage City, Okla. m. John Hagan Miller. See Miller line.

  4. Eddie Jackson, lived near Carney, Kans. Children: Gordon; Lisle; Gladys; Lucile.


Egremont, Berkshire County, Massachusetts was incorporated 13 February 1750 and named after the Secretary of State for England, Charles Windham, Earl of Egremont. In 1724, when the Indians deeded lands to the settling committee, they reserved a tract which they called the Indian Reservation. In 1736, the Indians exchanged their reservation for Stockbridge and requested that the Dutchmen residing on the reservation east of Taghconic not be dispossessed of land they had improved.

Lodowick Karner, b. 1680, d. 1757, believed to be from Rhinebeck, New York, was a settler about 1730. He died in 1757 leaving Catharine, his wife, and nine children as follows:

  1. Andrew
  2. Jacob
  3. Nicholas
  4. Derrick
  5. Mary
  6. Matilda
  7. Catharine
  8. Janike
  9. Wensha

Catharine and her son, Jacob, were appointed administrators of the estate. Andrew Karner, son of Lodowick and Catharine, settled on the reservation about 1730, obtaining a ninety-nine year lease for one-half of it from the Indians. Mr. Karner’s title to the land was disputed but the General Court granted the land to him and his heirs forever on condition that he fulfill the stipulations of the original lease.

According to tradition in the family, Andrew Karner obtained the land by allowing John Van Guilder, an Indian with a Dutch name, to marry his sister. The Indians gave or leased one half of the reservation land in Egremont at the time Mr. Karner obtained his portion. A large stone chimney stack in the northwest angle of the highway which leaves Guilder Hollow for Mount Washington is believed to be the site of Andrew Karner’s residence. Andrew Karner, b. 1700, d. 1781, age 81. His children:

  1. Felix, lived at Mount Washington, later moved to Pa.

  2. Nicholas, m. Sabra Kellogg, d. in the Revolutionary War, leaving three sons as follows:

    1. Samuel;
    2. Levi;
    3. Felix.

  3. Samuel, d. at Sharon, Connecticut.

  4. Andrew, Jr. d. in Egremont.

  5. Levi, d. in 1818, age 67, m. Polly Kellogg who d. 11 Oct. 1828, age 60.

  6. Prudence, m. a Quimby and moved to Utica, New York.

  7. Anna, m. a Buckman.

  8. Roseannah, m. John Van Guilder, Jr., d. at Stockbridge, Nov. 1764 or Feb. 1765, leaving, besides other children, a daughter, Roseannah, who m. Israel Humphrey, of Mount Washington about 1785.

  9. Mary, m. Michael Loomis 1758. He built a grist mill on Guilder Brook. See the Loomis line.

  10. Magdalen.

  11. Elizabeth

Children of Levi and Polly Karner, grandchildren of Andrew Karner, 1st:

  1. Dimmus, b. 1796
  2. Sir Lanstel, 1799
  3. Sabra, 1802
  4. Andrew, 3rd, 1804
  5. Sophronia, 1806, d. 1849
  6. Levi, Jr. 1809, d. 1866
  7. Zadock, 1811

Guilder Hollow derives its name from John Van Guilder, Sr. Legend is that as an Indian boy, John V. G., Jr. wandered from his tribe and was raised by and named after John Van Guilder, a Dutch farmer. He was brother-in-law to Andrew Karner, and in this way the Van Guilders became half-breeds. The family from 1740 until after the Revolutionary War were large land owners, considered wealthy. Their children married other descendants of early settlers of this town.

Samuel Winchell, from Amenia, New York, moved near North Egremont with his brother, Ezeriah, in 1726. In 1733, he moved to Twelve Mile Pond in Monterey, and kept a hotel three years, then moved back to Egremont. He was related to the Van Guilder and Karner families. Samuel Winchell was elected clerk at the first town meeting, March 1761.

Among the many names of early settlers mentioned in the history of this area of Massachusetts, the names of various members of the Loomis, Bunce, and Karner families are often referred to.

Mary Karner, dau. of Andrew Karner, granddau. of Lodowick Karner, and [her husband] Michael Loomis were grandparents of Rhoda (Loomis) Bunce.


SAMUEL KRESS, SR., b. 1763 in Orange Co., New York, d. 1845, age 82, in Starkey, New York, m. (1) Catharine Slaughter in Orange Co. She was b. 1765, d. 1837 at age 72. They had nine children. Married (2) Mehetable in 1840, widow of Deacon LaFever.

Samuel Kress and wife, Catharine, moved at an early period from Orange County to Newtown where he was a miller. In 1804, they came to what is now Starkey, bought 50 acres of land in 1806 and remained there. Samuel Kress was a Methodist and an early class leader of Milo Center Church. Meetings were sometimes held in his house. Children of Samuel Kress, Sr., and Catharine (Slaughter) Kress:

  1.  Photo from daguerrotype of John Jay and Margaret (Murdock) Kress, taken before 1867 John J. Kress, b. 1787, m. 1810 Margaret Murdock who was b. 1789. John d. 11 Jan 1869 in Starkey. Margaret d. 1867 in Starkey, New York. [Children listed below.]

  2. Samuel Kress, Jr. b. 1789, m. (1) Betsey Starkey, (2) Ansenath Keyes, (3) Sarah Hutchins

    [Note: Sarah (Hutchins) Kress was b. about 1808 from 1850 Starkey, Yates Co., N.Y. census, so she had probably married Samuel Kress, Jr. about 1850.

    Also Samuel Kress, Jr. died at Starkey, Yates Co., New York 24 Oct 1852, according to the probate record on file for his estate in the Surrogate’s Court. It was in the court record, also, that the appointment of Abraham Harpending as special guardian for Samuel’s youngest children was found.]

  3. Mary Kress, b. 1791, m. Levi Walling of Starkey, lived in Rockford, [Winnebago Co.] Ill. [Children below.]

  4. Leah Kress, b. 1795, m. Jacob Walling. [Children below.]

  5. William Kress, b. 1795.

  6.   Photo of Dr. Richard Huson, date unknown Rebecca Kress, b. 1800 in Starkey, m. Dr. Richard Huson, b. 1798, Mass. Homeopathic physician in Dundee, moved to Lawrence, Kansas in 1856, s. of Nathaniel Huson, b. 1767 in Fredericksburg, N.Y. and Anna (Spink) Huson, b. 1770, d. 1793. His real estate valued at $11,500. Rebecca (Beckie) d. in [Eureka], Greenwood [Co.], Kans., at the home of Mrs. (Hoagland) Klogston, her niece. [He served as president of the The Homoeopathic Medical Society of the State of Kansas from 1869-1870.] [Children listed below.]

  7. Sarah Kress, b. 1802 in Starkey, m. Orison Seaman. They lived and died in Watkins, Jefferson Co., New York. [Children below.]

  8. James Kress, b. 1806, Starkey, New York, m. Mary Hulse, lived in Michigan.

  9.   Photo of Isaac Kress, 1800s Isaac Kress, b. 1809, in N.Y., m. Joanne Ayres, b. 1814 in New Jersey.

George Kress, bro. of Samuel Kress, Sr., was a very early resi­dent living on the Judson Millard Place near Dundee, original settler there. He was Justice of Peace. John Kress, another brother of Samuel, was an early resident of Barrington. In 1825, a Post Office was established in Honey & Simmons store. The firm was dissolved. Honey bought the store of Samuel Kress, Jr. which stood where the Presbyterian Church now stands [in 1873]. Isaac Kress was clerk for Honey Simmons.

Children of John Jay Kress and Margaret (Murdock) Kress: (of Starkey):

  1. Maria Kress, m. Isaac Wilkins, lived in Starkey, N.Y. [Children listed below.]

  2. Catherine Kress, m. Elisha Reed, lived in Starkey, N.Y. [Children below.]

  3. Eliza Ann Kress, m. Shannon McLoud, [also spelled MacLeod according to a descendant of the McLoud family] lived in Starkey, N.Y. [ Children below.]

  4. Photo of Semantha (Kress) Norris, date unknown Semantha Kress, b. 1815, m. Joshua Norris, lived in Dundee and Barrington. [Children below.]

  5. Photo of Jane (Kress) O'Brien, taken in Topeka, Kan. by Leonard & Martin Jane Kress, m. John O'Brien, lived in Fall River, Wisc. [Children below.]

  6. Photo of Margaret Harriet (Kress) Ketchum, date unknown Margaret H. Kress, m. William Ketchum, lived in Mausten, Wisc. and St. Paul, Minn. [[Child below.]

  7. John S. Kress, m. Rachel Ryal, dau. of Anthony B. Ryal, lived in Reading, Schuyler Co., N.Y. [Child below.]

  8. William Kress, m. Lucy Ryal, dau. of Anthony B. Ryal, lived in Reading, Schuyler Co., N.Y. [Children below.]

  9. Photo of Mary Bolender (Kress) Bunce, date unknown Mary Bolender Kress, m. Peter Bunce, lived in Tescumseh, Shawnee Co., Kans. Mary b. 22 Sept 1822, d. 22 Apr. 1901. Peter b. 18 Oct. 1823, d. 3 Jan. 1892. See Bunce line above.

  10. Andrew J. Kress, m. Adeline Shannon, lived in Starkey, Yates Co., N.Y. He was b. 1825. [Children below.]

  11. Photo of Susan A. (Kress) Slaughter, taken in Rochester, NY by JW Taylor ca. 1883 Susana Kress, m. J. Wesley Slaughter, lived in Penn Yan, Yates Co., New York. [Children below.]

  12. S. Minerva Kress, died young.

  13. Photo of Halsey S. Kress, date unknown Halsey S. Kress, b. 1830, m. Martha Ayres. [Children below.]

  14. Photo of George W. Kress, date unknown George W. Kress, b. 1833, m. Sarah Raplee, lived in Starkey. [Children below.]

Children of Samuel Kress, Jr. and Betsey (Starkey) Kress:

  1. Andrew P. Tillman Kress, b. 1823, m. Rhoda Ann Bunce, b. 8 Aug. 1821, on 3 January 1849. See Bunce line above.

  2. Pauline Catharine Kress, m. Andrew Maring.

Children of Samuel Kress, Jr. and Asenath (Keyes) Kress:

  1. Charles B. Kress, b. 1830, Starkey, farmer, m. Sarah Fisher, lived in California in 1906.

  2. Mary Ellen Kress, b. 1833 in Starkey.

  3. Emily Kress, b. 1835, Starkey, m. Lewis Ephraim Bennett.

  4. Harriett R. Kress, b. 1842, Starkey.

Abraham V. Harpending of Penn Yan, N.Y. was appointed special guardian of Mary, Emily and Harriett Kress because their father died before they were twenty-one years of age. Samuel Kress, Jr. was a farmer worth $110,250 in 1850.

Children of Mary (Kress) and Levi Walling:

  1. Rebecca Walling
  2. Alvira Walling
  3. Mary Walling
  4. Susan Walling
  5. Elizabeth Walling

Children of Leah (Kress) and Jacob Walling:

  1. Hannah Walling
  2. Catharine Walling
  3. Sarah A. Walling
  4. Clinton Walling
  5. Amanda Walling
  6. Samuel Walling, Capt. of a Co. of the 161st N.Y. Volunteers in the War of the Rebellion and died in the service.

    The mother of this family lived in Nunda, [Livingston Co.] New York.

Children of William Kress and Eliza (Gabriel) Kress:

  1. Charles W. Kress, a joiner and local Methodist Preacher at Hornellsville, New York.
  2. Susan Kress
  3. Adelaid Kress
  4. Isaac Kress, carpenter, lived in Hornellsville, N.Y.
  5. Grandison Kress, a mechanic, lived in Addison, N.Y.
  6. Scott Kress, City Marshall in Elmira, N.Y.
  7. Genette Kress
  8. Olivette Kress

Children of Rebecca (Kress) and Dr. Richard Huson:

  1. Eliza Ann Huson, m. Edward Hoagland, d. in Kans.

  2. Catherine Huson, m. James Spicer.

  3. Samuel K. Huson, m. Polly Ann Spicer, dau. of John Spicer.

  4. Richard Huson, Jr., a doctor.

[Note: S.C. Cleveland’s History and Directory of Yates County, New York, p. 1020, does not list Richard Huson, Jr. as a son of Dr. Richard Huson; however, in the chapter “Era of Peace,” from the book, History of the State of Kansas by William G. Cutler, there is a record of “S. K. Huson,” who served as President of the Homeopathic Medical Society of the State of Kansas for the years 1871-1873.]

Children of Sarah (Kress) and Orison Seaman:

  1. James Seaman
  2. Clinton Seaman
  3. Catherine Seaman
  4. Samuel Seaman
  5. Eliza Seaman
  6. DeZeng Seaman

Children of James Kress and Mary (Hulse) Kress:

  1. Thompson Kress, a soldier in the Mexican War.
  2. Mary Kress
  3. Garwood Kress
  4. Theodore Kress
  5. Richard Kress
  6. Rachel A. Kress

Children of Isaac Kress and Joanna (Ayres) Kress:

  1. Elizabeth Kress, b. 1835, N.Y., m. James Moore.

  2. Melissa Kress, b. 1838, N.Y., m. Jephtha F. Randolph, youngest s. of Daniel F. Randolph. Children of J.F.R., Orville Y. Randolph.

  3. Samuel H. Kress, b. N.Y., a classical student.

  4. Martin Inseco Kress, b. N.Y. [possibly Martin Inscho] Not sure he belongs here.

Children of Maria (Kress) Wilkins and Isaac Wilkins:

  1. Catherine Wilkins, b. 1837, N.Y. m. Elisha Reed.

  2. Mary Jane Wilkins, b. 1846, m. (1) Mr. ______ Ovenshire, (2) Rance Pratt. Born in Penn Yan, N.Y.

  3. John Wilkins, b. N.Y.

Catharine and Mary Wilkins, orphaned, were raised by John and Margaret Kress, their grandparents.

John J. Bunce said Mary Jane (Wilkins) (Ovenshire) Pratt and Rance Pratt were married before they came to Kansas with Peter Bunce, Jr. and family in 1859.

Mary and Rance Pratt took a claim in Osage County, Kansas where they lived until she became ill, was brought to Dr. Huson in Tescumseh and soon died. She was buried in the cemetery at Tescumseh, Kansas.

Children of Catherine (Kress) Reed and Elisha Reed:

  1. George Reed

  2. John Reed

  3. Mary Jane Reed

  4. Wallace Reed, b. about 1848, m. Catherine Alsader, dau. of Isaac Alsader, moved to Michigan. Their ch: John Reed, lived in Milford, Oakland Co., Mich.; William W. Reed, lived in Argentine, Genesee Co., Mich.

Children of Eliza Ann (Kress) McLoud and Shannon McLoud:

  1. Huldah McLoud, b. 1836, N.Y.

  2. Montgomery McLoud, b. 1837, N.Y.

  3. Emery McLoud, b. 1842, N.Y.

  4. Photo of Belle McLoud, taken in Penn Yan, NY undated Belle (or Bell) McLoud, b. N.Y.

Children of Semantha (Kress) Norris and Joshua Norris:

  1. Nelson [William Nelson], [ 1836] died in the South of wounds received while in the service of the Union Army during the Rebellion.

  2. John A., b. 1820 [Note:  This approximate birthdate is wrong, since the census record for 1850 shows he was 10 years old, or born about 1840.]

  3. Mary I., b. 1842.

  4. James A., b. 1845. [sic]

  5. Susan Norris, b. 1845, [sic] d. age 17.

Children of Jane (Kress) and John O’Brien:
      [the 3 older children were born in New York, the others were born in Wisconsin]:

  1. Myron O’Brien [ 1837, d. 19 Nov 1883, m. Mary _____, 1842, Ireland; had 4 children in Wisc. by Aug., 1870]
  2. Ann O’Brien [b. 14 May 1837, d. 20 Dec 1915; md. Rueben A. Amer, had 3 known children in Wisc.]
  3. Horace O’Brien [b. Mar., 1841, d. 1919; md. Angeline Fein in 1865; had 6 children by 1900 in Wisc.]
  4. Mary O’Brien [ 1847]
  5. Ida O’Brien [b. 10 May 1855, d. 26 Apr 1862]

Child of Margaret (Kress) Ketchum and William Ketchum:

Child of John Starkey Kress and Rachel (Ryal) Kress:

Children of William Kress and Lucy (Ryal) Kress:

  1. Zeruah Kress
  2. Elizabeth (Eliza) Kress
  3. Jane Kress
  4. Anthony Kress
  5. Margaret Kress
  6. William C. Kress

Children of Mary Bolender (Kress) Bunce and Peter Bunce: See bottom of page 7 through top of page 10. [See Bunce Line.]

Children of Andrew J. Kress and Adaline (Shannon) Kress:

  1. John Kress
  2. George Kress
  3. Melissa Kress

Children of Susan A. (Kress) Slaughter and John Wesley Slaughter:

  1. Maggie Slaughter

  2. Ida Slaughter m. Dr. J. M. Read.

Children of Halsey Sandford Kress and Martha (Ayres) Kress:

  1. Ida

  2. Arthur

Children of George W. Kress and Sarah (Raplee) Kress:

  1. Lee Ellsworth Kress, drowned in Seneca Lake, N.Y.

  2. Hiram Kress, m. Sophronia Hair, dau. of Francis Hair, one of the earliest settlers of Starkey, N.Y., moved to Indiana.

John Jay Kress and Margaret (Murdock) Kress lived to see thirteen of their fourteen children and their two granddaughters they raised married and settled.

Below is at least a partial list of the eastern relatives who visited Peter and Mary (Kress) Bunce in their Kansas home:

Loomis Bunce in 1871; Isaac (Ike) Kress, uncle of Mary (Kress) Bunce, in the 1870’s; her brother, George Kress, and niece, Jane Kress, in 1874; her sister Susan (Kress) Slaughter and her daughter, Ida Slaughter, in 1883 or 1884; and Anthony Kress, Sanford’s son, in 1882 or 1883.

Children of Andrew P. Tillman Kress and Rhoda (Bunce) Kress:

  1. Photo of Samuel F. Kress, date unknown Samuel F. Kress, b. 6 June 1850, Starkey, Yates Co., N.Y., m. name of wife unknown, d. 4 Dec. 1924, ashes bur. Corning Cemetery. See page 7.

  2. Sarah Kress, b. 4 Dec. 1852, Starkey, m. Alva Coye, lived in Corning, N.Y. See page 7.

Pauline Catharine (Kress) Maring, no record of children found. [See record of family of Pauline (Kress) Maring for more information on this couple.]

Children of Charles B. Kress and Sarah (Fisher) Kress: Gr ch of Samuel Kress, Jr. and Asenath (Keyes) Kress.

  1. Ira D. Kress, lived in Jackson, Michigan, m. name of wife unknown, had dau. name unknown, teacher. It is believed she m. James Kup. James Kup and Mahitable Kup were heirs of Samuel Kress, Jr.

  2. Frank Kress, m. Miner, other name unknown, lived in Guthrie, Oklahoma in 1897, had two ch., Harry and Hermi, went to Klondike to search for gold. In 1906 Frank and Harry were on ranch in New Mexico.

Children of Emily (Kress) and Lewis Ephraim Bennett:

  1. Hattie Bennett m. Mr. Wixson.

  2. Eliza Bennett m. Mr. Walling.

  3. Emma Bennett m. Clarence Dennis. Emma and Clarence Dennis had ch: Clarence Dennis; another son name unknown, [who] m. Minnie, last name unknown; and Maria Dennis, m. Mr. Heald. All three ch. lived in South Bradford, N.Y. No further record of them.

Some of the records on the Kress family in early America show the name in the form of “Krefs,” the old English spelling.

[Note: This spelling was probably an attempt in cursive handwriting to duplicate the elongated “S” used in printing in those early days.]


Photo of Fred & Flora (Mehaffey) Lonsinger Flora (Mehaffey) Lonsinger and her husband, John Frederick Lonsinger, (Fred), lived at Maple Hill, [Wabaunsee Co.,] Kansas for many years after they were married. He was a farmer and carpenter. They moved to Ponca City, Oklahoma about 1912.

Flora Lonsinger and her daughters, Ethel (Lonsinger) Williams, and son, Billy, and Martha Lonsinger moved to Denver about 1919.

Flora Mehaffey, b. June 1870, d. 12 Dec. 1963, Denver, Colorado, m. John Frederick Lonsinger, d. 1917, Protestant. Flora (Mehaffey) Lonsinger lived in Denver, Colorado many years. Their children:

  1.  Photo of Roy and Nell (Beebe) Lonsinger Roy Lonsinger, b. 1890, m. Nell Beebe, b. 1894. He retired from Continental Oil Company refinery in Oklahoma. Their children:

    1. Roy West Lonsinger, m. (1) name unknown, a WAC, d., bur. Arlington Cemetery. Married (2) Francis, live in Louisville, Ky. He is Fine Arts grad. of O.U., served as Army Captain under General Patton, later Lt. Col. in WW2. He is tall, blond.

    2. Wallace Lonsinger, m. Betty. He retired from the Forestry Service after many years service. Children: [a son and two daughters]

    3. Halmond Lonsinger, m. Barbara Newkirk. He is grad. of Engineering, OSU; Design Engineer, Douglas Aircraft Barbara grad. OSU. Live at Las Alamitas, Calif. He is tall. Children: [a son and a daughter]

  2.  Picture of Emery and Ethel (Lonsinger) Williams Ethel Lonsinger, b. 21 May 1892, m. (1) Emery Williams 20 May 1912, he d. April, 1919; m. (2) Lon Tennis 2 June 1928; m. (3) Jess Egan. Ethel retired from Gov­ern­ment supervisory position after many years service, lives in Arvada, Colo­rado. Child of Ethel and Emery Williams:

    a. Billy Williams, b. 8 Feb. 1919, m. Mary Ellen, divorced after 18 years; he is gov’t. empl., lives in Arvada, Colo. Children: [three daughters].

  3. Martha Lena Lonsinger, b. 1 Aug. 1898, m. 12 Aug. 1923 William H. Pardee, retired, former technician radio station, Los Angeles, California. They live in El Centro, California. Their children: [a daughter, who married and had two sons, and a son who had two daughters].

Loomis Line

JOSEPH LOOMIS was b. probably 1588 in England, s. of John and Agnis Loomis, who m. Mary White 30 June 1614 in Messing, Co. of Essex, England. He d. 25 Nov. 1658 at Windsor, Conn. His wife, Mary (White) Loomis, was dau. of Robert and Bridget (Allgar) White of Messing, Co. of Essex, England, who were m. 24 June 1585. Her mother, Bridget (Allgar) White, was bap. 11 Mar 1562, dau. of Wm. Allgar, Co. of Essex Eng. Mary was probably a sister-in-law of John Porter, another prominent Windsor, Connecticut settler. Mary Loomis d. 1652 in U.S. JOHN LOOMIS of Braintree, England d. be­tween 14 Apr. and 29 May 1619. His heirs were Agnes, his wife, Joseph Loomis, his only son, and 4 married daughters, Ann (Loomis) Warr, Sarah (Loomis) Burton, Elizabeth (Loomis) Preston and Jane (Loomis) Pengelly.

The will of John Loomis, dated 14 Apr 1619, was presented in the Court of the Commissary of the Bishop of London for the counties of Essex and Hartford on 29 May 1619, and proved by the executor Joseph Loomis, his son, on 31 June 1619 [sic]. Copy of the will follows:

— in ye name of God Amend I John Loomis of Braintree in ye County of Essec Tayler being sick of bodye but of perfect and wholl minde and carefull to prepare my selfe for ye enioying of a better life Do make and ordeyne this my last will and Testament the fowrteenth Daye of Aprill in ye yeere of our lord god 1619 In manner and forme following ffirst I comend my soule into ye hands of almighty god my Creator And my vile and Corruptible body to ye earth from whence yt was taken wth a suer hope and sound perswacon by my faith in ye mirritts of Jesus Christ my Redemer to haue this my body changed into a glorious being at ye last Day in his heavenly king­dome. Item I will Joseph Loomis my sonn shall haue my little Tenement or Dwelling house standing and being in Braintre aforesaid wherein John Lunt now dwelleth at ye Rate of fforty pownds towards ye payment of my Debts wth a Garden plott thereto belonging adioyining nere unto his owne And also one Stable standing nere the markett Crosse in Braintre at ye Rate of Thirtye pownds or to be sould to the vttermost that may be made of yt Item I will that all my hushould stuffe and moveable goods shall be praysed and my son Joseph to haue tenn pownds worth of them as shall seeme fitt to him for his ownse vse Item I giue to Mary Brooke ye Daughter of Ralph Brooke five pownds out of my said moveable Item my will is that all my Debts and funerall Charges being Defraid and paied my fower Daughters (vizt.) Ann Warr, Sara Burton, Elizabeth Preston and Jane Pengelly shall haue ye Remaynder and ouerplus as well of ye said houses as also of ye (moveable) equally to be divided amont them parte and parte like to (them and their) heires or assignes. All wch my will and meaing (is the same shall) not be parformed untill one halfe yeere next (afther the) decease of Agnis, my loving wife whom I wil to ejoye (all the) said moveable whatsoever During her naturall life And I make and ordeyne my said sonn Joseph Executor to this my last will and Testament Revoking all former whatsoever. And I request my sonne in law Willm Preston to be Supervisor to see yt performed according to my true intent and meaning. In Witnes thereof I have here vnto set my hand and seale the Day and yeere wth in written

The marke of John Loomis (Mark)

The above Will witnessed as follows
“Theis being Wittnesses
1 John Lunt his marke
Richard Kimbould”

It was the custom for a person to make his mark (X) even though he could read and write at the time this will was written.

Joseph Loomis was a woolen-draper in Braintree, Essex Co., England. He sailed from London, England 11 April 1638, on the ship “Susan and Ellen,” arrived Boston, Mass. 17 July 1638. Records indicate he stayed about a year in Dorchester, Mass. Town records of Windsor, Conn. show that on 2 Feb. 1640, he was granted 21 acres from the Plantation adjoining Farmington River on the west side of the Conn. River. This acreage in­cluded the site of the first English settlement made in Conn. Also there were several large tracts of land on the east side of the Conn., partly from the town and partly purchased. Rev. Ephraim Huet arrived in Windsor, Conn. 17 Aug. 1639. It is believed that Joseph Loomis was in the company with him. In that case it is likely he arrived in Windsor, Conn. in the sum­mer or autumn of 1639. His house was near the mouth of the Farmington River on “The Island.” That area was called “the Island” because when raining, the Connecticut River over­flowed, causing it to temporarily become an island.

Joseph and Mary Loomis had 8 ch., all born in England, and came to America with them. Their five sons were freeman—believed to mean those who enjoy political liberty (7 Oct 1669). Their children:

  1. Joseph Loomis, b. 1615.

  2. Sarah Loomis, b. 1617, d. Aug. 1684. On 28 Sept. 1640 she m. Capt. Nicholas Olmsted of Hartford, Conn., who came to America in the “Lion,” arrived at Boston, Mass. 16 Sept. 1633. They had 8 children. Some of their de­scendants were ministers, doctors and professors. Some m. into the fol. families: Wolcott, Ellsworth, Stanley, Bissell, Rockwell, Church, White, Wadsworth, Burnham, Kellogg, Colton, Bigelow, Butler, Cone, Skinner, Smith, Buel, etc.

    Frederick Law Olmsted, b. 26 April 1822, s. of John Olmsted and Charlotte (Law) Olmsted, direct descendant of Sarah, dau. of original Joseph Loomis, m. Mrs. Mary (Perkins) Olmsted. A.M. Harvard, 1864; Amherst, 1867. Frederick Law Olmsted was a genius, a landscape artist. Among others, he landscaped the campuses of Amherst, West Point, Trinity, George Washington and Stanford Colleges; also New York’s Central Park and about forty other public parks. He landscaped the setting of the Columbian Exposition in 1893, Chicago, Illinois, entire suburbs and private estates, including the huge wooded estate, Biltmore, near Asheville, North Carolina of George W. Vanderbilt which led to the founding of the U.S. Forest Service.

  3. Elizabeth, b. 1619, m. Josiah Hull, 20 May 1641 in Windsor, Conn. She was living as of 1665. Josiah Hull was eldest child of George Hull of Windsor. He was Deputy of the General Court 1659, 1660, and 16632. In 1662 he moved to Killingworth, Conn. where he was Deputy 1667 to 1674.

    John Hull, their descendant, was first mint master of first mint established in Boston, Mass., 10 June 1652. One Hull was a Judge of Probate Court. One killed by lightning.

    Some of the descendants of Elizabeth and Josiah Hull married into the following families: Kelsey, Buell, Peabody, Nettleton, Hurd, Grant, Griswold, Burnham, Stevens, Burr, Chittenden, Clark, Gaylor, Ward, Seward, etc. A Kelsey and a Hull family moved to Wabaunsee, Kansas prior to the Civil War.

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