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 ROBERT BARTON, born 20 Sep. 1801 in Smith Twp., Washington Co., Pa., married REBECCA WALLACE 14 Dec. 1826 in Cross Creek Twp., Washington Co., Pa., died 12 June 1883, buried in Cumberland Cemetery, Spencer Twp., Guernsey Co., Ohio.  Rebecca was born 4 Oct. 1806 in Mount Pleasant Twp., Washington Co., Pa., the youngest daughter of William & Mary (Miller) Wallace.  Rebecca died 16 Dec. 1881, two days after her 55th wedding anniversary, buried in Cumberland Cemetery.[140] Robert & Rebecca Wallace are pictured in figure 19.


Regarding the wedding of Robert Barton & Rebecca Wallace, Anna (Barton) Culbertson writes in her 1881 narrative (Appendix 1, 2, 3, 4) that “the day was beautiful and the ground dusty.  There was a small company at grandfather’s [i.e., William Wallace’s] to witness the marriage.  They were married at 11 o’clock in the morning, ate dinner and in the evening went to church at a neighbor’s house.”[141]


On 19 Sep. 1825, shortly before their marriage, Robert Barton bought two tracts of land in Smith Twp., Washington Co., Pa., for $500 from his father:

§       Situated on Raccoon Creek, adjoining land of Samuel Clokey, containing 6 acres & 58 perches strict measure, part of a tract John Barton, Sr., called “Big Bottom,” granted by commissioner of Pennsylvania to Robert Thompson by patent dated 25 Feb. 1790 and enrolled in Patent Book No. 16, p. 237.  Said 6 acres & 58 perches conveyed by Thomas Thompson (eldest son & heir of the aforesaid Robert Thompson) to Samuel Clokey by deed dated 18 Jan. 1814 and recorded in Book Y, pp. 90-92, & then conveyed by Samuel Clokey to John Barton, Sr., the present grantee by deed dated 5 Feb. 1820 and recorded in Book E., vol 2, pp. 454-456 on 8 Nov. 1821.

§       Situated in same township, called “Thurp(?) Work,” adjoining lands of Robert Kennedy, James Rankin, Joseph Torrence & Richard Vaughn, containing 117¼ acres & allowances of 6% for roads.[142]


On 22 Nov. 1828 Robert and Rebecca Barton sold the “Big Bottom” parcel of land to Alexander Duncan for $1,200.[143]


On 27 Dec. 1834 Rebecca’s father, William Wallace, appointed his son Rev. William Wallace to purchase for him a farm just to the east of Cumberland, Spencer Twp., Guernsey Co., Ohio. The next year Robert & Rebecca Barton joined her parents, William & Mary Wallace, in moving to their new farm in Section 33, Township 9, Range 10 just outside Cumberland.  Anna (Barton) Culbertson wrote in 1881 that “there being no railroads then, father [i.e., Robert Barton] drove a four-horse team with his goods and had a man drive his stock.  He and grandfather [i.e., William Wallace] settled on the farm now known as the Cleary farm.”[144]


It is likely that Robert Barton used a Conestoga wagon for this trip.  These wagons rolled over the National Pike in profusion from 1820 to 1853.  Depending on the size of the wagon, they were drawn by four or six horses and occasionally by oxen.  The average load was about 6,000 pounds.  Their average length was 12' at the bottom and 14½' at the top.  The average width was about 3¾' at the top and sloped in a little to the bottom.  The front and rear were higher than the middle in order to keep the load centered since the constant jiggling of the contents would force the ends out of a wagon with a straight flat floor.  The driver walked beside the wagon or rode the left wheel horse. The cost of a wagon was about $250.[145] (figure 20)


After farming for four years Robert Barton moved his family into the town of Cumberland.  Robert bought a saw mill and ran it as such for four years.  Then he converted it to a steam grist mill.  Anna (Barton) Culbertson says of him: “For the greater part of his life he was the village miller, receiving the grain which the farmers brought, grinding it for them and taking for his pay a portion of the flour.  He was an old-time miller in an old-fashioned mill – the best read man of the community, a philosopher and friend of any in need.  His kindly face was known to all, and none suffered for lack of bread who made his wants known to Robert Barton, the miller.  In politics he was a Democrat, in religion, a Presbyterian.  He was an elder in the church, and his wife and their children were among the most zealous members.  They taught in the Sunday School, sang in the choir, prepared the communion bread and wine, and engaged in all the religious and charitable work of the community.”


In the 1840 census for the Town of Cumberland, Robert Barton’s name follows those of John C. Wallace and William Wallace, two of his brothers-in-law.  Robert’s family consisted of:


1 male <5

[son William J.]


1 male 5-10

[son John W.]


1 male 30-40


1 female <5

[daughter Elizabeth Anna]

2 females 10-15

[daughters Mary Lucretia & Nancy Jane

1 female 30-40

[wife Rebecca]

One person (i.e., Robert) was engaged in manufacturing & trade.[146]


In the 1850 census for Cumberland enumerated 29 July, Robert Barton was head of the following household:

-        Robert Barton, 48, miller, $1,600 value of real estate owned, born Pa.

-        Rebecca Barton, 43, born Pa.

-        Nancy J. Barton, 19, born Pa.

-        John W. Barton, 16, painter [printer ?], born Pa.

-        William Barton, 12, born Ohio

-        Elizabeth A. Barton, 5, born Ohio

-        Robert W. Barton, 4, born Ohio

-        Florence T. Barton, 4, born Ohio

-        Preston M. Barton, 1, born Ohio.

All of Robert’s children with the exception of Preston M. had attended school within the year.  The preceding family in the enumeration was that of neighbor Wm. Cosgrove, cabinet maker, value of real estate owned $2,000.[147]


On 7 Jan. 1854 Rebecca Barton, resident of Cumberland in the County of Guernsey, states “she is the daughter of William Wallace who was a revolutionary soldier and that she believes the United States are still indebted, under existing laws, for the pension that is due the children under existing laws and that she is directly interested as a claimant in the pension for which she now applies.”[148]


In the 1860 census enumerated 5 June, Robert Barton was head of the following household:

-         Robert Barton, 58, master miller, $2,000 value of real estate, $200 value of personal estate, born Pa.

-         Rebecca Barton, 54, born Pa.

-         William J. Barton, 22, day laborer, born Ohio

-         Elizabeth A. Barton, 20, born Ohio

-         Robert W. Barton, 16, day laborer, born Ohio

-         Florence T. Barton, 14, born Ohio

-         Melvill P. Barton, 11, born Ohio.[149]


The 1870 Cumberland Business Directory recorded “R. Barton & Son, Proprietors of Steam Grist Mill and Manufacturers of and Dealers in Flour and Feed.  Cash paid for Grain.”[150]


In the 1870 census enumerated 2 June, Robert was head of the following household:

-         Robert Barton, 69, miller, $1,200 value of real estate, $800 value of personal estate, born Pa., male citizen

-         Rebecca Barton, 63, keeping house, born Pa.

-         [Elizabeth] Anna Barton, 30, school teacher, born Ohio

-         [Robert] Walker Barton, 27, miller, born Pa., male citizen

-         Florence Barton, 24, school teacher, born Ohio.

The preceding family in the enumeration was that of James Canaday, hotel keeper.  James was Robert’s next door neighbor.  His daughter, Mary Emma Canaday, would one day marry Robert’s son Walker Barton.


In the 1880 census for Cumberland, Robert was head of the following household on Main Street:

-           Robert Barton, 78, miller, born Pa., both parents born Ireland

-           Rebecca Barton, wife, 73, housekeeper, born Pa., both parents born Pa.

-           Walker Barton, son, 37, miller, born Ohio, both parents born Pa.

-           Florence, daughter, 34, at home, born Ohio, both parents born Pa.

-           May Barton, granddaughter, 17, at home, born Ohio, father born Md., mother born Pa.

-           Kate Barton, granddaughter, 11, at home, born Ohio, father born Md., mother born Pa.[151]

The two granddaughters were actually Ida May Wolfe and Katherine R. Wolfe, daughters of Andrew J. & Nancy (Barton) Wolfe. (See ¶2.vii.c. & e., respectively).


On 16 Oct. 1839 Robert and his brother-in-law William Wallace, Jr., bought for $2,000 from William & Mary (Miller) Wallace 46 acres, 3 roods & 5 perches of Section 33, Township 9, Range 10, beginning at the post on the north side of the back alley on the north side of the Town of Cumberland.[152] Some of this land had been divided in 1837 into 32 lots and called the Barton & Wallace Addition to Cumberland .  Over the years Robert & Rebecca Barton and Rev. William Wallace sold this land in small lots.


On 4 Dec. 1852 Robert Barton bought from John & Celia Foster 80 acres & 30 rods of the northwest quarter of Section 33, Township 9, Range 10 for $575.[153] On 8 Apr. 1857 Robert & Rebecca Barton sold this same parcel to Thos. N. Muzzy for $800.[154]


On 4 Aug. 1856 Robert & Rebecca Barton sold to their son-in-law, John S. Hunter, one half of the northeast quarter of Section 32, Township 9, Range 10, near lot #24 in Cumberland, 54½ perches, for $700.[155]  On 21 Dec. 1869 John S. & Mary Hunter, then of Logan Co., Ohio, sold this same 54½ perches back to Robert Barton for $500. (See ¶ 3.i. below).[156]  And finally on 28 Mar. 1870, Robert & Rebecca Barton sold to their son Walker Barton this same 54½ perches for $1,000.[157]


On 21 Mar. 1866 Robert Barton bought from William & Silea (?) Morgan, et. al., of Hartford Co., Conn., lot #12 and a portion of lot #11 in Cumberland for $400.  These same premises had been conveyed to Edward Squires by John F. Bell, sheriff, on 3 Oct. 1848 and recorded 16 Apr. 1850 in Book X, pp. 394 & 397.[158] The Barton family lived in the house on lot #12, which was immediately west of the Globe House Hotel on Main St.  Just when the Barton family moved into this house is unclear.  It may have been as early as 1839.  The house was still occupied in 1993 when the author last visited (figure 21).


On 23 July 1863 the Confederate General John Hunt Morgan led his 600 “Raiders” into Cumberland.  On the second day they departed, pursued by the “Yankee Boys” but not before they had eaten most everything in town.  According to “Reminiscences” by Robert Barton Beverly (see ¶ 3.ii.c. below), Robert Barton spent one entire night and almost two full days at the small mill grinding corn, wheat, oats, etc., for the purpose of helping to feed Morgan and his men. Gen. Morgan made the Globe House Hotel his headquarters.[159]  Robert Barton Beverly goes on to recount that Robert Barton’s daughter Annie was so frightened that “she grabbed up my mother [i.e., Ida May Wolfe] from her small crib and ran far back into a dense woods, where she and my mother hid until late afternoon of the same day.  When she returned to the Barton home with my mother the entire yard, both front and rear, was filled with rebel soldiers but she was treated very nicely by all of the southern boys.”  From this account it would appear that Nancy (Barton) Wolfe and her children were staying with her parents while her husband was off to war.  Furthermore, it confirms that the Barton home was next door to the Globe House Hotel in 1863.


In 14 Aug. 1867 Robert Barton bought from Joseph & Martha Allen for $250 the west half of lot #22 in Cumberland.[160] And on 24 Jan. 1880 he bought from Maria McClelland, widow of Charles Barnes, dec’d., for $125 a quit claim on in-lot #12 and also the north quarter part of in-lot #11 or so much of in-lot #11 as was embraced in a decree for dower in favor of Maria Barnes, widow of Charles Barnes, dec’d.[161]


On 21 Sept. 1868, Robert Barton was elected an elder of the Buffalo Presbyterian Church in Cumberland.[162]


On 14 Dec. 1881 Robert & Rebecca Barton celebrated their 55th wedding anniversary in their home in Cumberland for which engraved invitations were sent (figure 22).  A contemporary letter from Annie (Barton) Culbertson to her sister Mary (Barton) Hunter (see Appendix 1, 2, 3, 4) reveals some of the preparations, e.g.:

§         large table cloths and napkins so that they could seat all of the company at once,

§         Nancy (Barton) Wolfe to price one or two easy chairs on her trip to Zanesville next week,

§         a new suit for father for $35 or $40,

§         Ella Hunter or Mrs. Kumler to accompany the recital, Rice Hunter to read a history of the Barton & Wallace families [lost during the subsequent break-up of the home[163]].

Annie went on in this letter to her sister Mary Lucretia that “Mother has been very poorly – nearly all the time

since I wrote to you before – she has no appetite – the Dr. says it is inflammation of the kidneys & bladder – she is better – but doesn’t get rid of it.”


Due to Rebecca’s ill health the week prior to the anniversary letters and telegrams had to be sent out countermanding the invitations.  Nevertheless, there were present on Dec. 14 in addition to the seven living children and seven of the seventeen Barton grandchildren, the following:

§       Rev. W. M. Ferguson of Fredericktown, Ohio

§       The Rev. & Mrs. Kumler

§       The attendant physician, Dr. Chambers & wife

§       Miss Mary Barton of Pittsburgh (a niece of Robert)

§       Mr. Will Barton (a nephew of Robert & wife Margaret of Pittsburgh)

§       Mrs. Ellint (Miss Etta ?) & Mr. Arthur Wallace of Davenport, Iowa

§       Mr. J. Wolfe of Corning, Ohio

§       Mr. John S. Hunter of Huntsville, Ohio (son-in-law)

§       Mr. Joseph McCortle of Cumberland (son-in-law)

§       Mrs. Ella Barton of Bellefontaine, late of Cambridge[164] (daughter-in-law).


Two days after the anniversary celebration, Rebecca died (i.e., 16  Dec. 1881). Robert died 12 June 1883.  They are buried near the northeast corner of the Cumberland Cemetery.  On the front of the weathered tombstone can be read:



Resting in the Hope

Of a Glorious Resurrection



On the left side of the tombstone: “Robert Barton died June 12, 1883, aged ____ .”  And on the right side:  “Rebecca, wife of R. Barton, Dec. __ 1881, aged ____ “ (figure 23).


No wills have been found for Robert or Rebecca Barton.  James White was appointed administrator of Robert Barton’s estate with a bond of $2,400.


By virtue of an order of sale James White as administrator of the estate of Robert Barton, dec’d, sold at public auction to Emma (Canaday) Barton for $700 in-lots #11 and #12.  Signed in presence of Joseph & Augusta (Canaday) Purkey 1 Apr. 1884.[165] The Accounts of the Administrator were filed 17 July 1885.  Total assets were $1,112.98, including $233.33 from the sale of the house, etc.  Total obligations against the estate were $1,124.63.[166] [Note that in the above document Emma (Canaday) Barton was Robert Barton’s daughter-in-law and Augusta (Canaday) Purkey was Emma’s sister.]


When the new Buffalo Presbyterian church was erected in 1928 the large, 5-panel window facing Main St. was dedicated as a memorial to Robert & Rebecca Barton, their daughter Nancy (Barton) Wolfe and her son Robert F. Wolfe.  The window was a gift from H. P. Wolfe (a brother of Robert F. Wolfe) and Edgar T. Wolfe (a son of Robert F. Wolfe) (see ¶3.ii.f.& b. below).


The children of Robert & Rebecca (Wallace) Barton were:











i.         MARY LUCRETIA BARTON, born 10 Oct. 1827 in Smith Twp., Washington Co., Pa., married JOHN STEELE HUNTER 14 Mar.1850,[167] died 3 July 1894 in Huntsville, McArthur Twp., Logan Co., Ohio (figure 24).  John Steele Hunter was born in Morgan (now Noble) Co., Ohio, 15 Nov. 1826, died 24 Jan. 1888 in Huntsville, McArthur Twp., Logan Co., Ohio. John’s parents were JAMES HUNTER born 25 Mar. 1799 in Pa., died Sept. 1866 in Noble Co., Ohio, and MARTHA MARSHALL born about 1799 in Pa., died 1852 in Noble Co., Ohio.[168] Both John and Mary were Presbyterians.[169]


After his marriage John worked in a saw mill five years and then in a flouring mill for another five years. He owned a half interest in the flour mill.[170] [Was this the saw mill/grist mill of his father-in-law, Robert Barton?]


On 4 Aug. 1856 John S. Hunter bought from his in-laws one half of the northeast quarter of Section 32, Township 9, Range 10, near lot #24 in Cumberland - 54½ perches – for $700.[171]  Then on 21 Dec. 1869 John S. & Mary Lucretia Hunter sold their farm near Cumberland back to Robert Barton for $500.[172] They had moved to a farm in Logan Co., Ohio, 2½ miles from Huntsville, McArthur Twp.[173]


Apparently James Hunter [i.e., John’s father] transferred to his children undivided parts of 157.39 acres of land adjoining property owned by David Wallace & David Patterson in McArthur Twp., Logan Co., Ohio.  John bought out his sisters Joanna E. & Sarah J. and his brother Alonzo M. by the following transactions:

§         $7,000 to William J. & Joanna E. Morrow of Logan Co., Ohio, on 19 Apr. 1865.[174]

§         $410 to Sarah J. Hunter of Guernsey Co., Ohio, on 22 June 1870.[175]

§         $1,600 to Alonzo M. Hunter of Bates Co., Mo., on 6 May 1878.[176]

On 27 Oct. 1880 John’s neighbor David Wallace sold to John 3.22 acres of land for $186.[177]   On the same date John S. & Mary L. Hunter sold to David B. Wallace ½ acre for $25.[178] All of the above parcels of land were part of Original Survey #9929, Virginia Military District.


Another brother of John was James M. Hunter, born ca. 1839.  In 1880 James was a resident of McArthur Twp., Logan Co., where he owned 150 acres of land valued at $1,600.  On 13 July 1880 James was declared an imbecile and his brother John was appointed his guardian, posting a bond of $100.[179] On 8 June 1881 John resigned as guardian.  Woodford W. Coulter accepted the guardianship and posted a $3,000 bond.[180] James died Dec. 1899 at the Toledo, Ohio Asylum.[181]


According to Bruce Wightman (, another brother of John was Henry Alexander Hunter.  He was born in Noble Co., Ohio in 1836, married LIDA VICTORIA AVIS 14 Sept. 1862 in Coles Co., Ill., died 26 Feb. 1913 in Dayton, Ohio.  Lida was born 27 Mar. 1841 in Greencastle, Putnam Co., Ind., died 8 Dec. 1918 in Wayne Twp., Wayne Co., Ohio.


The children of Henry & Lida were:

        RUEL HUNTER born about 1863 in Ill.

        WILLARD HUNTER born about 1866 in Ind.

        WALTER HUNTER born 1869 in Ohio

        MYRTA HUNTER born Sept. 1873 in Kans., married JOHN WILLIAM STRAHL 29 Sept. 1896 in Dayton, Ohio, died 16 Oct. 1943 in Berwyn, Cook Co., Ill.  John was born 29 Jan. 1875 in Albany, Athens Co., Ohio, died 12 June 1958 in Spokane, Wash.


Apparently John Hunter died intestate.  His land was divided among his children, each receiving one-eighth of the following three parcels, all in McArthur Twp:

§         Virginia Military Survey #9930: 157.39 acres

§         Part of Original Survey #9929:  3.22 acres

§         Part of Virginia Military Survey #9929 in the name of R. Means: one-quarter acre.


Mary Lucretia died at about 5 p.m., Tuesday, 3 July 1894, near Huntsville.  She was suddenly taken ill while pumping water in the door-yard of her home and died of a heart attack within a few minutes.[182]


Both John & Mary (Barton) Hunter were buried in the Huntsville Cemetery, Section D, Row 21 N-S.[183] Their children were:










a.       Rev. RICE VERNON HUNTER, born 22 June 1851 in Guernsey Co., Ohio, married STELLA KRITZ, in 1882, died 4 Mar. 1911 in Clifton Springs, N.Y.


Rice graduated from Wooster College in 1877.  He worked as a tutor in the college at Waveland, Ind. for two years, before enrolling at the Theological Seminary in Allegheny City, Pa.[184]


In a letter to Mrs. Daisy Carmichael dated 6 June 1908, Rev. Hunter mentioned his preparation of family trees while at the Theological Seminary in Allegheny City.  He presented this material at the 55th wedding anniversary of his Barton grandparents on 14 Dec. 1881.  In the 1908 letter he wrote that he had followed the families back 200 years but had since lost some of his records.


On 25 Feb. 1889 Rice V. & Stella K. Hunter of Marion Co., Ohio, sold for $600 to his brother Arthur Hunter the 1/8th part of Original Survey #9929 and Virginia Military District #9930 which Rice had inherited from his father.[185]


Rev. Hunter was pastor of the Central Presbyterian Church, Genessee & Pearl Sts., Buffalo, N.Y.  For some time Rev. Hunter suffered from high blood pressure.  Acting upon the advice of physicians he went with his wife to Clifton Springs, N.Y., for a much-needed rest.  Two weeks later he died there of a cerebral hemorrhage.[186]


Stella Kritz was born in 1855 in Indiana.  In a letter to Mrs. Carmichael dated 29 June 1913 she wrote that her home was still in Buffalo but that she was spending the summer at 451 Oakwood Ave., East Aurora, N.Y.  In 1920 she was head of a household at 447 120th St., New York, N.Y.  Living with her were her daughter Grace and five lodgers.[187]


The children of Rice Vernon & Stella (Kritz) Hunter were:


§         GRACE HUNTER, born 1883 in Philo, Champaign Co., Ill.[188]


§         RAYMOND VERNON HUNTER, born 1886.


§         LAURENCE D. HUNTER, born 1888.


b.      CONSTANCE LUCRETIA HUNTER, born 27 Apr. 1853 in Cumberland, Guernsey Co., Ohio, married Rev. JOHN EDWARDS 28 Sep. 1886 in Huntsville, Logan Co., Ohio, died 25 Oct. 1936 in Eugene, Lane Co., Ore., buried in Mountain View Cemetery, Oakland, Almeda Co., Calif.[189]


Rev. John Edwards was born 21 Jan. 1828 in Bath, Steuben Co., N.Y., son of George Cunningham & Hannah (Carpenter) Edwards.  He graduated from Princeton College in 1848 and from the Theological Seminary in 1851.  He was ordained by the Indian Presbytery 11 Dec. 1853 at Wheelock, Indian Territory (now southeastern Oklahoma).  His first wife was Rose Hill Murphy.  She was born in Philadelphia 20 July 1825 and died 21 Sep. 1881. They had three children.  He died 18 Feb. 1903 in San Jose, Santa Clara Co., Calif., and was buried in Mountain View Cemetery, Oakland, Almeda Co., Calif.  He was a direct descendant of Rev. Jonathan Edwards (1703-1758), the celebrated American theologian.[190]


Rev. Edwards was pastor of the Presbyterian Church at the Choctaw Indian Mission School for Girls in Wheelock, Indian Territory.  He had mastered the Choctaw tongue.  Harry P. Wolfe (see ¶3.ii.f below) remembered Rev. Edwards, while on a visit to the Hunter farm one summer, translating the Bible directly from the original Hebrew into the Choctaw language.[191] Rev. Edwards was also engaged in a revision of the Choctaw New Testament.


In 1896 at the age of 68, Rev. Edwards retired to California.  He and his family visited George C. Edwards and Clara (Edwards) Paulding, his children by his first wife.  Rev. Edward’s family then settled in San Jose, where they built their home on South 8th St. They were charter members of the Second Presbyterian Church (now Westminster Presbyterian) in San Jose.


Constance (Hunter) Edwards was an elementary school teacher.  On 10 Aug. 1901 Constance L. & John Edwards sold to James E. Milroy their undivided 1/7th part of three tracts she had inherited from her father (see ¶c. below).[192]  Constance continued to live in San Jose after Rev. Edward’s death in 1903.  Later she lived with her daughter Mary Constance Caswell, except for the year 1919-1920, which she spent with her sisters Anna & Martha Hunter in San Jose.[193]


The Rev. John & Constance Lucretia (Hunter) Edwards had one child:


§         MARY CONSTANCE EDWARDS, born 1 Apr. 1888 in Huntsville, Logan Co., Ohio, married ALBERT EDWARD CASWELL 3 July 1912 in San Jose, died 8 Mar. 1978 in Turlock, Stanislaus Co., Calif., buried 13 Mar. 1978 in Rest Haven Cemetery, Eugene, Lane Co., Ore.


(Mary) Constance (Edwards) Caswell was born on her grandfather John Steele Hunter’s farm outside Huntsville.  She spent her first seven years at Wheelock, Indian Territory, where she learned a few Choctaw words and phrases.  She was a student at San Jose High School when the San Francisco earthquake leveled the school 18 Apr. 1906. The following autumn she entered Stanford University.  She received her A. B. in History in 1910.  She then obtained a secondary school teaching certificate and taught domestic science for one year.


Albert Edward Caswell was born 24 May 1884 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, the son of John L. & Patience Ethel (Smith) Caswell.  He died 18 June 1954 in Eugene, Lane Co., Ore., buried 21 June 1954 in Rest Haven Memorial Park in Eugene.


Albert received a Doctorate in Physics from Stanford University in June 1911.  His first professional teaching position was at Purdue University in Lafayette, Ind.


In 1909 Constance Edwards & Albert Caswell became engaged.  They were married 3 July 1912 in San Jose.  After a brief stay in Indiana, they moved to Eugene, Ore. where Albert found a position at the University of Oregon. In the year 1919-1920 Albert was awarded one of the first National Research Council fellowships which he used to go to the Palmer Physical Laboratory at Princeton University to continue his study of the properties of metals.


Over the years Constance was active in the P.E.O. Sisterhood, eventually moving up to the state president’s chair.


During World War II Albert was called to work on radar development at Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Radiation Laboratory in Cambridge, Mass.  He was chief of a section that was responsible for having radar operating and maintenance manuals ready for issuance by the time the prototype sets had been assembled in the model shop.


By the fall of 1945 the Caswells were back in Eugene.  Albert resumed the chairmanship of the Physics Department at the state university and soon became director of an Air Force project for instrumentation of V-2 rockets for upper-atmosphere research.


In 1949 Albert reached mandatory retirement age, but retained his part-time research directorship.  On 18 June 1954 he died of a cerebral hemorrhage.


By 1955 Constance had moved back to San Jose and in 1967 she moved to Turlock, Calif. to live with her son John and his wife Alberta.  She died 8 Mar. 1978.[194]


The four children of Albert & Mary Constance (Edwards) Caswell were:


        JOHN EDWARDS CASWELL, born 9 Mar. 1914 in Eugene, Lane Co., Ore., married ALBERTA LEE BAXTER 8 Nov. 1941 in San Jose, Calif.  Alberta was born 5 Jan. 1909 in Milton, Rutherford Co., Tenn.  By 1947 John was employed in the Hoover Library at Stanford University, which enabled him to renew his efforts to earn a doctorate in history.  He taught history at California State College in Stanislaus for 20 years before retiring.  The only child of John & Alberta (Baxter) Caswell was;


-         KATHLEEN GRACE CASWELL.  She was born 20 June 1946 in Stockton, San Joaquin Co., Calif., married (1) DALE ANTHONY RUBACH 8 Nov. 1969 in Turlock, Stanislaus Co., Calif.  He was born 11 Nov. 1943 in Buffalo, N.Y., son of Chester & Evelyn (Muczynski) Rubach.  Kathleen & Dale were divorced in 1974 in Illinois.  She married (2) ESTEL FREEMAN SCOTT 3 Mar. 1978 in Turlock.  He was born 12 Jan. 1942 in Neosho, Newton Co., Mo., son of Estel Freeman & Ada Attila (Owen) Scott.


        MIRIAM ESTHER CASWELL, born 4 Apr. 1918 in Eugene, Lane Co., Ore., married (1) ALAN VICTOR CHAFFEE 2 (23?) Nov. 1939 in Eugene, died 1 Dec. 1989 in Eugene.  Alan was born 7 Nov. 1918 in Springfield, Lane Co., Ore., son of Arthur Bard & Mary May (Harper) Chaffee, died 17 June 1995 in Springfield, Lane Co., Ore.  The children of Alan & Miriam (Caswell) Chaffee are:


-         CONSTANCE MAY CHAFFEE, born 7 Jan. 1941 in Eugene, married RONALD JOE LEAMAN 24 Nov. 1971 in Vancouver, Clark Co., Wash.  Ronald was born 27 Oct. 1932 in Upland, San Bernardino Co., Calif., son of Enos Franklin & Lillian A. (Witta) Leaman.  Connie’s email address is


-         THOMAS ALAN CHAFFEE, born 13 Aug. 1943 in Eugene, Lane Co., Ore., married CAROL LEE ADAMS, 24 Oct. 1964 in Huntsville, Ala.  Carol was born 12 Oct. 1943 in Gold Beach, Ore., daughter of Jack & Mary (Lavin) Adams.  Thomas & Carol (Adams) Chaffee have two children:

·          ALAN VICTOR CHAFFEE II, born 10 Sep. 1965 in Huntsville, Ala.

·          TROY LEE CHAFFEE, born 11 July 1968 in Pirmasens, W. Germany.


        Miriam & Alan Chaffee were divorced in 1956. Except for one short break, Miriam worked as office manager for the U. S. Trading Co., a lumber brokerage firm in Eugene, for over 20 years starting in 1956.  On 14 Feb. 1958 she married (2) FORD LEROY DANNER in Stevenson, Wash.  Ford was born 15 Dec. 1916 in Eugene, Lane Co., Ore., son of Ernest Robert & Mary Hettie (Robert) Danner.


    DWIGHT ALLAN CASWELL, born 29 Nov. 1921 in Eugene, Lane Co., Ore., married DORIS HELEN RAYBURN 27 Dec. 1942 in Eugene.  Doris was born 17 Mar. 1923 in Long Beach, Calif., daughter of Odis Claude & Helen Marian Rayburn. In 1947 Dwight enrolled at Stanford University in Physics, working as a graduate assistant on the Mark II linear accelerator.

      The children of Dwight & Doris (Rayburn) Caswell are:


-          DWIGHT ALLAN CASWELL, II, born 20 May 1944 in Washington, D. C., married MAREE DeWITT CHILTON 18 June 1966 in Saratoga, Santa Clara Co., Calif.  Maree was born 3 Oct. 1942 in Charlottsville, Va., daughter of Elmore Frost & Gladys (Ballard) Chilton.  Maree died in 1974 near Santa Cruz, Calif.  Dwight is a photographer.


-         PHILLIP RAYBURN CASWELL, born 7 Feb. 1946 in Eugene, Lane Co., Ore.


-         MARY HELEN CASWELL, born 19 Jan. 1949 in San Jose, Santa Clara Co., Calif., married MATTHEW BRIAN WALSH 5 Aug. 1973 in Saratoga, Calif.  Brian was born 2 Sep. 1950 in New York, N.Y., son of John & Jean Walsh.  He is an organist.


-         CHRISTOPHER EDWARDS CASWELL, born 4 Dec. 1952 in San Jose, Santa Clara Co., Calif., married TERESA LOUISE HALLOWES 21 Dec. 1976.  Teresa was born 10 Mar. 1951 in Chicago, Cook Co., Ill., daughter of Louis & Georgetta Hallowes.  She was previously married to Paul Howard Lampley, by whom she had two children, viz.: Dondi Lynetta Lampley and Joseph Edward Lampley.  Christopher and Teresa are harp makers.


-         JOHN ALBERT CASWELL, born 3 Dec. 1958 in San Jose, Santa Clara Co., Calif.


    RANDALL SMITH CASWELL, born 7 Feb. 1924 in Eugene, Lane Co., Ore., married JEAN MARDEN MILLER 14 June 1945 in Baltimore, Md.  Jean was born 3 Nov. 1924 in Baltimore, daughter of Leroy & Jessie (Wiegel) Miller.  Randall enrolled at M.I.T. in 1946 and graduated with a PhD in Physics.   He became Chief, Ionizing Radiation Division of the National Institute of Standards & Technology, Gaithersburg, Md.  The children of Randall & Jean (Miller) Caswell are:


-         WILLIAM EDWARD CASWELL, born 22 June 1947 in Boston, Mass., married JEAN KRIS (?) 21 Sep. 1974 in Princeton, N.J., was killed 11 Sept. 2001 when the hijacked airplane he was aboard crashed into the Pentagon.  He earned a PhD in Physics at Princeton in 1975. With his thesis advisor, Curtis Callen, he embarked on an ambitious program regarding calculation of elementary particle properties.  In 1983 Caswell left academic work for the Naval Surface Weapons Center, first at White Oak, Md.  William’s sister, Julia Caswell Daitch (see below) gave a speech regarding William’s death at a Montgomery County, Md., 9-11 anniversary held 12 Sept. 2003 at Rockville, Md.  His work was top-secret at the Dept. of Defense.[195] William & Jean (Kris) Caswell had a daughter:

·          JENNIFER CASWELL, born about 1994.


-         VIRGINIA LEE CASWELL, born 13 Jan. 1949 in Boston, Sussex Co., Mass.


-         ANNE MARDEN CASWELL, born 19 June 1950 in Lexington, Fayette Co., Ky., married BRIAN MARSHALL FLYNN 30 Sep. 1972 in Washington, D. C.  Brian was born 8 Aug. 1945 in Washington, D. C., christened Sept. 1945 in Washington, D.C. son of Raymond Peter & Jacquelyn Grace Flynn.  Brian is an auditor.  The children of Brian & Anne (Caswell) Flynn are:

·          JEAN MARIE FLYNN, born 13 July 1975 in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands.

·          BRIAN PATRICK FLYNN, born 11 Mar. 1978 in Washington, D. C.


-         ELLEN SUE CASWELL, born 5 May 1953 in Baltimore, Md.


-         WENDY JEAN CASWELL, born 21 Oct. 1954 in Bethesda, Montgomery Co., Md., died 9 June 1968 in Silver Spring, Montgomery Co., Md.


-         JULIA CONSTANCE CASWELL, born 26 Mar. 1959 in Washington, D. C., married [-?-] DAITCH.


c.       ELLA GENEVA HUNTER, born 12 Oct. 1855 in Cumberland, Guernsey Co., Ohio, married JAMES EBENEZER MILROY 16 Dec. 1880 in Logan Co., Ohio.  Ella died 28 Dec. 1928 of leukemia, with contributory nephritis.[196] Her body was placed in the mausoleum east of the Bellefontaine Cemetery.[197]  She was a school teacher. James was born 1 Apr. 1846 in Northwood, Logan Co., Ohio, died 14 June 1935 in Huntsville, Logan Co., Ohio. James was the son of David & Catharine (Boyd) Milroy.  He had married (1) Sarah Lawson, who died 24 Dec. 1871.[198] Both Ella and James were buried in the Huntsville Cemetery, McArthur, Logan Co., Ohio.


In young manhood James attended Geneva College in Northwood and Wittenberg College in Springfield, Ohio. He then operated the Milroy family farm near Huntsville until the early 1900s, when he and his family moved to the Hunter farm 2½ miles north of Huntsville.  When Ella’s father, John Steele Hunter, died in 1888 she received an undivided 1/8th part of his lands.  This fraction increased to 1/7th on 18 Mar. 1900 when her brother George deeded his 1/8th share to the other owners of fractions (see ¶f. below).  On 19 June 1900 Ella’s sister Jeannette and her husband Lee Wilson sold their 1/7th fraction to James E. Milroy (see ¶d. below).  Finally, on 10 Aug. 1901 James E. Milroy bought the final 5/7th fraction from the remaining owners for $4,500 and other valuable considerations. James agreed “to pay all debts due and owing from the estate of John S. Hunter, deceased, as a further consideration for the premises.  The grantors agree that the grantee is to have all rents and profits issuing out of said lands herein conveyed which are unpaid from 1 Apr. 1901. Grantee to have possession 1 Sep. 1901.”[199]


On 23 Apr. 1917 James E. Milroy bought land from Charles & Florence Bristol for $1 and other considerations in the Village of Huntsville which was part of Virginia Military Surveys #9903 & #9928.  The property began at the northeast corner of the Fulmer lot on Rude St.  Adjoining property owners were the I.C. & E. Traction Co., the Sandusky Div. of the C.C.C. & St. L. Rail Road Co. and Anna Coulter.[200]


On 14 Jan. 1922 James E. Milroy and his two sons, John W. & Lester D., bought from Luella Z. & Charles E. Crim the following property in McArthur Twp., Virginia Military Survey #9904:

§         24.75 acres adjoining lands of Robert Edmonston & Peter Stamat.

§         1 acre adjoining lands of R. W. Smith.

The price was $1.00 plus assumption of a $2,800 mortgage and taxes.[201]


On 24 Feb. 1893 James E. Milroy and his brother William bought from John & Sarah Workman for $2,546 the NE part of the SW¼ of Virginia Military District #9905.[202]  When William died in 1914 he left land to his brother James and to James’ children John W., Lester D., and Mabel.[203]  James E. & Ella G. Milroy sold 50.92 acres of Virginia Military Survey #9905, former Workman property, to their son Lester D. Milroy on 1 Apr. 1927.  This deed between Lester and his parents also included 179.82 acres of Military Survey #9905.  The price was $1.00 plus exchange of property.[204]  The exchange of property from Lester D. & Grace Milroy to James E. Milroy consisted of the following:

§         24.75 acres and 1 acre in Virginia Military Survey #9904

§         52.68 acres in Virginia Military Survey #9905.

Here again, the price was $1.00 plus exchange of property.  The deed from Lester D. & Grace Milroy to James E. Milroy was also dated 1Apr. 1927.[205]


A similar exchange of properties between James E. & Ella G. Milroy and their son John W. Milroy was executed on 1 Apr. 1927.  For $1.00 plus exchange of property James & Ella sold the following:

§         157.39 acres of Virginia Military Survey #9930

§         3.22 acres of Virginia Military Survey #9929

§         0.25 acre of Virginia Military Survey #9929 in name of R. Means.[206]

No record of what John W. Milroy exchanged to his parents has been found.


James E. Milroy was one of the founders of the Huntsville State Bank and the Huntsville Gas Co.  He also served as Logan County Commissioner from 1903 to 1913.[207]


James E. Milroy’s will was filed 18 June 1935.  John W. & Mabel Milroy were appointed executors.  James’ real estate consisted of the following five tracts, all in Logan Co.:

§         Tract #1:  26.00 acres, Virginia Military Survey #9904, McArthur Twp.

§         Tract #2:  74.80 acres, Virginia Military Survey #9905, McArthur Twp.

§         Tract #3A:  104.11 acres, Section 22, Twp. 5, Range 13, Monroe Twp.

§         Tract #3B:  1.96 acres, Section 23, Twp. 5, Range 13, Monroe Twp.

§         Tract #4:  104.94 acres, Section 22, Twp. 5, Range 13, Monroe Twp.

§         Tract #5:  4.46 acres, Village of Huntsville, Virginia Military Surveys #9903 & #9929.

The above land was divided among the three heirs as follows:

§         Lester D. Milroy:  Tracts 1 & 2

§         John W. Milroy:  Tract 3

§         Mabel Milroy:  Tracts 4 & 5.[208]


The three children of James & Ella (Hunter) Milroy were:[209]


§         JOHN WILLIAM MILROY, born 23/29 Jan. 1883 near Huntsville, married LULU HANNAH ROUZE 10 Oct. 1916, died 27 Nov. 1967 at the Mary Rutan Hospital in Bellefontaine, Logan Co., Ohio.  Lulu was born 28 June 1889 in De Graff, Logan Co., Ohio, the daughter of John & Minnie (Hannah) Rouze.  Lulu died 15 Dec. 1961 at the home of her daughter Margery Ann Shawan in Upper Arlington, Franklin Co., Ohio.  Both John & Lulu were buried in the Huntsville Cemetery.


John was a farmer, specializing in the raising of turkeys.  He was an elder of the Huntsville United Presbyterian Church for many years. He was a 58-year member of the Bellefontaine Lodge #209, F&AM, a member of the Logan County Farm Bureau & Logan County Farm Bureau Co-Op, which he served as president.[210]


Lulu attended Heidelberg College in Tiffin and graduated from Ohio Wesleyan University, Delaware, Ohio, in 1912.  She was a member of the Huntsville Women’s Literary Club and of the Surmefah and Clio Clubs of Bellefontaine.


The three children of John William & Lulu (Rouze) Milroy are:


    (MARY) LOUSIE MILROY, born 8 Oct. 1917 near Huntsville, married JULIAN OXFORD KAY 1 Aug. 1945 in San Francisco, Calif.  Julian was born 19 Sep. 1917 in

Brooklyn, N.Y., the son of Arthur W. & Emilie (Oxford) Kay.  Julian was partner-in-charge of the Washington, D. C. office of Ernst & Whinney at the time of his retirement.  Julian & Louise Kay have a daughter:


-         NANCY JEANNE KAY, born 30 Nov. 1947 in Baltimore, Md.  She married JOHN (Jack) FRANCIS ROHR 6 Oct. 1973 in Phoenix, Ariz.  Jack was born 1 Jan. 1941 in Waukegan, Ill., the son of Francis & Stefany (Stephanic) Rohr.  Jack is a contractor.  Jack & Nancy (Kay) Rohr have a son:

·          MICHAEL SHANE ROHR, born 14 Aug. 1979 in Phoenix, Ariz.  Both the Kays & Rohrs live in Paradise Valley, Ariz.


    HERBERT JOHN (Bob) MILROY, born 10 June 1919 in McArthur Twp., Logan Co., married RUTH ELIZABETH VAN ORSDALL 9 Oct. 1943 in Dalton, Ohio, died 10 July 1984 in Huntsville, Logan Co., Ohio after a long bout with cancer.  Ruth was born 14 Nov. 1918, the daughter of Arthur & Mary (Thatcher) Van Orsdall of Wyandot Co., Ohio. She was killed in an automobile accident 26 Sep. 1988 near Huntsville.[211]


Herbert was raised on the farm on which his great-grandparents John Steele & Mary Lucretia (Barton) Hunter had settled in 1865.  He attended Ohio State University and the University of Wisconsin.  Herbert was a nationally known breeder of Corriedale sheep. He served as vice-president and president of both the Ohio and American Corriedale Associations.  In 1970 the American Association named him the outstanding Corriedale breeder in the nation.  In 1973 he received the Master Shepherd Award at the Ohio State Fair.  Rams from his flock have been chosen for export to Canada, Iran, Peru, Uruguay, Australia and even to New Zealand.


Herbert was also active in the Farm Bureau, beginning as a 1943-44 charter member of the Ohio Farm Bureau State Youth Committee.  He was a member of both the Farm Bureau’s Far East Exploration Mission dedicated to opening new markets for American farm products, and of the fact-finding mission to examine Brazil’s soybean and gasohol production.  He was a 4-H advisor for 12 years, a member of the Board of Supervisors of the Logan Soil & Water Conservation District for 12 years, and a director of the Logan County Co-Op Power & Light Association for 18 years. He served on the Huntsville Board of Education and on the Richland Twp. Zoning Committee. He was a lifelong member of the Huntsville Presbyterian Church, having been Sunday School teacher and superintendent, youth group leader, trustee and elder.  He was on the board of the Dime Bank of Northwest Ohio.


Ruth E. Milroy was a 1939 magna cum laude graduate of Ohio University.  She taught for 20 years in the Huntsville, Rushsylvania and Belle Center High Schools and acted as a supervising teacher for Ohio State University student teachers. In 1966 and 1970 she served on committees for the writing of curriculum guides for vocational home economics and consumer education in Ohio schools.  She acted as a pilot teacher in the consumer education program.[212]


Herbert & Ruth Milroy were buried alongside his parents in the Huntsville Cemetery, Section C, Row 34 N-S.


The four children of Herbert & Ruth (Van Orsdall) Milroy were all born in Bellefontaine:


-         RUTH ANN MILROY, born 21 Aug. 1944, married farmer LARRY EARNEST SHROYER 20 Aug. 1966 in Huntsville.  Larry was born 2 Apr. 1944 in Bellefontaine, son of Earnest Jacob & Lucille Ethel (Lovett) Shroyer.  Ruth is a Registered Nurse, working at the Wilson Memorial Hospital in Sidney, Shelby Co., Ohio.  The children of Larry & Ruth (Milroy) Shroyer were all born in Sidney:

·          BETH ANNE SHROYER, born 18 July 1968, married JEFFREY TODD OVERS 9 Aug. 1990 in the Grace Lutheran Church in Jackson Center, Shelby Co.  Jeffrey was born 11 Jan. 1967 in Bellefontaine, son of Paul Norman & Verna Ellen (Coyer) Overs.  Both Jeff & Beth attended Bluffton College.  Jeff works at AP Techno-glass.

·          LAURA JEAN SHROYER, born 17 Nov. 1970.

·          JOHN EARNEST SHROYER, born 26 Dec. 1971.


-         ROBERT JOHN MILROY, born 7 Oct. 1946, married INARA (Ina) BAIBA  PETRITIS 17 Jan. 1970 in Defiance, Defiance Co., Ohio.  Ianra was born 7 Apr. 1947 in a

displaced person’s camp in Tirschenreuth, West Germany, emigrated with her parents Edgar & Alma Petritis to the U.S. in 1949.  Robert graduated from Ohio State University in 1968 and served in the Navy 1969-1971, being discharged as a Lt. (j.g.).  He then returned to Ohio State and received a master’s degree in Animal Science in 1972.  Inara is also an Ohio State graduate.  In 1988 Robert John was District Manager of the Chow Division of the Ralston Purina Co.  Robert & Ina live in Worthington, Franklin Co., Ohio and are members of the First Congregational Church.  The children of Robert & Ina (Petritis) Milroy were all born in Mansfield, Richland Co., Ohio:

·          DAVID HUNTER MILROY, born 13 Oct. 1973.

·          DANIEL ROBERT MILROY, born 13 May 1977.

·          LILLY ALEXANDRA MILROY, born 28 May 1981.


-         JANE ELLEN MILROY, born 23 June 1949, married CHARLES ARTHUR BENNETT, 13 Aug. 1972 near New Richland, Logan Co.  Charles was born 7 Mar. 1949 in Jodie, Fayette Co., W.Va., son of Ulas Leo & Mabel (Clifton) Bennett.  Jane is a 1971 graduate of Bowling Green State University and has taught at Riverside Elementary & Hi-Point Joint Vocational School.  She is now coordinator of Adult Basic Education at Hi-Point. Charles received a B.A. in Psychology from Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, in 1971.  From 1974 to 1978 he worked at the Huntsville State Bank, where he became a vice-president.  He graduated in 1980 from Clyde Petit College of Law, Ohio Northern University, with high honors.  He is now a partner in West, Chamberlain & Bennett in Bellefontaine.  The children of  Charles & Jane (Milroy) Bennett were all born in Bellefontaine:

·          LISA JANE BENNETT, born 11 Jan. 1974.

·          DAVID CHARLES BENNETT, born 19 Mar. 1976.

·          STEPHEN MICHAEL BENNET, born 9 Mar. 1978.

·          RYAN ARTHUR BENNETT, born 9 Apr. 1979.


-         ELEANOR JEAN MILROY, born 7 Apr. 1951.  She received a B. A. from Ohio Wesleyan University, a master’s from Bowling Green State University, and in 1982 was the

                              Assistant Dean of Students at Colorado College in Colorado Springs.[213] In 1988 Eleanor was living in Albuquerque, N. Mex.


        MARGERY ANN MILROY, born 25 Aug. 1920 in Huntsville, married JACOB (Jake) ALBRIGHT SHAWAN III there 3 Oct. 1942.  Jake was born 11 June 1917 in Columbus, Ohio, son of  Jacob Albright Shawan II & Marie Fahl.  Jake died 9 May 1989 in Delaware, Delaware Co., Ohio, buried in De Graff, Logan Co., Ohio.  He graduated from Ohio State University in 1940.  He was a Captain, 5th Armor Div., in World War II.  Jake was a farmer, a Republican, Mayor of the Village of Marble Cliff and councilman of Dublin Village.  He served two terms in the Ohio Legislature.  He was a member of the United Methodist Church. Jake died 9 May 1989 in Delaware, Delaware Co., Ohio, buried DeGraff, Logan Co., Ohio.  The children of Jake & Margery (Milroy) Shawan are:


-         CYNTHIA ANN SHAWAN, born 25 June 1943, married BILLY CHOATE in 1965.  Billy was born 29 Aug. 1934.  The children of Billy & Cynthia (Shawan) Choate are:

·          BRENDAN TROY CHOATE, born 16 June 1967.

·          KELLY ANN CHOATE, born 23 May 1969.


-         JACOB ALBRIGHT (Chip) SHAWAN IV, born 30 Sep. 1951 in Columbus, married CHERI RENEE GOLDBERG 28 May 1974 in Columbus.  Cheri was born 12 July 1952 in New York, N.Y., daughter of Irving I. & Beverly (Goldberg) Goldberg.


-         RICHARD SCOTT SHAWAN, born 16 Feb. 1956, married SUSAN ZATOPEK.


§         (DAVID) LESTER MILROY,[214] born 19 Mar. 1885 near Huntsville, Logan Co., Ohio, married GRACE LUCILLE NEER 19 Oct. 1911 in De Graff, died 4 May 1971 in Bellefontaine.  Grace was born 22 Aug. 1886 in De Graff, Logan Co., daughter of Peter Loren & Laura Belle (Dieppe) Neer.   She died 7 Dec. 1977 in Bellefontaine, Logan Co., Ohio.


At a 1911 reception hosted by Mr. & Mrs. James E. Milroy for their son Lester and his bride after their honeymoon in Asheville, N.C., guests included Mr. & Mrs. William Barton (see ¶3.iv. below), Mr. & Mrs. Wesley Barton (see ¶3.iv.b. below), Mr. & Mrs. Charles Barton and son (¶3.iv.d. below), Osmond Barton, son of Mrs. Margaret Barton (¶3.iv.a. below), and Mrs. Hunter of Buffalo (¶3.i.a. above).[215]


Lester graduated from Miami Jacobs Business College in Dayton, Ohio.  He was a farmer and banker.  He was a member of the Huntsville United Presbyterian Church, F&AM Chapter and Council in Bellefontaine, a charter member of the Logan County Farm Bureau and at the time of his death, chairman emeritus of the Board of Directors of the Huntsville State Bank, which he had served as president for many years.  He also served as member and president of the Huntsville Board of Education and was for a number of years on the Logan County Library Board.[216] According to the 1916-1921 Logan County Directory, Lester owned 230 acres, 5 horses and 10 cattle.[217]


Grace was a 1903 graduate of De Graff High School and attended Wittenberg University.  She taught school at Bloom Center, Huntsville and in Kalamazoo, Mich. She was chairwoman of the Logan County Farm Bureau, chairwoman of the Logan County Republican Women’s Committee during its early years of organization, active in the Parent-Teacher Association and one of the founders of the Women’s Literary Club of Huntsville.


Lester & Grace were buried in the Huntsville Cemetery, Section B, Row 25 N-S.[218]


The two children of Lester & Grace (Neer) Milroy are:


    KATHRYN ELEANOR MILROY, born 21 Nov. 1912 in Huntsville, Logan Co., Ohio (Butler Co., Ohio ?), married ERNEST HENRY SHEALY 28 Dec. 1978 in Huntsville, died 14 May 1996.  Ernest was born 27 June 1906 in Galion, Crawford Co., Ohio, son of Jacob Henry & Esther (Nagel) Shealy.  Kathryn attended Kalamazoo College.  She was an administrative assistant for the accounting firm of Ernst & Ernst.  Ernest graduated from Western Reserve College and John Marshall College of Law, after which he became a lawyer.  They had no children.


    JAMES EDMONDE MILROY, born 25 Aug. 1914 on the family farm east of Huntsville, married (1) LaVERT MARIAN DARITY 18 Nov. 1943 in Bellefontaine, divorced, married  (2) BETTY LOU WIGET 19 Sep. 1969 in Columbus.  LaVert was born 30 Sep. 1919 in Danville, Twiggs Co., Ga., daughter of Carlton Chapman & Elme Roxie (Holley) Darity.  LaVert died 8 Sep. 1985 in Bellefontaine and was buried in the Macon Memorial Park, Macon, Ga.  Betty Lou Wiget was born 28 July 1933 in Portsmouth, Scioto Co., Ohio, daughter of Clarence & Mary (Ruby) Wiget.


James received a B.S. degree in Agriculture from Ohio State University in 1938.  After graduation he was employed by the U.S.D.A., working for several years in eastern Ohio.  For nearly 20 years he operated the family farm in partnership with his father.  In 1963 he became associated with the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation and served in a field service capacity until his retirement in 1979.


The four children of James & LaVert (Darity) Milroy were all born in Bellefontaine:


-         KATHRYN (Kathy) BLAIR MILROY, born 26 July 1946, married EDWARD ALBERT KRAMER 28 Nov. 1965 in Huntsville.  Edward was born 25 June 1942 in

                                        Harrisburg, Pa., son of Edward Franklin & Miriam (Shue) Kramer.  Edward is a Senior Trust Officer at the Commonwealth Bank, Harrisburg, Pa.  The children of Edward &

                                        Kathryn (Milroy) Kramer were all born in Harrisburg:

·          JAMES FRANKLIN KRAMER, born 13 Apr. 1969.

·          JON MICHAEL KRAMER, born 23 Apr. 1972.

·          JOSEPH ALAN KRAMER, born 7 June 1974.


-         MARIAN LaVERT MILROY, born 26 Mar. 1948, married DONALD V. (Chip) SCHWARTZ 5 Sep. 1970 in Bellefontaine.  Donald was born 9 Dec. 1946 in Detroit,

   Mich., son of Donald L. & Gennie (Ver Wiet) Schwartz.  He is in Finance Administration & Operations Management at Xerox.  The children of Donald & Marian (Milroy) Schwartz  were born in Columbus.

·          ADRIANE HEATHER SCHWARTZ, born 30 Apr. 1976.

·          ALLISON MEREDITH SCHWARTZ, born 9 Nov. 1978.


-         SUSAN KAY MILROY, born 20 Apr. 1949, married JAMES LeROY SCHROCK 2 Aug. 1969 in Bellefontaine.  James was born 5 Oct. 1942 in Kidron, Ohio, son of Glenn LeRoy & Arlene Florence (Amstutz) Schrock. Jim is a basketball coach and school teacher.  The children of James & Susan (Milroy) Schrock were born in Sidney, Shelby Co., Ohio:                     

·          GLENN LeROY SCHROCK, born 27 July 1972.

·          GREGG JAMES SCHROCK, born 16 Jan. 1976.

·          LISA KAY SCHROCK, born 3 Dec. 1978.


-         HOLLEY LUCILLE MILROY, born 25 Nov. 1951, married KRISTOPHER (Kris) LANE BUCHENROTH 2 Nov. 1966 in Huntsville.  Kris was born 10 Jan. 1948 in

             Bellefontaine, son of Frank Ward & Betty Lou (Smith) Buchenroth.  Holley is an artist with a flair for business, selling the pictures she paints.  She & Kris are divorced.  The      children of Kris & Holley (Milroy) Buchenroth were born in Bellefontaine:

·          MICHAEL LANE BUCHENROTH, born 22 Feb. 1967, married MARY BETH SNAPP 12 Aug. 1988 in Lewistown, Ohio.  Beth is the daughter of Errol & Mary Lou

                                           (Moon) Snapp.  In 1988 Beth was a graduate assistant in Sociology at Memphis State University and Michael was a senior anthropology and mathematics student there.

                                           Michael was also a policy analyst with the Shelby Co., Tenn., government in Memphis.

·          TIMOTHY LANE BUCHENROTH, born 6 Aug. 1970.


§         MABEL MILROY, born 8 Feb. 1893 near Huntsville, married Rev. ROBERT HENRY DUNAWAY 28 May 1938 in Huntsville, died 28 Dec. 1973 in Bradenton, Manatee Co., Fla., her ashes buried in the Zanesfield Cemetery, Zanesfield, Logan Co., Ohio.  Robert was born 22 Aug. 1867 in Prince Edward Co., Va., son of Jordan P. & Martha (Pollard) Dunaway, died 11 Feb. 1955 in Huntsville, buried in the Zanesfield Cemetery.  Robert was a graduate of Ohio Northern University, Ada, Hardin Co., Ohio, and Wooster College.  He earned his B.D. at Lane Seminary, Cincinnati, Ohio, and his D.D. at Buena Vista College, Storm Lake, Iowa.  He held Presbyterian pastorates in Troy, Ohio, Greensburg & Richmond, Ind. and Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  He also served two terms as County Recorder, Logan Co., 1937-1945.  Mabel graduated from Wooster College in 1916.  She was a school teacher in Lima and in Logan Co.  After Robert died, she taught in Piney Woods, Miss. Robert & Mabel (Milroy) Dunaway had no children.


d.      JEANNETTE ROMAINE HUNTER, born 22 July 1857, married LeROY R. WILSON.  They lived in Fillmore, Montgomery Co., Ill.


On 19 June 1900 Jeannette R. Wilson & Lee R. Wilson, her husband, sold to James E. Milroy for $780 their undivided 1/7th part of the three tracts Jeannette had inherited from her father.[219]


The children of LeRoy & Jeannette (Hunter) Wilson were:


§         LeROY ELWYN WILSON, born 12 Aug. 1886 in Fillmore, Ill.


§         HAROLD HUNTER WILSON, born 29 Oct. 1889 in Fillmore, Ill., married JULIA RINGER 6 Nov. 1912 in Indianapolis, Ind. Their daughter JULIA ANNA WILSON was born in Sept. 1925 in Ill.


§         IRENE WALLACE WILSON, born 31 Dec. 1899 in Fillmore, Ill.


e.       ANNA TERESA HUNTER, born 23 Sep. 1859. She was a teacher at the Indian School in Wheelock, Indian Territory.  Later she lived with her sister Martha in California.  On 10 Aug.  1901 Anna sold to James E. Milroy her undivided 1/7th fraction of three tracts she had inherited from her father.[220]  Anna never married. She died 1 Sep. 1947 in San Jose, Calif.


f.        GEORGE CHESTER HUNTER,[221] born 6 Sep. 1861 near Cumberland, Noble Co., Ohio, married REBECCA PRISCILLA WOODS 27 Oct. 1885 in Culbertson, Hitchcock Co., Neb., died at his home in Columbus, Ohio, 10 Apr. 1941 after a long illness.[222]


The following transcription confirms George’s marriage to (Rebecca) Priscilla Woods:


State of Nebraska

Hitchcock County

           I, H. H. Taylor, County Judge, in and for Hitchcock County, do hereby certify that the following record is on file in my office, viz.: Certificate of Marriage.  To the County Judge of Hitchcock County, Nebraska: This certifies that on the twenty seventh day of October A.D. 1885, at Culbertson in said County according to law and by authority I duly joined in Marriage Mr. George C. Hunter and Miss Priscilla R. Woods and there were present as Witnesses:  R. R. Woods and wife.

           Given under my hand the twenty eighth day of October A.D. 1885:

W. J. Wheeler

Minister of the Gospel

I further certify that the Marriage Record No. 1 in which the above certificate was recorded was burned and the above record is the only record of said marriage on file.  Witness my hand and official seal, this 8th day of Sep. 1894.

H. H. Taylor

County Judge


Rebecca Priscilla Woods was born 13 Nov. 1863 in Williamstown, Hancock Co., Ohio, daughter of John H. & Marianne (Gries) Woods.  Rebecca died 27 Apr. 1941 in Columbus, Franklin Co., Ohio. According to family stories, Rebecca removed to Kansas with her brother and sister-in-law.  Her brother had offered her $200 to go with them to homestead an additional tract of land for him.  Rebecca and her sister-in-law homesteaded adjacent tracts of land and had a sod house that was so located that the property line went through the middle of the house.  This arrangement fulfilled the residence requirement of the Homestead Act of 1862 for both tracts. One slept on each side of the line.  A barn door was converted into a bed.  The story is that Rebecca never received the promised $200.  Another story tells of Rebecca and her sister-in-law baking pies and setting them outside to cool.  George Hunter was riding by and either saw or smelled the pies and stopped by in the hope of being invited to sample one.  Such is the way that George met Rebecca.  They newly-weds lived in a sod house until they returned to Ohio.


Courtesy of the Homestead Act and the Timber Culture Act, George obtained inexpensive farm land from the government.  The Homestead Act granted 160 acres of public land to any person who was either head of a family or at least 21 years old and was a citizen of the U.S. (or had filed for naturalization). A filing fee of $14 was imposed at the time a settler made an application for Nebraska homestead land and an additional $4 was required upon fulfillment of all the Homestead Act conditions.  The Government required development of the land within six months.  It took about $500 (in 1880s dollars) for a settler to build a house, barn and corn crib, to dig a well and to plant some crops.  The homesteader was required to live on the land for five years, cultivate it and build a dwelling.  He had to prove, through his own testimony and that of two witnesses, that he had fulfilled all the above conditions.  Upon payment of the final $4, the homesteader received a patent to his land from the U. S. Government.  A person could make only one application for homestead land during his lifetime.


The Timber Culture Act enabled settlers who planted 40 acres of trees to obtain an additional 160 acres of public land for the same fee as a homestead.  The intent of this Act was to temper the climate and provide future building material.  In order to earn a patent on timber culture land, a settler had to keep his trees in growing condition for 8 years.  There was no residency requirement for Timber Culture land nor did the claimant need to develop it for three years. 


After about ten years in the West, George and his family returned to Ohio.  For a few years he was engaged in the oil business in Findlay, Hancock Co.  About 1911 he moved to Columbus, establishing his home in the Washington park area in 1919 where he was superintendent of the park.  By 1925 he was involved with the nearly 50 parks and parkways in the city.  In 1923 he was quoted as saying he had taught school Kansas, homesteaded in Nebraska, worked on railroad construction, guarded at the Ohio State penitentiary, worked in the oil fields of Ohio and Illinois and traveled throughout America.  In 1923 he still owned a farm in Benkelman, Dundy Co., Neb.[223]


On 11 Feb. 1885 George borrowed $60 from his parents.  On 11 April of the same year he borrowed an additional $350.  Both notes bore 8% interest.  By 13 Mar. 1900 his debt to his parents’ estate had increased to $876.50.  Aside from his brother Rice (who had already sold his fraction of their father’s land to Arthur), the other heirs agreed to accept George’s fraction as full payment of his $876.50 debt.  This agreement was in the form of a deed from George C. Hunter and his wife Percie Hunter to Ella Milroy, Jeannette Wilson, Anna T. Hunter, Mattie Hunter, Constance H. Edwards and Arthur Hunter, the land to be equally divided among the six grantees.[224]


The reason George was agreeable to dispose of his inherited land fraction in Logan Co. was that he had gone west in 1884.  For several years he was a cowboy and range rider with some of the great cattle ranches operating in southwest Nebraska, northwest Kansas and eastern Colorado.  He also took up three claims in Cheyenne Co., Kans., in the northwest corner of that state.  He experienced the usual hardships of the pioneer settler and homemaker.  Due to drought and other inclement elements, his crops repeatedly failed and he also suffered from the unprecedented financial depression of the late 1880s and early 1890s.[225]


The children of George & Rebecca (Woods) Hunter were:


§         VERNON DOY HUNTER, born 10 Apr. 1890 in Cheyenne Co., Kans., married (1) HELEN STUMPF 25 Aug. 1917, married (2) CAROLYN LEACH, married (3) CAROLYN NUNN, died 28 Feb. 1966 in Orange Co., Fla.  Vernon served overseas with the 89th Division in World War I.


Vernon & Carolyn (Leach) Hunter had a daughter CAROL LEACH HUNTER, born in 1927.  Carol married WALTER VANWAGENEN, who was born 1927 and died 1973.  Walter & Carol (Hunter) Vanwagenen had two children:


-         LYNN VANWAGENEN, born 1954.


-         WALTER CONEY VANWAGENEN, Jr., born 1954.


Vernon & Carolyn (Nunn) Hunter had a son DAVID HUNTER.


§         LEON WOODS HUNTER, born 22 May 1892 in Cheyenne Co., Kans., died 8 Dec. 1972 in California.  He was in the Aviation Department in World War I.


§         MARY RUTH HUNTER, born 17 Jan. 1894 in Cheyenne Co., Kans., died Oct. 1991 in Columbus, Ohio.


§         NEIL McKINLEY HUNTER, born 29 Feb. 1896 in Hancock Co., Ohio, married MABEL WILHELMINA WOEHL 14 Oct. 1918 in Detroit, Mich., died 14 July 1981 in Los Angeles Co., Calif.  Mabel was born 16 Aug. 1896 in Mich. and died 8 Nov. 1970 in Los Angeles Co., Calif., interred at Valhalla Memorial Park, Praiswater, Van Nuys, Los Angeles Co, Calif. She was a daughter of William Woehl. Neil was in Secret Service work in Washington, D.C. during World War I.  Their children are:


    JAMES NEIL HUNTER, born 19 Apr. 1924 in Los Angeles Co., Calif., married LOIS RUTH MOLLETT at the Van Nuys Missionary Church in Van Nuys, Los Angeles Co., Calif.  She is the daughter of Paul & [- ?-] (Nofringer) Mollett.  Lois Ruth was born 22 Apr. 1928 in Los Angeles Co., Calif.  Their children are:


-     CHERYL ANN HUNTER, born 30 Nov. 1955 in Los Angeles Co., Calif.

                                    -     PAUL JAMES HUNTER, born 17 June 1959 in Los Angeles Co., Calif.


    BERNADEAN MAY HUNTER, born 29 Aug. 1926 in Los Angeles Co., Calif., married CHARLES M. BOSWELL 5 Mar. 1949 in Van Nuys, Los Angeles Co., Calif., died 18 Mar. 2003 in Calif.  Charles was born 2 June 1923 and died 11 Feb. 1999.  Charles was a son of [- ? -] Boswell and Fannie [- ? -].  Their children are:


-         BARBARA JEAN BOSWELL, born 10 Nov. 1951 in Los Angeles Co., Calif., married GERALD ANNAN. They had a daughter REBECCA JOY ANNAN born 16 Sept. 1987 in Los Angeles Co., Calif.


-         MARY SUE BOSWELL, born 3 Dec. 1954 in Los Angeles Co., Calif., married STEVE DOYLE. They had a daughter CYNTHIA MARIE DOYLE born 21 Mar. 1983 in Santa Barbara Co., Calif.


               -  DAVID PAUL BOSWELL, born 13 Dec. 1958 in Los Angeles Co., Calif.


    ROBERT HUNTER born 29 Apr. 1928 in Los Angeles Co., Calif., married BETTY JEAN RICE.  Robert & Betty (Rice) Hunter have a daughter JANINE MARIE HUNTER, born in 1958.


§         HAL BARTON HUNTER, born 23 July 1897 in Mount Corey, Hancock Co., Ohio, married LOTTIE COLLINS, died 30 Jan. 1981 in Fort Worth, Tarrent Co., Tex.  Lottie died in 1977. Hal was in the Marines in World War I.


§         HELEN JEANNETTE HUNTER, born 8 Feb. 1899 in Hancock Co., Ohio, married RALPH RITTALL, died 26 Jan. 1973 in Columbus, Ohio. Ralph was born in 1899, died in 1973.  Ralph & Helen had a son:


         RICHARD HUNTER RITTALL, born 1929, married NANCY HEFFERNAN, died in 1978.  Richard & Nancy (Heffernan) Rittall’s children are:


-         PHILIP TAYLOR RITTALL, born in 1957, living at 4383 Kumler Drive, Columbus, in 1995.

-         LISA ANN RITTALL, born in 1959.


§         DEAN DWIGHT HUNTER, born 25 Mar. 1901 in Highland Twp., Defiance Co., Ohio, married OLLIE SEARS 26 June 1924 in Fort Worth Tex., died 28 Jan. 1992 in Columbus,

Ohio.  Ollie was born 11 Aug. 1904 in Pulaski Co., Ky., died 22 Aug. 1982 in Columbus, Ohio. She was the daughter of Cuthbert Whitfield & Ellen Nevada (Colyer) Sears.  Their two children were both born in Fort Worth, Tex.:


    DEAN DWIGHT HUNTER, Jr., born 5 Sep. 1926 in Ft. Worth, Tex., married PAULINE LANE 15 June 1957 in Philadelphia, Pa., died 2 June 1997 in Lexington, Fayette Co., Ky.  Pauline was born in 1930.  Their children are:


-         JANE ELLEN HUNTER, born 4 Oct. 1959 in Nueces Co., Tex., married RONALD WARD BROWN 30 May 1981 in Fayette Co., Ky.  Ronald was born about 1959.       Their children are:

·           CHRISTOPHER MICHAEL BROWN, born 5 Apr. 1990 in Fayette Co., Ky.

·           CAROLINE McKENZIE BROWN, born 11 Mar. 1992 in Fayette Co., Ky.


-          JAN CAROLINE HUNTER, born 1960.


-         JILL MARIE HUNTER, born in 1963, married ROBERT LEE KAISER 26 May 1984 in Fayette Co., Ky. Robert was born about 1963. Their children are:

·           ANDREW (ANDY) LEE KAISER, born 21 Feb. 1990 in Fayette Co., Ky.

·          AMANDA MARIE KAISER, born 20 June 1992 in Fayette Co., Ky.


    GAIL ELLEN HUNTER, born 19 Dec. 1936 in Fort Worth, Tarrant Co., Tex., married JAMES FRANKLIN MYERS 17 June 1961 in Columbus, Ohio.  James was born in 1936.  Their children are:


-    ANNE KATHERINE MYERS, born in 1963, married TIMOTHY GENE MARTINEZ.  Timothy & Anne (Myers) Martinez have a son MITCHEL DEAN


                              -     STEVE HUNTER MYERS born in 1967.


§         ANNE CATHERINE HUNTER, born 8 Jan. 1903 in Findlay, Hancock Co., Ohio, married CHARLES F. BALZER, died Nov. 1988 in Columbus, Ohio.  Charles was born in 1897, died in 1967.


§         ESTHER MARIE (MARTHA) HUNTER, born 6 Nov.1907 in Defiance, Hancock Co., Ohio, married CHARLES SECOY, died 26 Sept. 1960 in Troy, Miami Co., Ohio. Charles was born 19 Feb. 1905, died 11 Apr. 1982 in Columbus, Franklin Co., Ohio.  The children of Charles & Esther (Hunter) Secoy are:


        JO ELLEN SECOY, born in 1933, married RAY WILSON.  Their children are:


-         KATHERINE LOUISE (Kate) WILSON, born in 1958, married JOE BOEVE.  They have a daughter:

·           LAUREL SALING BOEVE, born in 1988.

-         SARAH ELLEN WILSON, born in 1962.

-         GWENDOLYN WILSON, born in 1964.


        DIANE MARIE SECOY, born in 1938.


        SUSAN HUNTER SECOY, born in 1942.


§         ROBERT FREDERICK HUNTER, born and died in 1906.


g.       ARTHUR HUNTER, born 1 July 1864, married JEAN (Jennie) AGURA LAUGHLIN 15 Nov. 1893, died 2 Jan. 1935 at the Ohio Masonic Home, Springfield, Clark Co., Ohio. Cause of death was hypertension with arteriosclerosis.[226] Jennie was born 22 Jan. 1867 on a farm east of Belle Center, the daughter of Josiah Robe & Martha (Johnson) Laughlin.  Jennie died 2 Oct. 1953 at the Ammons Rest  Home, Bellefontaine, due to “infirmities incident to her age.”[227]


For a few years after their marriage Arthur & Jennie lived in the Ada and Huntsville communities.  They then established their home on a farm on Ellistown Pike.  Arthur was a farmer. As mentioned in ¶a. above, on 25 Feb. 1889 Arthur bought his brother Rice’s 1/8th fraction of their father’s land.  Then on 13 Mar. 1900 Arthur’s brother George deeded his 1/8th fraction to Arthur and the five other owners of the land (see ¶f. above).  Arthur then held a 2/7th fraction of the land.  Finally, on 10 Aug. 1901, Arthur & Jean A. Hunter joined Constance L. & John Edwards, Anna T. Hunter and Mattie Hunter in selling to James E. Milroy their combined 5/7th fraction of the three tracts they had inherited from their father.[228]  In 1921 Arthur owned 100 acres and had 7 horses and 7 cattle.[229] Both Arthur & Jean were buried in the Huntsville Cemetery, Section D., Row 21 N-S.[230]


The children of Arthur & Jean (Laughlin) Hunter were:


§         EDWIN LAUGHLIN HUNTER, born 11 Sep. 1902 near Belle Center, Ohio, married MARGARET GENEVA CREVISON 21 Nov. 1923, died Oct. 1966 in Mercy Hospital,

Canton, Ohio.  Edwin resided in Brewster, Stark Co., Ohio, for many years. He was a railroad employee. Although he suffered from lung cancer, his death was attributed to heart failure.    The children of Edwin & Margaret (Crevison) Hunter were:


        EDWIN LAUGHLIN HUNTER, born 1924, living in Warrensburg, N.Y. in 1966.




        BEVERLY HUNTER.[231]


§         MARTHA JEANNETTA HUNTER, born 29 July 1895 in Ohio, married DONALD M. PIERSON 30 June 1919, died 21 Sep. 1965.  They lived in Milwaukee, Wis.  The children of  Donald & Jeannetta (Hunter) Pierson are:


        DAN PIERSON.


        ELIZABETH JEAN PIERSON, born 1920, had two husbands, viz: [-?-] HIRST and GEORGE M. WILLETS, order unknown.




§         JOHN HOWARD HUNTER, born 27 Mar. 1899, died 26 Feb. 1966.  Howard was in the Navy in World War I.  He lived on the family farm with his mother, Jennie Hunter.


§         MARTHA (Mattie) W. HUNTER, born 14 Apr. 1866 in Cumberland, Ohio, died 16 Sep. 1939 at her home in San Jose, Calif. after a heart attack.  She worked as a nurse in Georgia, Oklahoma & Arizona under the National Mission Board of the Presbyterian Church. On 10 Aug. 1901 Mattie Hunter sold to James E. Milroy her undivided 1/7th part of three tracts she had inherited from her father.[232] She never married.


ii.       NANCY JANE BARTON, born 25 June 1830 in Mount Pleasant Twp., Washington Co., Pa., married ANDREW JACKSON WOLFE 18 Feb. 1858[233] in Cumberland, Ohio, died at her        home in Columbus 3 Apr. 1906, buried in Green Lawn Cemetery, Columbus, Ohio (figure 25).


Andrew Wolfe was born 13 July 1833 at Fort Cumberland, Allegheny Co., Md., son of John Frederick & Catherine (Lichleiter) Wolfe.  He was by trade a shoemaker.  He died 19 Apr. 1919 in Columbus, buried in Green Lawn Cemetery.  According to reminiscences written by Robert Barton Beverly (see ¶3.viii.c below), Andrew’s death occurred while he was visiting at the home of his daughter Ida May Beverly.  He had attended a movie nearby, and as he was returning to her home, he started across Oakwood Ave.  He was struck by an automobile and died several hours later in a Columbus hospital.


Three years after Nancy Barton & Andrew Wolfe were wed, the Civil War broke out. Leaving his business and home, Andrew enlisted 7 May 1861 for 3 months’ service.  He had on 17 Apr. previously gone from Cumberland to Zanesville to volunteer.  As a private in the 15th Ohio Volunteer Infantry he was sent to West Virginia where he was actively engaged at Phillippi, Laurel Hill and Carrick’s Ford.  At the end of his enlistment term he was mustered out 30 Aug. 1861.


He immediately re-enlisted and served throughout the war.  He wrote to his wife and her parents many letters, most of which have been preserved, and two of which are reproduced in The Story of Moses & William Wallace & Their Descendants by Osman C. Hooper (1918), pp. 28-35, and in A History of the Wolfe Family & Allied Branches by Preston Wolfe (1939), pp. 76-83.  These two letters deal with the spirit of the Army of the Potomac after the Battle of Fredericksburg 13 Dec. 1862 and with Sherman’s march from Atlanta to Savannah late in 1865.


While Andrew was off fighting the Confederates, Nancy became acquainted with a southern soldier.  As recounted above, Robert Barton Beverly wrote that Confederate soldiers occupied the Robert Barton yard during their brief stay in Cumberland in 1863.  He wrote that “one young rebel soldier spent most of the time while he was in Cumberland, Ohio, carrying my mother [i.e., Ida May (Wolfe) Berverly] around the large yard at the Barton home.  Further, this young soldier liked my grandmother Wolfe [i.e., Nancy (Barton) Wolfe] and he asked her if she would write to his mother who lived in the State of Tennessee and tell her that he was well.  My grandmother Wolfe wrote a nice letter to the boy’s mother and a short time later received a cordial letter from her in reply.  Following the above these two women exchanged letters regularly for a number of years. . . ”


At the end of the Civil War Andrew returned to his trade as a shoemaker in the Village of Cumberland, Ohio.  The Wolfe family appears on p. 587 of the 1870 census for Cumberland as follows:

-         Andrew J. Wolfe, 38, born Md.

-         Nancy Wolfe, 39, keeping house, born Pa.

-         Edward Wolfe, 11, at home, born Ohio   [Edgar ?]

-         Robert Wolfe, 9, at home, born Ohio

-         May Wolfe, 7, at home, born Ohio

-         Charles Wolfe, 3, at home, born Ohio

-         Kate Wolfe, 1, at home, born Ohio.


About 1880 the family moved to Zanesville.  After a brief residence there a new home was made in Corning, Perry Co., Ohio.  About 1887 the family moved to Columbus, where Andrew opened a shoe repair business.  In the Columbus, Ohio, City Directory for 1891/2, Andrew J. Wolfe was listed as a shoemaker at 19 W. Spring St.  He lived at 798 Mt. Vernon Ave. His youngest son, Harry P. Wolfe, was also listed as a shoemaker, living at 798 Mt. Vernon Ave.  From this humble beginning, grew a family fortune estimated in 1984 to exceed $300 million.[234]


The six children of Andrew & Nancy (Barton) Wolfe were:[235]









a.       EDGAR BARTON WOLFE, born 7 Nov. 1858 in Cumberland, died in Columbus 23 Jan. 1910.  He married twice, the first time in the West in 1888 and the second time to SARA MILSOP.


In 1891 Edgar joined his brothers Robert, Charles & Harry in organizing the Wolfe Brothers Shoe Co. For a number of years Edgar was associated with his brother Charles in the shoe manufacturing business in Columbus under the corporate name of the “C. & E. Co.[236]


By his first wife Edgar had a son HARRY WOLFE, born in 1890 in New Mexico. By his second wife he had a son ROBERT WOLFE, who died in 1973.


b.      ROBERT FREDERICK WOLFE, born 7 Nov. 1860 in Cumberland, married (1) ADA THURSTON 14 Jan 1890, married (2) DELLA MITCHELL BURNS 8 July 1903, died 27 Jan. 1927 in Columbus.  Ada was born in 1872 and died in 1948.  In 1900 Ada’s mother, Sarah Thurston, born Oct. 1838, was living with Robert & Ada.[237]


At 11 years of age, Robert was working in a glass factory in Zanesville; at 14 he drove a canal boat between Cumberland, Md. and Georgetown, Washington, D.C.  Later he served as ordinary seaman on a schooner in the coastal trade.  For a time he was in New York, stopping at O’Connor’s Newsboys’ home, 9 Duane St., selling the “New York Sun” when Charles A. Dana was its editor.  From there he went to sea again, going to Cuba; thence to Louisiana, where he worked in the cypress swamps, getting out cross-ties, and later in Texas, where he drove and herded cattle.  Robert came to Columbus, Ohio, in 1888, and entered the shoe business as a traveling salesman.


In the 1889/90 Columbus City Directory, Robert F. Wolfe was listed as a traveling salesman with 213 S. High St. and 428 E. Rich St. addresses. (Note that there were also listed in the Columbus City Directory a Robert F. Wolfe, shoemaker, boarding at Farmers’ Hotel and another Robert F. Wolfe, clerk, living at 350 Parsons Ave.)  In the Columbus, Ohio, City Directory for 1891/2, Robert Wolfe was listed as president of The Buckeye Shoe Company, living at the northeast corner of Parsons Ave. & Mound.[238]


Robert F. Wolfe was one of the original incorporators of the H. C. Godman Co., and at one time sold practically all of its output. Later he and his brother Harry P. Wolfe formed a partnership in Columbus for the manufacture of shoes, the capital for this venture being $300 borrowed for the purchase of machinery.  The enterprise prospered and in 1893 the Wolfe Brothers Shoe Co. was incorporated and organized with Robert F. Wolfe as president and Harry P. Wolfe as vice president and general manager. After the manufacturing department had been sufficiently developed as to make it one of the leading industries of the city, a retail sales department embracing more than 2,000 stores was organized.  It was known as the “Wear-U-Well Co.”


In 1903 Robert F. and Harry P. Wolfe bought the “Ohio State Journal,” the only morning newspaper in Columbus, and in 1905, the “Columbus Dispatch,” the leading afternoon paper.  They became president and vice-president, respectively, of the holding company of these papers. Robert Wolfe was also a principal stockholder of the First National Bank and of the Citizens’ Trust & Savings Bank of Columbus.[239]  His life in Columbus was notable for his civic generosity for which he received numerous official citations.  Robert spearheaded rescue operations during the 1913 flood of Columbus.  For this heroic service the Governor awarded him a commission as Commodore of the Ohio Naval Reserve.[240] He had substantial influence in the political affairs of Ohio.  He was killed in a fall from a casement window in his offices on the fifth floor of “The Dispatch” building.[241]


Robert & Ada (Thurston) Wolfe had one child:


§         EDGAR THURSTON WOLFE, born 8 Dec. 1893, died of cancer 2 Feb. 1957 in Columbus. Edgar received a B.S. from Princeton University in 1917.  He promptly enlisted in the Navy as an able-bodied seaman.  In 1920 he was living at home and working as a newspaper reporter.[242]


After his father’s death in 1927, Edgar assumed a high-profile role in the family affairs, and after his uncle Harry’s death in 1946, he became the family leader.


He lobbied hard for a commercial airport in Columbus when aviation was still considered risky business. Col. Charles Lindbergh came to Columbus at Edgar’s invitation to endorse an airport, and soon thereafter, voters approved a bond issue to build Port Columbus.


At the time of his death, Edgar was publisher of the Dispatch Printing Co., which operated two newspapers, the “Columbus Dispatch” and the “Ohio State Journal,” and television station WBNS-TV. He was chairman of the board of BancOhio Corp. and headed the board of the Wolfe Wear-U-Well Corp.  He was associated directly with nearly every major civic improvement in the central Ohio area.[243]


Edgar was married five times – twice to EVE MAY DALE[244] and once, in 1923 to ALICE ALCORN.


The children of Edgar & Eve (Dale) Wolfe were:


        JILL DALE, stepdaughter.


         PAMELA WOLFE, born 1949, adopted.[245]


The children of Edgar & Alice (Alcorn) Wolfe were:


        ROBERT FREDERICK WOLFE, II, born 1924, died 1943 in an automobile accident.


        EDGAR THURSTON WOLFE, Jr., born 1926, married (1) MARILYN MAY, married (2) CAROLYN [-?-], died in 1975 in an airplane crash.  Edgar, Jr. became publisher and chairman of the Dispatch Printing Co. when his uncle, Preston Wolfe, retired in 1973.


 The children of Edgar & Marilyn (May) Wolfe are:


-         ELISE WOLFE, born in 1947.


-          EDGAR THURSTON WOLFE, III, born in 1950, died of AIDS 20 May 1987.


The children of Edgar & Carolyn Wolfe are:


-         AMY WOLFE, born 1956.


-         ANDREW WOLFE, born 1959.


         JOHN WALTON WOLFE, born 1928, married (1) JO ANN WALLACE, married (2) NORINA LOVELACE, died at his Journal Island home 10 June 1994 from a heart attack.  His ashes were spread over Buckeye Lake.     


During the 1960s, John W. worked in the offices of Ohio National Bank.  By his 40th birthday he came into full control of the family business.  Following his brother Edgar’s death in 1975, John W. became chairman of the Dispatch Printing Co. and chairman of the Ohio Co.  John W. was the driving force behind the creation of the Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital & Research Institute at Ohio State University and a founding director of Newark’s Shepherd Hill Hospital for alcohol- and drug-abuse treatment.  He played major roles at the Columbus Zoo and Port Columbus International Airport, both of which had been started by earlier Wolfe family members.  He served on community boards, including eight years at the Columbus Foundation.[246] John W. & Jo Ann (Wallace) Wolfe have the following children:


-         ANN WOLFE, born 1950, was attending college in Minnesota in 1986.


-         ROBERT FREDERICK WOLFE. III, born 1953, worked for Columbus television station WBNS-TV in the 1970s.  Robert has two daughters.


-         VICTORIA (Tory) WOLFE, born 1955, operated a “My Nails” salon in Columbus in 1986. Victoria has two sons.


-         DOUGLAS WOLFE, born 1958.


c.       IDA MAY WOLFE, born 10 Aug. 1862, married DAVID SELTZER BEVERLY 6 Nov. 1884 in Perry Co., Ohio, died 29 May 1935 at 750 Oakwood Ave., Columbus, buried in Green Lawn Cemetery.  Ida May spent most of her time when she was a young, school-aged girl at the home of her Barton grandparents in Cumberland, Ohio.


David was born 6 June 1851 in Thornville, Perry Co., the son of William L. & Mary Eleanor (Stevens) Beverly.  He died 21 Apr. 1925 in Columbus, buried in Green Lawn Cemetery.


David’s father, William Beverly, operated an inn in Thornville.  By 1860 the family moved about 5 miles northwest to Hebron in Licking Co., where William continued in the same business.  David learned Morse code and worked as a telegraph operator in the Hebron station of the Toledo & Ohio Railroad Co.  Then he became a house painter and paper hanger.  In 1880 he moved to Corning in the southeast corner of Perry Co., where he continued to paint and hang paper.  Business boomed in Corning as new people moved into town.  The Toledo & Ohio Railroad hauled locally mined coal and clay.  The town had a weighing station.  Local wells produced crude oil and natural gas.  Soon David had several men working for him.


Ida May Wolfe was living in Corning with her parents and her two younger brothers Charles Bertram and Harry Preston when she married David Beverly.  David and Ida May’s two eldest children were born in Corning.  In the fall of 1887 they moved about 10 miles southeast to Glouster, Athens Co., Ohio, where David was employed by the Sunday Creek Coal Co. as its chief maintenance man.  As such, he was in charge of a crew of men engaged in the painting, paper hanging and repairing of the large number of houses the company owned in the area.  He also managed to find time to do similar work on his own account.  The family lived in a small, three-bedroom house on Mt. Vernon Ave.  David was a member of the Bishoptown Masonic Lodge.  When the family moved to Columbus in 1895, David transferred his membership to the Columbus Masonic Lodge and remained a member there until his death.


The David Beverly family’s first home in Columbus was located at 27 South Davis Ave.  Upstairs the house had two bedrooms and downstairs it had a sitting room and kitchen for David and Ida May, their four sons and Carrie Watkins, a hired girl they had brought from Glouster.  Carrie was paid $2.50 per week plus room and board.  Rent for the house was $8 per month.


David went to work at the factory of the Wolfe Brothers Shoe Manufacturing Co., then owned by Ida May’s four brothers: Edgar, Robert, Charley & Harry Wolfe.  David was allowed to purchase a small amount of the company stock.  He was employed as the foremen of the cutting room, where cured leather was die-cut.  Hours were 6:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Monday through Friday and 6:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Saturday with one-half hour for lunch.  Working hours totaled 67½ hours per week.  David’s salary was $15 per week.


In 1896 the David Beverly family moved to the north half of a double frame house at 47 N. Mill St. In the spring of 1898 they moved to 1059 W. Broad St. By the summer of that year, they were living at 1552 W. Broad St., where the four Wolfe brothers and David would meet two or three evenings a week to discuss business affairs and have supper.  By the spring of 1900, the Beverly family was living at 819 Oakwood Ave. in a rented house that consisted of a parlor, sitting room and kitchen with three bedrooms upstairs.  In the summer of that same year they moved to 1049 E. Livingston Ave.  As before, coal was used for cooking, baking, canning and heating, coal oil for lighting, and the toilet was out back.  Finally, about 1904, the family bought a house, located at 750 Oakwood Ave. Its six rooms had gas heating and lighting.  David soon added a kitchen and pantry, a fourth bedroom and a bathroom and tore down the outside toilet.  A year later electric lights and a telephone were installed.


Late in 1990 or early in 1901, Edgar T. & Charles B. Wolfe and David Beverly sold all their company stock to Robert F. & Harry P. Wolfe in order to form a new company of their own.  The new company was called the C. & E. Shoe Co. by using the initials of Charles and Edgar.  The incorporators of this new company were Charles B. & Edgar T. Wolfe, David Beverly, William Kroff and Henry Stuber.  A new, 3-story factory building was constructed on the north side of E. Fulton St. between S. High and Third Sts.  Edgar Wolfe was factory manager in charge of production, Charles was sales manager, William Kroff was office manager, Henry Stuber was assistant office manager and David Beverly foreman of the cutting room.  David continued in this position until his retirement, at which time he sold his company stock.


David & Ida May (Wolfe) Beverly had seven children.  A son born in Glouster in 1891 lived but a few hours.  He was buried in the old graveyard in Trimble (about 1 mile from Glouster), Athens Co., Ohio. Their other six children were:


§         ROBERT BARTON BEVERLY, born 13 Aug. 1885 in Corning, Perry Co., Ohio, married INEZ MARGURITE FETTER 27 May 1915, died 22 July 1973 in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Inez died 9 July 1954 in Columbus, Ohio.


In his Reminiscences, Barton, as he was known, recounted his early years in Glouster.  With a small group of his friends he explored the surrounding area including Indian mounds near Bishoptown, where he found flint arrowheads.  With his mother, he visited Cumberland and stayed at her uncle Robert Walker Barton’s home for four or five days.  Perhaps his fondest memory was of his trip from Glouster to Columbus in the caboose of a freight train.  Uncle Charles McIntyre (see ¶e. below) was a brakeman on the Toledo & Ohio Central Railroad line between Charleston, W. Va. and Columbus.  While in Columbus Barton stayed with his maternal grandparents (Andrew & Nancy Wolfe) at their home on the northeast corner of Mt. Vernon and St. Clair Aves.


Barton landed his first job after the family moved to Columbus.  At age 12 he was a delivery boy for “The Columbus Press-Post” evening newspaper.  His grandfather, Andrew Wolfe, kept his shoes in excellent repair.  Next door to Andrew’s shoe repair shop on the northwest corner of W. Broad & Gift Sts., Barton discovered Martin’s Candy Store.  Mr. Martin would sell Barton “under the counter” two Sweet Caporal cigarettes for a penny.


After completion of his junior year at high school, Barton quit school and took a job as messenger boy at the Peruna Drug Co. at $3 per week.  This company’s product was a bottled patent medicine.  Years later the federal government found that this “patent medicine” contained about 25% straight whiskey.  Barton’s next job was at the Southern Theater, where he earned $6 to $7 per week.  Then he went to work for the C. E. Shoe Co. for $6.50 per week.  At first he built heels using scrap pieces of leather hides.  Later he ran a machine that pressed soles into the required shape.  At that time C. & E. Shoe Co. employed between 350 and 400 people.


About 1905 Barton moved to the Jeffrey Manufacturing Co.  At the time of the 1913 flood, he was a Columbus salesman for the Standard Oil Co. of Ohio.  In 1920 he was employed by the West Virginia Coal & Coke Co. of Elrin, W.Va., as a salesman for coal and coke in carload lots only.  Finally, in 1930, he became a State Examiner of Public Records & Accounts for the Office of the State Auditor and remained there until his retirement in 1956, except for the years 1935-37, when he was transferred to the State of Ohio Relief Headquarters.


On 7 Jan. 1957 Barton left Columbus to live for 5½ years with his youngest daughter, Marjorie B. Jones, and her family in Salt Lake City, Utah.  He also visited his eldest daughter, Betty Ann Bastian, in Northridge, Calif. in 1961.  In Aug. 1964 he moved from 717 Roosevelt Ave., Salt Lake City, into the Carlton Hotel in that city.


The four children of Barton & Inez (Fetter) Beverly were:


        BETTY ANN BEVERLY, born 11 Apr. 1916, married GEORGE BASTIAN, died 13 Sep. 1963.  George died in Dec. 1973.  They lived in Minnesota and later in Northridge, Calif. Their children are:

-         JOHN BARTON BASTIAN, born 30 Sep. 1942, enlisted in the U. S. Marine Corps. in 1961.

-         JUDSON STEVEN BASTIAN, born 11 Apr. 1946.

-         SUSAN BEVERLY BASTIAN, born 26 Nov. 1950, married RICHARD LABATO in Aug. 1970.  Richard & Susan (Bastian) Labato have a son:

·           BRANDON RICHARD LABATO, born 8 Mar. 1971.


        ROBERT BARTON BEVERLY, Jr., born 1 Mar. 1918, married MARY BLAND, 15 Aug. 1944, died 24 Oct. 1984.  Robert & Mary (Bland) Beverly had a son:


-          ROBERT TRACEY BEVERLY, born 8 Mar. 1948, who married (1) MARY WHITE in Aug. 1970.   They were divorced.  Robert Tracey Beverly married (2) JILL CARTER 15 July 1987.


The children of Robert Tracey & Mary (White) Beverly are:

·          MICHELLE BEVERLY, born 25 Dec. 1972.

·          DANIELLE BEVERLY, born 3 Nov. 1976.


The children of Robert Tracey & Jill (Carter) Beverly are:

·          KYLE CARTER BEVERLY, born 6 Feb. 1993.

·          CAMDEN ROBERT BEVERLY, born 25 Aug. 1997.


        MARTHA JANE BEVERLY, born 15 Aug. 1920, married EDWARD A. RICE 3 July 1944. The children of Edward & Martha (Beverly) Rice are:

-         BEVERLY ANN RICE, born 16 June 1946, married WILLIAM CARLSON July 1972. Beverly was divorced and living in New York City in 1996.

-         EDWARD ANDREW RICE, born & died in 1951.

-         LORA CHRISTINE RICE, born 16 June 1951.

-         DEBORA RICE, born in Mar. 1953.


        MARJORIE LOU BEVERLY, born 9 June 1922, married SHIRLEY PENROSE JONES 2 Nov. 1944, died 11 Nov. 1987.  Shirley was born 15 Dec. 1919. They lived in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Their children are:

-         CAROL ANNE JONES, born 29 Sep. 1947, married JOSEPH F. BYRNE 25 June 1970.  Joseph & Carol Byrne have a daughter:

·           SHASHI MERIAH BYRNE, born 26 Apr. 1971.

-         DOUGLAS BARTON JONES, born 24 Sep. 1949.

-         DAVID TAYLOR JONES, born 5 Jan. 1951.

-         STEVEN PENROSE JONES, born 30 Nov. 1953, married KATHLEEN CORNWELL 5 Apr. 1973.  Steven & Kathleen (Cornwell) Jones have a son:

·          CURTIS STEVEN JONES, born 20 Dec. 1973.

-         NANCY ANN JONES, born 27 May 1958.


§         RAYMOND WILLIAM BEVERLY, born 14 July 1887 in Corning, Perry Co., Ohio, married MARGARET STENGLE 27 Nov. 1910, died 5 Apr. 1957 in Marion, Ohio.  The three children of Raymond & Margaret (Stengle) Beverly were:


        MILDRED VIRGINIA BEVERLY, born 10 July 1911, married GARLAND WINTERS 2 Aug. 1933, died Aug. 1983.  The four children of Garland & Mildred (Beverly) are:


-         WILLAIM HOMER WINTERS, born 1934, married DORIS [-?-] 28 Aug. 1957.  The children of William & Doris Winters are:

·          RICHARD ALLEN WINTERS, born in 1958.

·          SHERRE WINTERS, born in 1960.


-         RAYMOND ARTHUR WINTERS, born 1936, married PATRICIA [-?-] 7 Feb. 1959. The children of Raymond & Patricia Winters are:

·          JOHN WINTERS, born 1959.

·          CONNIE SUE WINTERS, born 1963.


-         ROBERT BEVERLY WINTERS, born 22 Nov. 1938, married SUE [-?-] 6 Aug. 1960. The children of Robert & Sue Winters are:

·          STEVEN WINTERS, born 1961.

·          MICHAEL WINTERS, born 1962.

·          DOUGLAS WINTERS, born 1964.

·          TRISHA WINTERS, born 1966.


-         DAVID ALLEN WINTERS, born 22 June 1942, married JUDY [-?-] 2 Feb. 1968.  The children of David & Judy Winters are:

·          LAURIE WINTERS, born 16 Aug. 1970.

·          DAVID ROSS WINTERS, born 29 Aug. 1972.


        RICHARD ALLEN BEVERLY, born 25 Dec. 1914, married VIRGINIA GALLAWAY 5 Sep. 1946, died 28 Oct. 1954.  Richard & Virginia (Gallaway) Beverly had no children.


        KATHRYN MAY BEVERLY, born 30 Mar. 1916, married THOMAS FABIAN 30 Mar. The eight children of Thomas & Kathryn (Beverly) Fabian are:


-         JUDITH FABIAN, born 20 Apr. 1938, married SONNY WARCESTER 15 Mar. 1956. The children of Sonny & Judith (Fabian) Warcester are:

·          JESSE WARCESTER, born 26 Nov. 1957.

·          KELLY WARCESTER, born 12 June 1959.

·          TINA WARCESTER, born 16 Sep. 1960.

·          HEIDI WARCESTER, born 13 July 1962.


-         MARJORY FABIAN, born 26 Jan. 1941, married SHELDON McKEVERS 10 Apr. 1959.  The children of Sheldon & Marjory (Fabian) McKevers are:

·          STEVEN McKEVERS, born 9 Apr. 1960.

·          SUSAN McKEVERS, born 28 Nov. 1962.

·          DAVID McKEVERS, born 19 July 1964.

·          DOUGLAS McKEVERS, born 27 May 1966.


-         PATRICIA FABIAN, born 26 Jan. 1943, married JAMES PERRY 10 Apr. 1959. The children of James & Patricia (Fabian) Perry are:

·          MICHAEL PERRY, born 23 Jan. 1965.

·          SUSAN PERRY, born 21 Sep. 1967.

·          CRAIG PERRY, born 5 June 1971.


-         DANIEL FABIAN, born 25 June 1945.


-         KAY FABIAN, born 17 Mar. 1948, married NED GECKLE 15 July 1968.  The children of Ned & Kay (Fabian) Geckle are:

·          TONYA GECKLE, born 10 Sep. 1969.

·          JULIA GECKLE, born 5 Dec. 1970.

·          TAMMY GECKLE, born 6 Dec. 1972.

·          TASHA GECKLE, born 6 Dec. 1972.


-         REBECCA FABIAN, born 13 Mar. 1954, married JEFFREY O’BRIAN 5 July 1972.  Jeffrey & Rebecca  (Fabian) O’Brian have a son AARON PATRICK O’BRIAN, born 25 Nov. 1973.


-         NANCY FABIAN, born 26 Jan. 1957.


-         JEANIE FABIAN, born 11 June 1959.


§         CHARLES FREDERICK BEVERLY, born 30 July 1889 in Glouster, Ohio, married JEAN G.  RAOUL 16 Oct. 1917, died 31 July 1963 in New Orleans, La.  Jean was from Montgomery, Ala. She was born 8 Apr. 1901 and died Jan. 1985. Charles & Jean (Raoul) Beverly had a son:


        FREDERICK RAOUL BEVERLY, born 10 May 1934, married (1) PATRICIA [-?-] 1960.  They were divorced. Frederick married (2) UTA [-?-].  She was born in Germany, died Dec. 1993.  The children of Frederick & Patricia Beverly are:


-         CHARLES FREDERICK BEVERLY, born Apr. 1963.

-         JOHN PATRICK BEVERLY, born Dec. 1964.


§         HARRY PRESTON BEVERLY, born 14 July 1893 in Glouster, Ohio, married (1) RUTH STANDISH 28 Nov. 1914, married (2) LYDA MAY LANCASTER of Montgomery, Ala. in 1923, died 18 Jan. 1971 in Atlanta, Ga.  Harry had no children.


§         EDWARD BEVERLY, born 21 Dec. 1900 in Columbus, Ohio, married KATHERINE BACKUS 7 Nov. 1934 in Columbus, died 20 July 1975.  Katherine was born 10 Oct. 1906 in St. Marys, Ohio.  The children of Edward & Katherine (Backus) Beverly are:


        MARY ANN BEVERLY, born 21 Dec. 1945 in New Orleans, La., married (1) SILAS LITTLE, III 24 Mar. 1967.  They were divorced.  Mary Ann married (2) GARY

 SCHNEIDER in Aug. 1990.  The children of Silas & Mary Ann (Beverly) Little are:


-         ANNA LIESA LITTLE, born 15 Feb. 1968.

-         KATHERINE (Kate) CLOVER LITTLE, born 15 June 1969, married ERIK BEGER July 1993 in Durham, N.C. Erik was a medical student from Germany.  He is

now an M.D. in the U.S. and England.


        ELIZABETH ANN BEVERLY, born 3 Dec. 1947 in Columbus, Ohio, married ROBERT WHITTEMORE 21 June 1969.  The children of Robert & Elizabeth (Beverly) Whittemore are:


-         LUCY MIRANDA WHITTEMORE, born 26 June 1976 in Los Angeles.

-         VANESSA KAI WHITTEMORE, born 5 Aug. 1983.


§         MARIAN BEVERLY, born 22 Jan. 1905 in Columbus, Ohio, married ARTHUR FRANKLIN JOHNSTON 19 Oct. 1923 in Covington, Ky., died 2 Jan 1989, buried in Union Cemetery, Columbus.  Arthur was born 12 Dec. 1905.  The children of Arthur & Marian (Beverly) Johnston are:


        NANCY JANE JOHNSTON, born 8 June 1927 in Columbus, married (1) HERBERT GEORGE, Jr., 12 June 1948 at Tiffin, Ohio, married (2) PAUL H. FRICK Apr. 1987 in Lancaster, Ohio.  Herbert was born 2 Oct. 1926.  Nancy was coordinator of continuing education services at Ohio University – Lancaster for approximately 17 years.  In 1990 she became executive director of the Fairfield Co., Ohio Foundation.  In 1994 the Foundation’s assets exceeded $9 million and distributions approximately $225,000.  Nancy retired in 1995.[247] The children of Herbert & Nancy (Johnston) George are:


-         STEVEN SCOTT GEORGE, born 8 Feb. 1951.

-         KAREN SUE GEORGE, born 9 Mar. 1953, married RANDY KIRCHOF 20 Oct. 1990.