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Years Support Application for 

Dorcus Allen

Gilmer County Minute Book 5 Page 63  




 The petition of Mrs. Dorcus. Allen, respectfully showeth that W. R. Allen, late of said County, departed this life on the 4th day of April, 1926, leaving your petitioner, his widow, surviving him,  and she prays your Honorable Court in conformity with the statute in such case made and provided to appoint five discrete and proper persons to act as appraisers in setting apart to the petitioner as foresaid, the sum necessary in their judgment for support and maintenance for the space of twelve months from the death of said W. R. Allen, of your petitioner, either in money or such property as may be selected by petitioner at a fair valueation to be set by said appraisers.  And also to set apart a sufficient amount of household furniture for the use of your petitioner.  And further, to require said appraisers to return to you for record their proceedings.  And your petitioner will ever pray, etc.

 Dorcus. Allen, Petitioner.


                     Gilmer County of Ordinary,

                                         At Chambers April 23rd, 1926.

 Upon the forgoing application of Mrs Dorcus. Allen, the widow of W. R.. Allen deceased, for the appointment of appraisers to set apart to said widow, a sum necessary for her support and maintenance for the space of twelve months, out of the estate of said W. R. Allen deceased, and also, to set apart for the use of said widow, a sufficient amount of household furniture.  It is ordered that Wil. Young, Jacob. Key, J M. Frady, John A. Chapman, and John. Tucker, be and are hereby appointed appraisers, and they, or a majority of them, are hereby empowered to set off or assign to the said Dorcus. Allen, widow of W. R. Allen, deceased, late of said County, out of the estate of said deceased, at sum necessary for the support and maintenance of said widow for the space of twelve months; and also a sufficient amount of furniture for the use of said widow.  And the sum so set apart as foresaid to be either in money or such property as the widow may except, at a fair valueation, to be made by said appraisers; and if, upon a just appraisement of the estate, the same does not exceed five hundred dollars, you will set the whole apart.  It is further ordered, that said appraisers return to me for record all their proceedings in the said premises.  Given under my hand and official signature, this 23rd day of April. 1926.

 R. J. Goble,  Oridinary  


 I do hereby certify that the above appraisers were sworn to perform their duties according to law, this 26th day of April, 1926.

 W. T. Young   

                           GILMER COURT OF ORDINARY,

                                                 June Term,  1926

 The report of the appraisers appointed to set apart to the widow of W. R. Allen, the provision allowed by law being read, and the Court being satisfied that the same is in due form, and properly made, and citation and having been issued and published, and no objection being filed, it is ordered that the same be admitted to record, and stand as the judgment of this Court.

 R. J. Goble,  Ordinary

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