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Descendants of Nicholas Hutchins

Generation One

142. Nicholas1 Hutchins; born 1637/38 at Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts; married Elizabeth Farr, daughter of George Farr and Elizabeth Stowers, 4 Apr 1666 at Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts Bay Colony; died Sep 1693 at Lancaster, Massachusetts.

He "Three brothers, Joseph, Nicholas, and Daniel Hutchins were early residents of Lynn, Mass., which is situated in Essex Co., about ten miles northeast of Boston, Mass. Their parentage has not definitely been established, but it is quite possible that they were sons of John Hutchins who, as a Carpenter's Mate, emigrated from England in the "Friendship" in March, 1636.

Joseph Hutchins was born about 1636, probably in Lynn, Mass., married Sept.11, 1657, Mary Edmunds of Lynn, Mass.

Nicholas Hutchins was born about 1637/8 (according to his age given in affidavits), married Apr. 4, 1666, Elizabeth Farr, Lynn, Mass., daughter of George and Elizabeth (Stowers) Farr.

Daniel Hutchins' first wife, Eleanor, died Sept. 10, 1694. and the intention of his marriage to Sarah Hawks of Lynn, Mass. is recorded Nov. 7, 1695.

The three brothers took their Oaths of Fidelity, Feb. 26, 1677. This was an act required of those who wished to become citizens and to exercise their rights as citizens. Nicholas and Daniel Hutchins served together in King Philip's War under Capt. Gardiner, and Nicholas was wounded, Oct. 10 or 16, 1675. Daniel Hutchins served again, June 24, 1676, this time under Capt. Brocklebank.

In 1681, Nicholas Hutchins and his familv moved to Groton, Mass. and was granted ten acres of land, Nov. 14, 1681. The following is a copy of the land description as it appears on the town records in the handwriting of John Morse. Town Clerk of Groton, Mass.:

"A persell of land, of ten acres, mor or lesse, granted by the town to Nicolos Hutchin.

1. One acre, mor or lesse, lyeing betwixt South Meadow and South Brook, bounded round by the town's comon.

2. Two acres, mor or lesse, lyeing on the northeast sid of the hyeway vpon a swamp that runs to South Brook. bounded round by the town's comon.

3. Sixe acres. mor or lesse, lyeing southeast of Sand Pond bound ed round with the town's comon".

On Dec.31, 1683/4, Nicholas Hutchins bought ten additional acres of land.

He served the town of Groton, Mass. in several civic capacities as fence viewer, teething man, and overseer of swine. On Dec. 12, 1692, he was chosen town surveyor. He died in Sept. 1693, intestate, prob-ably in Lancaster, Mass. Nicholas and Elizabeth (Farr) Hutchins had four children, but the births of only the two older children are recorded in the vital records of Lynn, Mass."


Children of Nicholas1 Hutchins and Elizabeth Farr were as follows:

Generation Two

143. John2 Hutchins (Nicholas1); born 3 Jun 1668 at Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts Bay Colony; married Abigail Whitney circa 1692 at Groton, Massachusetts; married Mary Wyman, daughter of John Wyman and Mary Carter, circa 1707; married Sarah Hyde 2 Nov 1742; died 20 Mar 1756 at Killingly, Windham, Connecticut, at age 87.

Children of John2 Hutchins and Abigail Whitney were as follows:

Children of John2 Hutchins and Mary Wyman all born at Plainfield, Connecticut, were as follows:

There were no children of John2 Hutchins and Sarah Hyde.

Generation Three

144. Ezra3 Hutchins (John2, Nicholas1); born 11 Oct 1714 at Plainfield, Connecticut; married Abigail Leavens, daughter of Joseph Leavens and Judith Sabin, 10 Dec 1740 at Killingly, Connecticut; died 23 Apr 1794 at Killingly, Connecticut, at age 79.

He Provided by: Carolyn Proffitt Winch <>.

Children of Ezra3 Hutchins and Abigail Leavens all born at Killingly, Connecticut, were as follows:

Generation Four

145. Shubael4 Hutchins (Ezra3, John2, Nicholas1); born 22 Jul 1759 at Killingly, Connecticut; married Avis Borden, daughter of William Borden and Ruhama Jennings, circa 1781;85 died 1841 at Killingly, CT.85

He "During the Revolutionary War, he served in Col. Johnson's reg't., Capt. Moses Branch's co., which was enlisted from Conn. for service in the State of Rhode Island from Feb. 1 to Mar. 15, 1778. He was First Major of the 21st reg't. of Conn., 1799; Representative from Killingly, Conn., 1802-4; Lt. Col. Commander of the 21st Reg't. 1803; Officer in Gen. David Humphrey's First Reg't. of the volunteer brigade of Windham Co., Conn. in the War of 1812."87

Children of Shubael4 Hutchins and Avis Borden were as follows:

Generation Five

146. Avis5 Hutchins (Shubael4, Ezra3, John2, Nicholas1); born 10 Jan 1788 at Killingly, CT; (b. Killingly CT from 1850 census); married Rev. Roswell Whitmore, son of Jacob Whitmore and Hannah Brown, 4 Nov 1813; died 20 Sep 1860 at Danielson, CT, at age 72.

Children of Avis5 Hutchins and Rev. Roswell Whitmore were as follows:

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