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Walker Genealogy

Philip Walker House, East Providence, R.I., Built in 1679

Descendants of "Widow Walker" of Rehoboth MA

1. Widow Walker born ~1600, England?, married ?, Walker??, born ~1600, England?. Widow 3 children.

Notes: Was an early settler of Rehoboth (listed as far back as 1643). Emigrated with congregation of Rev. Samuel Newman, founder of Newman Congregational Church which still stands in Rehoboth (now Rumford, R.I.). Other Children: Sarah and James.

Second Generation

2. Philip Walker (1.Widow1) born abt 1625, Weymouth, Dorset, England, occupation Farmer, married ~1654, in ?, Jane Metcalf, born 27 Mar 1632, St. Edmondsbury, Suffolk, England, (daughter of Michael Metcalf and Sarah Elwyn) died 1702, ?, 10 children. Philip died Aug 1679, ?, 10 children.

Notes: Known as Deacon Walker later in life. Philip Was about 15 when he emigrated with his mother. His sister Sarra (Sarah) and Brother James sailed earlier in the Elizabeth on April 15, 1635, accompanying their uncle John Browne. Philip wrote poetry on historic themes (like King Phillip's War). On March 30, 1676, Indians under King Phillip burnt his house and barn. Rebuilding was completed by Phillip's heirs, still stands at the corner of Massasoit Ave. and N. Broadway in East Provience, R.I. Jane: Jane Metcalf and her ancestors are from unsupported internet data.

Third Generation

5. Ebenezer Walker (2.Philip2, 1.Widow1) born Nov 1676, Rehoboth MA ?, occupation Farmer, married (1) Mehetable Willmarth, died 27 Oct 1702, married (2) 11 Oct 1703, in ?, Dorothy Abell, born 18 Nov 1677, Rehoboth MA?, (daughter of Preserved Abell and Martha Redaway) died 1 Aug 1741, ?, 11 children. Ebenezer died 13 Mar 1717/18, Rehoboth, MA ?, 11 Children.

Notes: Ebenezer's first wife was Mehetable Wilmarth, whom he married on November 19, 1700. They had 2 children. She died on October 17, 1702. He then married Dorothy Abell on October 11, 1703, and they had 9 children

Fourth Generation

17. Caleb Walker (5.Ebenezer3, 2.Philip2, 1.Widow1) born 30 Oct 1706, Rehoboth, MA ?, occupation Farmer, married ?, in ?, Abigail Dean, born 10 Dec 1704, of Taunton, (daughter of Dr. Ezra Dean) died 1 Jan 1795, ?, 5 children. Caleb died 3 Apr 1768, Rehoboth MA ?, 5 children.

Fifth Generation

26. Abel Walker (17.Caleb4, 5.Ebenezer3, 2.Philip2, 1.Widow1) born 11 May 1736, Rehoboth, MA, occupation Farmer, married (1) ?, in ?, Lois Read, born 27 May 1741, Rehobeth, MA?, (daughter of Thomas Read, Jr. and Bethsheba _______) died 24 Mar 1801, ?, 13 children, married (2) Bathsheba Read, (daughter of Thomas Read, Jr. and Bethsheba _______). Abel died 17 Feb 1819, Hardwick, MA, 13 children.

Notes: Abel Walker served in the Revolutionary War. Note that his son Abel was Dr. Mary Walker's (the Civil War doctor) grandfather. After the War, he moved to Hardwick MA where he spent the rest of his life. He bought a farm on the west side of town. At the death of his wife lois he married her sister Bathsheba.

27. Caleb Walker Jr. (17.Caleb4, 5.Ebenezer3, 2.Philip2, 1.Widow1) married Hulda __________. Caleb died 1788?, Lenox, MA ?, buried: Church on the Hill, Lenox ?.

Notes: Inference only - gravestone of Caleb and Hulda Walker (1788/1790) and Caleb Walker (1796) - Son?, and Mary and Alice Walker (daughters)? found on Curch on the Hill, Lenox MA.

Sixth Generation

31. Thomas Walker (26.Abel5, 17.Caleb4, 5.Ebenezer3, 2.Philip2, 1.Widow1) born 18 Nov 1777, Rehoboth, MA, occupation Newspaper Editor & Banker, married 1800, in Worcester, MA, Mary Eaton, born ?, of Worcester, died 1845, Utica, NY ?, 7 children. Thomas died 1865-70, Utica, NY, 7 children.

Notes: In 1799, published a newspaper in Rome, NY. In 1803, edited and published the Utica Gazette. In 1825, went into banking and became president of the Bank of Utica and the Savings Bank of Utica He was an Elder in the Presbyterian Church

Seventh Generation

41. William Walker (31.Thomas6, 26.Abel5, 17.Caleb4, 5.Ebenezer3, 2.Philip2, 1.Widow1) born 24 May 1802, Rome, NY, occupation Banker, married 11 Jun 1828, in NY, NY, Caroline Lydia Steel, born 21 Sep 1808, NY, NY, (daughter of Robert Megget Steel and Isabella White) died ?, NY, NY, 10 children. William died 1890, NY, NY, 10 children.

Notes: In 1823 was in the hardware business, but in 1832 became a partner in the anking firm of Corning & Co. at 63 Wall St. He was an Elder in the Presbyterian Church.

Eighth Generation

48. Dr. Edward Field Walker (41.William7, 31.Thomas6, 26.Abel5, 17.Caleb4, 5.Ebenezer3, 2.Philip2, 1.Widow1) born 4 Feb 1846, NY, NY, occupation Doctor, married (1) abt 1869, Caroline Elizabeth Bigelow, born 29 Nov 1876, (daughter of Edward Bigelow and Caroline E. Boies) died 22 Aug 1876, Malden-on-Hudson, NY, married (2) 2 Apr 1879, in Maiden-on-Hudson, NY, Katherine Boies Bigelow, born 26 Apr 1850, Maiden-on-Hudson, NY, (daughter of Edward Bigelow and Caroline E. Boies) died 31 Aug 1937, Providence, RI, 2 children. Dr. died 16 Dec 1916, Providence, RI, 4 children.

Notes: 1st married Caroline Boies Bigelow, of which he had 2 children. Then married er sister. Graduated frorm the college of Physicians and Surgeons at olumbia University in 1876 and started practice as a Health Department octor in N.Y.C. After marrying his first wife he moved to Auburn for a few ears and finally settled in Providence, R.I. He was one of the founders of the Providence Lying-In Hospital and later president of the medical staff.

Ninth Generation

60. Edward Field Walker Jr. (48.Dr.8, 41.William7, 31.Thomas6, 26.Abel5, 17.Caleb4, 5.Ebenezer3, 2.Philip2, 1.Widow1) born 25 Dec 1883, Providence, RI, occupation Textile industry, married 15 Jun 1912, in Danielson, CT, Alice Josephine Danielson, born 23 Mar 1882, Southbridge, MA, (daughter of Rev. Joseph Danielson and Fanny Weld) died 2 Jan 1974, East Providence, RI, 5 children. Edward died 25 Nov 1972, Providence, RI, 5 children.

Tenth Generation

63. Avis Walker (60.Edward9, 48.Dr.8, 41.William7, 31.Thomas6, 26.Abel5, 17.Caleb4, 5.Ebenezer3, 2.Philip2, 1.Widow1) born 14 Jun 1914, Providence, RI, married 2 Nov 1939, in Toronto, Ontario, John Danvers Bateman, born 28 May 1910, Cobalt Ontario, (son of George Cecil Bateman and Agnes Nelson Faulkner Rogers) occupation Geologist, died 6 Feb 1965, Toronto, Ontario, buried: Mt. Pleasant Cemetary, Toronto. Avis 5 children.

64. Katherine Frances Walker (60.Edward9, 48.Dr.8, 41.William7, 31.Thomas6, 26.Abel5, 17.Caleb4, 5.Ebenezer3, 2.Philip2, 1.Widow1) born 24 Feb 1918, Providence, RI, married 6 Oct 1946, in Providence, RI, Henry Lind, occupation Lawyer, 3 children. Katherine 3 children.

66. Nancy Elizabeth Walker (60.Edward9, 48.Dr.8, 41.William7, 31.Thomas6, 26.Abel5, 17.Caleb4, 5.Ebenezer3, 2.Philip2, 1.Widow1) born 27 Aug 1925, Providence, RI, married 15 Mar 1950, in Providence, RI, Stanley Thomas. Nancy died 17 Apr 1988, Providence, RI, 2 children.


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