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Inventory and Appraisement
Estate of James B. Burnett

Gilmer County, Georgia  
Inventory and Appraisement  
Book 1 page 56 and 57  


 By the Honorable the Ordinary of said County.  These are to authorize and empower you or ant three of you to make a just and true appraisement of all and singular the goods chattels lands and tenements (ready money excepted) of James B. Burnett late of said County deceased, in dollars and cents as shall be produced by James W. Burnett and Nancy Burnett the administrators with Will annexed, of the Estate of the said James B. Burnett, you and each of you first taking the oath required by law before some of the Peace or any legel officer or each other for said County and that you will return the same, certified under your hands, and also a certificate of your having taken the oath thereto annexed, unto the said James W. Burnett and Nancy Burnett within the time prescribed by law in witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal of my office, this 4th day of August 1884.

 J. C. Allen  Ordinary  


 I certify that W. F. Mathis, W. D. Sparks, J. L. Stover, J. J. Johnson and W. M. Woody were by me duly sworn to perform their legal duties in this case witness my hand and official signature August 10th 1884.

 W. D. Sparks  J. P. 

 Inventory and Appraisement
estate of James B. Burnett, deceased

2 bay mules   $200.00
1 bay horse  80.00
1 yoke oxen 3 years old  23.00
2 cows 30.00
12 head of sheep 12.00
12 head of hogs 20.00
1 wagon 10.00
1 set blacksmith tools 15.00
1 set farming tools  10.50
1 set wood tools 2.50
1 woodwork of wagon & iron 12.00
2 beds and bedsteads 20.00
1 saddle 8.00
1 clock 2.00
1 spinning wheel .75
2 tables 2.00
1 loom  3.00
1 cook stove 5.00
Household & kitchen furniture  10.00
1 trunk .50
1 note on Uriah Holden due Nov 1st /84 20.00
1 open account on R. L. Smith 65.00
1 open account on John E. Burnett 14.45
220 of land 550.00
  $ 1, 115.70

We the undersigned appraisers do certify that having been first sworn by and before each other according to law, that the within and foregoing is a true Inventory and Appraisement of all the estate of Jas. B. Burnett deceased so far as the same was produced before us by the Administrators of said deceased to the best of our Judgment and understanding.  Given under our hands and seals this 10th day of Sept 1884.

W. F. Mathis       L. S.  
W. D. Sparks       L. S.  
J. L. Stover        L. S.  
J. J. Johnson        L. S.  
W. M. Woody       L. S.  

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