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Will of Lucretia Burnett
Widow of John Burnett, Sr.

 In the name of God, Amen.  I, Lucretia Burnett of the Parish of South Farnham & County of Essex, WIDDOW, being sick and weak of body but of sound & perfect memory praise be given to Almighty God for the same & calling to remembrance the uncertain estate of this transitory life and that all flesh must yield into death when it shall please God do make constitute & appoint this my Last Will & Testament in manner & form following:  Revoking & annulling by these presence all & every testament or wills by me heretofore made declared either by word or deed & this is to be taken only for my Last Will & Testament, no other, first being sorry from the bottom of my heart for my sins past, most humbly desiring forgiveness for ye same I give & constitute my soul unto Almighty God my Saviour & Redeemer in whom and by the merits of Christ Jesus I trust & believe assuredly to be saved & have full remissions and forgiveness of all my sins & that my soul at the general day of resurrection shall rise again with joy & through the merits of Christ's death & passion possess & enjoy the kingdom of heaven prepared for his elect & chosen & my body to the earth from whence it was taken to be buried in such decent & Christian manner as to my Executor hereafter named shall be thought meet & convenient.  And now for the settling of my worldly estate & such goods & chattels & debts as it has pleased God far above my ---- to bestow on to me  I order, give, & dispose in form following (that is to say):

First I will that all those debts & duties that I owe in right or conscience to any manner of person or persons whatsoever shall be well & truly contented & paid or ordained to be paid within convenient time after my decease by my Executor hereafter named.

 #1     I give & bequeath unto MY ELDEST SON JOHN BURNETT, two pewter dishes, two of my hammered plates, & one of my tankards, my table, my large roan coloured ox, my sorrel mare branded B, & three ells of fine linen.

 #2    I give to my son JOHN BURNETT one shilling sterling money.

 #3    I give to my son THOMAS BURNETT JUNR., one shilling sterling money.

 #4    I give & bequeath to my daughter SARAH BELL, 3 pewter dishes, 6 plain plates, my 2 pewter basins, 2 tin milk pans, my brass kettle, my 2 smallest pots & the hooks belonging to them & the hangers, & my copper sauce pans & brass skillet, my pewter chamber pot, & 2 pewter tankards, my best frying pan, 1 box of iron & the heaters, 2 wheat sifters & a meal sifter, 1 flock bed & bolster, my 2 worst rugs & 4 of my wearing blankets & 1 set of my smallest linsey woolsey curtains, also my canvas bed  I also give to my said daughter, SARAH BELL, all my ready made clothes, as gowns, petticoats, shoes, stockings, etc., BUT NONE OF THESE CLOATHES THAT FORMERLY BELONGED TO MY DAUGHTER PHEBE BURNETT.. I also give & bequeath to my said daughter SARAH BELL, 1 new holland shift also 10 ells of fine linen, also my great red ox & 1 cow called Cherry & her yearling, also all my piggs & shotes, be they more or less (except my largest Barrow Hogg) also my black mare called Binney also my INDIAN CORN & meal that I have provided for this years provision I also give to my daughter SARA BELL & HER HUSBAND THOMAS BELL all the debts that either or both of them owes me whether it be money, tobacco or anything else I FRANKLY GIVE & FORGIVE THEM ALL THE SAID DEBTS.

 #5    I give & bequeath to MY DAUGHTER SARA BELL one shilling sterling money.

 #6    I give & bequeath to MY DAUGHTER IN LAW AMY BURNETT my Tamerine Gown, petticoat, my muslin head-dress with the yellow lace & yellow top knot, one new fine shift, 1 new fine apron & handkerchief & 1 pair of sleeves.

 #7    I give & bequeath to MY GRANDDAUGHTER MARY CURRAN, my Damask Gown & 7 yards of stuff/stiff for the petticoat, 1 pair of paragon bodies that were FORMERLY MY DAUGHTER PHEBES, 1 new muslin apron & sleeves, 1 new holland shift, 1 laced handkerchief, 1 headdress & black hood, with a yellow topknot, also 1 pair of laced shoes.

 #8    I give & bequeath to MY GRANDSON CHARLEY BURNETT one shilling sterling.

 #9    I give & bequeath to MY GRANDDAUGHTER LUCRECE BELL, 1 three year heifer called Pink & all her female increase, the male increase until my aforesaid granddaughter comes to age to fall to her mother SARA BELL; also one whole suit of decent apparel.

 #10   I Lastly give & bequeath all the rest of my estate whatsoever in goods, chattels & debts after my debts & Legacies are paid to my son Tho: Burnett Junr my whole & sole Executor of this my Last Will & Testament & my desire is that my estate be not brought to appraisement.  In witness whereof I have hereunto interchangeably set my hand & affixed my seal this seventeenth day of June Anno Domini 1709    


Lucreece  (J) Burnett   

 Signed, sealed & condescended too in the presence of us:

 Joseph Baker
John Young
(x) Holt

Estate Inventory

 Written:  17 Jun 1709  
Recorded:  10 Oct 1709  
Essex County, Virginia  

Deed & Will Book  13 : 254 - 255

Transcribed by Kimberly Miller Bates  


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