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Descendants of Michael Metcalf

Generation One

347. Michael1 Metcalf; born 17 Jun 1587 at Tatterford, Norwich, England;61 married Sarah Ellwyn, daughter of Thomas Ellwyn and Elizabeth Unknown, 1616;61,165 married Martha Unknown 1646;165 died 27 Dec 1664 at MA at age 77.61

He "Michael Metcalf, son of Leonard Metcalf, was born in 1587 in Norfolk, England, baptized June 17, 1587. He married, October 13, 1616, Sarah Ellwyn, born June 17, 1593, in Heigham, near Waynham, England, daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Heigham (sic - should be Ellwyn). Her father was born 1564, died 1648. Their seven eldest children were born and baptized in St. Benedicts, Norwich, county Norfolk, and the four younger at St. Edmundsbury. Michael Metcalf was made a freeman of Norwich, June 21, 1618. He was a dornix weaver, a tapestry maker, by trade, and is said to have employed a hundred men. The English records confirm the statement of Michael Metcalf as to his reasons for leaving England. Before he came to America he wrote a long letter "to all true professors of Christ's Gospel within the City of Norwich." At that time he was absent from home, hiding from the persecution of the church. After coming to America he wrote the following, which is printed with the other in the "Metcalf Genealogy" of 1898:

" "I was persecuted in the land of my fathers' sepulchres for not bowing at the name of Jesus and observing the ceremonies inforced upon me at the instance of Bishop Wren of Norwich, and his Chancellor Dr. Corbet, whose violent measures troubled me in the Bishop's court, and returned me into the High Commissioner's Court. ""

""Suffering many times for the cause of religion, I was forced for the sake of the liberty of my conscience to flee from my wife and children to go into New England; taking ship for the voyage at London, 17th Sept., 1636, and being by tempests tossed up and down the seas till the Christmas following; and then veering about to Plymouth in Old England. Leaving the ship I went down to Yarmouth, in Co. Norfolk, whence I finally shipped myself and family to come to New England; sailed April 15, 1637, and arrived three days before Midsummer with my wife, nine children, and a servant, Thomas Comberbach, aged 16. ""

"In the passenger list of the "John and Dorothy," as examined for April 8, 1637, only eight children are mentioned, so it is likely that his son Joseph came two years before he did and was admitted a freeman at Dedham, March 4, 1635. Michael was admitted a freeman at Dedham July 14, 1637. Children: Michael, born November 13, 1617, died young; Mary (or Marcy), born February 14, 1619; Michael, born August 29, 1620; John, mentioned below; Sarah, September 10, 1624; Elizabeth, October 4, 1626; Martha, March 27, 1628; Thomas, December 27, 1629; Ann (called also Joanne), March 1, 1631, died young; Jane, March 24, 1632; Rebeka, April 5, 1635."


Children of Michael1 Metcalf and Sarah Ellwyn were:

There were no children of Michael1 Metcalf and Martha Unknown.

Generation Two

348. Jane2 Metcalf (Michael1); married Philip Walker, son of Unknown Walker and Widow Walker, ~1654 at ?; born 27 Mar 1632 at Norwich, Norfolk, England;61 married John Polley 2 Jun 1684;69 died 1702 at Rehoboth MA ?

She was 10 children.

Children of Jane2 Metcalf and Philip Walker were as follows:

There were no children of Jane2 Metcalf and John Polley.

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