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Will of Charles B. Reynols


Georgia, Fannin County  

 I, Charles B. Reynols of the County and State a foresaid being of advanced age knowing that I must shortly depart this life, do hereby make this my Last Will and Testament and further it my duty to make a disposition of all my property which a kind parent has blessed me with.

First,  -  I desire my body be burried in a Christian like manner according to my circumstances and that my sole return to God. 

Second,  -  I desire that all my just debts be paid as there is no need of delay by my executor hereafter named. 

Third  -  I bequeath to my beloved wife Rachel E. Reynols Lot of Land two hundred fifty 250 situated in the 8th District of the first 1 section continuing one hundred and sixty acres more or less with all my personal property household and kitchen furniture so long as my beloved wife, Rachel, shall live except one good featherbed and bed clothing, one cow and calf, four head sheep, 1 set plates, 1 set tea cups and saucers and 1 set knives and forks to my daughter Matilda.

Fourth  -  Eliza Ann Mull formerly Eliza Ann Cox has had all her part of said estate except one dollar and fifty cents also my daughter Mary Cragg has had all of her part of my estate except one dollar and fifty cents. 

Fifth  -  I give my son Charles E. and George Allen sixty dollars each extra out of my estate except I give them a nag before I depart this life.  All my personal property I desire that the death of my wife to be equally divided as follows between my son William ? Henry, John W., Charles E., George Allen and Matilda Reynols.

Sixth  -  I desire at the death of my wife that the said named aforesaid be equally divided as follows between my sons and daughters above named with the exception of one part of said land which I give to my Grandson Manson Manroi Reynolds which is my daughter Sousa part of the estate. 

  -  I return to my self the right to lift this will at any time that I may desire and make any disposition of my property that I may think proper.  I hereby appoint my wife, Rachel E. Reynols and my son John W. Reynols my executrix and executors to my Last Will and Testament.

Signed in presents of ___ this March 5th 1870.


Charles B. Reynols  (seal)
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Charles Ivens Reynols
John Reynols
William Franklin


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