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1. Christopher Scott “Chris” Murphy: b. 3 Aug 1973 White Plains, NY; U.S. Representative from CT 2007-2013, U.S. Senator from CT (D)



2. Scott L. Murphy: b. 9 Apr 1947 Hartford, CT; m. 28 Nov 1970 Wethersfield, Hartford Co., CT

[in Who’s Who in American Law, 1994-5]

3. Catherine A. Lewczyk: b. 8 Aug 1947



6. John A. Lewczyk: b. 9 Jul 1920 Waterbury, CT; d. 10 Sep 1997 Hartford, Hartford Co., CT [#20184: wife Jean]   [SSN 723-10-2095, issued RR bef. 1951]

[obit at]

7. Jean (Genevieve) T. Rydel: b. 23 Jun 1920 CT; d. 9 May 1994 Hartford [#10923: 77; b. CT; father Rydel; husband John]   [SSN 042-16-9737, issued CT bef. 1951]



12. Alexander Lewczyk: b. c1889 Ukraine; d. 12 Feb 1959 New Britain, Hartford Co., CT [#2925: Alexa Lewczyk; 69; wife Anna]

13. Anna ___: b. 26 Apr 1894 Poland; d. 12 Apr 1978 New Britain [#8119: 77; widow of Alex]   [SSN 047-01-7799, issued CT bef. 1951]

14. Boleslaw Rydel: b. 22 May 1896 Gruma, Poland; d. 2 Jan 1963 New Britain, Hartford Co., CT [#1116]; m. c1914   [WWI and WWII draft registration cards]

[passenger list of the Kaiserin Auguste Victoria, out of Hamburg to NYC 26 Apr 1913: Boleslaw Ridel; age 17; Polis; last residence Gruma[?]; nearest relative in Poland uncle Piotr Ridel of Gruma[?]; going to Greenfield MA to join stepfather Teofil Padlowski; born in Gruma[?]]

15. Teofila “Phylis” Prusacik/Prusaczick: b. c1896 Gurowalka, Trzasenic, Poland; d. 16 Mar 1958 New Britain [#5213]

[passenger list of the Grosser Kurfurst, out of Bremen to NYC 8 Sep 1913: Franriska Prusaczick (30; female; married; housewife; last residence Brosvwo[?]; nearest relative there father Franc. Dawid of Cramotrscw[?]; going to New Britain, CT to join husband Alex. Prusaczick; born in Brzowa[?]) and Teofila Prusaczick (17; female; single; maid serv.; same last residence; nearest relative there father Tomasz Prusaczick of Gurowalka; going to New Britain, CT, to join brother Alex. Prusaczick; same birthplace)]

[passenger list of the Caronia, out of Southampton to NYC 23 Jul 1922: Teofila Rydel (26; female; married; Polish; last residence Gurowalka; relative there brother A. Prusacik of Gurowalka, Trzasenic, Poland; going to New Britain, CT; born in Gurowalka) and her children Alexandre (5), Jan (4), and Genovefa (2)]



30. Tomasz Prusaczick: b. Poland




1940 – 6th Ward, New Britain, Hartford Co., CT, e.d. 2-174, sheet 6b

Lewczyk, Alex            Head   M W 51 M      Ukrainia[sic]    Lacquer room lock factory

___, Anna                   Wife    F W 44 M        Poland             Lacquer room lock factory

___, John                     Son      M W 19 S        CT                   Hat factory

___, Florence              Dau     F W 17 S         CT

___, Edward               Son      M W 16 S        CT

___, Mary                    Dau     F W 13 S         CT


1940 – 5th Ward, New Britain, Hartford Co., CT, e.d. 2-163, sheet 6a

Rydel, Boleslaw          Head   M W 43 M      Poland Automatic Oper. Hardware Mfg. Co.

___, Teofila                 Wife    F W 44 M        Poland Clerk Gen. Retail Store

___, Alexander           Son      M W 23 S        CT       Clerk Stock Brokers

___, John                     Son      M W 22 S        CT       Machine Oper. Hardware Mfg. Co.

___, Genevieve           Dau     F W 19 S         CT

___, Hedwig               Dau     F W 16 S         CT


1930 – 5th Ward, New Britain, Hartford Co., CT, e.d. 185, sheet 7a

Rydel, Bolislaw          Head   M W 34 M 18 Pol Pol Pol 1913 al  Mch. operator Screw Factory

___, Tofela                  Wife    F W 33 M 18   Pol Pol Pol 1913 al

___, Alexander           Son      M W 13 S        CT Pol Pol

___, John                     Son      M W 12 S        CT Pol Pol

___, Jeanie                  Dau     F W 9 S           CT Pol Pol

___, Jessie                   Dau     F W 6 S           CT Pol Pol


1920 – 5th Ward, New Britain, Hartford Co., CT, e.d. 167, sheet 20a

Rydel, Boleslav           Head   M W 23 M 1913 al      Rus-Pol Rus-Pol Rus-Pol  Machine fixer Screw factory

___, Teofila                 Wife    F W 23 M 1913 al       Rus-Pol Rus-Pol Rus-Pol

___, Alex                    Son      M W 3 S                      CT Rus-Pol Rus-Pol

___, Jan                       Son      M W 1 10/12 S            CT Rus-Pol Rus-Pol