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Will of George Berry

Blount County, Tennessee, Will Book 1, pages 6, 7

In the name of God Amen I
George Berry of the State of Tennessee Blount County, Calling to mind that all men have to die and being in a low state of health, though in perfect mind and memory do on this Third day of January one thousand eight hundred and twenty nine make and ordain this my last will and desire as follows, Viz:

1st.     It is my request that all my just debts shall be paid of by my executors out of that part of my property that my wife and family can best spare, and of such articles as they may think proper to dispose of.

2nd.    It is my wish and desire for my beloved wife Elizabeth Berry to have all my house hold and kitchen furniture to will and dispose of in what way and manner that she may think proper. I also give her one milk Cow and Calf just which she may think proper to take, one Roan mare known by the name of Mage.

3rd.    It is my wish and desire for my wife and family to live together as long as she lives and they all are so minded to stay with her and keep all of my property together for the use of the family. And at her death for the property left to her for that purpose to her subject to the distribution among my children and Grand Children (only such articles as I shall give to my children hereafter which I shall not include as the common Stock on my farm). I wish it to be subject to eleven shares.

4th.    That part of my stock of horses owned by my daughter Hettie Berry I disown and acknowledge them to be her property Viz: one Sorell Mare known by the name of Nell, one rone horse known by the name of Ben and one half of the Chestnut colt known by the name of Doctor. Also that part of my stock of Cows owned by my daugher Peggy Berry I disown Viz: one stear one year old, one cow, and two Calves and I herby acknowledge them to be the property of the aforesaid Peggy Berry.

5th.    It is my desire that on my wifes death that one share of my property shall be equally divided between my two Grand children know by the names as follows. Viz: one half to go to George B. Keys and the other half to James Cummings.

6th.    It is also my wish that at my wifes death for one share to be divided as follows viz. I wish my Grand Son George B. Thomson to have one half of said eleven shares and my two grand daughters Elizabeth & Isabella Cummings to have the other half of said shares.

7th.    It is my request for my Executors to furnish my daughers Ibby Berry with one side Saddle worth twenty five dollars out of the common Stock of my property; I also give her out of my stock of cattle one cow and calf.

8th.    I also wish and desire for my daughters to be furnished with one cow and calf (if any Calves) whose names are here asserted vis: Hetty Berry, Sally Berry, Peggy Berry and Ann Berry.

9th.    It is also my wish and desire for my son Thomas Berry to have the other half of the Colt owned by Hetty Berry.

10th.   It is my wish and desire at the death of my wife Eliz. Berry for each one of my children to have a share of the common stock left on hand whereas names will follow Viz: Hettie Berry, Sallie Berry, Rebecca Cummings, Thomas Berry, Peggy Berry, Ann Berry, Darky Gamble and Ibby Berry.

11th.    I do hereby appoint my true and trusted friend John Lowery and Andy Cowan my Executors to this my last will and testament given from under my hand and seal day and date first above written.

George Berry
Signed sealed and delivered in the presents of
A. Gamble
Wm Henderson.


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