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1. Russell Carrington Wilson: b. 29 Nov 1988 Richmond, Goochland Co., VA; Seattle Seahawks QB 2012-



2. Harrison Benjamin Wilson III: b. 9 Nov 1954; d. 9 Jun 2010 (last residence Richmond, Goochland Co., VA); bur. Roselawn Memory Gardens, Hanover, Hanover Co., VA

[obituary at “Wilson, Harrison B. III, of Richmond, departed this life June 9, 2010.  He was preceded in death by his brother, Richard Wilson.  He is survived by his wife, Tammy Wilson…two sons…Russell Wilson; his father and mother, Doctors Harrison Wilson Jr. and Lucy Wilson; two sisters, Jennifer Wilson and April Woodard; two brothers, Benjamin and John Wilson; one aunt, Virginia Howard; one uncle, Albert Wilson…his mother-in-law, Carolyn Wilson; two sisters-in-law, Merinda and Tressa Wilson; three brothers-in-law, Adrian Woodard, Rev. Michael Turner and Robert Wilson…”]

[obit of brother Richard Arnold Wilson at]

3. Tammy T. [prob. Wilson or Turner]: b. 4 Nov 1959



4. Harrison Benjamin Wilson, Jr.: b. 21 Apr 1925 Amsterdam, Montgomery Co., NY; president of Norfolk State University; m. (1st)   (m. 2nd Lucy Reed)

[in Who’s Who in American Education (1992-1995) and Who’s Who in the South and Southwest (1986-1998)]

5. Anna ___: b.

6. ___ [prob. Wilson or Turner]:

7. Carolyn ___:



8. Harrison Benjamin Wilson: b. 8 Jul 1888 Pendleton Co., KY; d. Nov 1981 (last residence VA); bur. Fairview Cemetery, Amsterdam, Montgomery Co., NY; m. c1914/15   [SSN 122-12-5446, issued NY]   [WWI draft registration card: Harrison W. Wilson]

9. Marguerite Ayers: b. Apr 1895 KY; d. 1960; bur. Fairview Cemetery   {sister of Grace (Ayers) Merritt, mother of football coach John Ayers Merritt}

[sister – extracted from FHL #1,415,930: Madelin Ayers (colored; b. 25 Oct 1895 KY; residence Louisville, KY; parents Roberts Ayers and Bettie Price) m. George E. Taylor 13 May 1919 in Clark Co., IN]



16. John L. Wilson: b. Mar 1837 VA; m. c1867/8

17. Martha ___: b. May 1844 KY

18. Robert Ayers: b. Apr 1866 KY; d. 1927; bur. Crescent Hill Cemetery (or Ayers-Johnson Graveyard), Falmouth, Pendleton Co., KY; m. c1887/8

[brother - George W. Ayers; b. 7 Jan 1859 Pendleton Co., KY; d. 2 Feb 1929; parents Robert Ayers and Lucinda Southgate]

19. Elizabeth “Bettie” Price: b. May 1867 VA/OH; d. 1930; bur. Crescent Hill Cemetery (or Ayers-Johnson Graveyard)



36. Robert Ayers: b. c1834/5 KY

37. Lucinda “Lou” Southgate: b. c1836/7 KY



74. Allen Southgate: b. c1804/5 Newport, KY

75. Charity ___: b. c1807 Loudoun Co., VA; d. 1868



150. ___: (black)

151. Patsy Palmer: (white)



302. James Palmer:




1940 – 1st Ward, Amsterdam, Montgomery Co., NY, e.d. 29-4, sheet 3b

Wilson, Harrison         Head   M Neg 50 M   KY      Mason Building Construction

___, Marguritte           Wife    F Neg 44 M     KY

___, Edward               Son      M Neg 22 S     KY      New Worker

___, Mary                    Dau     F Neg 19 S      KY      House work Private Home

___, Harrison Jr.          Son      M Neg 14 S     NY

___, Virginia               Dau     F Neg 13 S      NY

___, Willis                   Son      M Neg 11 S     NY

___, Albert                  Son      M Neg 7 S       NY


1930 – 6th Ward, Amsterdam, Montgomery Co., NY, e.d. 20, sheet 2a

Wilson, Harrison B.                Head   M Neg 42 M 27          KY KY KY  Laborer Junk Dealer

Wilson, Margurette                 Wife    F Neg 34 M 19            KY KY KY

Wilson, Martha E.                   Dau     F Neg 14 S                  KY KY KY

Wilson, Edward E.                 Son      M Neg 12 S                 KY KY KY

Wilson, Mary A.                     Dau     F Neg 9 S                    KY KY KY

Wilson, Harrison B. Jr.            Son      M Neg 4 11/12 S         NY KY KY

Wilson, Virginia L.                 Dau     F Neg 3 1/12 S            NY KY KY

Wilson, Willis T.                     Son      M Neg 1 5/12 S           NY KY KY


1920 – Falmouth, Pendleton Co., KY, e.d. 146, sheet 12b

Wilson, Harrison B.    Head   M Mu 31 M     KY VA KY  Laborer Tobacco Warehouse

___, Margareta            Wife    F Mu 24 M      KY KY OH

___, Martha E.            Dau     F Mu 4 1/12 S KY KY KY

___, Edwin E. B.        Son      M Mu 2 5/12 S KY KY KY

___, Margareta C.       Dau     F Mu 4/12 S    KY KY KY


1910 – Falmouth, Pendleton Co., KY, e.d. 138, sheet 11b

Ayres, Robert              Head   M Mu 43 M1 22          KY KY KY  Labor Odd Jobs

___, Elizabeth             Wife    F Mu 42 M1 22 11 10 OH KY KY

___, Carrie M.             Dau     F Mu 21 S                   KY KY OH  Teacher Public School

___, Willis                   Son      M Mu 20 S                  KY KY OH

___, Lesley                  Son      M Mu 18 S                  KY KY OH

___, Iogene                 Dau     F Mu 17 S                   KY KY OH

___, Mateline              Dau     F Mu 16 S                   KY KY OH

___, Margaret              Dau     F Mu 15 S                   KY KY OH

___, Grace                   Dau     F Mu 12 S                   KY KY OH

___, Mary                    Dau     F Mu 10 S                   KY KY OH

___, Ralph                   Son      M Mu 1 S                    KY KY OH

___, Robert Jr.            Son      M Mu 1/12 S               KY KY OH


1900 – Precincts A & D, Pendleton Co., KY, e.d. 61, sheets 3b-4a

Wilson, John L.           Head   B M Mar 1837 63 M 32          VA VA VA  Farmer

___, Martha                 Wife    B F May 1844 56 M 32 13 13 KY KY KY

___, Garfield               Son      B M Dec 1880 19 S                KY VA KY  Farm Laborer

___, Thomas                Son      B M May 1882 18 S               KY VA KY  Farm Laborer

___, Risk                     Son      B M Nov 1883 16 S                KY VA KY  Farm Laborer

___, Mary                    Dau     B F Mar 1886 14 S                 KY VA KY  Farm Laborer

___, Harrison              Son      B M Jul 1888 11 S                  KY VA KY

Jackson, Lilie              GDau  B F Aug 1893 6 S                   KY KY KY


1900 – Falmouth, Pendleton Co., KY, e.d. 63, sheet 6a

Ayers, Robbert            Head   B M Apr 1866 34 M 12          KY KY KY  Day Laborer

___, Bettie                  Wife    B F May 1867 33 M 12 9 9    VA KY KY

___, Carrie                  Dau     B F Feb 1889 11 S                  KY KY VA

___, Willis                   Son      B M Apr 1890 10 S                KY KY VA

___, Leslie                   Son      B M Jun 1891 8 S                   KY KY VA

___, Imogene              Dau     B F Sep 1892 7 S                    KY KY VA

___, Madalene            Dau     B F Oct 1893 6 S                    KY KY VA

___, Margaret              Dau     B F Apr 1895 5 S                    KY KY VA

___, Robt                    Son      B M Jul 1896 3 S                    KY KY VA

___, Eva                      Dau     B F Dec 1897 2 S                   KY KY VA

___, Mary                    Dau     B F Jul 1899 10/12 S              KY KY VA


1870 – Falmouth, Pendleton Co., KY, p. 9 (409a)

Ayers, Robt                 35 M M           Laborer                        100      KY

          Lou[?]             33 F M                                                            KY

          Willis               12 M B                                                            KY

          Geo.                10 M M                                                           KY

          Annie B.          9 F M                                                              KY

          Robert             4 M M                                                             KY

          Eliza                6 M M                                                             KY

          Henry              2 M M                                                             KY

          S.                     9/12 M M                                                        KY  Sep


1850 – 1st District, Pendleton Co., KY, p. 705 (352a)

Allen Southgate          45 M B            Laborer                        200      KY

Charity                      42 F M                                                            KY

Rebecca                     25 F B                                                             KY

Elsey Hues                  23 M M                                                           KY

Charlotte Southgate    20 F B                                                             KY

Aimy                         18 F B                                                             KY

Lucinda                     16 F B                                                             KY

Polley Ann                14 F B                                                             KY

John A.                      12 M B                                                            KY

Abraham                   10 M B                                                            KY

Lazarus                      8 M B                                                              KY

Edmund                    6 M B                                                              KY

Manerva                    4 F B                                                               KY

John Morgan               70 M                                                                KY