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November, 1978
Wichita Falls, Wichita County, Texas

Dedicated with love and appreciation to my two sons and my two daughters-in-love and their children:
Broyles Hall, B.M., M.M., Ch.M., A.A.G.O.
Jacelyn Lucille Reynolds Hall, B.A.

Their children
John Reynolds Hall, B.M., M.M.
Margo Annette Hall, B.S. Laurel
Elaine Hall

Billy John Hall, B.S., M.S.
Betsy June Sandlin Hall, B.S., M.S.

Their children
Bobbie Sue Hall
Bradley Jay Hall
Barry James Hall
Bennett Jeffrey Hall


I began collecting data for the genealogy of my father, David Crockett Broyles, about five years ago. After collecting many facts, I did not feel capable of compiling them. By that time, my brother, Dodson, had been told he had cancer of the bone marrow. One night I called Patsy Broyles Williams to see how her father, Dodson, was getting along. I mentioned the genealogy material and told her I felt very inadequate in trying to compile it. She graciously offered to do it for me. I was delighted and sent the packet to her. I am very grateful that she did such a nice job.

I began writing in narrative form a record of my father and mother and life in our home. I completed a rough form of it and I was at a loss who to get to type, copy, and bind it. I tried one typist but she and I could not agree on the way to type it. Time rocked on! Dodson was slowly coming to the end of his journey here upon earth. On October 8, 1978, God called him beyond the mystic veil.

At the funeral services for Dodson, I first met William Dodson Broyles, Jr., great grandson of David Crockett Broyles, who offered to type, copy, and bind my first feeble efforts at journalism. I felt as if William Broyles was an angel sent from heaven. I regret that Dodson did not live to get to read my article.

During most of 1978, my sister, Llewellyn Broyles Brown was was developing heart problems. By February of 1979 her condition gradually got worse and she expired on the 25th of February with heart failure - her heart just gave out on her. I'm so sorry she, too did not live to read this. Both she and Dodson died peacefully and in faith, God is so good. I grieve for each of them because I miss them so much. But as to their welfare, I feel they are in God's Glory where there is no pain, sorrow, worry, or problems.

I am the last remaining one of my mother and father's family. I'm now 80 years old. I hope and pray that each of the descendants of David Crockett Broyles--from the youngest, William David Broyles, now one and a half years old, son of Texas Monthly editor William Broyles--to the oldest descendants and those all in between and those to be will:

Trust in the Lord Jesus Christ will all your might
At all times both day and night.
Have faith and believe in God's great care,
Read the Bible daily, and then share
And tell others of God's goodness and love,
So that we may all meet each other above.
What a glorious reunion that will be!
Don't miss it. Come, worship God through eternity.

Grace B. Hall
March, 1979


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