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Charles Census Records

Oliver Charles born about 1762

1790 U.S. Census Record 17 May 1791 Pendleton District, South Carolina

 Oliver CHARLES, 1 free white male 16 and over, 2 free white males under 16, 3 free white females, 1 slave


Melchizadeck Charles 1800 - 1880 

1820 U. S. Census Record 28 Dec 1820 Warren County, Tennessee
    Melchisadeck CHARLES, 2 males under 10, 2 males 16 - 25, 1 female 16 - 25, 1          person engaged in agriculture
1830 U. S. Census Record 5 Dec 1830 Habersham County, Georgia
    Melchisidich CHARLES, 1 male 5 - 9, 1 male 10 - 14, 1 male 30 - 39, 1 female 5 - 9, 1 female 30 - 39
1840 U. S. Census Record 1840 Gilmer County, Georgia
   Melchisadec CHARLES, 1 male 0 - 4, 1 male 5 - 9, 1 male 20 - 29, 1 male 40 - 49, 1 female 0 - 4, 1 female 15 - 19, 1 female 40 - 49

1850 U. S. Census Record

24 Sep 1850

Gilmer County, Georgia

   1) Malchizodeck CHARLES, age 50, male, white, farmer, value of real estate $2000, South Carolina
 2) Mary, age 50, female, white, North Carolina, cannot read or write
 3) Sarah, age 15, female, white, Georgia, attends school
 4) John W, age 13, male, white, Georgia, attends school

1860 U. S. Census Record

27 Jul 1860

Jackson County, Georgia

  1) Melchizideck CHARLES, age 60, male, farmer, value of real estate $1600, personal estate $3425, South Carolina
2) Mary, age 60, female, North Carolina

1870 U. S. Census Record

5 Jul 1870

Jackson County, Georgia

  1) M. CHARLES, age 70, male, white, retired farmer, value of real estate $400, personal estate $250, South Carolina, male over 21
2) R. CHARLES, age 70, female, white, keeping house, South Carolina, cannot write
3) Mary A. BRYANT, age 20, female, white, housekeeper, Georgia


Mary Jay Charles 1800 - After 1880

 1880 U. S. Census Record

21 Jun 1880

Jackson County, Georgia

   1) Mary CHARLES, white, female, age 80, head, widow, farmer, cannot write, South Carolina, North Carolina, North Carolina
 2) James ALLEN, white, male, age 27, Grandson-in-law, married, farmer, cannot read or write, Georgia, South Carolina, Georgia
 3) Emily ALLEN, white, female, age 20, granddaughter, married, keeping house, cannot read or write, Georgia, Georgia, Georgia
 4) Joseph ALLEN, white, male, age 4, great-grandson, single, Georgia, Georgia, Georgia
 5) Martha J ALLEN, white, female, age 1, great-granddaughter, Georgia, Georgia, Georgia
   Note:  Mary Charles is the widow of Melchizadeck Charles

William Charles
 Note:  William Charles has been a real challenge.  I have not found him on any census records at all.  Although there is a vacant house beside the home of his wife Sarah's father, Robert Ray on the 1850 Census that could possibly be them.  I found a marriage record for him and Roberta (Sarah) Ray in 1850 at the Gilmer County Courthouse.  This is the only real record I have found for him.   According to a family story, he was an early Methodist preacher in Gilmer County, as were his father, Melchesadec and brother, Jesse.  After William Charles' church was burnt down by vandals for the second time, William disappeared and was never heard from again. 

No one knows what happened to him.  The "Annuals of Upper Georgia" states William died while still a young man.  I found his wife, Sarah (Ray) Charles on census records from 1860 - 1910 living with various relatives including her father, Robert Ray and then later with her son William H. Charles.  It seems William left or disappeared sometime after they were married 1850.  My great-grandmother told me that her daddy never saw his father so I assume he disappeared or died sometime before he was born in October of 1851. 

Another interesting note is on March 29, 1840 in Gilmer County, Melchesadec Charles (William's father) was charged with Simple Larceny and sentenced to 1 year.  According to court records he was 40 years old at the time.  He was pardoned a few months later on May 22, 1840.  It is not known whether he actually served any of this sentence.

After the death of son, James and presumed death of son, William, Melchesadec Charles left Gilmer County.  On October 24, 1856, Melchesadec Charles sold the bulk of his land holdings in Gilmer County, Georgia to C. W. Conley for the sum of $3000.  Melchesadec and Mary moved to Jackson County, Georgia where they spent the remainder of their lives.
 In 1860, Melchesadec is living in Jackson County, Georgia but William is not in the  household.   With the exception of Jesse and Zilphia, the children of Melchesadec Charles did not live long lives.  James died in June of 1856 according to probate records.  William disappeared and was presumed dead sometime around the early 1850's. Sarah died sometime before 1870.  And as for John W. Charles, Melchesadec and Mary's last child. no record has been found for him after the 1860 Census.  No wonder Melchizadec moved away, Gilmer County had to be a heartbreaking place for him.

Also of note, many years later in 1893, William's son, William H. Charles, reported that his barn and stables were burnt down by vandals.  It seems the Charles family had some real enemies in Gilmer County.

 For Records on William's wife, Sarah Charles, you will find her in the 1860 Census living with her brother, Newton Ray in Pickens County, in the 1870 Census for Gilmer County she is  living in the household of her father, Robert Ray.  In 1880 Census for Gilmer County, Sarah is living in the household of her nephew, John Robert Ray and in the 1900 and 1910 Census for Gilmer County she has moved into the household of her son, William H. Charles.


William H. Charles, Jr.  1851 - 1930 

 1900 U. S. Census Record

19 Jun 1900

Gilmer County, Georgia

   1) William CHARLES, head, white, male, born Oct 1851, age 48, married 14 years, Georgia, Georgia, Georgia, farmer, farm owned free
 2) Celia M, wife, white, female, born Jul 1868, age 31, married 14 years, mother of 2, 2 living, Georgia, South Carolina, South Carolina
 3) Sarah E, daughter, white, female, born Jun 1888, age 12, single, Georgia, Georgia, Georgia
 4) Mary M, daughter, white, female, born Oct 1893, age 6, single, Georgia, Georgia, Georgia
 5) Sarah, mother, white, female, born March 1822, age 78, widow, mother of 1, 1 living, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina

 1910 U. S. Census Record

16 Apr 1910

Gilmer County, Georgia

   1) William H. CHARLES, head, male, white, age 58, married 23 years, Georgia, Georgia, Georgia, farmer, farm owned free
 2) Celia M, wife, female, white, age 52, married 23 years, mother of 2, 2 living, Georgia, Georgia, South Carolina
 3) Sarah E, daughter, female, white, age 21, single, Georgia, Georgia, Georgia
 4) Mary F. BURNETT, daughter, female, white, age 16, married, Georgia, Georgia, Georgia
 5) Benjamin BURNETT, son-in-law, male, white, age 21, married, Georgia, Georgia, Georgia, farmer
 6) Sarah CHARLES, mother, female, white, widow, mother of 1, 1 living, Georgia, South Carolina, South Carolina,


 1920 U. S. Census Record

2 Jun 1920

Gilmer County, Georgia

   1) W. H. CHARLES, head 2, home owned, male, white, age 68, married, Georgia, Georgia, Georgia, farmer
 2) Maude CHARLES, wife, female, white, age 51, married, Georgia, Georgia, Georgia
   Note:   Maude Charles is living in the household of her daughter, Mary Burnett, on the 1930 and 1940 U. S. Census Records for Gilmer County,  Georgia.    See Burnett Census Records for 1930 and 1940 Census Data.

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