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11/13/00 03:37:53
Grandparents: OLD MOOMINS Gr-Gr Grandparents: EVEN OLD MOOMINS Related to Barwicks thru?: BIRTH
Seeking info on _____???: ANYONE Submitting info on -----???: NOONE


10/27/00 01:57:00
Name: T.Downs My URL: Visit Me My Email: Email Me
Parents: held back for now- thank you! Grandparents: Oscar Linton Barwick and Veta Irene Hermann Gr-Gr Grandparents: John J. Barwick and Ferby Jane Skinner
Related to Barwicks thru?: my mother Seeking info on _____???: William Barwick (married to Elizabeth Phillips) parents of John J. Barwick, who was born June 8 1791. Also seeking ancestry preceding William. Submitting info on -----???: Can send you a complete list of Oscar Linton Barwick's nine children at a later time.

Comments: Regarding this Barwick Mystery: (My Great Grandfather- John J. Barwick) Listed as: "Barwick John Wife Pheribah Elizabeth Drake (her 2d marriage), first husband was John Nelson Key, died Aug 15, 1862" And along with this listing: "Barwick John Married Pheribah Elizabeth Drake (her 2d marriage). She was born Mar 23, 1832, Washington Co, and D Oct 16, 1876, Emanuel Co, GA" See the following, which accounts for him. We found two additional generations on this site in one stop - thank you! We will be submitting some info on Oscar Linton Barwick's nine children later.

10/13/00 05:21:27
Name: Jennifer Askew My URL: Visit Me My Email: Email Me
Parents: John E. Baldwin and Carolyn Barwick Baldwin Grandparents: Willis Curtis Barwick and DeAlvah Thigpen Barwick Gr-Gr Grandparents: George Manning Barwick and Laura Johnson Barwick
Related to Barwicks thru?: Mother Seeking info on _____???: Family Photographs on my grandparents or great grands Submitting info on -----???: Decendants of Willis Curtis Barwick

Comments: I wanted to offer to add to your information on my branch of Nathan Barwick's decendants. My Great, great grandparents were Curtis Manning Barwick and Mary Ann Kea. My Great grandparents were Dr. George Manning Barwick and Laura Johnson. I cannot remember the exact date of their wedding sometime in 1924, but I know it was held at the home of John Thigpen, Dee's older brother. My grandfather was the late Willis Curtis Barwick, a pharmacist, and my Grandmother who is still alive and about to turn 100 years old is DeAlvah Thigpen Barwick (born: December 3,1900). Willis and Dee had two children: George Manning Barwick (born: June 5,1927 - died: October 2,1939) and Carolyn DeAnne Barwick (born: January 21, 1942). Carolyn was born at a hospital in Dublin, GA. When Carolyn was in elementary school the family moved to St. Simons Island, GA. Carolyn Barwick married John Ephraim Baldwin {born:February 25,1930)on October 7, 1972 on Jeckyll Island, GA. Carolyn Barwick Baldwin and John Baldwin lived on St. Simons Is and and had one daughter, Jennifer DeAnne Baldwin (born: November 21, 1973). After 12 years in Atlanta, John and Carolyn now live in Blue Ridge, Georgia. Jennifer(that's me) married Benjamin Joseph Askew (born: May 31,1966 in Atlanta) on June 19, 1993. Jennifer and Ben currently reside in Memphis, Tennessee and have 4 children. Our children are: Caroline Elisabeth Askew (born: 5-26-94) Emily DeAnne Askew (born: 12-4-95) Abigail Joy Askew (born: 11-26-97) Mary Kathryn Askew (born: 9-5-99) If anyone out there has any photos on the Barwicks mentioned above, I would be very greatful. I am currently putting together a special scrapbook for my grandmother, DeAlvah, to celebrate her life as she turns 100 in December. Because of a fire, many fa ily photos were lost to us. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks so much.

09/26/00 17:34:21
Name: J.P. (Pat) Brandenburg My URL: Visit Me My Email: Email Me
Parents: Josephine Durden Grandparents: Ruth Banks and Rowie Durden Gr-Gr Grandparents: Elizabeth Barwick and Wm. Durden
Related to Barwicks thru?: Elizabeth Barwick Seeking info on _____???: Elizabeths Log Home

Comments: My sister and I are planning a trip to Emanual County soon. We would like to see our grandmothers cabin near Norristown. I would like to contact the owner of that property.

08/09/00 01:15:15
Name: Suzanne Lord Pursley My URL: Visit Me
Parents: Dorothy & Joe Lord Grandparents: Milton & Maggie Lord
Gr-Gr Grandparents: Thomas & Antoinette Lord Related to Barwicks thru?: Thomas's Dad Leander Lord

Comments: Yeegads what a goldmine you've given me here!! Keep up the good work.

08/01/00 21:32:24
Name: Nathan David Barwick My URL: Visit Me
My Email: Email Me Parents: Archie Paul Barwick & Lilla Alma Smith
Grandparents: Marvin Carter Barwick & Lillian Miller Gr-Gr Grandparents: Nathan N. Barwick & Martha Carter


07/16/00 03:33:49
Name: Nicole Shah My URL: Visit Me My Email: Email Me
Parents: Jerry Shedd & Eloyce Outlaw Grandparents: George Outlaw & Yvonne Durden Gr-Gr Grandparents: McLeroy Durden & Flossie Durden
Related to Barwicks thru?: Elizabeth Barwick Durden is my great-great-great grandmother. Submitting info on -----???: The picture of Elizabeth Barwick Durden on her front porch.

Comments: The boy that is in the picture is her grandson Verdie Ricks. Verdie was the son of Elizabeth's daughter, Ellafair Durden, who married E.L Ricks. I found the picture in a book and photocopied it about 4 years ago. My grandmother recognized the picture and told me who she was. I hope this information helps some!

06/29/00 07:41:21
Name: Nancy W. Stone My URL: Visit Me My Email: Email Me
Parents: O.H. & Madeline Watson Grandparents: O.H.Watson Alma Hebert Gr-Gr Grandparents: David Watson and Lula Welch
Related to Barwicks thru?: Lula Welch daughter of Jessie Welch and E E Barwick Seeking info on _____???: Noel Barwick Submitting info on -----???: Jessie B Welch

Comments: Our family records show Eugenia E Barwick as married to Jessie Welch. The Welch spelling is correct. They had six children. One of the children Wiley Crozier Welch was sheriff of Columbia, La 1902-1912. One of the daughters was my great greatgrandmother L la Welch Watson. Do you think our Eugenia E Barwick Welch is the same as your Ellender E Barwick? Thanks Nan

06/11/00 21:49:27
Name: Robert A Barwick My URL: Visit Me My Email: Email Me
Parents: William E Barwick & Ellen (Focken) Barwick Grandparents: Clark Elsworth Barwick & Jenny (Phillips) Barwick Gr-Gr Grandparents: still checking
Related to Barwicks thru?: 4 or 5 Barwick Brothers who landed in Cheasapeak area of Maryland

Comments: Growing up was told a story of Barwick Brothers who landed in Cheasapeak Maryland with Lord Baltimore in the 1700's (?). One brother settling in Cheasapeake City Maryland (ships rigger & chandler). Another brother moving south to Ga. (probably textiles). third to Pa. (coal & R/R). Any others unknown. I belong to the Pa. branch who also has members in NY. Conn. and In. My father who died recently settled in Elizabethtown Tn. was born in Phila. Pa. Any info on the original settlers or links with Great Britain is greatly appreciated. Yours, Robert Alan Barwick NY

03/05/00 10:56:01
Name: Mike Parker My URL: Visit Me My Email: Email Me
Parents: Eugene Parker and Marilyn Hester Grandparents: Clark H Hester and Martha Humble Gr-Gr Grandparents: Willie Croizer Hester and Stella Meredith
Related to Barwicks thru?: Willie's mother Minerva Welch daughter of Jessie Welch and Eugenia Barwick Seeking info on _____???: Barwick family Submitting info on -----???: Eugenia E Barwick

Comments: Great site! I have finally found the connection on the Barwick side of the family. I am decended through Eugenia E Barwick daughter of Noel and Susan Crozier. I'm showing Eugenia as a first name instead of Elleander because Eugenia E is shown on her gr ve marker. Eugenia and her husband, Jessie B Welch are buried at Old Bethel cemetery near Clarks, Louisiana. Eugenia and Jessie moved to La with their daughter, son-in-law Nathan Hester, and grandson Willie Crozier Hester in 1883. Family history states that they moved by Ox drawn wagons from Smith County, Mississippi. Also, the other children of Eugenia and Jessie made the move. I will have more info later. Thanks, Mike Parker

Elaine - 01/08/00 12:19:07
My Email:whitedov15@AOL.Com
Grandparents: Emma Elizabeth Metcalf
Great-Grandparents: Charles Oscar Metcalf
Your Barwick Connection: Richard Madison Barwick and wife Francis Madeline Metcalf
Emma Metcalf my grandmother was the sister to Francis Madeline Metcalf Barwick. Madeline was the wife of Richard Madison Barwick, son of James Madison Barwick
Norma Williams - 12/19/99 03:19:54

Grandparents: Marion Oscar Jones, Sr and Queen Elizabeth Jones
Great-Grandparents: Ruben and Lucy Ann Barwick Jones
Your Barwick Connection: Lucy Ann Barwick was my great grandmother

Wonderful to find this page. This is a side of the family I've known very little about. My father, Marion Oscar Jones, Jr. (b.1918) was the youngest of 9 children born to Marion Oscar Sr. (b.1877) and Queen Elizabeth Jones (b.1876). Marion Sr. was son f Lucy Ann Barwick(b.1848) (daughter of William Whiddon Barwick and Winifred Odom) who married Ruben Young Jones
lindy barwick fillyaw - 11/18/99 20:50:16
Grandparents: william m. barwick and margaret presley barwick
Great-Grandparents: louie and anna tillman barwick
William M. Barwick, my grandfather fought in World War II. He received a bronze star for bravery. He was also a P.O.W. He was captured and then released after many months of torture. I am very proud of him. He was shell-shocked after the war and spent many years in a nursin home.I am the great grandaughter of louie barwick, the great,great grandaughter of james f. barwick(would love to hear from anybody who knows anything about him, i have nothing so far other than he went by jim and married lizabeth cone), I am the great, great, great, great grandaughter of william b. barwick. i have a paper that goes back to the 1640 with names of my grandfathers. sorry i don't have with me or i would include all their names. if any one knows anything about james f. barwick please let me know by E-mail.
Thomas Brown - 10/20/99 15:13:51
Grandparents: Thomas Brown & Willie Cora Dudley
Great-Grandparents: Lewis Bender Brown & Lucy Ann Vianna Youmans
Your Barwick Connection: Lucy Ann Youmans was the daughter of Eliza Ann Barwick
Aileen Ballard Christmas - 09/24/99 21:18:48
Grandparents: Linnie Susan Barwick & Stephen Lafayette Ballard
Great-Grandparents: Jesse Barwick &GA Ann Register
Your Barwick Connection: Grandmother, Linnie Susan Barwick Ballard
FANTASTIC site! Would like to know more about Linnie Susan Barwick, daughter of Jesse Barwick & GA Ann Register. Just recently discovered connection.
Nelson Linder Little - 09/22/99 18:36:00
Grandparents: Mallie Frank HARRELL & Opal Waver OTT (Colquit GA); Berrien Belt LINDER & Mary Elizabeth NELSON (GA)
Great-Grandparents: John Spencer HARRELL & Nancy Alavan WILLIS (GA) ;
Your Barwick Connection: John S Harrell, Jr's son M Frank Harrell -- sister Katherine married into BARWICKs
What a WONDERFUL Connection for me! Enjoyed your links too. I have more HARRELL info if you want.
Betty Joan Montgomery - 09/18/99 04:12:46
Grandparents: John & Mattie Ward
Great-Grandparents: Mary White/David Stephenson
Your Barwick Connection: Mary F White was the daughter of Caleb White and Rhoda Ann Whiddon, who was the granddaughter of William Barwick and Elizabeth Phillips
This is my first visit to this site, am thrilled to find it, only found out about the Barwick connection in the past year, wish to say hello to all my Whiddon and Barwick cousins out there and I am sure that I will find much information from my visits her . I am happy to see all the old photographs as well.I don't have much info on Barwick line but have info on White connection that I am willing to share.
HORACE JAMES BARWICK - 09/16/99 23:05:33
Great-Grandparents: WILLIAM BARWICK III
Your Barwick Connection: JESSEE F. BARWICK
JACK BARWICK - 09/16/99 23:00:11
Great-Grandparents: WILLIAM BARWICK III
Your Barwick Connection: JESSE F. BARWICK
Tricia Golden Blanton - 08/16/99 21:28:03
Grandparents: Della Barwick Golden
Great-Grandparents: John Hopkins Barwick
Your Barwick Connection: Father: Jefferson Monroe Golden, Jr.
Wow! This is great! I haven't explored this site at all yet, so maybe my question is answered here somewhere, but I'll ask anyway? Any truth to the rumor from my grandmother, Della B. Golden, that Warwick Castle in England was that of our ancestors? W s the Barwick name derived from "Warwick?" Thanks! Cousin Tricia
Melanie Meadows Hood - 08/15/99 20:35:24
Grandparents: Anquish&Lulu Barwick
Great-Grandparents: Ellie D Smith&MaryDurden
Your Barwick Connection: Great great grandaughter of Elizabeth Barwick Durden
I have been interested in my family history for years. Your information was fantastic to say the least. I would like to know how you discovered all of this fascinating info. Just for your info - my granddaddy,Anquish Smith, eventually changed the spelling of his name to Angus.

Robert Hodges - 08/14/99 01:58:58
Grandparents: Randolph Joseph/Vera Hodges
Your Barwick Connection: Distant?cousin?
Comments: I'm not too knowledgable on my ancestors.Not a real close family then
Tamara Stevens - 07/20/99 16:36:32
Grandparents: Fred Billingsley & Bennie Griffin
Great-Grandparents: Beulah Barwick & W.T. Billingsley
Your Barwick Connection: Hoping to find!
This is my husband's line. Would like to correspond with others researching the line from James Barwick through Henry Kennedy Sr., and William Benjamin Barwick. Would love to know more about the fist fight in Attala Co., MS in 1868 that ended William Benj min's life.
Mary Condit - 07/17/99 14:35:40
Grandparents: Harley Lee and Edna Durden
Great-Grandparents: Francis Marion Durden and Georgianne Hall
Your Barwick Connection: Simeon Durden and Susannah Barwick were my GG Grandparents
Nice to meet you all!
Ann Barwick Whitaker Bailey - 07/13/99 16:55:54
Grandparents: Magnolia Barwick Wright and John Thomas Wright
Great-Grandparents: William Benjamin Barwick and Senara Finney
Your Barwick Connection: Benjamin Barwick and Phoebe Curry
I should have written in my first messagage that I was learning about Nathan Barwick in Emanuel Co. Georgia not Nathan Bailey in Escambia Co. I went to Nathan's grave out from Norristown last week.Also went to William Benjamin Barwick's grave in Sandersvi le.Ga. in Washington Co.
Harry Rowan Palmer, Jr. - 07/10/99 18:20:51
Grandparents: Clarence N. Palmer and Josephine Dillon Durden
Great-Grandparents: Rowie Dillon Durden and Ruth Banks
Grady Lowe - 07/09/99 23:32:00
Grandparents: Willoughby Lowe
Great-Grandparents: Nathan Lowe
Your Barwick Connection: Dempsey Whiddon
Dempsey Whiddon is my great-great-great grandfather. His wife was Rhoda Davis Barwick. I have traced my family through 6-7 generations.
Michael Cook Barwick - 07/09/99 13:37:47
Grandparents: Milton Cook Barwick and Julia Freeman
Great-Grandparents: unk.
Your Barwick Connection: not sure
This is a branch of the Barwick family which lived in the vicinity of Lousville GA. May have been part of SC Barwicks
Doris Smith - 07/02/99 05:17:59
Grandparents: Eli Jared Whidden and Mary Americus Bennett
Great-Grandparents: Wade Hampton Whidden and Eleanor Shepherd
Your Barwick Connection: Martha Rhoda Barwick and Dempsey Whidden
Thanks to this website I've been able to fill in a lot of missing info. Also connected to the Barwicks through Elizabeth Whiddon who married one of the Barwick men. Elizabeth was Dempsey's sister. I don't have my notes in front of me so I can't remembe who she marriede. Doris Smith
Virginia sue Barwick Cowart - 06/30/99 17:47:12
Grandparents: James G. & Zona brantley
Great-Grandparents: William W. & Nancy UNKN
I am very happy to see the Barwick History. My dad didnt talk about his family. We only new our Grandmother Zona Brantley Barwick. Of course we new his brothers and sister. Ihave our family history if any one would like it. I am new at this been looking a out a week. Thanks
Christopher Barwick - 06/24/99 18:42:54
Grandparents: Henry Barwick & Irene Woods
Great-Grandparents: James L Barwick
Your Barwick Connection: Md Barwicks--Midwestern
Henry N Barwick Sr WWI Army KS 1894-1959 Henry N Barwick Jr WWII Army Md 1927-1930 Kenneth Barwick Korea Army Md 1930-1985 Christopher Barwick Vietnam Army Md 1948- pre Richard Barwick Vietnam Navy Md 1949-1980 I alone am left to tell C Barwick
charles barwick - 06/21/99 03:20:08
Grandparents: caswell e barwick
Great-Grandparents: john wesley barwick
Your Barwick Connection: bill irving barwick
I can only go back to John Wesley Barwick. His birth certifact says "U" in the place of birth space when he is listed as the father of Caswell E. Barwick.
Delwin Moore - 06/10/99 15:54:29
Grandparents: Lily McLean, James A, Moore
Great-Grandparents: William D. McLean, Margaret Martin
Your Barwick Connection: Flora Alice McLean Barwick
I'm primarily interested in the Roderick F. McLean family. Roderick died 1857 in Attala Co, Ms. One of his daughters, Flora Alice McLean married a Barwick and removed to Texas with my gr grandfather, William Douglas McLean after the Civil War.
Ann Barwick Whitaker Bailey - 06/09/99 15:39:45
Grandparents: Magnolia Adelaide Barwick and John Thomas Wright
Great-Grandparents: William Benjamin Barwick and Senara Finney
Your Barwick Connection: Benjamin Barwick was my great great grandfather/wife was Phoebe Curry
After sending a note last night, I found all of the other information about the other sons of William B.Barwick,Sr. I am thrilled. There are a few changes in where cemeteries are located as far as counties that I can help you with. My family grew up in Wa hington Co.,GA but I have been making the connection to the Nathan Bailey family in Escambia Co.GA as my husband's family is from that county. Let me know who to contact about making the corrections about the cemeteries and where people are buried. I have hours to go before I am finished exploring. I have two old books about the Barwick family that were passed down to me. Memories by Robert Barwick is one of them. My great aunt Idella Barwick left it to me.
Ray Shurling - 06/07/99 17:38:31
Grandparents: Walter & Mary Shurling
Great-Grandparents: Alexander & Mary Barwick Shurling
Your Barwick Connection: Mary Virginia Barwick, Washington Cty. Ga.
Thanks you so very much for all the information and work put into these pages.
Ida Youngblood - 05/25/99 17:31:07
Grandparents: Udell McLemore Carroll
Great-Grandparents: Maude McLemore
Your Barwick Connection: Lucian Bostwick 1852-1913
Great - My line, Exum ,McKinnie , Ricks, Manwaring , Tigpen, McLemore, Wyche, Carroll, West Chesley Bostwick McLemore b. 10/14/18 _3 / d.4/30/1899 Married 3-22-1849 to Elizabeth Thigpen b.1/6/1823 - d.6/9/1909. THANK YOU , Ida
Daryl Hutchinson - 05/21/99 15:58:47
Grandparents: Beann Hutchinson & Nelson Vernon Hutchinson
Great-Grandparents: Hattie (Durden) & Marcus Green Hutchinson
Your Barwick Connection: Elizabeth Barwick Durden
Hattie (Durden) Hutchinson was a daughter of Angus Durden, a son of William and Elizabeth Durden. Anyone with Hutchinson/Drake/Durden/Key ancestry, please contact me.
John Rimmer Craft - 05/13/99 11:00:15
Grandparents: Jerry M. Rimmer and Mary Etta O'Cain
Great-Grandparents: Charles C. O'Cain and Cornelia Barwick
Your Barwick Connection: Cornelia daughter of Henry K. Barwick b.1814
Eloise Barwick of Vicksburg did extensive research on the Barwick line. My Henry K. Barwick (died Attala Co, Miss. 1887)was the son of James Barwick b.1784 died after 1830, and James was the son of Elizabeth Phillips and Wiliam BArwick, Jr.
Judy Rountree Mason - 05/10/99 03:28:47
Just had to visit. Many of your allied families are also same as mine. My maiden name is Rountree, but so far can not find a link to the Roundtree line of Ebenezer Durden-am quite familiar with it. My line last located in Effingham and Chatham Co. Ga. Where I also have a Hurst line from extending into Thomas County. We might to too look into that! I am related to many Hursts from SC>GA>Fla. Connected to these lines are the Wilson, Blitch, Rountree, Wolfe families of the south. By the way, I lived mo t of my grammer and high school days in Thomasville, Ga. Went to Thomasville High with a young lady named Barwick. Shall I check my yearbooks for her name? Would be interested to hear from you as I am researching this Hurst line as we speak. Perhaps we do indeed have a connection here somewhere. I also lived for a while in Cairo, Ga. Look forward to hearing from you. Or anyone who may have connection to t ese lines. your web site is beautifully organized! Youd should be proud.
Sandra Lee Barwick Dorociak - 05/05/99 01:46:04
Grandparents: John Oliver Barwick & Annie Lou Smith
Great-Grandparents: Lawrence Sinclair Barwick & Susan Birginia Gibson
Your Barwick Connection: Martin Barwick, Sr. of Darlington District SC
I would certainly like to have all the records of Maryland, Virginia , North Carolina and South Carolina gone over thoroughly and these families connected correctly. I know it would take a lot of collective work but it would clear up so much. I would be willing to help. It would mean a gleaning of "ALL" census records, and ALL other records in ALL the counties.
Alitia C. Barwick - 05/02/99 05:44:41
Grandparents: Milton@Helen Barwick
I'm Finding it difficult to trace down the exact ancestors of mine, since i only know up to who my grandparents were. But i guess if a Barwick came from England, he started the Barwick generation in the U.S. wich means all Barwick's born in the U.S. must e related.
Donald Edgar Barwick - 04/25/99 00:34:12
Grandparents: Hardy Blueford Barwick and Rebecca Rigsby
Great-Grandparents: Thomas Jesse Barwick and Sallie Thomason
Your Barwick Connection: Descendent of John J. Barwick
Great site. Any ideas on how to find out who John J Barwick's first wife (m. 1812) was?
James Lott Barwick - 04/17/99 01:53:20
Grandparents: Lott Whiden Barwick and Matilda Hutcheson
Great-Grandparents: Curtis M. Barwick
You have in your mysteries section a C.M. Barwick that received a land grant in Montgomery Co. in 1889. I believe that this Curtis M. Barwick my great Grandfather
Clyde Goodbread Wiggins III - 04/15/99 13:15:45
Grandparents: Clyde Goodbread Wiggins Sr. and Gladys Frances Williams
Great-Grandparents: Elias Williams and Laura Ann Owens
Your Barwick Connection: Georgian A. Owens and my Great Grandmother were sisters. Georgian married a Barwick.
Super fine Web Page. It's nice to find some new cousins. I'm rebuilding my web site, so there's not much there at the moment. If you stop in to take a look, give me an E-mail so I'll know who's looking. Thanks for sharing your family history
Craig R. Thompson - 04/12/99 03:47:45
Grandparents: Tom BArwick, Jr & Gloria Barwick
Great-Grandparents: Tom Barwick, Sr & Elizabeth (Kelly) Barwick
Your Barwick Connection: Stancil & Emma Barwick
This is great. I would like to get in contact with any one willing to exchange information. Keep up the good work!!!!
Dale Stewart - 04/10/99 23:55:41
Grandparents: William Henry Harrison Fox, Jr. and Myrtle Dallas Barwick
Great-Grandparents: John Noel Barwick and Emma Anna (aka Orleanna) Sharp
Your Barwick Connection: gggrandfather=William C. Barwick; ggggrandfather = Noel Barwick; gggggrandfather=William Barwick, Jr.
Nice to see there is finally a BARWICK home page. would you like to receive a FTM file of my BARWICK line?
Cathy Barwick Travis - 04/10/99 00:26:27
Grandparents: Thomas and Elizabeth (Kelly) Barwick
Your Barwick Connection: my maiden name
You are doing a wonderful job with all the Barwick info. Thank you so much for putting it all together. I look forward to getting to know more of my relatives here online. From what I know of my Barwick roots - am descended from the GA Barwicks. Would welcome email from any of you.
Thomas Enoch Barwick Jr. - 04/09/99 16:34:20
Grandparents: Stancil and Emma (Blackshear) Barwick
Your Barwick Connection: Stancil Barwick
You are to be commended for this excellent source of family geneology. I would like to know of any other direct descendents of the Stancil and Emma Barwick line.
Ralph Chapman, Sr. - 04/06/99 13:46:07
Grandparents: Anna Durden (Woods) Hall
Great-Grandparents: Nathan Bay Durden & Annie Eliz. Hatcher
Your Barwick Connection: Hatcher-Barwick
Robert Alton Becton - 04/03/99 00:05:43
Grandparents: Hardy Bluford Barwick
Great-Grandparents: Not sure - reserching.
Your Barwick Connection: My mother is Annie Jewell (Barwick) Becton.
Annie Jewell (Barwick)Becton. b 1911 - still living.Have information on this family. Annie had app. 9 brothers and sisters. Only one brother still living..
Shirley Miller Wilkes - 03/31/99 15:51:37
Grandparents: Morris Horton and Arphelia Foskey
Great-Grandparents: Curtis Manning Foskey and Catherine Missouri Mimbs
Bill Mosley - 03/30/99 01:44:29
Grandparents: George/Sally Barwick,Moseley
Your Barwick Connection: Sally Barwick Moseley
Looking for information Henry Barwick family from Thomas County, GA. I went to school with Betty Jo and Nina Ruth. Bill Mosley
Liz Adams Clark - 03/27/99 21:17:36
Grandparents: Mary Elefaire Barwick and William Tanner Adams
Great-Grandparents: Nathan Barwick and Sarah Ann Elizabeth Sheppard
Your Barwick Connection: My paternal grandmother was Mary Elefaire Barwick Adams
Excellent series of pages- thank you from the very deep of my digging soul for the research and your lovely site- I have some nice old pictures of my grandmother, Mary E. , in 1894 with W. T. Adams and baby Lillie and can email the jpgs if you would like them also pictures of all her children at a last reunion in Albany, Georgia, in late 1960's- have numerous old photos of her children from pre-1920's. Please keep this lovely repository available for the future researchers if possible. My sincere congrat to you on a most excellent site. Liz Clark
Thomas E. Rutledge, Jr. - 03/17/99 15:44:48
Grandparents: Alvah and Tlura Rutledge/Nathan and Evaline Holt
Great-Grandparents: info not available
Your Barwick Connection: My baby sister married Jackson L. Barwick, Jr.
'Tis a pleasure and joy to be "related" to the Barwick Clan. May they live and prosper forever!
James Andrew Barwick - 03/16/99 21:51:40
Grandparents: don't know
Great-Grandparents: don't know
Your Barwick Connection: don't know
never met them will check back to let you know
Susan Davis Strickland - 03/13/99 17:07:13
Grandparents: Charlie Thomas Davis & Bertie Mae(Bertha) Smith
Great-Grandparents: Barry Neil Smith and Delphia Barwick
Your Barwick Connection: Emanuel County, Ga Barwicks
I think your web site is a wonderful thing. I appreciated hearing from you after I had posted a query for Emanuel County. Computers have made it a small world. Without the internet, I don't know when I would have found the connection I needed to the Barwi k family. Thank you.
Susan Wells - 03/13/99 02:36:56
Your Barwick Connection: Martha Rhoda Barwick m. Dempsey Whidden: child Susan Elizabeth Whiddon m. Thomas P. Brock : child Thomas Jefferson (Tom) Brock Sr. m. Nancy Jane Yates; child Hannah Malinda Brock m. James Thomas (Tom) Wells: child James A ex Wells m. Arleva Cook: child, Lee Ellison Wells m. Agnes Alyene Littlefield: child, Gregory Warren Wells m. Susan Faye Collins
Actually, this is my husbands family I'm researching. I was given information that his ancestor, Thomas P. Brock, b. 19 Dec 1823 was married to Susan Elizabeth Whidden/Whiddon. She was supposedly the dau. of Dempsey Whiddon, b. abt 1786 in Darlington Di t.,SC and was married to Martha Rhoda Barwick. I have not verified this at this point.
Elizabeth Anne Holtschneider - 03/09/99 17:30:45
Grandparents: Thomas Enoch Barwick Sr./Elizabeth (Mel) Kelly Barwick
Your Barwick Connection: from the California Barwicks!
Wonderful information. I go back over it almost daily, seeing more and more of the past. Thank you.
H. Shannon Phillips - 03/07/99 20:27:17
Your Barwick Connection: Elizabeth Phillips??
The Barwick name shows in the John Phillips b. ca 1784 d. Oct 6 1868 married two or three times probably first wife was Sarah Quillen and a second wife Susannah Allen (some think Susannah Whitehead)who was the widow of William C. Allen who was also from S . John Phillips moved from SC to TN and in the 1820 census of Lawrence Co., Tn was living next to John Sr. In about 1825 he moved to Centerr Star, Lauderdale Co., AL. He had a plantation and many children who married and scattered to other states west f Alabama. I would aapreciate any info on Elizabeth's brothers and sisters.
Roberta Whiddon Childs - 03/03/99 23:16:07
Grandparents: John W. and Roberta Holland Whiddon
Great-Grandparents: James and Mary Whiddon
Mary Gallagher posted her connection as married to Dempsey Whiddon. Is he the brother to Nathan Whiddon, Caroline Kirkland, William E. Whiddon Jr., Edward Whiddon, Elizabeth Kirkland, John Whiddon, James Whiddon, Sally Hix, and Nancy Whiddon? I do not now what the Barwick and Whiddon connection is. My grandparents and my parents lived in Newville, Alabama, in Henry County. Anxious for information.
Mary Gallagher - 02/27/99 18:24:17
Your Barwick Connection: Rhoda BARWICK married Dempsey WHIDDEN
I just found your BARWICK page today, and am so excited. My husband is descended from Rhoda BARWICK, daughter of William BARWICK and Elizabeth PHILLIPS. I will definitely be checking back frequently!
Mary Tanner Parker - 02/27/99 13:26:24
Grandparents: Wyander Hillman Tanner & Mary Myrtle Pournelle
Great-Grandparents: Marcus Wm. Pournelle & Hattie Ophelia Mayo
Your Barwick Connection: working on that!
A very good web site....have not completely explored yet. Thanks for making your research available. I am researching the Barwick family name based on the obit of my ggg grandmother: Martha B. Pournelle b. 1807 SC. The obit appeared in the Sandersville GA) Hearld 17 Dec 1896. Mrs. M. B. Pournelle long resident of Sandersville died in Augusta (GA) Monday in the 90th year of her age. She was grandmother of townsman Mr. Mark Pournelle and the sister of Mrs. (Elizabeth, Robert) Brooks (b. 1809/10), half sis r of Mr. W. (William) B. Barwick (b. 1836 GA).
Bill Haag - 02/21/99 02:43:23
Grandparents: Thomas E. Barwick and Mary Leona Brock
Great-Grandparents: Nathan Jesse Barwick and Modena Lee Godwin
Your Barwick Connection: John J. Barwick and Miss Register
Hello Jeff and Susan, Just found your homepage, its great! Glad to see you could use the information I sent. Hope all is well with you and your families. There is some information on my line thats been lost. I am going to take a look at what need to be filled on on my line and will let you know. Take care and God Bless. Bill Haag Los Alamos, NM
Dawson C. Harvey - 02/20/99 23:25:34
Your Barwick Connection: See below
By-the-way: You have my first cousin, Ellen Elizabeth, misplaced on page 91 because you have her last name as "Wimberely" instead of "Harvey"; she is the daughter of Earl Evan Harvey,Jr. and Ellen Charlotte Wimberley(who was the sister of Susie Ethel Wimberley, married to John Stancil Barwick). I guess that's the connection!
Dawson C.Harvey - 02/20/99 21:53:10
Your Barwick Connection: Vague
I stumbled on your site through the Galliard side of your family-a sixth generation descendent of Joseph M. Gilliard married my dad's younger brother
Wynnette - 02/14/99 01:23:36
My husband, James E. Welch, Sr. is descended from George W. and Susannah Barwick Moye, daughter of John & Susannah Whiddon Barwick. I have just found your site and haven't had a chance to digest all of it. Thank you for putting the information on the ne . I have been researching the Barwick family for several years. Wynnette