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++Joseph Bullard (b. ~1730 in NC, died 1788 at Lookout Mountain, TN.) He lived in Jefferson, Sullivan and Green Co. TN. He married Martha. She died in 1800 in Jefferson Co TN and said to be an Indian but unsubstantiated.
Joseph and Martha had 8 children:
++John Bullard, Sr. (b. 1765, d. ~1833 in Claiborne Co. TN m. Agnes Nancy Kersey;
Christopher Bullard (b. 1771) m. Rachel Fitzgerald 3 May 1797 in Jefferson  Co. TN;
Ann Bullard (b. 1765 m. Moses Johnston 13 Jun 1786 in Green Co. TN.;
Marita "Patsy" Bullard (b  1773) m. William Baker;
Phoebe Bullard (b. 1770 in Green Co. TN) m. James Carter 2 May 1791;
Mary Bullard (b. Green Co. TN.) m. David Rutledge;
Isaac Bullard (b. 1760);
Sarah Bullard (b. 1770 or 1778 in Claiborne Co. TN and died ~1834 in Jackson, TN) m. John Fitzgerald.

++John Bullard, Sr. was born in May 1765. It is not certain of his birthplace, but his father, Joseph, was in Greene County Tennessee as early as 1776. John was living with or near his mother, Martha, in Jefferson County, TN after the death of his father. John Sr. appears in Grainger County Court records as early as 1798 and later in Claiborne County records.
There is a well documented copy of his Will and Last Testament dated 1836.

John was married to Agnes Kersey. Spelling might be "Kinsey." There is an assumption that Agnes' nickname was Nancy.
Thus, records show that John Bullard married Agnes Nancy Kersey.Too, Kersey and Casey have been found in the same documents.
(As a note, there are some documents that list Nancy Bowyer as the wife of John Bullard Sr. There is no documentation to connect Nancy to the Bowyer name except that John and Nancy named a son Bowyer.)

Nancy was born in Pennsylvania in 1770. Nancy died in 1851-52 in Claiborne County Tennessee.
(In her later years, Nancy was listed in the Claiborne Co. 1850 Census records (#808) as living alone or with her son Bowyer at the age of 80. Nancy died ~1852 in Claiborne Co. TN.)

John Bullard Sr. and Agnes Nancy married on 4 Jan 1786 or 1788. They lived in Claiborne Co. Tennessee. The marriage produced 12 sons and daughters. Piecing together dates, below is the approximate order of birth.

1. William (b. ~1797 d. Jun 26, 1852)    72  m. Bethena Posey
2. Joseph (b. ~ ?d. Unk)
3. Anna (b. ~1788 d. before 1840)    52  m. Woolry Buler(Beeler)
4. Henry (b. ~ 1792 d. 1872 in MO.)    80  m. Leah
5. Bowyer John (b. 1794 d. 1855 in MO.)    61 m. Elizabeth Hodges
6. ++Isaac (b. 1796, d. Unk.) m. Elizabeth (Polly) Rogers
7. Mahulda (b. ~1804 d. 1843.) m. Alfred Moore
8. Elizabeth (b. ~1800 d. after 1860)    ~56  m. John McMahan
9. John (b. 7 Dec 1806 d. 13 Dec 1876)    70 m. Permelia Hodges (b.10 Jun 1811)
10.Martha (b. ~1807 or 1791 d. ~1870)    63  m. Barnett Hecklin
11.Christopher B. (b. 1 Jan 1809 d. Oct 1844 in MO.)   ~35 m. Rebecca Hodges
12.Sarah (b. 15 Jun 1810 d. 12 Aug 1840)    30  m. George Lewis Washington

John Sr. and Nancy's 6th child was Isaac Bullard (b. ~1794).
Isaac, born and lived in Claiborne Co. Tennessee.  Isaac's father, John Sr. wrote a will on 17 Jan 1836 referencing Isaac and the rest of the family. At this time, Isaac was ~38 years old. In the Will and Last Testament he left Isaac (and 5 of the 12 other children) an unspecified amount of money. (The remaining six children received land.) Why some of the offspring received land and other's money is unknown.

Isaac Sr. (I will call him Sr. since he later had a son named Isaac), married Elizabeth (Polly) Rogers (b. 1799) on 23 Oct, 1823 in Duplin Co. NC. (Isaac Sr. was ~27, Elizabeth was ~24.) The marriage produced 6 children. In order of birth:

1. Joseph (b. 1825 in Claiborne Co Tn, d. ~1882 in MO?) m. Manery Dobkins
2. ++Henry (b. ~1827 in Claiborne Co. Tn d. Unk) m. Celia Haynes
3. Ann (b. 1828 in Claiborne Co. Tn., d. Unk) m. Henson?
4. Isaac (Jr.) (b. 27 Jul 1833 in Pruden, Claiborne Co Tn., d. 9 Dec 1898 in Powell, Knox
Co Tn.) m. Susan Neely and Catherine (?)  3 wives?
5. Christopher (b. 1835 in Claiborne Co. Tn, d. Unk)
6. Leah (b. 1836 in Claiborne Co. Tn., d. Unk.)

Henry Bullard married Celia (Haynes) (b. ~1832) on 26 Sep 1853 in Claiborne Co. TN.  Celia's parentage is unsubstantiated.  She might have been the daughter of  (1) Abraham Haynes and Penelope Ousley of Union Co. Tn, or (2)  the daughter of Sterling Haynes and Susannah from Grainger Co. TN, or (3) the daughter of  Preston G Haynes and Minerva from Henry Co. TN.
At the time of their marriage, Henry was 26 and Celia was 21. They had 4 sons. In order of birth:

1. William B (b. ~1854-55, d. 10 Feb 1936?)
2. Isaac H. (Jr.) (b. 1857, d. Unk.)
3. John A. (b. 1859, d. Unk)
4. ++Paris (Parris) ( b. ~1862, d. ~1935)

The 1860 Claiborne Co. Census listed Henry as a "farm laborer". Charting the 1850/1860 Claiborne Co. census data, Henry lived with his father, (Isaac Sr.), until he married Celia in 1853. Their first son, William B was born a year after the marriage, followed by Isaac H. (Jr.). Two years passed before John A. was born...and 3 years passed before Paris was born. In the 1860 Claiborne Co. Census, Henry's father, Isaac Sr., was living with Henry and Celia. He was 70 years old.

Henry was listed in the 1860 Claiborne Co.census, but by the 1870 Census, Celia was the head of the household.
Between that time, the Civil War ensued. Henry's whereabouts during this time is a mystery between 1862 (when Paris was born) and the 1870 Census taking.

Henry's youngest son, Paris (b. ~1862 in Claiborne Co. TN.), married 2 times. (a) Paris married Lucy Cornealy Walker (b. 29 Sep 1867 and d. 9 Jan 1910) on 18 Sep or 21 Oct, 1882. Paris was 20 and Lucy was 15.
Paris and Lucy had 8 known children.

(Isaac R. (Rector?) b. Aug 1883 in TN
m. Bertha Buckner (b. 26 Mar 1878 in Tn) and d. 11 Mar 1928, buried in Daw Buckner Cemetery in Union Co. TN.); Charles A. (Charley) (b. 31 Oct 1893 or Aug 1885, d. May 1972),

Earnest b. Sep 1898 in Tn) ; Lira C (Larry?) b. Oct 1891 in TN); Carl S. (b. 28 Jun 1894 in Claiborne Co. Tn, d. 15 Feb 1914 in Knoxville, buried in Liberty Hill, Tn.);

Elbert (b. 9 May 1903, d. 30 Apr 1907, buried in Yadon Cemetery in Union, Tn.) and 2 other boys who died young of
unknown causes.) In 1910, Lucy died of abscess of the lungs.

(b) Around 1911 or 1912, a year or two after Lucy died, Paris married Dicie Jennie Lingar Beeler (b. 24 May 1886, d. 15 Sep 1970.) Paris was ~51 and Dicie was ~26 years of age.

Oral family history has Paris being a wanderlust. Paris had a habit of taking off a great deal. The story goes that one time he went out to get some wood and was gone for a whole year. Another time it is told, Dicie was in her early pregnancy with George K. Sr. (unknown to Paris), he went out for a box of baking soda and returned about 3 years later. It's told that Paris was always leaving Dicie and the kids in Arthur, TN and going to Knoxville TN. It's a mystery as to why he migrated to Knoxville on these long trips away from home. Paris evidently took off again (~1918 or later) and never returned to the house. Paris was seen for the last time in 1935. He rode the bus from Knoxville to LaFollette, TN to visit his daughter, Wanda. They visited for a while and he left for the bus station never to be heard from again. Not long after that, Wanda heard that Paris had died.

Paris and Dicie had two children together.

1. Mary Wanda Jean
2. ++George Kibert (Sr.)

Dicie, was adopted around the age of 3 (she had a brother, Vernie Lingar, who never married. He owned a gas station in Middleboro, KY during the 1920's and 30's.) Dicie was adopted by George W. (Pap) Kibert and his wife Mary in Claiborne Co. TN. They lived in Shawanee, TN. Paris was last seen by Wanda in 1935. He might have moved to Knoxville, TN and had another family. (?)

George Kibert Bullard Sr. married Frances Costanzo (b. 4 Mar 1918, d. 20 May 1960) on 13 Nov 1943 in Middlesboro, Ky. George and Frances had two sons:

1. George Kibert Jr.
2. ++Bernard M