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Interesting Facts About Barbers

  1. English: occupational name for a barber, Anglo-Norman French barber, Old French barbier, from Late Latin barbarius, a derivative of barba ‘beard’. In the Middle Ages barbers not only cut hair and shaved beards, but also practiced surgery and pulled teeth.
  2. Jewish (Ashkenazic): occupational name from German Barbier ‘barber’.
  3. Catalan: occupational name for a barber, barber (see 1).
  4. Americanized form of any of numerous cognates of 1 in different languages, for example Spanish Barbero, Portuguese Barbeiro, French Barbier, Italian Barbieri.  All are the occupational name for a barber-surgeon

Dictionary of American Family Names, Oxford University Press, ISBN 0-19-508137-4



Top Places of Origin for Barber
Place of
Barber Immigrants
England 515
Ireland 127
Great Britain 75
Germany 55
Scotland 31
France 18
Compiled by from the New York Passenger Lists



Ports of Departure for Barber
Port Barber Immigrants
Liverpool, England and Queenstown, Ireland 496
Liverpool, England 256
London, England 88
Aspinwall, Panama 75
Le Havre, France 53
Glasgow, Scotland and Moville, Ireland 27
Compiled by from the New York Passenger Lists



Top Occupations for Barber in 1880

Compiled by for head of households from the 1880 US Federal Census records



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